Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autopsy - The Tomb Within - Ep (2010)

1. The Tomb Within 
2. My Corpse Shall Rise
3. Seven Skulls
4. Human Genocide
5. Mutant Village

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Happy to see the Masters of filthy Stinking Rotten Death Metal back with a new Ep ! "

" This is raw and suitably old sounding....Murky..Doomish....Death Metal with that "Mental Funeral" type feel...And Chris Reifert's raw shouts and barks never sounded better !....Also Dont you think the artwork even has that old appeal? "

" Autopsy has influenced countless numbers of bands....Some good...Alot terrible.....But no one can deny the legendary status of this crew of zombies "

Now a reunion tour !.........Catch them at all costs....There has never been a more important band in Death Metal history.....

Now bring on the Full length !

Murder In The Front Row !
Check It !

Hail of Bullets - On Divine Winds (2010)

1. The Eve Of Battle
2. Operation Z 
3. The Mukden Incident
4. Strategy Of Attrition
5. Full Scale War
6. Guadalcanal
7. On Choral Shores
8. Unsung Heroes
9. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust 
10. Kamikaze
11. To Bear The Unbearable

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Well......Here we have the 2nd full-length from the war mongers Hail Of Bullets....Featuring...Ahh fuck it..You know who's in this band...On to the album ! "

" Last time the album was placed in the war at the eastern front in germany....This time the war in the pacific..And the threat of the Japanese empire expanding..only to be crushed in the end.
Now a band with this pedigree and the production by Mr. Dan Swano has to be great right?...Oh hell yes !!.....You just cannot teach this sort of power and unstoppable force that is H.O.B. "

" If Blood & Guts Death Metal played by top musicians and raw vocals is your thing....Just buy this when it comes out....Period. For one thing...You cannot get a more crushing and crisp production than that of 'On Divine Winds" absolutely devastating. Goddamn catchy riff after riff and the notorious vocals of one Martin Van Drunen. One thing missing from most of the new Death Metal releases is a groove or memorable riff....Here you have plenty...Take the fantastic 'The Mukden Incident' or 'On Choral Shores' with its doomy atmosphere "

" I remembered more about this record after one spin than I have about the last 50 Lps combined !.......The best album I have heard this year !

If you miss Bolt Thrower's type of pounding Death Metal......Hail Of Bullets is here to take the war to you !......Believe it !

Raw !.......Barbaric !.......Essential !
Now Get It!