Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laethora - The Light In Which We All Burn (2010)

1. Ekpyrosis
2. I As Infernal
3. A.S.K.E
4. World Deluge
5. A New Day
6. Humanae
7. The Sightless
8. Saevio
9. Uproar
10. Cast To Ruin
11. To The Point 
12. Damnable Doctrine
13. Alogia

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity fame and some guys from The Provenance strike back at the melodic sound of their previous bands with this Crushing second album "

" Now D.T. has been around a long time and has made many a great album....But to me their stuff has been kind of stale over the past few records. But this record.....Oh Fucking my !.....Is right up my alley. Grinding Death Metal in the Swedish Tradition....Reminding me of the under appreciated Coercion for some reason....I think it is the savage riffing and gutteral yelling that gets me every time. "

" I didnt know Sundin had this type of album in him....But Im happy he did. This has more than a few moments of Death Metal mayhem that really fucks with my mind while at work. This Lp is a masterstroke of Dark,Relentless,Punishing Music and will give any band out there a run for their money "

Fans of Bloodbath,Coercion Etc.   This is a must !

Go Ahead!.......See If I care!
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  1. Excellent Post Again...I Had Listened to Their Demo And Was Waiting For This Full Album!
    Thanks Again For Another Swedish Death Metal Post & Brief And Complete Review

  2. March of the Parasites is a fine album to. But this one crushes a bit more, i must say. Laethora FTW!!

  3. Great album from Laethora! These guys need more listeners. -Vrk