Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look out !

Well the blogger Nazi's are after me already....They want me to be careful about what I post?

My answer to them is FUCK YOU ! I wont be told what I can post..When I can post..Or how to post !

And to all the record companies that complain......Me posting a link to an album is not costing you any $....If anything it boosts sales and gets free attention to your amazing bands..So before sending your complaints...Why dont you email me first?...I will be happy to take it down pronto..With no problem. Take a look at a Up and coming small label like Dark Descent records...Matt did not complain...He simply gave his address and label site where to get the fantastic Ep...Which I can guarantee some followers have ordered it....Including me !

You might as well get used to it...You cant stop downloading....There are too many bands in this world...Most of them total crap....So we music freaks seek out the best music and find it anyway we can...The smart folks are learning to use this to their advantage . There was no internet back in my heyday...But if there was....It sure would have saved me alot of postage sending my demo's all over the world !

To all the Small Record Labels all over the world...Hailz for being the real Underground...We will find you and we will follow !!!!



  1. Well said DD, screw those record companies that put out mostly sell out, boring, phony metal bands.
    Hail the underground metal!!

  2. Could't agree more! Well said, my friend!!

  3. Old-school metal's crushing the lame plastic disposable overground to death !

  4. I dl'd the Burial Invocation ep and bought it from the label later that night. Downloading isn't killing the "record industry", poor product is!

  5. Cihan, the guitarist from Burial Invocation showed me this and he got a kick out of it. Thanks for the words. Our belief is that the more people that hear our releases, the more people will want to buy. Of course, not everyone will buy, but these are the same people that wouldn't buy if they didn't hear to begin with.

    So what's the point in trying to stop it? You'd spend half your day policing the internet. It's not our style. Listen, enjoy and hopefully buy if you like it.

    Thanks for digging the tunes...the band appreciates it.

    By the way, keep an eye out for our label. We have at LEAST one more big announcement very soon.

  6. What's up Matt!

    Great to see a label head come on here and understand what type of promotion this site actually gives these bands. I downloaded the Burial Invocation release, and immediately went to http://www.darkdescent.net and purchased both the CD and the shirt. This isn't the only time as well.

    Respect to Death Dealer, and respect to the bands and labels that "get it".


  7. I have to say since I started downloading music from blogs a year ago after buying an MP3 I have bought MORE CDs direct from labels and bands than I ever intended to!