Monday, June 30, 2008

Archons - Consequences of Silence (2008)

1. Intro
2. Enigma of Torments
3. Of Pride and Prejudice
4. Obsolete Lifeforms
5. Plague of Corruption
6. Wandering the Burning Land
7. Pulverizing Inner Toughts
8. The Fall of a Dreamer
9. Beyond Anger
10. Delusional Beliefs

Origin - Canada
Genre - Technical Melodic Death Metal

" In honor of my up-coming vacation to canada..........Heres a new band from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec with their debut full-length "

" While listening to this I couldnt help but think these guys sound alot like a more technical version of Dark Tranquillity.....I think its mostly in the vocals but Archons can play....Tight Drumming and Staccato guitar riffing makes for a great debut.....And the production is a monster "

Fans of Technical Melodic (not overly) Metal......This deserves your attention !

Descend Into Nothingness !...........Get It!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed (2007)

1. Infamy (intro)
2. The Last Endeavour
3. Pandemic Assault
4. The Armageddon Anthem
5. Rendered in Vain
6. Image of Myself
7. Evolution Overdose
8. Attending Annihilation
9. Descend into Chaos
10. Ravage the Breed
11. The Black Omen
12. Everything is Wasteland

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" “Infamy and the Breed” is the Swedish quartet’s debut album....They are best described as Swedish death metal, not a million miles from Hypocrisy, but a bit more bouncy (think Catch 22 rather than The Arrival) and with definite overtones of a more symphonic style (a tinge of Dimmu Borgir). These youngsters can handle their instruments quite capably and proceed to blast thru 12 songs of catchy MDM. The guitars are deeper and filthier than your average melodic death metal act, with a production that is heavy and full "

" Vocalist Simon Berglund sounds alot like peter of hypocrisy....high pitched screams and some spoken word parts. Most of the time the keyboards work, with a few hiccups along the way. There is massive potential here; where many such albums can sound one dimensional, Zonaria make each track on Infamy... stand out.....That is a good sign... and bodes well for them in the future "

Fans of Hypocrisy.....Like faithful(underworld) follower Machine will eat this stuff up !

The Way Back To Before !...........Get It!

Paradise Lost - Gothic (1991)

1. Gothic
2. Dead Emotion
3. Shattered
4. Rapture
5. Eternal
6. Falling Forever
7. Angel Tears
8. Silent
9. The Painless
10. Desolate

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Doom/Death Metal

" This is one of the most important Metal albums, because it exerted a big influence on the whole doom/death scene. The release is the second of PARADISE LOST . If we have to talk about the heaviness of the music, it's here - the slow and crushing guitars, the wonderful solos and the smashing voice of Nick Holmes.But then came something new - female vocals and orchestral passages, and they are alternated with the brutal sound very well. I think that PL has made a unique album for the those times. About the songs - you can't be bored, because every second of them sounds different.The lyrics - I think everyone should realize the influences of PL in text attitude. You should listen to this part of Metal History!

" And while the production isn't up to todays standards...this still is a monumental release and had huge influences on todays Doom/Death scene....Swallow The Sun,Rapture,Draconian...etc

Orion Requested this........

Drown in Darkness !...........Get It!

Shadow Cut - Pictures Of Death (2005)

1. Drug/Murder/Them
2. Throatcuts Nine
3. My Sweet Cult
4. Hate
5. Servant Of Pain
6. Pictures Of Death
7. The End Of Humanity
8. Inter Arma
9. Manifest

Origin - Finland
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" This three-piece juggernaut composed of members from Moonsorrow and Impaled Nazarene, have unleashed an organic debut that embraces the days of old and touches on the present. A raw, mid tempo style of Black/Death metal that focuses less upon blasting and more on evil sounding, abrasive grooves, which is a nice change of pace "

" You will get no computer generated music or uber-modern production here...just dirty,nasty,hate filled, raw, diabolical atmosphere. Pictures of Death paints a brutal scene where mankind see's its demise and can do nothing about it"

" Listeners will not find a lot of melody or fast guitar runs here, instead Shadow Cut bring forth a focus on chaotic rhythms, bone crushing beats and raspy dismal vocals that meld perfectly together to create a sound that is nothing short of evil incarnate.......

Requested by muñeco de rosca

¡Muerte negra para usted mi amigo! ¡......... Consígalo!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Deathchain - Deathrash Assault (2005)

1. Return of the Nemesis
2. Venom Preacher
3. Lepra Lord
4. Graveyard Witchery
5. Deathrash Legions
6. Napalm Satan
7. Panzer Holocaust
8. Morbid Mayhem
9. Valley of the Corpses

Origin - Finland
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

" With 'Deathrash Assault' (their 2nd release) this five piece strike back with a highly explosive death thrash grenade of an album. The title of the album leaves no doubt about the intent of Deahtchain. A 'Deathrash Assault' is exactly what we get here. Music in the vein of bands like The Crown, Dew-Scented and The Haunted & Defleshed executed with great precision and full impact "

" Like "Fast Forward" from Defleshed...This Lp kicks into gear and never lets up fro a full 40 min !.....Deathchain unleash a salvo of vicious guitars, pulverizing drum patterns, Blazing solos , and throaty-growls. To me when I'm listening to this album it makes me feel like i am driving downhill...picking up speed with every second "

Deathchain have delivered a high quality death thrash offering !
One of the best of 2005...

Fans of Defleshed,Dew Scented get this now !

Raping Your Soul !............Get It!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soreption - Illuminate The Excessive (2007) e.p.

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Technical Death Metal

" Swedish death metal heralds SOREPTION were founded in late 2005, adding a new face to the young talents in the current technical death metal scene. "

" SOREPTION unleash their surgically precise and unique, razor sharp violence with technically and artistically advanced riffs topped off with in your face brutal vocals, leaving the listener nothing short of stunned.....Think Decapitated with top notch gutteral vokills similar to Mike from Opeth"

Soreption is now signed to Cube 1 records and will be entering the studio soon to record their full length debut.....I for one cant wait to see what these 20 year olds can come up with!............Call me Extremely impressed !!

Dont Fuck Around !..............Get It!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Neuraxis - The Thin Line Between (2008)

1. Darkness Prevails
2. Wicked
3. Versus
4. Deviation Occurs
5. The Thin Line Between
6. Dreaming The End
7. Standing Despite...
8. Oracle
9. Phoenix
10. The All And The Nothing

Origin - Canada
Genre - Technical Melodic Death Metal

" Brand New 5th full-length of technical mastery "

Review Soon..........

Blind the Vision That Shatters!...........Get It!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed (1999)

1. Malicious Torment
2. Sodom's Fall
3. Night of Damnation
4. Servants of the Moonlight
5. Cemetery of Life
6. Son of the Dragon
7. No Holy Ghost Shall Rise
8. The Sufferer

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Though "Diabolical Bloodshed" may be Nominon's debut album, these guys have been kicking around in the scene long enough to develop some impressive skills and they certainly possess the conviction to raise the spirit of early 90's Swedish DM. Everything's in place here, from the Sunlight production to the cavernous and obscure solos to the gutteral graveyard rasps, this is textbook Swedish Death Metal and I can't think of any other textbook I would rather read. Honestly speaking, I am rather easy to please when it comes to this sound, but I know the difference between adquate and damn impressive and with its 8 songs clocking in at just over 37 minutes, "Diabolical Bloodshed" falls decidedly in the upper end of the spectrum. Guitarists Jonas and Juha fire off unrelenting streams of ripping riffage, but manage to vary the tempos with some crunch-filled doom passages while tossing in a good deal of agile-handed leads, drummer Emil and bassist Lemmy hold down some punchy rhythms with the former displaying some dextrous footwork and Nicke's inhuman vocals come blasting out from under the floorboards. Admittedly, if you weren't listening to this stuff the first go around, it might just sound a bit antiquated, but for those who remember when the Sunlight stamp made it mandatory this could be the album you've been longing for "

KR requested this

Whispers In The Polar Winds!............Get It!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Agressor - Deathreat (2006)

1. Deathreat
2. When Darkness
3. Nightmare Comes By
4. Warrior Heart
5. Lust Of The Flesh
6. War In Heaven
7. Order of Chaos
8. Giant of Old
9. Transmutation
10. Desolation
11. Anger and Hate
12. Agressor (Hellhammer Cover)

Origin - France
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

" This band from france has been around over 20 years.....and are the forefathers of the great death metal bands such as Yyrkoon,Gojira etc. "

" This marked the bands 20th year in the metal buisness and they did themselves proud with the release of "Deathreat". Kicking off with a pure thrashing death rhythm and riff the band shows that they are extremely aggressive and at the same time solid and tight as hell. And they also show that after 20 years of career they can sound modern and powerful. The music here is pure death/Thrash with fast as hell rhythms. Fast guitar solos are a trademark, showing good technical skills besides aggression. there is killer double guitar work that shows what these guys are capable of doing with their instruments. There are tempo changes and my favorite ones are the ones that go from ultra fast to slow and then go into a demolishing brutal riff. The rhythm section is really solid and that is another essential trademark of this band. This release is really crushing and should not be overlooked "

Fans of Amon Amarth,Yyrkoon,Morbid Angel Take Note........

I Hear Voices From Below!.............Get It!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Warpath - Damnation (2008)

1. Damnation
2. Infernal
3. Hostile Takeover
4. Face to Face
5. Spitting Blood
6. Life Unworthy of Life
7. W.M.D
8. Expendable Forces

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Thrash Metal

" Its about time I Got this in the mail............And the wait was well worth it !"

" These young U.K thrashers are going to get some serious buisness done with their new debut album "Damnation". This is another of the thrash re-vitalization crews popping up all over the world. And I have to say.....This is my Favorite one so far !
Alot of the young thrash bands are combining thrash with humor in the lyrics and riffing....see Gama Bomb,Bonded By Blood etc. Warpath are all buisness here...crushing thrash riffs in the early Testament,Exodus vein with awesome solos and tight sub-woofer pounding drums that sound like cannons. This may be in part to the mastering done by James Murphy(testament,obituary). Warpath could be the leading contender for the new thrash crown after this record...as they are only going to get better "

" If you are into a mixture of explosive thrash riffing, barrages of double-bass mastery, and old-school sounding vocals (violence etc.) then look no further!.....Go and buy this record.....Now!

Requested by Darcy.....Get it brother!

Thrash For Life !..............Get It!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nominon - Recremation (2005)

1. Submit to Evil
2. Hordes of Flies
3. Buried by Me
4. The End Written In Blood
5. Mirror of Dead Flesh
6. Sickening
7. Under the Five-pointed Star
8. Into Black
9. Condemned to Die

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" I don’t know if it’s just the sound but the guitars on “Recremation” really feels Like Sunlight(studios) era-Dismember that it’s silly. In fact, many of these riffs and leads would be proud to be featured on a Dismember CD without running the risk of feeling ashamed standing shoulder to shoulder with “I saw them die” or “Let the napalm rain”. The thrash-influences aren’t as easy to pinpoint but they’re definitely there. "

" Nominon’s greatest strength is how seamlessly they have tied the authenticity of their long experience with strong and diverse modern songwriting. Its melodies are strong, the riffs are both catchy and aggressive, the tempos fairly diverse, and the compositions overall are all quick-hitting and taut. As a result, ‘Recremation’ is a success all the way through. And, since its 2005 release, the band have already come out with a similarly acclaimed follow-up, ‘Terra Necrosis’(search the blog). In sum, for a band so obsessed with themes of death, Nominon are sure showing a lot of life "

Comes fucking highly recommended !

In This Cold Grave of Mine!............Get It!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Forbidden - Forbidden Evil (1988)

1. Chalice of Blood
2. Off the Edge
3. Through Eyes of Glass
4. Forbidden Evil
5. March into Fire
6. Feel No Pain
7. As Good as Dead
8. Follow Me

Origin - USA
Genre - Thrash Metal

" This Forbidden album is the landmark of how great metal was in the late 80s. These guys barely missed the boat and would have been much bigger had they appeared a couple of years earlier. I had the pleasure of seeing them many times back in the day.....Holy shit Im fucking old !!! .....They always impressed with their mixture of Bay Area thrash with Russ Andersons unique voice...man that fucker could get up there with those screams "

" Two amazing guitarists Alvelais and Locicero playing was so excellent, even Alvelais was the replacement for Alex Skolnick after his departure from Testament. You can hear excellent riffing from these guys and awesome drumming from Bostaph(slayer). Unlike other thrash drummers, he uses the cymbals incredibly. Excellent riffing, great guitar solos, tempo changes... This debut album is very underrated in my opinion and could have stood up with the Metallicas,Testaments, etc of that era "

One Of My favorite records from the late 80s...........

Thrash Hall Of Fame !.........Get It!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sulphur - Cursed Madness (2007)

1. The Summoning
2. Realms of Darkness
3. Two Thousand Years of Plague
4. The Descent
5. Spilt Blood & Brente Knokler
6. Cursed Madness
7. A Relic for the Damned
8. Great Shadow Rising
9. Master of Storms

Origin - Norway
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" Sulphur is a blackened metal band with a small twist to it as they throw in some unexpected breaks, keyboards, clean guitar sections and start and stop riffs here and there."

" Sulphur sounds very fucken Norwegian.....There’s alot of Zyklon, Immortal and Emperor riffing going on here in the middle of all blasts and typical black metal extravaganza. They aren’t afraid to include quite a few melodies either."

Fans of all mentioned bands in here should definitely lend an ear to this album...

Outburst of Desecration!...........Get It!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Defaced - Karma In Black (2003)

1. Fumes From The Swamp
2. Once In Between
3. 10 vs. 9
4. Exit Body On Mass
5. Beneath My Swirl
6. A Moment of Clarity
7. The Fading Suns
8. Soulsides
9. Forever Winding
10. Karma In Black

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Thrash/Groove Metal

" I'm not going to tell that Sweden's The Defaced is filled with musicians of Darkane and Soilwork. Damn I just did it!! I dont want to compare those bands to this one...because its a different beast all-together "

" After having listened to the first song of "Karma in Black" ("Fumes from the swamp") Un-fucking-believable, these guys have hit on something . Still this is only the beginning, the songs that are about to follow show the immense talent of The Defaced. "Once in between" takes out all of the Darkane and Soilwork influences, it sounds brutal, yet very catchy and easy listening. The immense level of tightness only increases with songs like "10 vs 9" (fucking intense breaks!) and the industrial pieces "Exit body on mass" and "Beneath my swirl". Nevertheless all of these songs are no match for the ultimate devouring "A moment of clarity". Without knowing the fact that these guys are Swedes you'd swear to be listening to a new Machine Head song. Fucking awesome! The remaining songs of "Karma in Black" only make the album more convincing and catchy. "

" There's really nothing negative to say about this album. Most positive aspect is the vocal part of Henrik Sjiowall, especially the clean vocals on songs like "Once in between", "Forever winding" and "Karma in black" show the incredible talent of this guy."

Fans of catchy and groovy metal can blindly purchase this album, fans of Soilwork and Darkane should really give it a try.......

Dont Look Now!...........Get It!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Esqarial - Burned Ground Strategy (2008)

1. Alarm!
2. Mors Tua Vita Mea
3. Experiment Fear
4. Devastated Harmony
5. Children's Crusade
6. They're Coming...
7. Burned Ground Strategy
8. Operation Totentanz
9. Question of Honour
10. The Colour of Your God
11. Cyanide Candies

Origin - Poland
Genre - Technical/Progressive Death Metal

" Brand New 5th album "

" Burned Ground Strategy is the fifth full length for these polish technical masters. To me this record sounds heavier than their last death metal album " Inheritance". You also have dual vocals now...Growls and clean voice, Some acoustic interludes....Of course a massive production and some heavy riffing. "

" This has taken me a few listens to get into...but is getting better everytime.
Not groundbreaking.....but extremely professional and well played "

You Got Nothin Better To Do !..............Get It!

Hollenthon - Opus Magnum (2008)

1. On the Wings of a Dove
2. To Fabled Lands
3. Son of Perdition
4. Ars Moriendi
5. Once We Were Kings
6. Of Splendid Worlds
7. Dying Embers
8. Misterium Babel
9. The Bazaar (The Tea Party Cover)

Origin - Austria
Genre - Symphonic Death Metal

" Seven years after their masterpiece With Vilest of Worms to Dwell, Hollenthon is back with the modestly named Opus Magnum "

" The songs of Hollenthon sound liked blackened mid-paced death metal with a truckload of orchestral music smoothly fitted into it all. On Opus Magnum Hollenthon still uses orchestral instruments, especially in the last track on the album ‘Misterium Babel’. Just as the first two albums, every song on this one sounds like a battle hymn. The songs, which are made bombastic by the use of choirs and horns, sound just as powerful as on the former two albums. This is also the case with the instrument handling and the feeling for well-balanced arrangements. For example in the song ‘Of Splendid Worlds’ virtuoso guitar playing is alternated with piano solos and stirring violin passages "

" The characteristic voice of Martin Schirenc suits this riot music perfectly. His rasping primordial voice would be perfectly fitting for a medieval army commander. All of you that like bombastic metal should buy this disc at your local music shop, and if you still don’t own With Vilest of Worms To Dwell, you can buy that one at once as well, because in my opinion that is still the magnum opus of this band.

Another Quality Dark Metal Album..............

In Search of the Perfect Torture ?..............Get It!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Casketgarden - Incompleteness In Absence (2008)

1. Half-hearted (intro)
2. The Absent
3. The Great Abductor
4. Sulphur Breath Laughter
5. Unwinged
6. Something I'm Not
7. The Incomplete (instrumental)
8. Intersection Of Parallels
9. After Us Fire Floods
10. The Corporate Thorn
11. Another Mourning Comes
12. Bereavement

Origin - Hungary

Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

" Melodic Death/Thrashers Casketgarden strike with a new album..3rd full length"

" If you follow this blog, you will know I dig on these guys.....2nd coming of At The Gates !..... I mean István Cseh- Vocals sounds just like Tompa....who I always thought was an aquired taste ?. But if you like serious thrashing/death riffs with melodic solo's....This is a great band to give your attention to "

" If you listen you will think these hungarians are from Sweden ?...Huh? Anyway...Check this out...and dig on whats going on around the world !

My friends from Hungary.......You have a winner !

...And The Circle Rounds Further!............Get It!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sabbat - Dreamweaver (1989)

1. The Beginning of the End
2. The Clerical Conspiracy
3. Advent of Insanity
4. Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?
5. The Best of Enemies
6. How Have the Mighty Fallen?
8. Mythistory
9. Happy Never After

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Thrash Metal

" Classic Thrash album from a classic era "

" Andy Sneap and company were thrash heroes from the u.k., unique in their musical and lyrical approach and never constrained by stylistic clichés. Furious, multi-layered thrash built around dense, complex song structures and relentless metallic riffing "

This is more than a good listen for nostalgia sake it is a great album that still sounds relevant today !

By Thy Command !............Get It!

Hollenthon - With Vilest of Worms To Dwell (2001)

1. Y Draig Goch
2. Woe to the Defeated
3. Lords of Bedlam
4. To Kingdom Come
5. The Calm Before the Storm
6. Fire Upon the Blade
7. Conquest Demise
8. Conspirator

Origin - Austria
Genre - Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal

" Aaah it's nice to hear something original agin in this time where everything in metal has been done a million times before. Hollenthon is of course the band led by Pungent Stench's frontman Martin Schirenc, and in this band the death metal is much more melodic and slower and filled with choirs, keyboards and other instruments. It reminds maybe of Therion's "Theli" but still a bit more death metal oriented. I think this album is as good as the previous album in terms of originality but that with its better songwriting and production it's one of the best albums of 2001 easily "

Epic Fucking Metal !...........Get It!

Gojira - From Mars To Sirius (2005)

1. Ocean Planet
2. Backbone
3. From The Sky
4. Unicorn
5. Where Dragons Dwell
6. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
7. Flying Whales
8. In The Wilderness
9. World To Come
10. From Mars
11. To Sirius
12. Global Warming
13. Escape (metallica Cover)

Origin - France
Genre - Death/Thrash/Groove Metal

" Some bands are so interesting that it can sometimes be hard to find words to describe them. After ten years in existence, GOJIRA have finally put themselves on the map of international appeal with one crusher of an album "

" I shit you not!.....This album personifies the word heavy !!...Im talking Ball-Crushing power. There are times during this record where in the middle of songs there are breakdowns or bridges..No..not metalcore nonsense..The heaviest of the heavy..where you cant sit still and must stomp around like Godzilla on a rampage through tokyo! "

" Lyrically, Gojira’s songs stand out from the traditional religion-bashing or gore-splattered death metal writing. Several of the songs take an environmentalist stand; one is actually entitled "Global Warming." There’s also a mystical oceanic cosmology alluded to throughout the album, as various lyrics mention great whales and dolphins in the sky. The cover art portrays an immense whale traveling through the universe. Gojira have definitely crafted a unique album with From Mars to Sirius. It’s thick and churning, yet peppered with several catchy riffs and grooves as well as unexpected grinds....In My opinion: I Think they are one of the most unique metal entities today."

If you have never heard this band.......do yourself a favor and check them out!
See them live....they are crushing !

Get On Board!...........Hurry!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bonded by Blood - Feed the Beast (2008)

1. Immortal Life
2. Feed the Beast
3. Psychotic Pulse
4. Necropsy
5. Mind Pollution
6. Another Disease
7. The Evil Within
8. Tormenting Voices
9. Civil Servant
10. Self Immolation
11. Vengeance
12. Theme From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Origin - USA
Genre - Thrash Metal

" California thrash upstarts Bonded By Blood (taking their moniker from the classic 1985 Exodus album of the same name) are one of the many bands benefitting from the (retro) thrash revival that is currently making waves in the international metal scene with bands such as Dekapitator, Evile and Municipal Waste. From the onset its clear that "Feed the Beast" is a high energy genre exercise that does little new. Its infectious enthusiasm and pumping grooves help making this album more than another trip down memory lane. The cuts on this album are quick, catchy and competently written. The band has their chops down but they do little but pay tribute to the legendary bands that truly innovated this particular genre. Bonded By Blood master their instruments well enough and it is not often that a band this young is able to sound this convincing. Bonded By Blood have delivered a fitting, no-frills tribute to their legendary and innovative thrash ancestors, yet they'll have to work into making the genre more their own on their next album. If they are able to write an album that puts their own mark on this genre, they'll be able to carve their own path within a subgenre that is currently being flooded by tribute bands. "Feed the Beast" was produced by Michael Rosen and his production work actually harkens back to the Fleming Rasmussen produced albums Metallica did when they were still relevant in any meaningful way. The comic book styled artwork was designed by Tom Martin of Lich King, which reminds a bit of the earlier work by Ed Repka. The track ‘Immortal Life' also appeared on Earache's 2008 "Thrashing Like a Maniac" compilation. If you can't get enough of the classic thrash sound of old, give this a listen. "

Feed The Beast’ is a good thrash metal album, played like it’s 1986 but recorded as it should be in 2008....

Taste The Destruction !.............Get It!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Noumena - Anatomy of Life (2006)

1. Misanthropolis
2. Burden of Solacement
3. Retrospection
4. The Burning
5. Monument of Pain
6. Triumph and Loss
7. Marionettes
8. Through the Element
9. Fire and Water

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" NOUMENA is another melodic death metal band coming from Finland and in their previous albums have shown a great potential in improving their style. It was about time to step forward and this is done by issuing “Anatomy Of Life”. Bringing memories form Amorphis’ masterpiece “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” and from In Flames’ earliest albums, the band combines atmospheric/melodic death metal with new interesting ideas, using also a continuous exchange of death to female and clear vocals. The guitars are leading the way, almost in every part by playing melodies or by playing inspired riffs, forming nicely arranged compositions. The songwriting is strong making it difficult to choose preferred songs among them. However attempting to do so, “Misanthropolis”, “Burden of Solacement”, “Retrospection”, “Through The Element” and “Fire And Water” should be regarded as the top moments, among great songs "

" This leads to the conclusion that “Anatomy Of Life should be enjoyed as a whole in order to absorb its greatness. As far as the production is concerned, it is of professional quality leaving the guitar as the key player to do the job, whereas all other instruments seem to act in a complementary role, however arranged and played in a tight, strict way. Basically, what is important is the fact that by the first hearing you get the impression that something good is happening here and this is guaranteed soon after the first 2 or 3 hearings "

Recommended for fans of Rapture,insomnium etc !

Overture to an End !.............Get It!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Destruction - Thrash Anthems (2007)

1. Bestial Invasion
2. Profanity
3. Release from Agony
4. Mad Butcher
5. Reject Emotions
6. Death Trap
7. Cracked Brain
8. Life without Sense
9. Total Desaster
10. Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll)
11. Invincible Force
12. Sign of Fear
13. Tormentor
14. Unconscious Ruins
15. Curse the Gods

Origin - Germany
Genre - Thrash Metal

" With Thrash Anthems, their overall 14th release (not counting neo-Destruction, which happened to be the same band minus lead man Schmier), the band drop some lightning fast thrash metal. And if it sounds like they haven’t lost any of their former enthusiasm, then that may just be because Thrash Anthems features a whopping 13 re-recorded (plus two brand new tracks) classics given the updated make up treatment in the form of new found sonic power. Fans of the classics have here plenty to rejoice, ageless metal anthems such as the awesome “Curse the Gods,” “Mad Butcher,” “Bestial Invasion,” and “Tormentor” among many others sounding totally revitalized. Plus, the band sound tighter than ever, the guitar possessing a more modern sound and the double bass drum work utterly relentless "

" From the haunted screams and pounding of bass of front-man Schmier to the ultra sharp riffs of guitarist Mike (just listen to "Cracked Brain" or "Life Without Sense") who also proves that he pulls off virtuosity with the acoustic intro of "Sign Of Fear". The hyper-blasting ferocity of drummer Marc on "Thrash Anthems" will delight every lucky bastard who ends up buying this album. Another cool thing is schmier did not sing "cracked Brain" on the original...so its great to hear his take on it "

A Re-Recorded best of is what this is......Destruction fans..A must Have!
Anyone else...check this shit out !

I Gotta Cracked Brain !...........Get It !

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coercion - Forever Dead (1997)

1. Coughing Blood
2. Blind Witness
3. Cursed With Existence
4. Dead Meat
5. Crawling In Filth
6. Breeding The Enemy
7. Down We Go
8. Human Failure
9. March
10. Forever Dead
11. Scattered
12. Grief (Beyond Belief)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Debut full length from the swedish bulldozers..Coercion "

" Embodying the Swedish death metal sound made famous by bands like Entombed and Dismember, Coercion execute some stylish metal here by mixing faster and slower tempos while injecting more than a few interesting riffs. Combining elements of early Entombed, Fleshcrawl and even some latter-day Gorefest, Coercion are able to avoid the tag of ripping off a sound made popular years ago. Production by Dan Swano at his Unisound Studio accounts for the good sound on this disc "

" 50+ minutes of crushing old-school death metal at its finest!

Carve The Stone!..........Get It!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pleurisy - Dazed & Deranged (2003)

1. My Tyranny
2. Dazed & Deranged
3. The Enemy Within
4. No Tears For Mankind
5. The Haunted Past
6. Darkness Reigns Supreme
7. Bridge Of Fire
8. Terror-tory

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Death Metal

" Dutch death metal's own Pleurisy with their second album.....And If you've heard their latest " Seizure"(on this site) you are bound to dig their heavy grooves and crushing riffs "

" Let's come to their music Pleurisy play mid-tempo and some fast death metal with a big blend of melody.And this is why they are quite unique, there are tons of death metal bands out there who play solid fast and mid-tempo stuff but Pleurisy give that an outstanding touch with hypnotising melodies! Brutal death metal with double-bass attacks and heavy moshing guitar riffs are suddenly alternated by melodic riffing that adds a lot of harmony....deeply growled vocals and bass heavy drums round out the attack "

" Pleurisy bring to the table an atmosphere that most death metal bands can't capture....And I for One...dig this kinda shit-heavy,catchy death metal !

The World Turns Black!............Get It!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Desultory - Into Eternity (1993)

1. Into Eternity
2. Depression
3. Tears
4. The Chill Within
5. Visions
6. Twisted Emotions
7. Forever Gone
8. Passed Away
9. Asleep

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Not long after Entombed and Dismember ignited a Swedish Death Metal explosion with their debut releases...Every other band in sweden tried to copy the same style, Most failed...a few not only succeeded but had their own direction on the new music. One such band is Desultory, who released its debut album on Metal Blade in 1993, Into Eternity "

" Much like nearly every Death Metal band from Sweden at this time, Into Eternity was produced and engineered by Tomas Skogsberg at Studio Sunlight, which is a fact very evident as soon as the music begins. It just has that famous Swedish sound. Within the album opening title track, it's clear to see what this band excels in, as they perform typical Swedish Death Metal with technical musicianship, maintaining the aggressiveness while injecting a strong dose of melody and atmosphere. Judging from the technical aspect of the song structures, Desultory seem to have drawn inspiration from Entombed's second album, Clandestine, rather than Left Hand Path. The vocals of guitarist Klas Morberg are suitably gutteral, yet his pronunciation of the lyrics is very clear, making it a bit easier to understand what he's saying than is usually the case with this style of music. Also unlike the majority of Death metal bands, Desultory's lyrics offer much more in terms of depth and substance, dealing with the mystery of the meaning to existence, emotional turmoil and the state of dreaming instead of the usual themes of blood and guts...(with the exception of "Passed Away", which is the most aggressive song on the album and deals with the process of dying and eventual bodily decay). The lead guitar work of Stefan Poge is impressive, as he colors these songs with some nice solo work. However it is the performance of drummer Thomas Johnson that is the most impressive. This guy is amazing and certainly one of the most underrated drummers in the Metal scene. A very technical player, he spices these songs up with some great fills and never gets caught up playing the same pattern within the same song. It's his performance here that takes this album to a higher level. Highlights for me are the title track, with its atmospheric mid section, "Depression" (featuring guest vocals by Dismember's own Matti Karki), "Tears", "Forever Gone" (which has an intro that I'm willing to bet was very influenced by the intro to Dismember's "Dismembered") and "Asleep" which closes the album and drifts off into a void that brings the image of the astral photograph that is the album's cover to mind "

Into Eternity is certainly one of the most underrated Death Metal albums of all time and if you are a Swedish Death Metal fan, this will most definitely not disappoint !

Death Unfolds Again !.............Get It!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Coroner - No More Color (1989)

1. Die by My Hand
2. No Need to Be Human
3. Read My Scars
4. D.O.A.
5. Mistress of Deception
6. Tunnel of Pain
7. Why it Hurts
8. Last Entertainment

Origin - Switzerland

Genre - Technical Thrash Metal

" Coroner were one of those bands that never got the attention they deserved. They started as a fast, bashing Thrash band with "R.I.P." back in '87, and they kept right on releasing albums even if nobody paid any attention, never changing their style so much as they just kept developing it, ignoring trends and fads, and never losing their integrity. Coroner were technically a Thrash band, but they brought so much creativity and musicality to what was then a glutted and stultified genre that they lifted it above genre work. "No More Color" was their third, and many would say their best album. Released right at the crest of the Thrash wave of the late 80s just as it was about to tumble down into the Death Metal trough, Coroner still stood out from the pack "

Of the first three Coroner albums, No More Color certainly qualifies as a high point. The album featured above average production (as opposed to the sonically thin Punishment for Decadence) as well as a fistful of technically savvy, well written songs. As with any Coroner album, the most prominent aspect is Tommy T. Baron's absolutely devastating guitar ability. The production allows for his guitar to sound like an entire army of sweeping, swirling and overwhelming six stringers on a mission to engulf the listener. Never content to take the easy way out on a riff, Baron simply flies all over his fretboard while avoiding Guitar Tech Boredom that afflicts most proficient guitarists. All his excellent solos and riffology make sense within the songs.Every song here is excellent. The intelligent lyrics show that drummer Marky Marquis has spent some time in front of a good book or two and "Why It Hurts" features fellow countryman Martin Ain (Celtic Frost) throwing in a few words of his own. "Last Entertainment" is another exceptional number, featuring a very Twilight Zone-styled keyboard intro and deep spoken vocals from Ron Royce...Speaking of which he had a very unique voice that fit the music to a tee.. Coroner should have been elevated to a much higher status in the world of thrash in 1989 with this release; unfortunately it seemed most of the attention went elsewhere at the time. However, nearly two decades later this album still stands head and shoulders above most releases of the era. Coroner was challenging without pandering to technical boredom and this album should be in your collection at all costs.......

Read My Scars,Mistress Of Deception are easily two of my favorite thrash songs of all time!......If you never heard Coroner..start with these two tracks....and see what was going on at the end of my era(Golden Thrash Era)

Thrash Hall Of Fame!........Period!


Krisiun - Southern Storm (2008)

1. Slaying Steel
2. Sentenced Morning
3. Twisting Sights
4. Minotaur
5. Combustion Inferno
6. Massacre Under the Sun
7. Bleeding Offers
8. Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)
9. Origin of Terror
10. Contradictions of Decay
11. Sons of Pest
12. Black Wind
13. Whore of the Unlight

Origin - Brazil
Genre - Brutal Death Metal

" Krisiun returns with their 7th full length of bruising Death Metal "

no artwork yet...........

Admissio Ab Caedes!.........Get It!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sepultural Feast: A Tribute To Sepultura (1998)

01. Sacramentum - The Curse/Antichrist
02. Deathwitch - Necromancer
03. Mystifier - Warriors of Death
04. Swordmaster - Warriors of Death
05. Dimension Zero - Troops of Doom
06. Lord Belial - Crucifixion
07. Defleshed - Beneath the Remains
08. Impious - Inner Self
09. Children of Bodom - Mass Hypnosis
10. The Crown - Arise
11. Exhumation - Territory
12. Gooseflesh - Slave New World
13. Slavestate - Roots Bloody Roots
14. Gardenian - Cut Throat
15. Denial - Ratamahatta
Origin - Sweden,Finland,Greece
Genre - Death/Black/Thrash Metal

" Cool compilation of Mostly swedish bands doing Sepultura covers"

" You've got some big names here C.O.B.,Defleshed,The Crown so it makes for a great attack on old classics "

" Best are the Defleshed version of "beneath the remains", Gardenian's brutal version of "Cutthroat" and a crunching cover of "War For Territory" by Exumation "

No Dead Embryonic Cells?.............Ahhh


Those Who Bring the Torture - Tank Gasmask Ammo (2008)

1. Napalm God
2. Mutant Slut
3. All Hail the Goat (Lord of Great Mutation)
4. Tank Gasmask Ammo
5. Celebrating Gamma Bliss
6. Riders on the Mushroomcloud
7. Expecting a Search - Visibly hiding the Flesh
8. When Humans and Axes Collide
9. You should be brutally Slaughtered
10. Upon the Bonethrone
11. Reveler in Rot
12. Ionizing Raptzur Altering Tissue
13. Radiation Blessed

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal/Grindcore

" 2nd full length(already!) from these swedish filthsters"

" Filthy,grimy,death metal is at hand.......and its fucking cool as hell ! Old-school riffing....a little bit of Grave & a little bit o Napalm Death all wrapped in a nice and fuzzy production....toss in some low-growls and you have a very entertaining record "

" Suitably low and rumbly, this is a side of DM that we don't hear quite enough any more. Tank Gasmask Ammo is just good old-fashioned fun....Kinda like the shit in the burning bag trick on your ass-hole neighbors doorstep ! "

This album represents a foul stain of humour in a scene that has lost the ability to take itself unseriously...............

And by the way......All Hail the Goat (Lord of Great Mutation) & Upon the Bonethrone are fucking great titles and bone-crushing at the same time!

Upon The bonethrone!.....Indeed!.........Get It!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cypher - Darkday Carnival (2006)

1. Fortune My Foe
2. Handfull of Darkness
3. Nailed to Redemption
4. Rape the Willing
5. Statues of Flesh
6. Make Thick My Blood
7. Intersection of Constraints
8. Forward Devolution
9. Darkday Carnival I: Feast
10. Darkday Carnival II: Whoring the Land
11. Darkday Carnival III: Maggotnation

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

" In October 2006 Cypher released their debut album "Darkday Carnival", an album that explores the darker side of the human condition, lyrics masked by more than 2000 years of deceit and corruption "

" CYPHER balance between thrash and death in their melodic version that has been copyrighted in Sweden. When they want to sound more thrashy they use all the necessary tools: fast and sharp riffs, constant change of tempos and a hardcore/thrash attitude that brings in mind The Haunted at their best. When they tend to sound more like a death metal band they deliver great slow parts with heavy drumming, immense growling and the sense of four walls closing in trapping you inside. Either way “Darkday Carnival” is a killer. The production of the album is exactly what it should, without exaggerations or unnecessary supplements "

" Just an avalanche of riffs coming down on you and yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds. The vocals never quit their aggressive and growling tone taking you with them in this Carnival of extreme music "

Fans of The Haunted,Carnal Forge,Hatesphere........Try This!

Death/Thrash Commandos!..........Get It!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal (2005)

1. At First Light
2. Entrenched
3. The Killchain
4. Granite Wall
5. Those Once Loyal
6. Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)
7. Last Stand Of Humanity
8. Salvo
9. When Cannons Fade
10. A Symbol of Eight

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Death Metal

" 8th full length from these death metal legends "

" Those Once Loyal is chock full of everything you’d expect; massive grooves, thick, punishing riffage and a reserved sense of brutality that lurches and stomps with the weight and devastation of a 155mm Howitzer shell. Tracks like “The Kill Chain”, the punishing groove of “Granite Wall” and “Anti-Tank (Dead Armor)” lope with tangible, air displacing heaviness. There are also some muted harmonies and, gasp, solos as the title track (very reminiscent of …For Victory’s superb title track), “Last Stand of Humanity”, the massive “Salvo”, and the stunningly somber closure of “When Cannons Fade” (my personal favorite from this album), which show Bolt Thrower is subtly more than just Shock and Awe "

" This album is a gem. To me it is BT’s best effort so far, and everyone that doesn't own them all have no right to call themselves death metal fans in my book.......Newbies!...Give this a spin and see what heavy fucking death metal is all about "

The War Machine Keeps Turning !...........Get It!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Watain - Sworn to the Dark (2007)

1. Legions of the Black Light
2. Satan's Hunger
3. Withershins
4. Storm of the Antichrist
5. The Light That Burns the Sun
6. Sworn to the Dark
7. Underneath the Cenotaph
8. The Serpent's Chalice
9. Darkness and Death
10. Dead but Dreaming
11. Stellarvore

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Black Metal

" WATAIN have been lurking beneath the shadows of the underground for nearly a decade now, and while many overlooked the band’s impressive Casus Luciferi album about four years ago, WATAIN’s latest, Sworn to the Dark, Took them to the top of the Swedish black metal pack. Adamant practitioners of the black metal cult, WATAIN still manages to balance out the darkness by riding a fine line between black and death with large doses of German-influenced thrash serving as the link in the chain of aggression. At just under an hour in length, Sworn to the Dark takes the listener on a twisted, intricate musical journey that combines tense atmosphere, complex arrangements and strong dynamics, which are all held together by a sinister aura of underlying evil. The vocals are harsh and unforgiving; the drumming is punishing and pounding; the riffing taut and malevolent. Yet in spite of this, an emphasis on memorable songwriting is maintained throughout the album’s entirety. “Legions of the Dark Light,” “Storm of the Anti-Christ,” “The Serpent’s Chalice” and closer “Stellarvore” all exhibit these qualities with strong hooks and powerful choruses, creating instant black metal classics. Combining strong production, top-notch musicianship and powerful songwriting, Sworn to the Dark is a trident in to the heart of Christianity "

Dissection fans must hear this !

The Essence of Black Purity!............Get It!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression (2005)

1. Introspect
2. Clarity
3. Thought Adjuster
4. Shatter the Wisdom
5. Monitoring the Mind
6. A Currative Struggle
7. Chamber of Guardians
8. Caricature
9. Axioms
10. The Apex

Origin - Canada
Genre - Technical Melodic Death Metal

"Neuraxis are a veteran death metal band who have put together a fourth album of impressive heaviness and quality. This is also intermingled with melodic sections, while still retaining the brutal atmosphere that hangs over the album.Whilst musically Neuraxis wear their death metal credentials on their collective sleeve, lyrically 'Trilateral Progression' is a strange beast. Not many death metal albums begin with the line "Wisdom is the apex of intellectual performances" and end with "temporal cycles, hidden melody of the stellar regulations "

" The music on this disc, although a few tracks stand out, congruent with the musical themes of the album. All of the songs tie together, in other words. Tight, fast riffing, blasting drums, melodic passages, and vocals which can only be described as a malevolent swarming force combine to make one of the most interesting and unique albums in recent metal. The production is clean, with all instruments (even the bass is somewhat audible as it lends heaviness to the riffing) being presented clearly. The drums are in the forefront, but do not drown anything out. Think Testament’s “The Gathering” and not Cryptopsy’s “Once Was Not” and you’ll have a good idea of the preeminence of the drum sound in the mix. The vocals seem to come at you from all directions at once, and feature guest spots by Jason Netherton of Misery Index, Pat Loisel of Augury, ex-vocalist Maynard Moore, Alex Erian of Despised Icon, and Guillaume Audet of Nefastus Dies "

" Neuraxis are tight, technically adept, and fast yet are able to write infectiously groovy songs which inspire headbanging !.......Cant wait for the new album.........

The album art, done by Mike Riddick, is absolutely stunning!

An Atmospheric Holocaust!..........Get It!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Insomnium - Above the Weeping World (2006)

1. The Gale
2. Mortal Share
3. Drawn to Black
4. Change of Heart
5. At the Gates of Sleep
6. The Killjoy
7. Last Statement
8. Devoid of Caring
9. In the Groves of Death

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" This is Insomnium's third release, and like its predecessors, it is another melodic masterpiece. Insomnium relies on traditional Gothenburg melodic death metal riffs, combined with atmospheric symphonic keyboard sounds. The album is about 53 minutes, with 9 songs, so the songs are quite long. The musicians in this band are fantastic. , Niilo Sevänen is both perfect for bass and vocals. His death vocals are harsh, and mid-ranged, and not an annoying scream. Whilst not as low as Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth), he is much better than a lot of vocalists for melodic death metal bands nowadays. He sometimes chooses to whisper and growl emotionally at times. Ville Vanni and Ville Friman(enter my silence) make for a deadly duo of guitarists "

One of my top ten from 2006 !

The Bitter End!.................Get It!