Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted (2008)

1. Inflikted
2. Sanctuary
3. Terrorize
4. Dark Ark
5. Ultra - Violent
6. Hex
7. The Doom Of All Fires
8. Bloodbrawl
9. Nevertrust
10. Hearts Of Darkness
11. Must Kill

Origin - Brazil
Genre - Thrash Metal

"Max and Igor back together!......With Joe from Gojira on bass!
Taking their brand of mayhem back to the forefront!

Let Me know what you think? put it in the comments section.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toxocara - The Great Rebellious (2008)

1. Godking
2. The Connate Conflict
3. Wake of the Controversy
4. U-48 (Dive of Death)
5. Among Amon
6. Fusillade the Coalescent
7. The Stories of the Palatinian Succession
8. Maenadic Mausoleum

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Death Metal

" Three years after its debut The Dutchmen lay down a devastating strike...Raging technical death metal with a flair for the old-school"

"Toxocara manages to fill just over thirty minutes with gut wrenching riffage and furious blast beats,vocals done the old way..This band knows how to create interesting compositions by showing us the meaning of the word brutal in the mid-tempo range as well. Fine record"

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top 10 Albums Of 2007 by Beetooman

Another one of The Underworld Legion........

1. Entombed - Serpent Saints
2. Obituary - Xecutioner Returns
3. One Man Army - Error In Evolution
4. Rotting Christ - Theogonia
5. Malevolent Creation - Doomsday-X
6. Mental Amputation - Utter Subordination
7. Nile - Ithyphallic
8. Daath - The Hinderers
9. Impaled - The Last Gasp
10. Lay Down Rotten - Reconquering The Pit

Thanx again!.......cool list

Thanx to Beetooman

Maze of Torment - Hammers of Mayhem (2005)

1. Beyond the Infernal Gates
2. F.O.E. (Face of Evil)
3. Hammers of Mayhem
4. Dead Cold Blood
5. Servants of Menace
6. Into the Bloodswarm
7. Tyrannnizer
8. The Dead Temple Prayer
9. Dead Soul
10. Catharsis
11. In League with Satan (Venom cover)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"Playing their vicious game of Death/Thrash since the early 90s....M.O.T. are driven by anger and suffering, the relentless pacing of “Beyond The Infernal Gates” and “Into The Bloodswarm” stop at nothing to bring old schooled guitar based thrash covered in a brutal production"

"Guitars have loads of thrash fuelled riffs lined up as well as ancient solo licks. Drums are fast using blast beats in between
chugging heaviness"

Their goal is simple, to have fun!....And goddamn I dig that artwork !

Hammers Of Thrash!.........Get It!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pestilence - Malleus Maleficarum (1988)

1. Malleus Maleficarum / Antropomorphia
2. Parricide
3. Subordinate to the Domination
4. Extreme Unction
5. Commandments
6. Chemo Therapy
7. Bacterial Surgery
8. Cycle of Existence
9. Osculum Infame
10. Systematic Instruction

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Thrash Metal

"This my friends is the debut by the mighty Pestilence!

If you never heard this album....get it and do so quickly and
see what was going on when I was playing thrash metal in the late 80s.This legendary cd is similar in style to stuff like Possessed’s The Eyes Of Horror or Sepultura’s Beneath The Remains, or perhaps a more polished Pleasure To Kill(Kreator)"

"The musicianship is extremely technical, yet pummeling and skull-crushing in that familiar old-school style. The riffing style is rather unique. It is aggressive, energetic, catchy and technical all wrapped up into this album, with chugging tremolo riffs interlaced with lots of unpredictable melodies and solo work.Early death metal vocals had some people calling this death metal...but believe me...This Is THRASH !

What I consider to be one of the all time greats!

Thrash Hall Of Fame!.........Get It!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Black Horizons - Suicide Symphonies (2004)

1. Black Horizons
2. Burn The Curches Down
3. The Battle Of The Godless Souls
4. The Eyes Of God
5. Princess Of Suicide
6. Satanic Storm
7. Bloody Moon
8. Forest Of Damnation
9. The Knife

Origin - Germany
Genre - Melodic Black/Death Metal

"Debut album for the german black/deathsters"

"In the vein of old Dissection......Self produced..and quite good I might add"

"If you are into a mixture of Melodic black/death give this a spin...you might be surprised!

Can You Hear Me Now?.......Get It!

Top 10 Albums Of 2007 by Heathen

I thought it would be cool to post up some one elses top 10...
Underworld follower Heathen was up to the task!.....

1. Behemoth - The Apostasy
2. Gorefest - Rise To Ruin
3. Marduk - Rom5:12
4. Immolation - Shadows In The Light
5. Benighted - Icon
6. Sphere - Damned Souls Rituals
7. Point Blank Rage - The Sound Of Resistance
8. Nomad - The Independence Of Observation Choice
9. Severe Torture - Sworn Vengeance
10. Monstrosity - Spiritual Apocalypse

All Killer Bands.....All Killer Live Acts!

A very cool list indeed!...As most were in heavy rotation for me as well. D.D.

Anyone else?

Thanx to HEATHEN for his list!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trauma - Neurotic Mass (2007)

1. Intro Monument
2. Greed
3. Altar of Vanity
4. The Eternal Quest
5. Unexpected Lie
6. Neurotic Mass
7. Immolated
8. Edge of Vegetation
9. Dead Macrocosm

Origin - Poland
Genre - Death Metal

"Newest lp by these polish death metal veterans"

"Trauma excells at making heavy,technical,Superbly produced
death metal...godly drumming,thick guitars,roaring vokills"

"You cannot miss an album like this.......period!

Hey You!...........Get It!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Throneaeon - Neither Of Gods (2001)

1. Neither Of Gods
2. Thru Sinfulness
3. Above The Aware
4. In All And Nothing
5. Seven In Heaven, Seven On Earth
6. Blackened To Be
7. The Serpent Unfolds
8. Strength Of The Flesh
9. From On High
10. Enemys Of Thy God
11. 5211131103
12. As It Has Come To End

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"A swedish Deicide copy band?.....No, but they have that same sound as early Deicide.

"This Swedish act is nothing more than just pure violence and hate. All this anger is served on perfectly produced silver platter where all instruments are clearly distinguishable, yet unmercifully destructive. From the first to the very last track those guys hit you with un-compromised power and fury, having a devastating impact on your little eardrums. Everything seems to be perfect; Tony Freed’s powerful death metal voice, excellent riffs and outstanding overall guitar work by the above mentioned and Jens Klovegard, and an airtight rhythm section of Roger Sundquist and Andreas Dahlstrom make my soul happy "

Original?.......No.....A cool listen........Yes.....

If you are a fan of early Deicide,Vader.....Take A listen!

Any Questions?............Get It!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Miseration - Your Demons - Their Angels (2007)

1. Thrones
2. Perfection Destroyed
3. Seven Are the Sins
4. World Lethality
5. The End Designed
6. Chain-Work Soul
7. Noctivagant
8. Foul Invective
9. Scattering the Few

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Swedish Death Metal is the name of the game with MISERATION, harsh and fast but modern and with brutish, groovy power chords. This should appal most old school fans, but you have to like someone who creates such a captivating blend of melody, death and creativity. Furthermore, there are samples and synthies to be heard, but don’t panic, they don’t water down the sound. They rather add to the atmosphere and things clearly stay METAL! The drummer is simply incredible, whether it be ultra blasting, double bass barrage or skillful tempo changes – it is a pleasure to listen to this skinsman. Compared to stylistically similar bands like SOILWORK or IN FLAMES, who become more and more predictable, hungry newcomers like MISERATION easily win the race. Highly recommended to all fans of the genre, trust me!

Go Ahead!..........Get It!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

21 Lucifers - In the Name of (2007)

1. In The Name Of...
2. Violence
3. Art Of Chaos
4. Greed Spreader
5. Die Dead Gone
6. Hate Will Prevail
7. Hope Fades
8. Perfect Hell
9. Broken
10. Kill or Blood
11. Manmade Misery
12. Surprise! Youre Dead!
13. Killing at Will
14. Where Apathy Dwells
15. Self Pollution
16. Quid Pro Quo
17. 5 Infernal Years
18. Retaliation

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Thrash/Death Metal

"Clocking in at a brisk 32 minutes...Ex-Without Grief members
tear and grind thru 18 songs of sonic destuction"

"By incorporating some cool Slayerish-riffing in-between the blastbeats, some fast doublebass, a few samples, the ocassional backing-growls and some Nasum-like vocals you
get the idea what you are up against"

If you like blasting grindy/death/thrash metal then you're almost there!

Peter Forsberg Fans!............Get It!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meshuggah - ObZen (2008)

1. Combustion
2. Electric Red
3. Bleed
4. Lethargica
5. ObZen
6. The Spiteful Snake
7. Pineal Gland Optics
8. Pravus
9. Dancers To A Discordant System

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Technical post-thrash

"These guys are a tough listen and as always the views of many will be far apart on if you think this is "GENIUS" or "NONSENSE"

"As for the music itself, the best word for it is hypnotic. Meshuggah is, first and foremost, a rhythmic outfit. They intertwine a variety of rhythms together to create a unique, crushing atmosphere. Creating harmony and melody are not their concern. As such, this album was not meant to be listened to as set of separate tracks. Instead, the experience is going from start to finish without interruptions. As individual tracks, none of the songs are single entitys. But, if you put them in order, they weave a tapestry of mechanical destruction. It sucks you in, and you become transfixed by the rhythms. The expression, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is applicable here"

Don't Worry!............Get It!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dismember - Dismember (2008)

1. Death conquers all
2. Europa burns
3. Under a bloodred sky
4. The hills have eyes
5. Legion
6. Tide of blood
7. Combat fatigue
8. No honor in death
9. To end it all
10. Dark depth
11. Black sun

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"New album from the swedish masters of the old school"

"You get what you get from these guys....maidenish solos,buzzsaw guitars and gruff vocals make for another in a large catalogue of great listens from Dismember"

Hurry It Up!.........Get It!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Decrepit Birth - Diminishing Between Worlds (2008)

1. The Living Doorway
2. Reflection of Emotions
3. Diminishing Between Worlds
4. Dimensions Intertwine
5. The Enigmatic Form
6. A Gathering of Imaginations
7. Through Alchemy Bound Eternal
8. And Time Ends
9. Essence of Creation
10. The Morpheus Oracle (Outro)
11. Await the Unending

Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Death Metal

"What the hell? Is this even the same band?Decrepit Birth were a brutal Death band last I looked?.....Now? Technical savagery at its most extreme...Tech-Death riff patterns but with a whole lot of melody and solos going on.Intense but well timed drumming and cool gutteral vocals top it off"

Quite a change me thinks!.....but a change for the better!

2008 Off To A Great Start !..........Get It!

Death Dealer's Top 10 Releases For 2007

Disclaimer:These are my personal opinions,not those of anyone else or
any other reviewer.Everyone has their own tastes in music...These are
mine.You will find this list to be quite different than most reviewers.
I look at end of year lists at other sites and always shake my head at their choices....always choosing artsy,usually long winded albums that most
critics put on their own list?I make my choices based on what I call
listenability(how much did I go back and listen to it over the year)and
overall enjoyment..(isnt this why we listen in the first place?) Anyhow....
Check this out and see if any of mine were on your list....Enjoy!......

1.The Absence - Riders Of The Plague
With this second album The Absence really knocked one out of the park
Combining thrashy riffs and melodic death metal all in one great package
The band made great strides in developing their own style, which results in a much more mature and original sounding album.There are still tons of harmonies, lead melodies and guitar solos on this album, but there’s also more flat out heavy riffs and more complex song structures.

2. Crionics - Neuthrone
Reviewers are all over the map on this one....But I have to say I dug this
from the start and is still in heavy rotation today.I am a sucker for polish
death metal and the production,music is top flight on this one.
This record combined a Blackened mixture of cyber-death metal.....
And their from poland......nuff said !

3. Novembers Doom - The Novella Reservoir
Probably the only album you will find on other reviewers end of year lists.
I cant disagree on this one.. Novembers Doom have really made a dent in
the Death/Doom dominance of Finland in the last few years.This album crushes as much as it soothes with a dark n’ gloomy atmosphere.This album shows a growth in songwriting and an absolute maturity that can not be properly defined....These guys just keep getting better and better.

4. Blotted Science - Machinations Of Dementia
Have you ever got a new album ...put it on and the music bursts out and
kicks your ass, only to be let down by horrible vocals? It has to me so many times I cant count...Sometimes I just want the music.....These 3 master musicians have created a masterpiece of technical death metal.
It features absolutely phenomenal musicianship from the likes of guitarist Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink, Watchtower), bassist Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal), and Charlie Zeleny (Behold…the Arctopus, Jordan Rudess).Technically incredible but also very catchy and not boring like alot of others.

5. Detonation - Emission Phase
The best melodic death metal record this year..I.M.O . This band gets better with each release and this one was no different.Emission Phase solidifies on the experience of the band and comes across as a mature and well rounded effort.The most evident improvements are the tight musicianship and the quality of the production. Detonation sound angrier and more in control of their art.If a slab of good quality melodic aggression wakes you up in the morning with a smile..look no further.

6. Vicious Art - Pick Up This Sick Child
I got this one just in time to get in under the deadline and was looking for it to be ass-kicking! ...Was It ever!...These swedish veterans know how to make heavy,brutal,but incredibly catchy death metal.What I really get into is...There seems to be a crushing riff or semi-breakdown in every song they write.If you’re into death metal at all, you have to check out this brutal death metal attack by this monster act.

7. Sotajumala - Teloitus
It is a pleasure to get a piece of music like this one from the swamps of finland.Sotajumala translates to war god...and war is what you get on this one.Crushing down-tuned D.M. with tremendous bellowing vocals and
catchy songs.....not terribly technical but god damn catchy! You may not be able to understand anything the singer is saying but......Who cares anyway.

8. Mental Amputation - Utter Subordination
This here record damn sure took me by surprise !tons of sick riffs, fast blasting drum patterns, nice lead work, dark bass lines and the usual growled vocals that just have to be there to complete the sound of aggression. What makes a great album in today´s measurement standards? Tough question right? It´s not easy to estimate, but the truth is that “Utter Subordination” is a pretty cool album, where almost every song has variation and youthful energy and nice time changes.A Winner!

9. Aborted - Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
Belgium's finest death metal band, Aborted, have released yet another excellent album. "Slaughter and Apparatus" is the fifth album they have put out so far, and it shows that the band is still improving their sound. They may not be the deathgrind that they used to be when they kicked off their career, but even with a change of sound overtime, they prove themselves to be strong and dedicated. If you are looking for an album with crushing riffs, loads of melody, excellent vocal range, and some of the finest drumming, "Slaughter and Apparatus" is the album for you.

10. Deadborn - Stigma Eternal
After the amazing Decades of Decapitation ep,I had been anticipating this release for some time...and they deliver in spades.Ex-necrophagist members bring alot to the table..such as..Fast tempos,blazing riffs,tight
songs,well produced Death Metal...One of the years true highlights !

So there you have it....My Favorites of the year 2007
With all of the releases planned for 2008...it could even be better!....Lets Hope so.

Stay True!....Stay Metal!
Death Dealer

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Vicious Art - Pick Up This Sick Child (2007)

1. Tombstone Grind
2. The Paulina Paw Paintings
3. Our Family Flesh
4. Murderer
5. We're Both Into Killing Me
6. Chewing Gunpowder
7. Evicting Dead Tenants
8. Dancing M√ľnchausen
9. And Bent Down For Years
10. Chain Hooks Falling
11. The Topmost Violent God

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Vicious Art is a Swedish all-star act with members from Entombed, Dark Funeral, Guidance of Sin,Dominion Caligula, Grave. The driving motivation of the project is to make extreme metal and nothing else. Their debut album FIRE FALLS AND THE WAITING WATERS was released in 2004 and two years later came the three-track EP WEED THE WILD. Now the band is back to attack us with a brilliant extreme metal disc jam-packed with sheer brutality and aggression"

" Let it be said at the very beginning, this is an amazing monster piece of death metal. The music on this 11 tracks long disc is razorsharp and covering most brutal and extreme metal genres accompanied by suitable lyrics dealing with family, death, sickness and other typical death metal themes"

"Pick Up This Sick Child’ is dirty, cold, cruel and extremely efficient piece of metal, and it deserves a lot of attention.

Monster Riffs !..........Get It!

Hate - Morphosis (2008)

1. Metamorphosis
2. Thredony
3. Immum Coeli (Everlasting World)
4. Catharsis
5. Resurrection Machine
6. The Evangelistic Pain
7. Omega
8. Erased

Origin - Poland
Genre - Death/Black Metal

"These scene veterans strike with there new opus of (hate)"

"This is well played,super produced(hertz studios)almost
cyber industrial Death Metal of the highest order"

"Their basic philosophy: no frills and no nonsense; go for the jugular...perfect intermingling of their newfound industrial background noise with their more crushing, intense parts"

This is impressive stuff from another of the polish DM kings"

Have A Blast!..........Get It!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting (2008)

1. Gorification
2. The Parasites
3. Apocalyptic Feasting
4. Swine Slaughter
5. Forcefed Human Shit
6. Consumed by the Dead
7. Revelation
8. Bury the Living
9. The Depths of Darkness
10. Sadistic Abductive

Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Death Metal/Grindcore

"Holy Shiiiiiit....What the......Listening to BRAIN DRILL is an experience akin to that of having your face blasted off by a Shotgun!"

"This is Technical Death Metal of the sickeningly brutal variety,
Imagine, if you will, old-school CANNIBAL CORPSE brutally dissecting SPAWN OF POSSESSION and you’ve got a vague idea."

"Armed with ten tracks of mind-bending, technical savagery and good ole fashioned churning Death Metal, BRAIN DRILL’s debut is one of the sickest releases to ever assail my eardrums"

"Marco(ex-vital remains,Vile)has to be one of the 10 fastest
drummers in the world! This guy plays at speeds that would put most drum-machines to shame, and his mind-blowing array of fills and tricks really have to be heard to be believed.
Dylan Ruskin puts in a outstanding performance also, His serpentine runs and stop/start riffs strike an almost perfect balance between the head-scratchingly technical, and insidiously catchy.

WARNING !..........Not For The Faint Of Heart!

O.K. Fuckers!.........Get It!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lay Down Rotten - Breeding Insanity (2006)

1. Breeding Insanity
2. Pulling the Trigger
3. Within The Veil - the Antidote
4. Undead Race
5. Century Of Exploitation
6. Through Purple Woods And Ashen Plains
7. Desolated
8. Into Oblivion
9. Venomous Blessings

Origin - Germany
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" LAY DOWN ROTTEN is a German band that plays a kind of Melodic Death Metal that hasn´t left the heaviness and the brutality aside. This is their third album, but their style is basically the same they already played in their beginnings, some years ago. They are clearly influenced by Swedish bands such as DISMEMBER and old AMON AMARTH, mixing melody and heaviness with skill, but it also seems they haven´t forgotten the Death Metal Americans like so much, something you can notice in the rhythm of songs such as "Century Of Exploitation", which sound half way between VOMITORY and SIX FEET UNDER. The production is very heavy and well balanced. The songs are very powerful and never boring"

Fans of bands above......check this out!

Go On Ahead!........An.......Get It!

Morgoth - The Eternal Fall (1990) e.p.

1. Burnt Identity
2. Female Infanticide
3. White Gallery
4. Pits of Utumno
5. Eternal Sanctity

Origin - Germany
Genre - Death Metal

"The first thing that strikes you on the Eternal Fall tracks is the wild kick drum sound, not to mention its strong sonics. "White Gallery" is a superb work of technical death metal with scary, flick music type of cinematic passages, whilst "Pits of Utumno" is the epitome of death metal riffage, blending cluttered atmospherics with magical tapping harmonics."

"Morgoth were big fans of Death, so much is obvious when listening to their ‘Eternal Fall’ EP. The Schuldiner immitation by vocalist Marc Crewe was very transparent, hovering somewhere between ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ and ‘Leprosy’."

Classic old death metal at a time when the genre was just forming

Death Metal Hall Of Fame!............Get It!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Insomnium - In The Halls Of Awaiting (2002)

1. Ill-Starred Son
2. Song of the Storm
3. Medeia
4. Dying Chant
5. The Elder
6. Black Water
7. Shades of Deep Green
8. The Bitter End
9. Journey Unknown
10. In The Halls of Awaiting

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"Insomnium's first full-length album, In the Halls of Awaiting, is a piece of pure genius which takes elements of progressive doom and melodic death, and turns it into a juggernaut of Finnish metal"

"Mixing elements of melo-death(In Flames, Dark Tranquillity) with some crunchier guitar riffs and melodies, the overall album manages to create it's own atmosphere and style of dark, solemn beauty"

"This album is a must-have for all melodic death junkies!

Your time will not be in vain!.......Get It!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Virgin Snatch - In The Name Of Blood (2006)

1. State Of Fear
2. Purge My Stain!
3. Bred to Kill
4. IV - Vote Of No Confidence
5. In The Name Of Blood
6. Omniscientia
7. Diminished Responsibility
8. You-Know-Where
9. Devoted Loyalty

Origin - Poland
Genre - Thrash Metal

" V.S. contains members of Sceptic,Anal Stench,Corruption,and
recorded at Hertz studios (decapitated,vader) so you have an
idea how strong that this may be................But Is It?

"First of all I want to describe the production of this album: absomindblowinglutelypowerful. THIS is the sound I look for in extreme metal albums, crushing and full guitars, pounding drums ( I have never heard a better drum sound in any album, period.), the vocals are mixed just right, not too loud or low in the mix, and even the bass has its moments!"

"The music itself......Fucking powerful thrash metal at its best here,crushing riffery,blazing drums,great solos,its got it all"

"One little misstep in a ballad?...why?...anyway maybe it will make your girl friend cry or something"

"Very underrated band..If not unknown.....

Forget About It!.............Get It!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Construcdead - Repent (2002)

1. God After Me
2. Repent
3. As Time Bleeds
4. My Undying Hate
5. Moral in Corrosion
6. Through Parasite Eyes
7. I've Come to Rule
8. The Rain
9. To War
10. At Any Cost
11. Metamorphosia

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"Construcdead's debut record "Repent" bursts through your system's speakers like a nuclear explosion! Musically, it displays a potent mixture of melodic death and thrash metal, which closely rivals that of bands such as The Haunted. However, Construcdead is a far more aggressive beast than the aforementioned band"

"Mixing the speed of thrash metal,with the technicality and brutality of death metal,strong growled vocals and a very
heavy production and some quite varied song writing"

For fans of Darkane, Soilwork, The Forsaken,The Haunted

O.K. Swede Heads!.........Get It!

Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness (2002)

1. One By One
2. Sons of Northern Darkness
3. Tyrants
4. Demonium
5. Within the Dark Mind
6. In My Kingdom Cold
7. Antarctica
8. Beyond the North Waves

Origin - Norway
Genre - Black Metal

"If Your a Fan of:Thrash,Death,or Black Metal then You really should consider purchasing this album by IMMORTAL.This album absolutely BLEEDS a Heavy,Dark atmosphere!"

"If there's one aspect of this album that stands out immediately, it's the guitars. Aided by an exceptionally clean production that pushes it to the forefront, the guitar work on this album expertly balances precision, heaviness, and melody....In contrast to the vast majority of black metal albums, "Sons of Northern Darkness" is full of riffs that are heavy, memorable, and even (gasp!) catchy."

"True black metal?......Who give's a damn!....I for one cant
wait to see what they have in store for us next...now that they have reformed.

Ice Cold Riffery!..........Get It!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ebony Tears - Tortura Insomniae (1997)

1. Moonlight
2. Freak Jesus
3. Nectars of Eden
4. With Tears in My Eyes
5. Involuntary Existence
6. Opacity
7. Spoonbender
8. Evergrey
9. Skunk Hour

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"Tortura Insomiae is a mixture of swedish folk music and
swedish melodic death metal....making for a interesting listen"

"The opening track, 'Moonlight' has a quiet intro which starts off with nice clean guitars and this is followed by a fast and furious death metal riff complemented by a violin !"
"There are violins in quite a few songs which add to the melodic approach...always followed by furious riffing"

"Overall, each and every song is well composed. They have plenty of tempo changes filled with plenty of great guitar riffing and melodies"

You Should Take A Look!............Get It!

Enter My Silence - Remotecontrolled Scythe (2001)

1. Six.Nothing
2. Irrelevant
3. Inhale/Exhale
4. Articulate
5. Split
6. Nevernity
7. Filter X
8. Loss of the Leading One
9. Mindfill Effect

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"Debut record from Enter My Silence saw them treading ground that had been walked on before...mainly swedish
band In Flames(whoracle era)"

"When I want to hear good music,I don't necessarily reach for the most original,I go for what kicks my ass....and this one took me by surprise in 2001 and is still good today"

"The guitar work is very nice, lots of melodic lead guitar and big crunchy riffs,Harsh vocals courtesy of Mikko Kotamäki of
Swallow The Sun fame are perfect for this music...you will find no clean vocals here"

"Solid effort with extremely solid production...

Fans of (whoracle)era In Flames will dig this!

Take My Word For It!............Get It!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness (2006)

1. Hungry Are The Damned
2. Premature Burial
3. Voices of The Dead
4. Draped In Ceracloth
5. Spawn of Pure Malevolence
6. From Beyond The Grave
7. Sacred Blasphemy
8. Eating From A Coffin
9. Another Vision (MORBID cover)
10. Mutilated Remains

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Old School Death/Thrash Metal

"Gritty, ugly, primitive, barbaric,grimy,cannot begin to describe
this old-school (new?) classic"

"For those that aren't familiar with Repugnant, they were pure death metal--dark, aggressive and mercilessly heavy. "

"Unfortunately split up....but still left a obscure but brilliant
taste of swedish death metal done the old way"

Knight's Of The Old Code!..............Get It!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aborted - Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture (2007)

1. The Chondrin Enigma
2. A Methodical Overture
3. Avenious
4. The Spaying Seance
5. And Carnage Basked in Its Ebullience
6. The Foul Nucleus of Resurrection
7. Archetype
8. Ingenuity in Genocide
9. Odious Emanation
10. Prolific Murder Contrivance
11. Underneath Rorulent Soil

Origin - Belgium
Genre - Brutal Death Metal

"This Belgium five-piece have gotten progressively more melodic and experimental with each release, and as a result, they've also polarized their fanbase, and made many longtime followers outraged. Their third full-length, 2003's "Goremageddon," was their first to flirt with melody (with the use of occasional melodic solos); and 2005's "The Archaic Abattoir" took experimentation a step further by adopting a crystal clear production, some "Heartwork"-style groove, and even a couple open-chord progressions. And now, two years later, Aborted have released their far and away most harmonic, innovative, and controversial release to date, 2007s very aptly Carcass-esque entitled "Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture."

"Aborted is a lean, mean bonecrushing machine. Slaughtered & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture will appeal to more than just grind fans"

"The album is a relentless barrage of lightning fast blast beats and furious guitar riffs. The songs are a maniacal mix of grindcore and technical death metal. The band's technical skill and musicianship gets better and better with each new release. Although the music is extreme and brutal, Aborted also adds melody and some catchy riffs to make the songs very memorable. "

Death-grind masters!...........Get It!

Detonation - Emission Phase (2007)

1. Invoking The Impact
2. When Stone Turns To Ash
3. Craven Ablaze
4. Chokedamp
5. Defects Of The Isolated Mind
6. Modulate
7. Into The Emission Phase
8. Infected
9. 2nd Sun Ascending (Instrumental)
10. Soul Severance
11. Reborn From The Radiance
12. Fallout (Instrumental)

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"Their third full album sees Detonation hitting their stride with a logical successor to Portals to Uphobia"

"Emission Phase is a concept album based on a nuclear holocaust and the aftermath..and a holocaust of riffs is what
you get,Thrashy riffs and lots of em in every song"

"While most reviewers compared Detonation to the Mighty
Dark Tranquillity...I think they are becoming their own animal"

"All of this is further enhanced by the clear and powerful production that definitely has premier league level."

Truly one of the best melo death records of 2007!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Byzantine - Oblivion Beckons (2008)

1. Absolute Horizon
2. Nadir
3. Oblivion Beckons
4. The Gift of Discernment
5. Expansion and Collapse
6. Catalyst
7. Pattern Recognition
8. Renovatio
9. Centurion
10. Receiving End of Murder
11. All Hail the End Times
12. Deep End of Nothing
13. A Residual Haunting

Origin - USA
Genre - Post-Thrash/Groove Metal

"New album from the progressive thrashers from Charleston, WV"

"You should check these guys out as they are a great example
of a band doing their own thing and not worried about what
anyone says"
Anyone into Pantera to Nevermore take a listen

These Guys Slay !............Get iT!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Legion of the Damned - Feel the Blade (2008)

1. Nuclear Torment
2. Nocturnal Predator
3. Slaughtering The Pigs
4. Slut Of Sodom
5. Feel The Blade
6. Expire
7. Warbeast
8. Disturbing The Dead
9. Obsessed By The Grave
10. Reapers Call
11. Last Command (Bonustrack)
12. Mask Of Terror (Bonustrack)
13. Chronic Infection (Bonustrack)Pestilence cover

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"Remember the band called Occult?That was the name these
guys went by before changing to L.O.T.D."

"This is the Elegy For The Weak album revamped with 3 new
bonus tracks including a blistering Pestilence cover"

"A truly awesome re-issue where no new ground is broken..
But Damn these guys wear the flag of thrash loud and proud !

"Full of energy and buzzsaw style riffs that don't relent and punish the listener."

Nuclear riff assault !.........Get It!

Dark Fortress - Eidolon (2008)

1. The Silver Gate
2. Cohorror
3. Baphomet*
4. The Unflesh
5. Analepsy
6. Edge of Night
7. No Longer Human
8. Catacrusis
9. Antiversum

*Guestsinger :Celtic Frost vocalist Tom Gabriel Fischer

Origin - Germany
Genre - Melodic Black Metal

"One of Germany’s most important black metal acts return with their eye-opening new album Eidolon..a album steeped
in atmosphere,darkness and downright scary sounds"

"I think what has always intrigued me about D.F. is that while
being black metal at the heart...they are terrific musicians,
and at the same time create a environment of dark thoughts"

"This record see's them with new vocalist Morean,and he does
a fine job of keeping up the mood of the last few records"

" An artful masterpiece, sometimes melancholic, , but always frighteningly epic and complex...sometimes blasting,massively heavy,containing often amazing solo's"

Dimmu Who?..........Get It!

Novembers Doom - The Novella Reservoir (2007)

1. Rain
2. The Novella Reservoir
3. Drown the Inland Mere
4. Twilight Innocence
5. The Voice of Failure
6. They Were Left to Die
7. Dominate the Human Strain
8. Leaving This

Origin - USA
Genre - Death/Doom Metal

"While the band’s mission to create dark n’ gloomy doom/death has stayed fairly consistent throughout the past few albums, it’s this album that will perk up more ears than ever before for these talented Chicago natives."

"While even showing a slight opethian influence these guys have taken it to the next level...crushing riffage,Great vocals that go from growls of deepened and darkened girth, to very well thought out cleanly melodic passages that flourish with assurance and self-belief litter the album."

"Abso-fucking-lutely worth your time and cash !

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Facebreaker - Dead Rotten And Hungry (2008)

1. Slowly Rotting
2. Dead Rotten And Hungry
3. Night Of The Burning Dead
4. The Awakening
5. Walking Dead
6. Burner
7. Consumed
8. Unanimated Flesh
9. Unlock The Horror
10. Soul Eater
11. Devoured By Decay

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Brand New crushing slab of old-school style death metal"

"I never get tired of this shit....probably because very few do it right!"

For fans of Bloodbath,Ribpreader,etc

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Swallow the Sun - Hope (2007)

1. Hope
2. These Hours of Despair
3. The Justice of Suffering
4. Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 2)
5. Too Cold For Tears
6. The Empty Skies
7. No Light, No Hope
8. Doomed to Walk the Earth
9. These Low Lands

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Doom/Death Metal

"Overall, an excellent album, a must for Doom/Death Metal lovers, this is a huge accomplishment the darkest work of the band ever."

"Right. What we have here is a Finnish masterpiece when it comes to doom metal...."


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Top 10 Albums Of 2007

Coming Soon.......................

Laethora - March of the Parasite (2007)

1. Parasite
2. Clothing for the Dead
3. Revolution at Hand
4. Impostors
5. Black Void Remembrance
6. Repulsive
7. The Scum of Us All
8. Y.M.B
9. Warbitrary
10. Facing Earth

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Side projects are usually regarded lightly, something that fans of the members’ original band investigate out of curiosity."

"This supergroup is formed by Niklas Sundin of the mighty Dark Tranquillity on the guitar, and most of Swedish rockers, The Provenance"

"Laethora is a difficult band to categorize, treading the lines between doom, death, black, and thrash. Maybe characterization isn’t necessary; a simple “Heavy F-ing Metal” will suffice. March of the Parasite is a satisfying disc if for those listeners that enjoy raw, visceral metal. "

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