Monday, August 24, 2009

Toxaemia - Buried to Rot - Demo (1991)

1. World graveyard
2. Tragedies through centuries
3. Hate within
4. The beginning of the end
5. Buried to rot

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Toxaemia formed in Motala,Sweden in 1989....Firstly they were called O.S.S. (Organized Suicide System) Then Mutilator and Anguish before finally settling on Toxaemia "

" This is the 2nd and last demo that was released by the band....Although...A un-released Ep does exist (I will get to that one some other time)Anyway...These guys played Brutal Death Metal...Their style lies somewhere between The American and Swedish scene's "

" They sadly disbanded after losing interest in 1992....When acts from all of Sweden were exploding everywhere.....Another of the lost jewels in a scene that ruled the world at the time !

Heavy production on this one....And crushing style makes this demo one of the best from the era......

The Aquisition !.......Of Death !

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