Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winterwolf - Cycle of the Werewolf (2009)

1. Intro to Death
2. Phantoms of Madness
3. Cemetary by Night
4. Lycanthropic Aeons
5. nataS fo tsaeB
6. All Shall Be Eaten
7. Shadows, Howling and Doom
8. Wolf Skin Mask
9. Return to the Shadow of Death
10. Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower cover)

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Well......Winterwolf Huh?.......Could this be the same Winterwolf that changed their name to DeathChain?......Yes it surely is.....Resurrected and now with their debut album...Well on Cd at least..Vinyl was last year. Now this is quite a band of merauders here...You have ex-members of such luinaries as Demilich !.....De Liriums Order,Deathchain including Antti Boman from Demilich on guitar and backing vocals.....This has to be good right? "

" This is a recreation of the late80s..early 90s Death Metal scene in Sweden, Done by musicians that know what the fuck they are doing. Sulight production?....No..But very close to it..Buzzsaw guitars..Yes....Vocals from so deep it is inhuman..Yes.....Tracks that sound like they would be on some lost Carnage album..Yes Or Nihilist Or..Well you get the idea "

" The songs themselves are, heavy... But with that sort of feeling..Like its all going somewhere ! Bass and guitars move in unision as a monstrous behemoth while the drums thunder away with speedy single and double beats. The thick and balanced production also furthers the brutality by recalling the soundscape of many a album of old. Toss in a Bolt Thrower cover done to the tee and you have a brilliant album on your hands "

Go to Xtreemmusic and buy this now !........This kills....Plain and simple....

Thanx to all the requestors.....Sorry it took so long......

Buy It!......Steal It!....
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laethora - The Light In Which We All Burn (2010)

1. Ekpyrosis
2. I As Infernal
3. A.S.K.E
4. World Deluge
5. A New Day
6. Humanae
7. The Sightless
8. Saevio
9. Uproar
10. Cast To Ruin
11. To The Point 
12. Damnable Doctrine
13. Alogia

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity fame and some guys from The Provenance strike back at the melodic sound of their previous bands with this Crushing second album "

" Now D.T. has been around a long time and has made many a great album....But to me their stuff has been kind of stale over the past few records. But this record.....Oh Fucking my !.....Is right up my alley. Grinding Death Metal in the Swedish Tradition....Reminding me of the under appreciated Coercion for some reason....I think it is the savage riffing and gutteral yelling that gets me every time. "

" I didnt know Sundin had this type of album in him....But Im happy he did. This has more than a few moments of Death Metal mayhem that really fucks with my mind while at work. This Lp is a masterstroke of Dark,Relentless,Punishing Music and will give any band out there a run for their money "

Fans of Bloodbath,Coercion Etc.   This is a must !

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Revolting - The Terror Threshold (2010)

1. Gulp the Blood...
2. The Grip of Death
3. Grotesque Beyond Belief
4. Heads in the Fridge
5. Rise of the Revolter (Instrumental)
6. Harvest the Humans 
7. Trigger the Trap 
8. Bloodthirsty Bitches
9. Destructive Organism
10. Horror Hooker

11. Gorezone Obsession
12. Vengeance of the Nails
13. Slimetime
14. Grizzly Aftermath
15. Welcome to the Shredshed
16. Bonesaw Leftovers
17. Skull Scavengers

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 2nd full length from Rogga and the boys "

" This is fucking cool...You not only get the new album!...But a unreleased Ep 'Bonesaw Leftovers' in the package...A full 52:30 of Swedish Death Metal. What the hell !!!......Do I hear some melodic passages....Some cool melodic guitars..No not of the gay power metal kind.....But in a Uunleashed,Evocation sorta way. Rogga has stepped it up in the song writing dept.... and even includes an instrumental of the horror type complete with catchy melodic guitar work"

" Don't get me wrong....This shit is brutal in the Swedish tradition....Just more varied and definitely crushing ! Just way more catchy and better overall songs. Rogga's growl has not changed but add in a bit of a higher rasp in some tracks. This may be the best set of tracks that Rogga has written...And thats saying alot "

Go to Razorback and buy this at once !.....I command you !......Or miss out on one of the best albums of the year so far !

Nightmare !.....On Gamleby st. !
Shoot....      Score.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition (2010)

1. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles
2. Beyond The Pale
3. Hammer And Life
4. Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)
5. Downfall
6. March Of The Sycophants
7. Nanking

8. Burn, Hollywood, Burn
9. Democide
10. The Sun Is My Destroyer
11. A Perpetual State Of Indifference
12. Good Riddance

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" After 30 years in the Thrash Metal buisness....Here comes Exodus to show everyone how the fuck it is done ! "

" I had the pleasure of playing with Exodus a few times back in the 80s,90s and I can tell you...These guys never took a night off....They always ripped and always gave all they had.This new record see's a confident,veteren band that have been around the world and back..And are still pumping out albums such as this "

" This new record is a ball crusher...Period !......This will hurt your speakers...Your ears....Your neighbors....Its that good !.......Riffing has always been Exodus main forte...And Exhibit B is no different....Over an hour of riff after punishing riff...Interspliced with terrific solo's and a bombastic mix.To me..Rob Dukes sounds like Zetro Souza alot of the time...And the rest he fits in his own style....Which is fine. But it is Gary Holt & Lee Altus that are the stars here....Their riffs and melodic solo's and dual harmony guitars are spectacular and worth the price of admission "

So in the end...Exodus is here to show all the wonderkind retro-Thrashers and high top wearin youngsters the real shit.....This aint Old-School.......These Mother-Fuckers are Pre-School !

Get It?........Good!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corrupt - Born of Greed - Demo (2004)

1. Born of Greed
2. Human Wreckage
3. Warpath

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" I have been gone for a week or so on buisness...Didnt have time to post anything...Sorry people!
Not much new stuff anyway...Revolting..Not Yet,Entrails...Not Yet....Hopefully soon...Anyways..."

" Here we are talking Thrash Metal....My own preferred style back in the day...Death Metal was not here yet. Corrupt or Corrupted before the name change are in the fine tradition of Old-Style sounding Thrash bands from Sweden...Much like the mighty Hypnosia..One of my all timers"

" Aggressive old school thrash, also reminiscent of Kreator ("Terrible Certainty", "Extreme Aggression") and Destruction..Maybe late 80s Slayer and Sepultura also.The vokills are from the Mille Petroza school of singing here...Snarling and vicious. Riffing is provided by talented guitarist Olof Wikstrand (Enforcer,Caustic Strike)..Who has to be the most prolific Thrash musician in Sweden right now"

A top notch demo that was later put on cassette with a bonus track...I have the Cdr copy....That track is a Slayer cover 'Kill Again'

Recommended for all true Thrashers out there !

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Intestinal - Human Harvest (2010)

1. Maggot Filled Flesh
2. Licking a Dead Cunt
3. Bloodsplatter
4. Piled Alive

5. Skinripped Whore
6. Meat Train
7. Swamp
8. No Remains of Your God
9. Murder = Art
10. Dead Raped Forever

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

"  Youngster's Intestinal from Östergötlands län, Sweden set forth with their debut album "

" Lets see what we have here: Black & White cover art?...Check !.....Lyrics dealing with necrophilia, guts,blood?....Check!....Raw production(Demo Styled)?.....Check!....Buzzsaw guitars,grindy passages?...Check!...Slashing,Groovy Autopsy inspired  songs?....Check!...Originallity?....Nope !.....But who gives a shit....Its from Sweden ! "

" If you are into the descibed sound above....Minus vocals a bit too far back in the mix...Then this is for you. Not the greatest thing since sliced bread....But putridly wholesome..And authentic sounding !  "

Not a bad start here.....I would expect a stronger effort next time....Keep it comin....

Nihilistic Holocaust !.......Huh?
Whatever....      Listen.......

Friday, April 9, 2010

Zombified - Zombified Slaughtermachine (2010)

1. Divine Killing
2. Zombified Slaughtermachine
3. Sleepless
4. This Saw Was Made for Killing
5. Dö Nån Jävla Gång 
6. World of Disembodied Spirits
7. Skull Fister 
8. The Master Destroyer
9. Carnage Kingdom
10. Anemic Slaughterhouse

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Imagine that !.......Another Grooving,Grindy,Death Metal Band from Sweden.....And a Fucking good one at that "

" If you dig on the old sound...Insert name here......This has it all....Deep gruff vocals,Grinding skillsaw guitars,punishing drums and the authentic yet modern sound to it. And you can get this on the cheap from the label Shepherd Of Rot Records $7 in the Usa $9 anywhere else...Now why wouldnt you spend a few bucks and get some quality music from a label thats doing it the right way ? "

This oozes Death from every pore !

Are You In?...  Or Are you out?
Get it...     Got It!....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hooded Menace - Never Cross The Dead (2010)

1. Never Cross The Dead
2. Terror Castle 
3. Night Of The Deathcult
4. The House Of Hammer
5. Rituals Of Mortal Cremation
6. As The Creatures Ascend
7. From Their Confined Slumber
8. Theme From Return Of The Evil Dead

Origin - Finland
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" 2nd full-length from Lasse and the Death Squad that is Hooded Menace "
" Highly-anticipated second album from this Finnish doom/death band. Having stormed the underground with their debut album, 'Never Cross the Dead' finds the band in fine form, ready to throw you another six feet further into your grave and add another dozen nails to your rotting coffin...hail Hooded Menace!

" Never Cross The Dead takes the Hooded Menace sound of their Fulfill The Curse debut into heavier and doomier terrain. And of course further into the depths of plodding brutal Death Metal terror. A bludgeoning and sprawling mix of old-school Death Metal and heaving glacial Sludge Doom, albeit more melodic... Never Cross The Dead is a horror-filled journey through the eyes of Hooded Menace mastermind Lasse Pyykko, one of the most notorious, productive and prolific musicians in the underground Death Metal scene "

" People....If you dug the first one....This is Heavier,Catchier,Sludgier,Gnarlier,Melodic Death/Doom than before.....And a devastating production=Behold : End of the year list !

Into The Grave !.........You Will Stay !
Hear....    There.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Appointment With Fear - Compilation (1991)

1. Misanthrope - Paradoxical Burial (France)
2. Coprophagist - Addiction To Self Dismemberment (Germany)
3. Traumatic - The Grotesque Mulilation Of Infected Organs (Sweden)
4. Supuration - Sordid & Outrageous Emanation (France)
5. Dicktator - Feast Of Abhorrenz (Finland)
6. Masacre - Morbida Implosion (Columbia)
7. Anguish - Condemned To Death (Finland)
8. Transgressor - Limbless Doom (Japan)
9. Grotesque - Incantation (Sweden)
10. Cenotaph - Larvs Of Subconcious (Mexico)
11. Acheron - Death To Millions (Australia)
12. Shub Niggurath - Disembowelment Slaughter To The Flesh (Mexico)
13. Macabre End - Spawn Of Flesh (Sweden)
14. G-Anx - Clouds Of Cancer (Sweden)
15. Dead - Far Beyond Imagination (Germany)
16. Putrid Offal - Gurgling Prey (France)
17. Extincion Cerebral - África, Un Grito De Hambre (Mexico)

Origin - Earth
Style - Death Metal,Grind,Thrash Metal

" Early Death Metal...Grincore Compilation on Cyber Music...Featuring many bands from many nations with many a sound "

I will try to give you a quick rundown of some of the good on this Comp:

Coprophagist - Early grind in the Carcass vein
Traumatic - Classic Swedish Death/Grind off the (The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic Rape Incision Ep)
Supuration - Heavy Death Metal in the Pestilence (Consuming Impulse) Vein
Masacre - Columbia's oldest Deah Metal Legend....Grandfathers of the south american sound
Anguish - Finnish Death Metal Sounding a bit like Demilich
Grotesque - Tompa and company starting the Black/Death rebellion
Macabre End - Later morphing into God Macabre...Easily one of the best Swedish Death Bands
G-Anx - Obscure Swedish Punk/Metal
Acheron - Members later changed name to Abamelin

There you are.....A Classic Compilation of Early Death Oriented Metal from all over the planet !

Go Ahead !........Get It!
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Obscure Infinity - Requiem - Demo (1993)

1. Land of No Return
2. Only the Stars
3. Follow Us
4. Nocturnal Autopsy
5. Request in Peace

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in 1991...Obscure Infinity from Mariestad,Sweden made Death Metal in the vein of early Gorefest.....This is their second demo released with only a logo as artwork "

" Another of the lost gems of Swedish Death Metal.....Recorded at Gorysound studios with Dan Swano at the helm. A little noisy beacause of the old cassette....But you will get the picture when the music kicks in "

Too bad these guys never stuck around to put out a full length...Members later formed Wolfpack then Wolfbrigade.......Tormentor gets this one !

Thirteen !.......Ghosts !
Down.....     Below.....

Spearhead - Decrowning the Irenarch (2007)

1. Prolegomenon
2. Decrowning the Irenarch
3. When the Pillars Fall
4. Road to Austerlitz
5. Interregnum
6. Iulianus Augustus Apostata
7. In the Face of the Absolute
8. Thus Always to Tyrants
9. Mors Triumphalis 
10. Brotherhood of Arms
11. Aftermath

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Black/Death Metal

Spearhead: ...a force that leads an attack. the leading forces in a military thrust...

" Founded in 2003, Spearhead recorded their debut full-length 'Deathless Steel Command' in mid-2005..An ok but under-produced record of mostly black metal origin. After a ep in 06 they found themselves at the mighty Hertz Studios(Vader,Decapitated etc) to record their new album 'Decrowning the Irenarch' "

" When a band takes a step forward like this always blows my mind...Because this is masterful,
bombastic, militant Blackened Death Metal  based on the philosophy and metaphysics of war. With tight musicianship, memorable song-writing, sophisticated lyrics/concepts and a state of the art production. This is an album of epic proportions, and superior Black/Death Metal mastery"

" This Lp kills from start to finish...Rarely letting up along the way....Fans of Angelcorpse Take special notice....But anyone into fast....Crushing Death Metal.....Get This at all costs ! "

The Glorious Dead !.......Right Now !
First.....      Blood......