Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This Is Still Alive ?

I was surprised to see this site still up after a 5 year hiatus....

Looks like some people are still checking it out..

Maybe I will start up again ?


Monday, December 5, 2011

Tribulation - Putrid Rebirth Ep (2006)

1. Dread City of Death 04:49
2. Zombie Holocaust 04:50
3. Imprisoned in Abhorrence 06:05
4. Churning Sea of Absu

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Did I put this up before?.....Cant remember what I did 5 minutes ago?..Anyway..Here is the 7" Ep of the Mighty Tribulation...Probably my fave of the new bands over the past years "

" These guys just have that certain IT!....The power of Death Metal..The Speed of Thrash Metal..And the nastiness of early Possessed,Slayer...What I really dig are the changes in tempo and riffing during each of the four tracks..Always something cool going on here "

" The production values are tight and clear and each instrument can be heard. They are preparing a new full-length as of now...So beware...Hide you're children..Wives...Tribulation are coming ! "

Black Magical !
Get It?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vicious Art - Demo (2011)

1. Shudder
2. To Adore Silent Men
3. Chaos Confirmed

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" How the Hell is everyone doing?......Anyone there?.......Other than a few cracked ribs in a snow boarding accident I'm doing quite good. I was in the mood for a post..So here you go ! "

" I have always dug this band and everything they have put out...So when I saw new demo I was really into it. Sadly to find out this is it for the band and have decided to quit. "

" On this little ditty we get 3 tracks of roaring catchy Death Metal of the highest order...Starting with 'Shudder' a crusher in every way...When hearing this for the first time..I proceeded to start stomping around the man cave like Godzilla. Damn when those vokills come through you know why these guys are professional. All 3 tracks are amazing and well produced and the band is giving it away for free to spread the disease "

Go to their website and buy something or just send this to you're buddies....It Is Killer !

Back In Black !....Sorta?
Go Ahead !.......Get It!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Deathchamber - His Will Be Done - Demo (2010)

1. His Will Be Done
2. Through Flesh Your Souls Be Saved
3. Opposite
4. Fallen From The Grace Of God

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Sweden never stops producing Top Notch Death Metal.....From old-sounding to the newer technical styles....The quality from this one small country is astounding. So when this little ditty came across my desk...I had to give it some attention...And I'M glad I did....As these bastards mean business "

" What strikes me right away is the symphonic elements of this 4 tracker...Not overdone but just for atmospheric fullness. Its the riffing that kills and there is no shortage here.....Blasting coupled with tech elements for a nice hybrid....Say Bloodbath meets Morbid Angel....Sound Good? You bet it is...Pretty fucken good production for a demo and more than decent song writing..Catchy...Headbangable and sounding like veterans..Not first timers "

" Right out of the gates the title track is crushing with a Martriden(Montana) like feel. Both memorable and heavy at the same time.'Through Your Flesh' also with the powerful "Suffer Unto Me" chorus and brutal delivery. 'Opposite' storms out with some great riffing and a tasty solo and finally the fourth track had really got that Morbid Angel gait.....2nd half of this track is killer ! "

I would really like to see more young bands bring the symphonic element..For I feel it really adds to the crushing music and separates it from the hordes of Death Metal Bands nowadays.
This is a quality Demo by an UN-signed band(not for long) doing it the right way !

Fucking Sweden !......Fuck en Eh !
Over There......

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sectu - Inundate (2011)

1. Age Of Splendour
2. Storms
3. Dominion
4. Dream Vessel
5. Ceremonial March
6. Unseeing Devine
7. Incantation Of The Lost Continent
8. Procession Through Flesh

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Holy cripes...This one kicked the living shit outta me !......Sectu from Stockholm,Sweden arrive with a name sounding like pure Black Metal...But oh no..This is Technical Death Metal here folks ! "

" Featuring ex-members of Dawn,Mork Gryning,Beyond Twilight this one really took me by surprise. I think I have been in a funk lately..Especially when it comes to Death Metal...Just not feeling all the old variety of Death bands coming out all the time. Maybe I needed a fresh take on the genre and these guys saved me for the time being "

" Right off the bat you notice a Immolation styled riffing and off kilter sweeping melody that just sounds killer !....Another thing is the production....This shit is amazing !..Just the way I like a new band to sound..Easily separating all the instruments and really showcasing everything here within. Of special note is Calle Backstrom on drums...This guy is a monster here !....Easily going from heavy to blasting without a hiccup. There is alot going on here..So it may take a few listens to absorb all of the intricacies going on...But trust me....It is entirely worth it...This one has been in heavy rotation since I received it "

" This album is technical without being wanky or self indulging and there is some great songwriting here...'Age of Splendour' and 'Dominion' being of particular note....Simply stunning !...Easily changing from Heaving and chugging riffs to thrashy goodness in a moments notice..And all the while keeping it interesting and not out of bounds "

People this is a good one !......Fans of Decapitation,Immolation,Dominion and the like Take note....

Looking for a step away from the typical Stockholm sound...Then this is for you !

Im Feelin It !
Happy Fathers Day by the way !
Check It....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Asphyx / Hooded Menace - Split 7" Ep (2011)

1. Asphyx - We Doom You To Death

2. Hooded Menace - Abode Of The Grotesque

Origin - Netherlands & Finland
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Here we have another badass 7" from the killer label Doomentia Records...Featuring two of my personal favorite bands with exclusive new tracks "

" First off is Asphyx...Let me tell you when I hear Martin's voice on this it is just awesome..No other voice like his in Metal today...Pure Agony ! As far as the track?....Pure crushing Death/Doom at its finest !.....Catchy...Memorable...And produced by Dan Swano.....Its only a single track(Fuck)But its killer "

" Secondly is Hooded Menace from Joensuu,Finland...And surely one of the best bands of this genre. Lasse Pyykko has a knack for writing doomy but melodic songs that are both heavy and memorable and this one is no different....Actually this song is fucken killer with a melodicness to it that just kills me everytime ! "

So there you go....An absolutely mandatory 7" available in Black or Picture vinyl from the already mentioned Doomentia Records....Go and buy it !

Vinyl is Final......
Get It?......

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)

01. Omni Potens
02. Too Extreme!
03. Existo Vulgoré
04. Blades for Baal
05. I Am Morbid
06. 10 More Dead
07. Destructos Vs. the Earth / Attack
08. Nevermore
09. Beauty Meets Beast
10. Radikult
11. Profundis - Mea Culpa

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Its been 8 years since the last record...And David Vincent is back in the fold...Cant be a bad record can it? "

" This has to be one of the most polarizing records I have heard in years and will be written in the history books in many ways. I'm not gonna go into the history of this legendary band..As everyone knows this...Right? "

" Lets get down to it.....Wait for it........This is not a horrible album !.....Its half a better than average album and half (Bullshit..We do what we want to do,techno,electronic,fake white zombie)record. Why would such a band like M.A. do a album like this?...Cause they can !....Is it smart?....No....Will it sell?...Yes...Trust me..It will..And fans will flock to see the band live "

" Hey people are making it sound like this really came out of left field !....It doesn't surprise me at all..As they have always been different on every record.
I am not going to do the track by track breakdown as its not worth it.
The first track is 'Existo Vulgoré ' and it kicked my ass from the first time I heard it...This is classic Morbid Angel !....Incredible double bass and a winding guitar that really got me going. 'Blades Of Baal' is a fast track and kills in every way..Including a dominating solo from Trey. Now while the title track has more cheese than a big order of nachos...It has a ripping solo that I really liked...And all you fuckers know you will be chanting "I Am Morbid" when you see them live ! "

" '10 More Dead had that creepy crawling style from the 'Domination' era...Very fucking cool !...'Nevermore' & 'Beauty meets Beast' round out the real songs from this LP. I will not say much more about the other tracks as I deleted them so I don't have to even hear or see them "

While this album would have been better with 3 or more Death Metal tracks on it...I do find the material catchy and Trey still rips !...And David Vincent still is a commanding force.....Just do a remix album under another moniker next time and don't waste our time and money..When we think we are getting a Death Metal album....At the very least...Put WARNING stickers on the cover !

Will you get it?......Hummm?
No Link needed

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Autopsy - Macabre Eternal (2011)

1. Hand Of Darkness
2. Dirty Gore Whore
3. Always About To Die
4. Macabre Eternal
5. Deliver Me From Sanity
6. Seeds Of The Doomed
7. Bridge of Bones
8. Born Undead
9. Sewn Into One
10. Bludgeoned And Brained
11. Sadistic Gratification
12. Spill My Blood

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" I have always wanted to do a track by track breakdown of an album....And now with a new Autopsy album...It seems prime time to get it done !..."

" First off is the artwork : Reminds of Bloodbaths latest....Only this is much better!...
Production : Organic sounding...No triggers here kiddies....Very even sounding...Well mixed..
Lets go.....

Hand Of Darkness : One of the faster tracks on the record.....Classic vocals and catchy riffs...Cool doomy riff to close the song

Dirty Whore Gore : Oh Yeah ! Even faster than the last track......Melodic riffing and upbeat...Replete with comedic vocals...Love it !....Nice solo

Always About To Die : Doomy opening to this track...Tortured vocals....2:19 mark Fuck yeah !..Catchy bouncing riff...Time changes...Good Shit !

Macabre Eternal : Title track......Typical Autopsy here...2:38 in starts the Doom Riff of the highest order....The kind of shit that spawned a thousand wannabes...

Deliver Me From Sanity : Swirling mass of their doomed out insanity...Perfect song title!

Seeds Of The Doomed : Easily one of the catchiest tracks on the record !.....Great stuff here !

Bridge Of Bones : Oh Fuck Yeah !.....My favorite track on this record !...Classic Autopsy !

Born Undead : Hellish riffing at high speed....Goddamn catchy...You cannot deny it !...Speaking english on this one?...Not sure..May be backwards....Bad week to quit sniffin glue !

Sewn Into One : Fuzzed out Doom Death Metal to smoke weed to...If you smoke weed?

Bludgeoned and Brained : Best song title...Fucking ripper of a riff...Sabbathy greatness here...

Sadistic Gratification :  Whoa...11 min + track?......Riff after riff after riff..then some screaming broad....Ah whatever.......

Spill My Blood : This is why Autopsy is unique and will always be a legend in this genre.

Well there you go !......That has to be the worst review ever done by mankind !......Pitiful......
Just get this record now !....Ignore all my bullshit and enjoy 65+ min of Classic one of a kind Death Doom Metal at its finest......I wondered if Autopsy could make a great comeback record?

They just did.......Now go get it when it comes out !...On Vinyl...Cd....8 track...Cassette....Reel to reel....Oh shit gotta go !....Cops are at my door !

Abscess Of Excess !.......What?
Get It......

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Big 4 !

So I took the long trip to Indio,California to see the big 4 this past weekend......

First off..I must say the organizers had this shit right !.......Parking was easy (Surprisingly)...All the Metal Heads were cool and doing their thing...Drinking,Smoking.....Even Chimay in the parking lot!...Bet you don't see that at a Dave Mathews Concert. People outfitted in every fucken t-shirt from Danzig to Black Dahlia Murder......Even a Hand written Anthrax shirt !......Ghetto for sure..But whatever at least they were representing !

Once I got past the gates I was shown the giant merch tent.....T-shirts,beanies,Hats for $35 !.....I quickly passed that nonsense and am looking for the vaunted Beer gardens....Which once found were teaming with chalk boards announcing the beers that were sold....Now people I must say I was completely blown away by the selection!!......$8 is a bit steep..But at least you could get a 'Dead Guy' or 'Alaskan Amber' or any number of cool microbrews.

Beer !

Bout then Anthrax came on.....Now its been about 20 years since I last saw them and was not blown away but nevertheless a good sound and they were doin their thing to a loud crowd approval.

Next up?....More Beer !.....Followed by More BEER !

Then Megadeth came on to a rousing applause.....Now if I was going to pick out one band I would rather see than the other it would be MegaDave.....I dragged all my bro's who were saying Megadeth sucks !.....Up near the front and watched them blaze away. This was too much for my brothers as 'Peace Sells' kicked in...My nephew yelled at me "Megadeath does kick ass..I was Wrong"...To which I said..."No shit sherlock"......'Symphony'...'Wake up dead'....Oh yeah Here we go! (To cop the budlight quip) Megaband gets it done in their own way and Dave seems genuinely into it...snarling his way through all the classics....'Hangar 18'....'Holy Wars'....Awesome if I must say !

Now.................More Beer !

Then.......More Beer !

Now understand I was hearing Slayer fucken Slayer yelled all day during every band at the beer garden...People luvs them some Slayer........So we got another Beer and went to check out Slayer...

This time we pushed our way up to the front and layed out our property...Some space to get it going.......Jihad comes blaring out and Slayer in is full flight. At this point my youngest bro who has never seen Slayer is going full apeshit...And Slayer ripped with a clinical precision I was not used to seeing from them...Could it be that Gary Holt (Exodus) was keeping them in shape and his solos were simply better than anything Kerry could ever play.........Just when I thought I was Slayered out.....'South of Heaven'...And Jeff Hanneman walks out and rips thru this and 'Angel of Death' all sounding so good.......I think the crowd truly was Drunk...Tired....Necksore.....at this point but happy !

Next More Beer......But slowing down.....I had my first water at this point !........

Then Metallica............Aww fuck it !........6 or 7 in we bailed to the truck and went to the liquor store to get more Beer.....

Lifelesson #1 - Never eat a giant Carne Asada Burrito the morning of the gig !

Lifelesson #2 - Never get too old for a good Metal Concert !

Lifelesson #3 - ahhhhhhhhh......Fear no Beer !


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miasmal - S.T. Lp (2011)

1. Mesmerized
2. Equinox 432
3. Blissful Cannonades
4. We Will Live Forever
5. Mists
6. Toxic Breed
7. Death Mask
8. Chronicles
9. Creation Of Fire
10. Bionic Godhead Erase
11. Abduction Of The Soul
12. Kallocain
13. Apocalypse Legion
14. Anima Sola

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Ever since Miasmal sent me their demo in 2008 I knew these guys had it going on!....Now we see their debut full-length and no question...This crushes ! "

" Miasmal gets it all right here....Just raw punkish motorhead influenced Death Metal at its finest. Awesome D-beat....Crusty rhythms and ballsy guitars are the main course here. Real songs here folks...Not just blinding speed or technical mayhem "

" In a crowded scene of New..Old Styled Death Metal bands from every corner of the earth...Miasmal shines as one of the foremost bands of this ilk. You just cant go wrong with this excitingly dark act.

These fuckers are on tour in the good ole USA this summer also....Which is fairly unusual for such a new and obscure band....Buy your ticket and see a Swedish Death Metal powerhouse now...While you can !

Go to Dark Descent records right now !....Matt is offering the new Cd with all the bonus tracks + A patch for cheap !......For the price of a Fine Belgiun Ale you can slaughter your neighbors easily......Now that's Metal !

Kill Or Be Killed !......Get It?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sonne Adam - Transformation (2011)

1. We Who Worship the Black
2. I Sing His Words
3. Sonne Adam
4. Solitude in Death
5. Take Me Back to Where I Belong
6. Shine
7. I Claim My Birth in Blood
8. Transformation 
9. Apocalypse

Origin - Israel
Genre - Death Metal

" Century Media signs Death Metal band from Israel?......I saw this a few months ago and wondered "Are they just trying to get a piece of the Death Metal Revival?

" Well...Yes & No.....Yes meaning they are getting their label covered on that side of things. No meaning this is not just a cash grab.....Because Sonne Adam are not catchy by the numbers Death Metal but a much darker act..That some may have a harder time getting into "

" Everyone knows I dig Hooded Menace and last years #1 album for me was an easy choice. Transformation is in the same category !....A seething...brooding menagerie of twisted guitars and Doomy ambiance,Combined with the wretched deep vocals and this is one Heavy Son of a Bitch ! "

" I have A.M.S. (Attention Metal Syndrome) So it is hard for me to often get through entire albums without pushing the forward button.......I let this fucker play and never once reached for the fast forward !...Even the Ambient doom sequences are creepy and fit well with the main tracks. Older Morbid Angel comes to mind while playing 'We who worship the black'..Same with 'I sing his words'...Just a bonecrushing display of Doom/Death Metal at its creepiest and finest "

" The only melody comes from oozing guitar passages at the end of the tracks...Which is fine with me. This is one atmospheric Doomy Death Metal record here folks.....This is not to be missed !......Kudos to Century Media for not just plucking any band out there...But a REAL Band...Now lets hope it sells well so they will keep these Israelis on the roster and piss on all the power metal nonsense that they usually have "

I'M not Fucken around.....Buy this...Draw the shades...Get under the influence of whatever influences you...And stomp around you're house like a fucking cave troll !

For Fans of Hooded Menace,Morbid Angel & anything else Heavy,Droning,Doomy!

I'm listening to you people.....Whats next?

Go Ahead !.......Get It!
Link Removed

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ready to Strike !

Well now........Finally back in civilization at last !
Been Lost in the wild for 6 weeks !........Happy to return...

What in the hell have I missed?.......What needs reviewing?
How is everyone?.......Having no computer or phone for that long is a trip!

Thanx to everyone for keepin on keepin on !

I do apoligize for not updating.....But....Thats another story for another day.

Lets get Crackin !........I need me some DEATH METAL !!!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maim - Deceased to Exist (2011)

1. Gravedigger Sacrifice
2. Morbid Desecration
3. Covet Death
4. Evil Smell Of Death
5. Crematory
6. Deceased To Exist
7. Purged Through Napalm
8. Nuclear Funeral
9. Resurrected From Hell
10. Screams From The Mutilated

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal1

" Ahh the follow up to the top notch debut ' From the Womb to the Tomb'....And guess what?.......This ones better ! "

" Right away I notice the monstrous tone of the guitars and production....This is how Death Metal should sound !.....Old feel.....New technology.....A match made in Sweden. 2nd track 'Morbid Desecration' with its catchy,pounding riffs get me going...'Evil Smell of Death' with its relentless rhythm...Now the man cave is stomping...But when 'Crematory' comes forth from the speakers...I really sense something dark and beastly...Like a funeral procession of crushing Sabbathy riffs....I kept waiting for the vocals to come bellowing forth....But...."

" There is no doubt Maim kill anything in site....But I really dig the slower moods and medium paced tracks....But there are plenty of thrashing uptempo songs and something for all Death Worshippers (Hey I got you into the review bro). Again the bruising production and the upgraded song writing puts this Lp into early contention for Death Metal album of 2011......These guys have managed to bring their game to a new level !.....And I for one am all in "

Get this now !....@ Soulseller Records

Ridden With Disease !......Get It !
Over there...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Puteraeon - The Esoteric Order (2011)

1. Storms Over Devil's Reef
2. Graverobber
3. Coma
4. Experience Zombification 
5. Whispers Of The Dead 
6. Dead Once More
7. Castle Of Despair
8. The Innsmouth Insanity
9. The Plague
10. Into The Deep
11. The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West
12. Re-Animation
13. The End Of All

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Jonas "Lindblood" Lindblad was in a band called Taetre who had a couple of cool albums in the late ninities...Sorta Melodic Death/Thrash Metal and pretty good at that!...But when he started getting back to his roots with this new concoction Puteraeon..I had a feeling we could be in for a real doozy of an Lp. So after 3 really good Demo's...We finally arrive @ the Full Length Debut "

" This Lp is made up a nice selection from each of the 3 Demo's + 2 new tracks of Old Styled Death Metal of the Swedish type...As you probably know...My personal Favorite style. Here you will get no blast beats...No clean vocals....Just 13 tracks of Crunchy,mostly mid-paced,Coming back to life Zombie Death Metal ! "
" There are some killer moments here...Such as the crushing breakdown at 2:10 of "Whispers of the Dead" or the downright heavy "Into the Deep"(Bonus track on the digipack). The Hypocrisy like "Re-animation" is another of the tasty tracks that lies within. Puteraeon has not reinvented the wheel here folks...But I will be goddamned if I have heard a catchy riff in every track album in a while....The vocals are deep bellowed and work perfectly...The production is nice and meaty (Provided by Andy Laroque) and I did not get bored listening to the whole thing through "
Its about time 2011 gets going !.......Fuck Old-School....New School.....New Fucking Old School.....
This is Death Metal !......Not rocket Science !
Go buy this now...Cyclone Empire Records
Butchery Torment !.......Uh Huh !
Get it.......?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Unconsecrated - Slave to the Grave Ep (2010)

1. Buried in the Crypt
2. Exhumating Profaned Flesh
3. Slave to the Grave
4. Breath of Desolation

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" Dark Descent Records brings all of us another nasty little Ep here.....Spanish Death Metal horde Unconsecrated...With what I hope is a precursor to a full length sometime soon ! "

" 3 new tracks and an outro....For a 13 minute dose of Bruising Swedish inspired Death Metal.
These guys are good at what they do.....They really capture that buzz and the bass heavy production gives this a wallop that most bands just dont get "

" Shitloads of crushing guitars and tempos that switch from balsy to blasting...Theres no shortage of catchy groove on here..And this is what sets bands like this apart from the dozens of Entombed wannabes....Groove...Motherfuckers ! "

So in short: Awesome 3 track teaser of top quality Death Metal....On the downside...Only an Ep after almost 3 years since the last demo was made?.......Im not pushing for bands to put out shite every six months.....But do keep in mind that fans forget rather quickly !.....And it would be a shame for a band with this much talent to wither away and not live up to their potential......Nuff said

More Please !.......Greedy Bastard I am !
Hear....    There....

Dark Descent Records - Go there and spend $6.50 for this beauty...And buy some more stuff while you are there !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toxaemia - Buried To Rise : 1990-91 Discography

1. Terminated Violence (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
2. Dark Wisdom  (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
3. Crematorium (1989 version) (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
4. Evil Rage  (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
5. Force of Plague (Un-Released Track)
6. Beyond the Realm (Taken from "Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
7. Another Lie, Another Death (Taken from "Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
8. Who Dies (Taken from " Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
9. Expired Christianity (Taken from "Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
10. The Acquisition (Un-Released Track )
11. World Graveyard  (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
12. Tragedies Through Centuries (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
13. Hate Within  (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
14. The Beginning of the End (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
15. Buried to Rot (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
16. Crematorium (1991 version) (Un-Released Track)
17. Kaleidoscopic Lunacy (Un-Released Track)
18. Immolation of Justice (Un-Released Track)

Compilation of ALL material ever recorded 1989-1991

Disc one contains the complete discography remix/remastered by Dan Swanö.

Disc two contains the complete discography in its original untouched state.

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" We as Music fan's are very lucky these days to have great labels out there recapturing and reloading hard to find and legendary recordings and packaging them up and putting them in one nice and neat place......Cd or Vinyl in this case "

" Swedish Death Metal has seen a host of out of print and hard to find demo's and recordings unleashed in the last couple of years....Giving us old farts the beauty of it all in one place !...And new fans to check out what was going on in the olden days. Dark Descent Records has not only did this to Toxaemia's back catalogue...But also found some rare missing tracks AND had the mighty DAN SWANO put his magical touch in Re-Mastering and RE-Mixing the material "

" Another cool thing is...You also get the material in its untouched state giving the purists there little tidbit if they want. I have been around a long time but I prefer the Re-Mix...Its more powerful and really captures the essence of what the band was trying to do...I only wish Swano would get his hands on more old stuff and give it a workover...Anyway enough about the recording and on to the music contained within...."

" Toxaemia was completely different than most bands out of Sweden during the early 90s in the sense that..They brought a more thrashier,U.S. sound to their stuff...Grimy...Frenetic...Somewhat faster than most music of the time. How bout a cross between countymates Crematory and U.S. heroes Possessed ! "

" The best material to me is the terrific Ep released on the Infamous Seraphic Decay records label (A complete ripoff) but had a number of great bands signed at the time. Riff heavy tracks with the comination of speed and groove....Now alot of people out there think that if a band didnt sound like Entombed..They must have sucked?.....Wrong folks...Toxaemia were well on their way to becoming a real force when they disbanded and walked away from the scene....Thankfully we have this gem of a comp to relive them in all their brutal glory ! "

ALL Death Metal Fans should check this out...Listen to both sets of recordings back to back and see the great work that Mr. Swano did on the Re-Master...Very punchy and clear !

Go to Dark Descent Records and buy this !......A T-Shirt or both.....Matt is very cool and keeps the flag of Death flying high !

Shortly..The Crypt will unleash this thing on Vinyl !..For all the Wax fanatics out there....

Special thanx to Death Worshiper for this !....Hailz bro !

Metroz are gone too.....Huh ?
Ahhh Get it !

Monday, January 17, 2011

Desecresy - Arches of Entropy (2010)

1. In the beginning 
2. Manifestation 
3. Parthogenesis II 
4. Path of the Descendent
5. The Final Realm 
6. The Harbinger
7. Ritual Ruins 
8. Falling Kingdom
9. Artilect
10. Through Eternity

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Ex- Slugathor (R.I.P.) members get back in with this debut full length "

" First thing you notice is the production...Sorta lo-fi...Which turned me off at first!.....Then I let it play and all of a sudden..I realised I am headbanging and really digging it !
Its more heavy than lo-fi and the production suits me just fine !.....As it should be...Heavy,Weighty(Same thing right?)..... "

" These guys know their roots in Finnish history and pay homage to the classic bands Abhorrence,Convulse,Demigod etc. There is quite a bit of melodic guitars used to offset the mid-tempo Death Metal and really give it that old feel "

You know what you are getting into here.....Cool old style Death Metal done with a REAL sounding production and organic instruments.....Fans of the bands above and all D.M. done the old way....Check this out !

Go Ahead !.......Get It!
Its here...And There...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking Forward.....2011 !

I have been getting 20 - 30 emails a day!...Asking when certain albums are coming out or what is this or that band up to?

So I figured I would put up a list of stuff I am looking forward to this year...As I think 2011 will blow away 2010...By the looks of this list..You will see what I mean !

Please dont email me with other bands and other albums...This is just a teaser for the rest of the year so far !

Big Fucken List of Releases !...In no certain order......

Miasmal - Debut full length
Blood Mortized - "Bestial" Ep
Volturyon - "Coordinated Mutilation"
Puteraeon - "The Esoteric Order"
Skeletal Spectre - "Occult Spawned Premonitions" (I heard a track...It Kills !)
Coffins - "Ancient Torture" Best of 7" and splits (Should be cool to have all this rare stuff in one cd)
Repuked - "Pervertopia"( Oh Yeah...)
Stench Of Decay - "Visions Beyond Death" Ep
Autopsy - "Macabre Eternal"     (Goddamn Autopsy people !)
Outcast - "Awaken The Reason"   (This is technical greatness !)
Death Breath - TBA (Unmixed track is fantastic ! )
Maim - "Deceased To Exist" (Should be killer ! )
Destruction - "Day Of Reckoning" (Legends Return ! )
Ulcerate - "The Destroyers Of All " (will be on end of year lists..Guaranteed)
Septicflesh - "The Great Mass" (Full orchestra's again )
Repugnant - TBA  (I am just happy they got back together ! )
Torture Division - TBA  (A new Trilogy of Demo's )
Neuraxis - "Ayylon"
Obscura - "Omnivium"  (Lets see what they have this time? )
Demonical - "Death Infernal"
Exhumed - "All Guts,No Glory " (Cant wait for this !...Carcass worship?)
Opeth - TBA  (Who the Hell are these guys ? )
Amon Amarth - "Surtur Rising"  (Vikings Return to claim throne ! )
Anata - TBA
Entrench - "Debt Of Sorrow"  (Swedish Thrash )
The Haunted - "The Unseen"  (Can they get back some momentum?)
Sorcery - TBA   (Legends reborn )
Abysmal Dawn - "Leveling The Plane Of Existence"
Blood Freak - "Mindscraper"
As You Drown - TBA    (No they are not Metalcore!)
The Cleansing - "Feeding The Inevetable"
Coldworker - TBA
Gorod - "Trancendence" Ep
Gojira - TBA Ep
Demonoid - TBA
Feral - TBA   (Look forward to this very much ! )
Entrails - TBA   (Jimmy is already working on a follow up )
Fleshcut - TBA Ep
Daylight Dies - TBA  (Death/Doom at its finest ? )
Fester - "Silence" (Remastered and Reissued)
Ulcer - "Grant Us Death" (Polish Death Metal)
Spawn Of Possession - TBA
The Project Hate - "Bleeding The New Apocalypse"
Vomitory - "Opus Mortis VIII "
One Man Army & The Undead Quartet - "The Dark Epic"  (Can you get a longer name ?)
Asphyx - "DeathHammer"
Pestilence - "Doctrine"
Panzerchrist - "Regiment Ragnarok"
Channel Zero - TBA  (Classic Thrash Band reforms)
Hatesphere - TBA
Graveless - TBA   (Swedish Death Metal)
Foreboding - TBA   (Rogga ! )
Exmortis - "Resurrection....Book of the Dead "  (Us band reforms )
Deicide - "To Hell With God "    (Are they still around ? )
Insision - "End Of All " Ep
Purgatory - "Necromantaeon"

Thats about 1% of what will be released this year I expect !
I could see a few of those on my end of year list....If they come through with good shit !

We will see...Huh ?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Death Dealer's Top EP's and Demo's of 2010

Hey...There were some great EPs and Demos in 2010 as well......I never thought it was fair to compare them to full-lengths...So I didn't. 

Anyway Here ya Go...Enjoy more nonsense......

Best EP's of 2010

7. Zombified - Outbreak
Cripes.....Autopsy Meets Cannibal Corpse and you have an EP that kicks serious ass...Looking forward to a full-length !

6. Swallowed - S.T. 7"
Slow and Nasty Doom/Death Metal form Finland !...Where else?.......Hello  Full length ?

5. Miasmal - S.T. 7"
I have dug these guys from the start...And am looking forward to their future releases...Swedish Death Metal is Fine in the hands of these youngsters !

4. Inumerable Forms - Dark Worship
Excellent Death Metal from the good ole USA.....Think Incantation when you hear this Dark,Heavy shit !...Good Stuff...

3. Beyond Hell - And Evil Crept Through
This EP blew me away...Tracks in the vein of Hooded Menace etc.....This is the shit !....Sadly I didn't care for their full length as much.....

2. Autopsy - The Tomb Within
Uhhhh.....This is Autopsy people...Nothing else to be said.....Classic form for this classic band !

1. Burial Invocation - Rituals Of The Grotesque
Oh yeahhhh.....Devastating Death Metal from Turkey ! Great songwriting and a bruising production puts this one at the top of the heap for 2010 !

Top Demo"s of 2010

3. Abscession - Death Incarnate
Groovy....Well Produced Death Metal from Sweden ?....Nahhh surely not !
Oh yes...Another bad ass newcomer !

2. Undead Creep - S.T.
Italy for gods sake....Or the Devils ?....Brilliant take on Swedish Death Metal from a great new band !....Bring on the full deal !

1. Horrendous - Sweet Blasphemies
This one is still in heavy rotation with me !........Heavy,Groovy, Blasting Swedish Inspired Death Metal of the highest order !.........This KILLS !!!!!!!!!

So there you have it !....2010 in its finallity....Bring on 2011 and a slew of new albums and EPs and Demo's............Lets get it started !!!!!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Death Dealer's Top 20 Album's of 2010....& Other Stuff

When it comes to end of year lists.....I mostly think they are lame....But its amazing how many I have seen in the last couple of weeks...And since I have been doing one since 2007...I decided to throw one  up here again.

Now when I see other reviewers lists it always makes me laugh...Most of the big sites reviewers all list the same albums at the top...Am I missing something or just not as refined as they are?

Now some words about some of the supposedly great albums of 2010.....Like I have said many times before...I listen to music to be entertained and bring out a vast amount of emotions and I think of my favorite records are the ones that I essentially played the most....Can you list a LP that you played only once or twice as your top LP of the year?...I Cant...Its doing no one any good and I would only be lying to myself as well as you..The Readers. So a record that I played every morning going to work for a month goes along way in my list as supposed to something I could barely get through. I listen and review music that I like !...Period....Some readers have asked why I don't review everything that comes out?.....1. Don't have the time...2. Why review records I don't personally like (there are plenty of sites for that) 3. I figured one day...I have listened to over 20,000 albums in my time....I'm kinda picky But also locked into certain sounds...Anyway..Enough rambling...Onto my wretched list !

Wait a minute...Everyone has Agalloch's new album as the best of 2010?....Can you really tell me that you listen to this droning..ambient nonsense all day?..Cmon get serious..Maybe I'm more simple minded than most...But I cannot find one catchy riff or passage on the entire thing....Trendy bullshit if you ask me.......

I listen to Metal to be kicked in the ass !........And here are the most ass kickin albums of 2010....So says me....My opinions only !........Everyone is entitled to their own.....So lets see all of yours too !!

20. Chronic Decay - Justify Your Existence
What could be better than a lost album recorded in 1994 and now unearthed....Thrash,Punk infested Death Metal which wouldn't be out of place next to your Sepultura and pestilence albums!
Better late than never..........

19. Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen
These guys surprised me with their brand of traditional,Melodic Death Metal with middle eastern influences......Cool symphonic riffing with many catchy melodies....Disciples of the Unseen is one of the strongest debuts in 2010 !

18. Revolting - The Terror Threshhold
How could I not have something on here from Rogga ?.....Revoltings 2nd release was a all around improvement and a bonus ep didn't hurt either.....I don't have to tell you what this sounds like ?...Do I?

17. Zombified - Zombified Slaughtermachine
I can only think of a couple of albums that I had more fun listening to than this Lp. Goddamn catchy Modern take on the early classics....One of the better Death Metal Lps in 2010.....Bloodbath fans take note !...Are you in?....Or are you out?

16. The Crown - Doomsday King
This new record was taken down from the blog so fast It would make your head swim !....Oh yeah:The Crown fired back with new vocalist Jonas Stalhammar (God Macabre!) and a new set of fast and brutal tracks that exceeded my expectations !.......I Ain't Kiddin...Neither !

15. Interment - Into the Crypts of Blasphemy
Well finally Interment gets a long awaited full-length out after some 20 years...And it did not disappoint !....True Swedish carnage with that buzzing sound I always loved...One of the best re-formations this year....

14. Laethora - The Light in Which We All Burn
Sophomore release from Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity fame. While D.T. has grown static in my mind...This shit is bruising,Scorching Death Metal that reaches into the genres crusty roots...Grinding riffs and all ! For being labeled a 'side project'..This sure does kill !

13. Bombs Of Hades - Chambers of Abominations
I think I was looking forward to this album the most in 2010...And it did not let me down ! 2nd album with Jonas Stalhammar on it...This guy is ruling these days. Top notch tracks full of Nihilist,Carnage,old Entombed worship done right....One of the leaders in True Death Metal today !

12. Vasaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin
Gnarly...Primitive Death Metal at its ugliest ! This is not for the play it by the book Death Metal fan....This will give you nightmares and send you screaming to your momma....I for one dug the Autopsy,Celtic Frost vibe !....Truly Nasty......

11. Immolation - Majesty and Decay
One of the most respected and revered Death Metal bands of all time does it again....A blistering display of technical riffs that blow away most bands today and spent many a hour in my ipod cruising down the road. I was left pummeled and very satisfied at the same time...Essential !

10. Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall
This album blew my mind....Best Blackened album of the year..Bar none...Fuck all the trendy black metal shit !.....This is scary music with power and a certain evilness to it that I really dig.
And I didn't have to paint my face and go into my woods to feel it...I simply pressed play !

9. Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers Guide
These dudes get the award for sounding the most like the mighty Dismember !.....Not very original.....But Goddamn convincing !......Top Notch Death Metal in the Czech tradition?...Huh?

8. Entrails - Tales from the Morgue
Dan Swano produced this monster of an album. And the grooves contained within are what all us Swedish fanatics seek...Boundless heaps of buzzsaw riffs and deeply roared vocals wrapped in the suitably powerful production make this THE Swedish Death Metal album of the year !

7. Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones
When I heard Celtic Frost had broken up....Again...I wondered what Thomas Gabriel Fischer would be up to next? Low and behold he quickly puts together a new project with V. Santura (Dark Fortress) and releases this monstrosity. Dark and Heavy stuff this is..Bleak and hatefilled with Thomas's vocals sounding better than ever. To me this is an extension of Celtic Frost's  Monotheist record..Only Heavier..Less gothic and absolutely Crushing !

6. Calm Hatchery - Sacrilege of Humanity
If you miss Decapitated's technical flair and Vader's crushing riffs...Calm Hatchery is here to save you from yourself ! C.H. upped the ante with this new record and brought back the Polish dominance we have always loved..."We are the Universe"....Oh fucken ehh right !

5. The Grotesquery - Tales of the Coffin Born
My review of this record was removed before anyone saw it....I swear I wrote one..Really!
Anyway....This Kam Lee,Rogga Johansson project is a concept story based on writings from Lovecraft & Poe and is suitable for the music that lies within. Groovy Doom/Death metal is what we are talkin about here....Piles of riffs and the famous roar of Mr. Lee carry this record into the top 5 for 2010......Get past all the spoken intros and you will be crushed by their hard hitting brand of Death Metal....I promise !

4. Desultory - Counting Our Scars
2nd best re-formation of the year !......Desultory returned with a hella catchy record and the best Melodic Death Metal record in ages ! 9 solid tracks with not a dud in the batch...Now please don't wait 16 years to put out another worthy record......Its Fucken Good !

3. Hail Of Bullets - On Devine Winds
Martin and the boys can do no wrong...Everything they have put out..Kicks unholy ass !...And this second full length was no exception. War inspired Death Metal with some Doomy touches and the Hall Of Fame vocals of Martin Van Drunen make this the best Bolt Thrower styled album since.......Well...Bolt Thrower !

2. Forbidden - Omega Wave
Best re-formation of the year !..And by far the best Thrash based album in years. If you read my review..You know I loved this record and everything about it. It brought back a ton of memories and really made me want to make music again ! (Announcement soon? ). Great songs...Yes songs with catchy choruses and terrific singing and thrashtastic riffing made this my 2nd fave of 2010?...Huh?

And My Favorite Record of 2010 ?

1. Hooded Menace - Never Cross The Dead
This album simply floored me !.....Their first Lp was great....This one was unstoppable.....Doomy/Deathly Metal at its finest with nary a bad thing about it...Even the cover was amazing. Black Sabbathy inspired riffs to break your neck to...I talked about this being on my end of the year list in April and sure enough it lands at #1. This LP has everything that is great about heavy music !......Period !.....Mandatory and Hall Of Fame (first ballot)

So there you go with 2010's nonsense.....I hope you liked it.....I will put up some other opinions monday hopefully....If the snow stops and I can get home.....Best Eps and Demos still coming.

Heres to 2011 and may it contain alot of brilliant music for us to hear !