Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unconsecrated - Unconsecrated Cemetery (2008)

1. Intro + Recremated By the Sunlight
2. Journey Into The Crypts Of The Dead
3. Morbid Dawn of the Deceased
4. Unconsecrated Cemetery
5. Recently Deceased
6. The Curse of Evocation
7. Dead Forever (Unleashed Cover)
8. Path of the Ancient Gods
9. Dark Awakening
10. Over the Throne
11. Temple of Darkness
12. Descending into the Abyss
13. Tombs of Fallen Angels

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" CD with two demos recorded between 2006 and 2007. These two demos were never put
out separately "

" Influenced by old school Swedish death....These Spaniards unleash a putrid collection of tracks influenced strongly by early Unleashed etc. Slow to mid-tempo is the order of the day with deep vocals and a decent production (Actually better on the second half) As tracks 8-13 are a bit heavier "

" Nothing new..Or shit you haven't heard...But this is quite good and am looking forward to further releases from these guys "

A new 7" is on the horizon..So keep a look out for it !

Do I Not Entertain You?........Get It!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Affliction Gate - Aeon of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation) (2009)

1. After the Red Moon
2. The Worst Is Yet To Come
3. Knights of Scorn 
4. Our Evil Legacy 
5. Cattle Burner 
6. Mirror Breakdown 
7. Inner Demise 
8. Mourning (Outro)

Origin - France
Style - Death Metal

" I had been waiting to hear this one...As their ep was a fine effort and I was looking forward to this release..Their Debut "

" Nice...This sounds like the Mighty Morgoth...And early Unleashed...Maybe some Bolt Thrower too....Cool ass Death Metal played in the old style...Raw and in your face stuff "

" Look..This aint nothin new..This is comfort food....And man..This sure does taste good ! "

This brings back alot of memories for me...When 'core' meant good....When Death meant METAL !

Special Thanx goes out to maliciousintent for sending this in !...Hailz Bro !

Go Ahead !.......Skin That Smokewagon !
See what happens....

Decrepitaph - Beyond The Cursed Tombs (2010)

1. It Shrieks From Below
2. Haunted Mausoleum 
3. Festering Messiah
4. Castle of the Doomed 
5. Repugnant Manifestations 
6. Desecrated Divinity
7. Catacomb of Ghastly Souls
8. Barbaric Autopsy
9. Beyond The Cursed Tombs

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Album #2 from the Dallas,Texas Death Horde "

" This shit is Heavy....Im talkin Weighty,Dark,Fuzz induced Death Metal....The kind that sounds as if the band put mics in front of their cabinets with the head on 10. I believe they have out heavied the debut !....And that shit was heavy "

" Lets see how many times I can say heavy in one review......Uh...Anyway....Go to Razorback and buy this...And support a fucken ace band....Doing shit the old way ! "

Demonic Devastation !........Dont Even Try !
Just Get It......

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen (2010)

1. Ars Almadel
2. Angel Horned
3. Esoteric Formulae
4. The Coronation of Seth
5. Hamunaptra
6. Iteru 
7. Goddess of Masr 
8. Ouroboros 
9. Circle in Flames 
10. Through the Eyes of Ea

Origin - Canada
Style - Symphonic Death Metal

" Whoa.....This one surely took me by surprise !.......Seeing media types comparing bands is always a laugh for me..Cause they are usually wrong....So seeing such names as Behemoth,Nile,Emperor being heavyweight names made me hesitate to hear this...But Im glad I did. "

" Im not saying you dont hear some influences from said acts.....But just because you hear middle eastern style music does not mean it sounds like Nile. Aeternam brings a symphonic epic style of Death Metal....That reminds of Septic Flesh as much as anything...Even that is probably off. This Lp has it all....Epic passages consisting of deep growls,blazing leads,outstanding melodies and some fine clean voice singing "

" This album is a power house of epic, catchy tracks and I for one dig it......

The I of Ra !.......Watches !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Garcharot - Core of Despair (2008)

1. Bringer of the plague 
2. With fear and chaos
3. Broken trust 
4. Deny the weak 
5. Shape of carnage
6. Doomed to fail
7. Core of despair 
8. Distorted reality 
9. Darkened light 
10. Black star 
11. Unsatisfied internal pleasure
12. The art of dark desires 
13. Butchered orgies 
14. Carvings of the carnals 
15. Blessedness 
16. Holy communion perversities
17. Graveyard rats
18. By the grace of god 
19. When the death is real 
20. Holy communion perversities

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal
Tracks 1-10 (recorded from 2004-07)
Tracks 11-15 are from the demo "The art of dark desires" (1994)
Tracks 16-19 are from the demo "Cradle of sorrow" (1994)
Track 20 is from the compilation CD "Sometimes death is better" (1995)
" These guys have been around since 1990...Releasing 2 demo's and some rehearsal tapes...Then finally in 2004 they reformed and decided to put out their first full length..Tracks 1-10 here...As a bonus you also get both demo's and a compilation track from way back "
" Let's talk about the music within: On tracks 1-10 (new stuff) you get a heavy grooving Death metal style in the scandanavian tradition...Catchy,Rumbling,Growling tracks....Great stuff !
The demo track's are of course..More raw, More Grinding or much more brutal..with a deep distorted voice....Also good in its own way "
Again this is a great package..And well worth the $...As you get more than a hour worth of music...Basically encapsulating Garcharot's entire career !
Another great old band still crushing away.....Hope we hear more in the future...
Pirkanmaa !........Gets It !
Over There....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mystical Magazine - Overtures Of Pure Death Metal Madness (2009)

1. Avulsed - Breaking Hymens (Spain)
2. Axis Powers - Brutal War (Sweden)
3. Bloody Sign - The Will To Adore (France)
4. Bone Gnawer - Defleshed And Skinned (Sweden & USA)
5. Dead - Dixi Diver (Germany)
6. Dead Congregation - Vanishing Faith (Greece)
7. Decapitated Christ - Profound Sources Of Perversion & Disgust (Spain)
8. Eroded - The Harmful Order (Italy)
9. Infinitum Obscure - Seeding Darkness (Mexico)
10. Lifeless - Moribund (Germany)
11. Morbid Flesh - Impaled Ratzinger (Spain)
12. Morbus Chron - The Putrid Smell Of Hell (Sweden)
13. Nomad - The Slanderer (Poland)
14. Puteraeon - Dead Once More (Sweden)
15. Stench Of Decay - Where Death And Decay Reign (Finland)
16. Temple Below - Abomination Of Desolation (Chile)
17. Tormented - Vengeance From Beyond The Grave (Sweden)
18. Tribulation - Crypt Of Thanatophilia (Sweden)
19. Unconsecrated - Temple Of Darkness (Spain)

Origin - Planet Earth
Style - Death Metal

" Here's a Death Metal compilation that comes with Mystical Magazine #14 from Germany....The Magazine is the very best out there if you like Old Style Death Metal "

" Quite a group of bands and tracks to follow here...Including some un-released tracks and hard to find stuff "

" Lifeless from germany has a cool as fuck track here as well as up and coming Swedish band Morbus Chron. Puteraeon provides a track from their 3rd demo.
And of course..You get a gang full of Heavyweights also....Tribulation,Dead Congregation,Eroded etc..."

Get out and order this mag right now !......And get a terrific comp while your at it !

Risen !....From The Grave!
Down Below....

Back In Buisness !

Well....Those bastards did kill the site......But they can't stop me !
I may do things a little different...Not sure yet?

I want to say a big FUCK Yeah !.....To all those that e-mailed me..Asking about what happened....Without you people..I wouldnt keep this shite going.

I do have the private forum up and running......But..I will see how this goes first...And use that as a backup..

With regards to all the material from Version #1......I was able to save some stuff...Links may be dead and what not...So let me know..And I will reup..

2010 is here...And new stuff will be pouring in....So lets get crackin !

Nice To Be Back !