Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen (2010)

1. Ars Almadel
2. Angel Horned
3. Esoteric Formulae
4. The Coronation of Seth
5. Hamunaptra
6. Iteru 
7. Goddess of Masr 
8. Ouroboros 
9. Circle in Flames 
10. Through the Eyes of Ea

Origin - Canada
Style - Symphonic Death Metal

" Whoa.....This one surely took me by surprise !.......Seeing media types comparing bands is always a laugh for me..Cause they are usually wrong....So seeing such names as Behemoth,Nile,Emperor being heavyweight names made me hesitate to hear this...But Im glad I did. "

" Im not saying you dont hear some influences from said acts.....But just because you hear middle eastern style music does not mean it sounds like Nile. Aeternam brings a symphonic epic style of Death Metal....That reminds of Septic Flesh as much as anything...Even that is probably off. This Lp has it all....Epic passages consisting of deep growls,blazing leads,outstanding melodies and some fine clean voice singing "

" This album is a power house of epic, catchy tracks and I for one dig it......

The I of Ra !.......Watches !

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