Sunday, February 28, 2010

Asphyx - Death... The Brutal Way Video

1. Death...The Brutal Way (Avi)

Alright Im stuck on video's lately.....Here's a killer live video from Asphyx !

This one is on Mediafire & Rapid...So fuckin get it !

Right here.... or There.....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look out !

Well the blogger Nazi's are after me already....They want me to be careful about what I post?

My answer to them is FUCK YOU ! I wont be told what I can post..When I can post..Or how to post !

And to all the record companies that complain......Me posting a link to an album is not costing you any $....If anything it boosts sales and gets free attention to your amazing bands..So before sending your complaints...Why dont you email me first?...I will be happy to take it down pronto..With no problem. Take a look at a Up and coming small label like Dark Descent records...Matt did not complain...He simply gave his address and label site where to get the fantastic Ep...Which I can guarantee some followers have ordered it....Including me !

You might as well get used to it...You cant stop downloading....There are too many bands in this world...Most of them total crap....So we music freaks seek out the best music and find it anyway we can...The smart folks are learning to use this to their advantage . There was no internet back in my heyday...But if there was....It sure would have saved me alot of postage sending my demo's all over the world !

To all the Small Record Labels all over the world...Hailz for being the real Underground...We will find you and we will follow !!!!


Trauma - Archetype of Chaos (2010)

1. Intro ( White Architect)
2. Cortex Deformation
3. A Dying World
4. War Machine
5. The Slime
6. The Truth Murder
7. Tabula Rasa
8. Portrait Of The Lies
9. Destruction Of The Demented World

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" Album # 7 from Poland's most underrated Death Metal act "

" Trauma has always been one of my favorite polish band's...Putting out such classic's as "Imperfect Like A God' & 'Determination"....Their brand of clinical razor sharp Death Metal never ceases to amaze me...On 'Archetype' things are no different "

" With the tight hyper-blasted drumming, the dense growling vocals and the powerful production from Hertz studios...You cant help but get drawn in to the mayhem contained here. You will not be subjected to any orchestral noodling, and not even one second of clean vocals. The tracks contained are tight,concise,power packed little packages with plenty of crushing riffery and heavy structure. This is a solid enjoyable album, and if you love Death Metal, then this will satisfy your appetite for it very well indeed " 

Recommended for fans of Technical Straight forward Death Metal !

Not Old-School !......Detention !
Sign in.....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ataraxy - Rotten Shit - Demo (2009)

1. Towards the Inquisitors Pyre
2. Sickening on Hatred
3. Rotten Shit
4. Damned by a Hidden Darkness
5. No Blood? Try Again!

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" Spain has brought out their fair share of Death Metal goodness lately...Graveyard,Unconsecrated etc.....Here's another young act playing in the same Swedish vein "

" The five tracks on hand are fine examples of Swedish styled rottenness....The production is sadly lacking in the power of the former bands mentioned...But none the less..You can hear what these youngsters are up to..and looking forward to bigger and better things in the future "

" The guitars are heavy..Vocals are suitably gruff and the tracks have the spirit of old....Lets hope the full-length has the full powerful production..And you would have another winner from Espana "

Not a bad start here....Keep it coming !

Go Ahead !......Check It!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Son of Earth - S.T. (2008)

1. The Earth 
2. Slowly Rotting
3. The Twilight 
4. The Son
5. Dithyramb
6. The Libation
7. Amphoe Sraphi
8. The Wall

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Here's one I had meant to put up a while ago....Son Of Earth from Sweden are a total mystery...Not much can be found on these guys...But they did put out a self titled full length in 2008....And it kills ! "

" Recorded in their rehearsal studio this has that buzzsaw sound from yesteryear....Reminding of the old sunlight recordings.....This shit is right there in the Axis Powers,Karnarium league with a touch of the Autopsy vibe....Full on Swedish sound with a top notch growler and some cool leads within "

" If you are a Swedish fan....or fans of the bands above...Do yourself a favor and seek out this record....You will not be disappointed ! "

And I hope this is not the last or only thing we ever hear from this mysterious band........
And sorry about the cover art...Thats the best I have....

Sons Of Chaos !.......Will Rise !
or not......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Insult - Abysmal Incantations (2009)

1. Blitzkrieg 666 
2. Oath Of Eternal Desecration 
3. Slaves Of Holy Righteousness
4. Manhunt
5. Procreation Of Perdition
6. Apocalyptic Plague Inferno
7. A Doubters Manifesto
8. Unholy Triumph
9. Bestial Bloodshed 
10. Beast Of Heresy
11. Diabolical Decree

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

Contains both "Axiom" and "Decree" demos.

" Insult, hailing from Sweden, was born in 2004, as a manifestation of sinister and hateful spirit of Old-Styled Death Metal in its (im)purest form!...This a compilation of both of their 2005,2008 demo's "

" The first 6 tracks are from the 'Axiom' demo and have the better sound and songwriting of the two demo's.....Here you get Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, reminding of Bolt Thrower and older Death Metal from the United States "

" The second half is much rawer and the tracks not as developed....But still you can clearly hear the band moving forward to a new Full-length...Later this year "

For fans of bands like Incantation, Vader, Runemagick and Kaamos...

Make sure you are in !.....Before you go out!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dilapidated - Repulsive Emissions - Demo (2008)

1. Removal Of Facial Features 
2. Suspended And Gutted
3. Carnivorous Cunnilingus

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Youngsters from (Hallands län, Västmanlands län) Sweden with their only demo so far "

" Dilapidated play a brand of fairly brutal Death Metal in the vein of Cannnibal Corpse meets Dismember "

" The 3 track's within are chocked full of brutal grooving riffs, putrid vocals, sick lyrics all backed by a robust production.....A seriously good start for these lads.....Now a full length..Please "

Sweet Meat !........Fun To Eat !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorcery - Master of the Chains - Demo (2009)

1. Master of the Chains
2. Heaven Lies Dead 
3. The Rite of Sacrifice '09

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Legendary Death Metal band returns ! "

" Formed in Sandviken/Gavle in 1986...Sorcery were all about a brutal and raw Death Metal style.
Leaving three demo's, an Ep, And the awesome 'Bloodchilling Tales' full length in 1991....Fast forward to 2009 and low and behold ..They have reformed ! "

" This 3 tracker is a pre-cursor to a brand new full-length (I hope)....This shows a bit more modern production value's than the old Sunlight stuff..But still has that old vibe and stomping style "

With a whole slew of the ancient gods reforming...We just need a all Swedish Deathfest to complete the comeback !.....I can see it now....Entombed,Dismember,Unleashed,Evocation,Desultory,Gorement,Grave,Sorcery,Interment....Holy shit !....I can only dream of such a festival.....

Are You In ?........Im all in !
Get It.......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Burial Invocation - Rituals of the Grotesque - Ep (2010)

1. Beyond
2. Haunted Crypts of the Ancient Dead 
3. Through the Void of Obscurity
4. Desecration Remains

Origin - Turkey
Style - Death Metal

" Turkish Death Metal?........Name one other act?.......Hurry Up!.....Couldnt huh...Well there are some great bands from Turkey..But this one took my head off ! "

" Complete Doomy Death Metal done with the old spirit....Like a mixture of old Incantation meets some of the newer bands like Graveyard (Espana). What sets this apart from the millions of demos is the songwriting...These are solid songs with crushing guitars and brutal vocals "

" The appropriate production completes one of the better Eps I have heard in a while !.....Cant wait for a full-length from these (Istanbul) Bruisers ! "

This shows how there is awesome music from every corner of the planet !

Serious Buisness !........Buy It!
Check it.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poll shite

It looks as if Mediafire is running away with the poll......The only problem I forsee will be their limit of 100mb...so 2 parts which is a pain in the ass.

Maybe their will be a big comeback for rapid!.......

Anyway.....Vote now or forever hold your peace


Feral - Welcome To The Graveyard (Video) Avi

1. Welcome To The Graveyard (Promotional Video)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

Well I thought you people might want to check out a cool ass vid from one of my current faves...Feral !.......You can Download here or look on youtube there....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Verminous - Smell the Birth of Death - Ep (2003)

1. Intro - Verminous Fluids
2. Salvation by Extermination
3. Resuscitation of the Dead
4. Chaos in the Flesh

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 7-inch vinyl, limited to 518 copies and reissued on cd in 2009 "

" 4 tracks of ripping Death Metal carnage ....tracks 3-4 did not appear on the full length"

" Verminous contains members of Sgt. Carnage and Evildoer....So these guys are not fucking around. Rough around the edge's styled Death with some thrashing elements...Not unlike Tribulation "

If you dug the Full length?....This is a must !.....If you dig the Swedish Sound......Get It!

Internal Hellfire !.........Rising !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diamanthian - Arcana Doctrina (2009)

1. Christ Dementia
2. Curse of the Nephilim
3. Immaculate Decay 
4. Defiling the Eucharist
5. Bound by the Chains of Purgatory 
6. Transfiguration
7. Catastrophic Divine Judgement
8. Awakening the Leviathan 
9. As I Behold I Despise (Demigod Cover)

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" Crushing Death Metal done the old way "

" You will find nothing new....Nothing perfect......Just Bolt Thrower...Immolation inspired Chunkiness at its finest "

Logo was done by Jeff Walker (Carcass)

And any band that does a Demigod Cover..And does it well ?........Hits my playlist !

Slaughter Seduction!........Right?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Atretic Intestine - Voices Beyond the Grave - Ep (2009)

1. Cannibal Breed 
2. Blood Vomitory 
3. Homicidal Fantasies
4. Divinity Through Self-Mutilation
5. Melting Vagina

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Youngsters from Turku,Finland showcasing some groovy Death Metal "

" Here's a damn cool Ep....Catchy,Groove oriented Metal Ov Death....Reminding of Feral from Sweden....Maybe a bit more Cannibal Corpse influence or Autopsy too "

"Power packed production and catchy riffing that sticks to your gullet makes me want to hear what these boys could do with a full length....Cmon sign em up "

Fans of the catchy Death....Check it out !

Tools Of Torture !.........UMmm!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Massive Assault - Dystopian Prophecies (2009)

1. Forever War
2. Come With Me
3. World Destruction 
4. Weigh Up
5. Man-Kind!?
6. O.S.D.M. 
7. Swallow My Venom
8. The Rival Believer 
9. Dystopian Prophecies

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Debut full length from this Dutch powerhouse"

" Stylistically Massive Assault are still knee-deep into early Nineties Swedish death metal, with pioneers like Entombed, Dismember but also Dutch bands like Asphyx having left an impact on their sound. Apart from the slightly longer title track which concludes the CD, we get a constant onslaught of death metal pieces that run between three and four minutes "

" Massive Assault don’t like to complicate things, preferring instead to play things the hard and rough way. Switching skilfully between mid-tempo grooves and faster old school riffing, Dystopian Prophecies manages to entertain from beginning to end, but honestly, you won’t find any original ideas on this record "

See you in the grave fuckers.......
Get It!...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Funebre - Children of the Scorn (1991) Reissued (2004)

1. Waiting for the Arrival
2. Sinner's Eve 
3. Blood on White
4. Shiver
5. Congenital Defeat
6. Walls That Held Screams 
7. Spirits Bewail 
8. Slumber End
9. Redeemed From Time 
10. Grip of Insanity
11.  Expunging Mortalities
12. Grip of Insanity
13. Imminent Savage
14. Cranial Torment
15. Necropolis Discomposure
16. Brainspoon
17. Carbonized
18. Leprophiliac

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

Tracks 1-10 from 'Children of the Scorn' Full length (1991)
Tracks 11-13 from 'Demo II' (1990)
Tracks 14-18 from 'Cranial Torment' Demo (1989)

" The definitive Funebre collection here !......Both Demo's and the full length "

" This band has the distinction of being one of the earliest DM bands from Finland, and they only lasted about three years. Here we have the re-issued version with the demos....Even today the songs kill very impressively, radiate a certain magic and taking into consideration that Funebre were one of the few well-known bands from Finland back then, you should acknowledge the cult factor after all "

" Heavily influenced by the Swedish scene (Grave),Autopsy,Early Amorphis.....You get a heavy dose of that and more. For those expecting a perfect modern production...Do Not Apply ! This is of the buzzing rumbling type and makes me feel right at home "

Classic Stuff here !.........Dont Miss it.....And the demo's are just icing on the cake.....

Interment Gets This !

Necrophile !..........Yesss..!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Authorize - The Source of Dominion (1991)

1. Intro
2. Silent Nocturnal Symphony 
3. Broken Hypnosis 
4. The Source Of Dominion 
5. Subconscious Nightmare
6. Darkest Age
7. God Of Christianity 
8. Within The Obscurity Of Tormention 
9. Infanticide 
10. Mindless Confusion 
11. Nothingness

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" One and only full-length from this old Swedish band...Sorry I dont have the reissue....This is a 320 rip of the original Putrefaction Records copy.....Only 4000 copies made "

" Authorize were a tad more thrash oriented than most of the other Swede Deth bands but still contain the melodies of the genre. After the intro you are hit with the the thrashing riffs and some amient keys in some of the slower parts. Plenty of crushing riffs in there too "

" The production is decent and the tracks quite varied......Is this a classic?.....I say yes...They dont make em like this anymore ! "

Go Ahead !.....Get It!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vasaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin (2010)

1. Wrathful Deities 
2. Figures of Chained Spirits
3. Curse Seeping Through Flesh
4. Gateways to the Cemetery of Being
5. Poisoned Tongue
6. Spirit of Noxious Miasmas
7. Adorned & Iridescent
8. Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" 2010 release from the American Death Metal band. Hailing from Georgia and Texas "

" They've released a well-received demo and EP, both in limited quantities that sold out instantly. Crypt Born And Tethered To Ruin, their ultra-brutal, doomy debut album, will cement the band's place among the premiere acts in the Death Metal underground. Conjuring the specters of the legendary Incantation & Autopsy, it delivers a bracing reminder of the old-school glory days when raw, guttural Death Metal ruled supreme "

" Ok...This record is a Seething,Dark,Rumbling,Raw ,Crushingly heavy, Minimalistic work of art... and not an easy listen !......Folks : we are talkin heavy shit here.....This has an evil ambiance like no LP Ive heard in recent years!....They have managed to produce(or under produce) a murky...Sub-Woofer killing album "

This band has been hyped alot lately as the next great American Death Metal act........I can tell you this......They are off to a great start...Time will tell if they are to be considered one of the all timers.....

Malicious !.........Intent !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Banished from Inferno - ST - Ep (2008)

1. Aurora Macabra (Last Dawn on Earth)
2. Storm Apokalypse
3. Calaveras
4. Stench of Evil thru the Mist
5. The Solemn Bleakness

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" BANISHED FROM INFERNO began life in 2003 as BERENICE BLEEDING until the name was changed in 2007. The band was started by three old friends from Spain and Sweden: Rober (MACHETAZO), Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, EDGE OF SANITY, etc), and Phlegeton (WORMED, GODÜS, HUMAN MINCER, etc). Their aim was to play evil, old school Death Metal influenced by Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Obituary, Dark Throne and other classic bands "

" Banished From Inferno put out this 5 tracker with enthusiasm and gusto while hitting all of the requisite genre elements. Catchy songs based around simple riffs, good variations in tempo to spice things up a bit, and decent production that, although intentionally rough and sloppy, retains a great deal of power and heft. And a killer cover of “Into The Crypts of Rays” at the end of the last track (hang around for it) "

What would you expect from this kind of talent?..........Full length in the worx...

Recommended !

Shut Up !......Before I put you back in the trunk !

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Ugly - Slaves to the Decay (2008)

1. Seven Heads,Ten Horns 
2. Divide Et Impera 
3. Crooked Serpent Salvation 
4. Diggin' Graves 
5. Throne of Grief
6. Hierarchy of the Undead 
7. Disease 
8. Death Beyond Flag or Uniform 
9. Black Metal Punks
10. Necrosis
11. Dressed in Death

Origin - Sweden
Style - Black Metal

" Don't panic....You are still on the Underworld !....I am not known for my Black metal mastery...But I do listen to Black Metal when its fits my certain criteria. 1. Must be well produced(no lofi shit) 2.Must be well played(please:learn how to play an instrument before painting face)3.Have the attitude that the genre stands for(finger paints do not make you cult). That being said: We are here to discuss The Ugly from Stockholm,Sweden "

" The Ugly (sounds punk..Dont it?)formed in 2004 with the intention of playing metal without tags..And I can tell you...They have achieved this and more.Thrashened Black Metal with a hint of Death Metal (I think I just invented a sub-genre?)is whats on hand and it kicks holy ass "

" Rippin' Thrashing Swedish Black Metal kicks off this record and never stops until the last track is done....But dont think The Ugly is a one trick pony...There is enough time changes and difference in the tracks to not become boring. The guitars are crisp and crunching(not often found in Black metal)The drums are produced right....The vocals are nasty and the bass(well..everything cant be perfect). "

" Its the attitude on this record that I dig....A kind of Snotty-Nosed Punkish Fuck You and the horse you rode in on attitude that is refreshing....Just check out the track 'Black Metal Punks' and you will see what I mean "

Fans of Thrashy Black Metal and Blackened Death Metal...Check This out !
A true Black Metal Hammer !

Kissed By The Serpent !.........Ahhh Whatever!
Check it....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Immolation - Majesty and Decay (2010)

1. Intro 
2. The Purge
3. A Token of Malice 
4. Majesty and Decay 
5. Divine Code 
6. In Human Form 
7. A Glorious Epoch 
8. Interlude
9. A Thunderous Consequence 
10. The Rapture of Ghosts 
11. Power and Shame 
12. The Comfort of Cowards

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" 8 full length's into a long and distinguished career....You would think a band would run out of idea's?........Did Immolation?.............Nope !  "

" On this new opus Immolation crushes everything in its path !......With that certain sense of doom to it...And the solo guitars we have come to know and love...Building and weaving like a black widow making its nest. Ross Dolan easily has some of the most convincing vocal's in Death Metal today..And this record is no different "

" What gets me about this Lp is the way the tracks wind and build up to the end all with a complexity and appreciation for the art of the Song. Check out the title track with its spiral riffing and awesome solo !Truly a great Death Metal Track ! Production wise: Very heavy,Organic sounding and bassy but clear to where you can take in all the seperate instruments in one listening "

A simply Monstrous and Vicious start to 2010 !

Burial Ground !..........For Me !
For U.........

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Degial - Awakening from Darkness - Demo (2006)

1. Belial
2. Unholy Curse
3. Awakening From Darkness

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Cassette debut from this (Uppsala) Sweden Death Entity "

" You get 2 tracks with vocals and an instrumental track to sink your teeth into....This stuff is old sounding...I mean glory days !.......Raw,Buzzing,Bass heavy tracks with plenty to like. Not sure whats going on with these guys these days?...But I would like to see a Full length from them...As this demo kicks alot of ass...And should not be missed ! "

Enjoy a demo from the Mooseland....Not too far away from Merciless,Death and such..

Dont Waste Time !.........Get It!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foreboding - Possessed Demonic Battalions - Demo (2008)

1. March of the Skulls 
2. Flesh Covered Landscapes
3. Conquerors of Mortal Misery 
4. The Foreboding (Outro)

Origin - Sweden & USA
Style - Death Metal

"  This project is done via the internet with Rogga living in Sweden and Elektrokutioner(Decrepitaph) living in the United States. In the middle of the recording of the demo, the band was offered a deal with Asphyxiate Records to release their debut album "

" Foreboding is somewhat of a mix of Bolt Thrower and Asphyx with lyrical themes of war and extinction. Simplistic Death Metal with a heavy groove here....Looking forward to the full length coming soon ! "

Recommended !

More Rogga?........More Or Less!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paganizer - Basic Instructions For Dying (2009)

1. Army Of Maggots 
2. The Festering Of Sores 
3. Nothing Really Matters 
4. Fleshnaut 
5. Morbid Warfare 
6. Vaken Mardröm 
7. Only Ashes Promote Total Death 
8. Eight Hooves Of Sleipner
9. Bloodbeast
10. Gored By The Horned One

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

- Tracks 1 and 2: ''Born To Be Buried Alive'' recording session (2007)
- Track 3: Ribspreader ''Serenity in Obscenity'' recording session (but kept as
a song for Paganizer instead of Ribspreader) (2005)
- Tracks 4 and 5: ''Carnage Junkie'' recording session (late 2005/early 2006).
- Track 6: ''Murder Death Kill'' recording session/pre-mastering (2003).
- Track 7: ''Carnage Junkie'' recording session (late 2005/early 2006).
- Tracks 8, 9 and 10 are from a jamsession (2005).

" Rare and/or unreleased Paganizer material through the years. Ranging from newly
recorded death metal songs like "Army Of Maggots" to Dan Swanö produced material
like "Nothing Really Matters" or a an almost forgotten piece from their first
recording at Soundlab Studios for the Murder Death Kill album "

" You know what to expect from Rogga and the boys....Murderous Death Metal with that groove and a bit of Thrash in there. Tracks 1-2 kill...Especially 'The Festering Of Sores'....With its heavy lurching breakdown in the middle "

" The rest varies in value and production....But well worth the listening....If you are a Rogga Fan"

Branded by Evil !.........Sinners Burn !

Monday, February 1, 2010

Morbider - When Darkness Returns (2009)

1. When Darkness Returns
2. One Shot Left
3. Bloodstained 
4. Morbid Ways 
5. God Bless the Mass Murder 
6. Beyond the Gates 
7. Revenge 
8. Rotting Soul
9. Behold the Nothingness
10. Bloodred Shores of Damnation 
11. Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom (Dissection Cover)

Origin - Czech Republic
Style - Death Metal

" Fucking bomb of an album out of the Czech Republic ! Straight Dismember worship ! "

" This Lp is incredibly realistic to the glory days...What I mean is: The playing,The Tracks themselves,The production....Right down to the song titles and artwork !.....This probably would have made my top 20 if I had it on time "

" I would have liked the growls to be a little higher in the mix..But that is a small detail in an otherwise outstanding record "

This one is not to be missed !.......Go out and buy this !

Ways To The Grave !..........91 right?
Get It.........