Friday, August 7, 2009

Hyades - The Roots Of Trash (2009)

1. Long Way Back Home
2. I Belong To One
3. A.F.M.S.
4. United In The Struggle
5. The Problem Is You
6. The Great Deceit
7. Still In The Trash
8. Alive But Dead
9. Worse Than The Silence
10. The Moshing Reel

Origin - Italy
Style - Thrash Metal

" 3rd full-length from these Italian moshoholics...Did I just say that?....Next thing you know I will be calling everyone Dog..."

" Now look: Here is another by the book...Thrash Revival band doing the EvilDead,Exodus,Testament...Partly Destruction thing.
Its produced by Andy Classen and sounds nice and snappy if not a little too produced. But to me this sounds like a new Exodus record...Its got some cool tracks and all the instruments are played well...The singer does a good job too...And the songs are catchy "

"Im just wondering if everyone will get tired of the same ol thing or what.....This record is solid in every way..Even down to the Repka artwork (Man it looks like a Evildead cover to me)....I guess in the end you will have to make that decision....

Me...I think its good.....By the numbers.....Thrash....
This version does not have the horrible choice of a cover tune by The Offspring?

Do you think the title is a spelling error?......Nah!

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