Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sonne Adam - Transformation (2011)

1. We Who Worship the Black
2. I Sing His Words
3. Sonne Adam
4. Solitude in Death
5. Take Me Back to Where I Belong
6. Shine
7. I Claim My Birth in Blood
8. Transformation 
9. Apocalypse

Origin - Israel
Genre - Death Metal

" Century Media signs Death Metal band from Israel?......I saw this a few months ago and wondered "Are they just trying to get a piece of the Death Metal Revival?

" Well...Yes & No.....Yes meaning they are getting their label covered on that side of things. No meaning this is not just a cash grab.....Because Sonne Adam are not catchy by the numbers Death Metal but a much darker act..That some may have a harder time getting into "

" Everyone knows I dig Hooded Menace and last years #1 album for me was an easy choice. Transformation is in the same category !....A seething...brooding menagerie of twisted guitars and Doomy ambiance,Combined with the wretched deep vocals and this is one Heavy Son of a Bitch ! "

" I have A.M.S. (Attention Metal Syndrome) So it is hard for me to often get through entire albums without pushing the forward button.......I let this fucker play and never once reached for the fast forward !...Even the Ambient doom sequences are creepy and fit well with the main tracks. Older Morbid Angel comes to mind while playing 'We who worship the black'..Same with 'I sing his words'...Just a bonecrushing display of Doom/Death Metal at its creepiest and finest "

" The only melody comes from oozing guitar passages at the end of the tracks...Which is fine with me. This is one atmospheric Doomy Death Metal record here folks.....This is not to be missed !......Kudos to Century Media for not just plucking any band out there...But a REAL Band...Now lets hope it sells well so they will keep these Israelis on the roster and piss on all the power metal nonsense that they usually have "

I'M not Fucken around.....Buy this...Draw the shades...Get under the influence of whatever influences you...And stomp around you're house like a fucking cave troll !

For Fans of Hooded Menace,Morbid Angel & anything else Heavy,Droning,Doomy!

I'm listening to you people.....Whats next?

Go Ahead !.......Get It!
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