Monday, December 5, 2011

Tribulation - Putrid Rebirth Ep (2006)

1. Dread City of Death 04:49
2. Zombie Holocaust 04:50
3. Imprisoned in Abhorrence 06:05
4. Churning Sea of Absu

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Did I put this up before?.....Cant remember what I did 5 minutes ago?..Anyway..Here is the 7" Ep of the Mighty Tribulation...Probably my fave of the new bands over the past years "

" These guys just have that certain IT!....The power of Death Metal..The Speed of Thrash Metal..And the nastiness of early Possessed,Slayer...What I really dig are the changes in tempo and riffing during each of the four tracks..Always something cool going on here "

" The production values are tight and clear and each instrument can be heard. They are preparing a new full-length as of now...So beware...Hide you're children..Wives...Tribulation are coming ! "

Black Magical !
Get It?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vicious Art - Demo (2011)

1. Shudder
2. To Adore Silent Men
3. Chaos Confirmed

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" How the Hell is everyone doing?......Anyone there?.......Other than a few cracked ribs in a snow boarding accident I'm doing quite good. I was in the mood for a post..So here you go ! "

" I have always dug this band and everything they have put out...So when I saw new demo I was really into it. Sadly to find out this is it for the band and have decided to quit. "

" On this little ditty we get 3 tracks of roaring catchy Death Metal of the highest order...Starting with 'Shudder' a crusher in every way...When hearing this for the first time..I proceeded to start stomping around the man cave like Godzilla. Damn when those vokills come through you know why these guys are professional. All 3 tracks are amazing and well produced and the band is giving it away for free to spread the disease "

Go to their website and buy something or just send this to you're buddies....It Is Killer !

Back In Black !....Sorta?
Go Ahead !.......Get It!