Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calm Hatchery - Sacrilege of Humanity (2010)

1. Rattlesnake's Dream
2. Sea of Truth
3. Messerschmitt
4. We Are the Universe
5. Mirror Giants
6. Hymn of the Forgotten
7. Them
8. Lost in the Sands
9. Those Who Were 
10. Shine for the Chosen One
11. The Blood of Stalingrad

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" 4 years after their debut...The very underrated "El Alamein" comes Calm Hatchery's sophomore release..... Another Killer album !  "

" These Butcher's from (Slupsk/Wejherowo/Bytów) don't profess to be old school or new school or deathcore or any other fucken thing....Just Death Metal played in a melodic,Technical,Crushing fashion bringing to mind Decapitation,Morbid Angel but doing it in a fresh and exciting way. This record exudes sinister riffs and awesome technical solo's done with great thought and no filler....These guys know how to write songs !.....From the opening of 'Sea Of Truth' C.H. display bruising but catchy riffs and deep vocals that fit in perfectly. I always think that the difference between good and great records is in the little nuances..And this LP has them in spades...From the backing vocal shouts to the Middle Eastern influenced solo's to the short but to the point tracks "

" Sitting in my office this morning and here comes 'Lost In The Sands' cranking from my speakers(And drowning out the fucken phones !) with its head banging crushing riffs and classical inspired solo..Simply Awesome !.....Now I was a huge fan of this band when they formed and really dug their debut...But these five have turned it up a few notches with this release and I for one think it is one of the best of 2010 "

" Maybe I just needed some Polish Death Metal to get me going?.....As there has been a slight lapse lately...But this really hits the spot and makes me a bigger fan of the Death Metal - Polish Style....If you dig Jackhammer drums,Sepentine Lead guitars,Sinister Riffing and Deathly vocals this will put a dent in your head today....I mean- Watch out for the corner of the desk !....Those bastards are sharp "

Overall, balance is the key to “Sacrilege of Humanity.” By creating a fine blend of technical, brutal, and darkly melodic elements, Calm Hatchery finds the perfect middle ground between older and new styles of Death Metal. “Sacrilege of Humanity” is about as good as death metal comes nowadays. Or even twenty years ago, for that matter.......Word !

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers' Guide (2010)

1. Lustful Sodomy in the Houser of God
2. Dead Lovers' Guide
3. Blissful Desecration
4. They Shall Feast
5. ...And Here I Die Forsaken
6. A Life Once Aborted
7. Demise of the Human Swine
8. All That Rots and Withers
9. Override of the Overture (Dismember Cover)

Origin - Czech Republic
Style - Death Metal

" What in the hell is going on in the Czech Republic ?......First Morbider....Now this pack of destroyers called Brutally Deceased and their debut record 'Dead Lovers' Guide' "

" All the Swedish Death Metal worship may be weighing on alot of folks out there...Including me...However when the music is done with such ferocity and power,One cannot help but sit and take notice. This is straight Dismember worship of the highest order....Done to a tee...Except the vocals are a bit lower in range and there are more blasts than in the golden age "

" This record took me my surprise at the sheer crushingness and powerful production....Of course its as if I have heard these tracks before....The Riffs.....Crushing interludes and all !
'Demise of the Human Swine' being my favorite song off a 33 minute short but to the point Lp.
You simply cannot deny that these boys have done their homework and have created a un-original but great listen "

Fans of Swedish Death Metal.....Dismember,Entombed ....All the early stuff should dig this !

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Hooded Menace / Coffins - 7" Vinyl Split (2010)

1. Hooded Menace - The Haunted Ossuary

2. Coffins - In Bloody Sewage

Origin - Finland,Japan
Style - Death Metal/Doom Metal

" How can you go wrong ?.....When you put 2 devastating bands on one 7" vinyl....Get some creepy fucken  artwork and release it in limited colored vinyl....Well?.....You cant go wrong !...And Doomentia records put this seething bastard of a single out and it is heavy as a mother fucker "

" First up is (Joensuu) Finlands own Hooded Menace...Easily one of my personal favorites over the last 3 years or so. Lasse Pyykkö has a penchant for writing sludgy creepy riffs that are very catchy and always memorable and "The Haunted Ossuary" is no different. With its heavy riff and quality solo's and crushing vocals.....These guys can do no wrong in my book ! .....Awesome!! "

" Coffins is on side B and here we have more of their suffocating brand of Death/Doom Metal...Alot less polished than H.M. but quite effective all the same....Coffins always sounds like they recorded their tracks with the amps and levels on 10 all the way across. This shit is punishing all the time...No let ups..No mellow parts....Maybe more of an aquired taste....But none the less absurdly heavy ! "

For the cost of a dinner out at Burger Queen...You can own a limited piece (100 splatter vinyl,400 regular) of Death Metal Goodness....Go get it !

Never Cross The Dead !.......Unless You Are The Dead !

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crypticus - The Rites Of Infestation - Ep (2010)

1. Ceremonial Surgery
2. The Hungerer
3. Baron of the Dark
4. Enter the Realm of Death (Runemagick Cover)

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Well I received an e-mail from Patrick Bruss (Crypticus,Tombstones,Ribspreader) about a new digital Ep he had put together and being a fan of the blog(hopefully) He asked me to give it a spin and spread it around the net....First of all: My apologies to Patrick (Sorry it took so long brother)..Secondly: Goddamn right I gave it a whirl and here are my thoughts "

" If you are into the sinister leanings of horror inspired Death Metal in any way...This man knows what he is doing. If you dig Hooded Menace and such acts....You cannot go wrong here !....4 tracks of well produced Old sounding (stylistically) Death Metal in the true Scandinavian tradition. What hits me right away is the cavernous vokills....This shit is scary and sounds like the creature is rising up to grab you by the leg and skullfuck you to death...."

" You get One track from the upcoming album "The Nexus Of Death", (due 2011) one
reinvented demo track, one exclusive new track, & a cover of the RUNEMAGICK
classic "Enter The Realm Of Death"....Ans some killer artwork I might add (Can I get a full size litho for the mancave please ). And dont forget the drumnmer Brynjar Helgetun (Paganizer,Ribspreader,The Grotesquery) and you have a nice 'Free" Ep available for download off of Crypticus web site or myspace "

You have to say Hailz to Patrick and other artists out there making the music we love and giving it away for free...Maximum Respect sir !....But support these projects when you get the chance (Cds,Tshirts) and Im sure everyone will be happy....Nuff said

Crypticus (Website) Razorback records

Crypticus (Myspacey)

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Underworld Compilation #2 - Best Of Swedish Death Metal 7" Eps

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal


1. Crypt Of Kerberos - The Ancient War ( from 'Cyclone of Insanity' 7")
2. Nihilist - When Life Has Ceased ( from 'Drowned' 7")
3. Nirvana 2002 - The Awakening Of... ( From 4way split 7")
4. Traumatic - The Morbid Act of Rape Incision (from 'The Morbid Act of Rape Incision' 7")
5. Crematory - Chunks Of Flesh (from 'Denial' 7")
6. Cauterizer - Chained To Reality (from 'Then The Snow Fell....'Cassette Ep)
7. Sorcery - Rivers Of The Dead (from 'Rivers of the Dead' 7")
8. Abhoth - The Tide (from 'The Tide' 7")
9. House Of Usher - Revengeance (from 'On The Very Verge' 7")
10. Expulsion - With Aged Hands (from 'A Bitter Twist Of Fate' 7")
11. Centinex - Eternal Lies (from 'Transcend the Dark Chaos' Cassette Ep)
12. Chronic Decay - Ecstasy In Pain (from 'Ecstasy in Pain' 7")
13. Toxaemia - Another Life,Another Death (from 'Beyond The Realm') This EP was released on the Seraphic Decay compilation CD
14. Wombbath - Several Shapes (from 'Several Shapes' 7")
15. Afflicted - Viewing The Obscene (from 'Ingrained' 7")


1. Utumno - Saviour Reborn (from 'The Light Of Day' 7")
2. Unleashed - The Dark One (from 'And The Laughter Has Died...'7")
3. Absurd - Drained Of Body Chemicals (from 'Drained of Body Chemicals' 7")
4. Grave - Tremendous Pain (from 'Tremendous Pain' 7")
5. Goddefied - Inhumation Of Shreds (from 'Abysmal Grief' 7")
6. Macabre End - Spawn Of Flesh (from 'Consumed By Darkness' 7")
7. Carbonized - No Canonization (from 'No Canonization' 7")
8. Dismember - Skin Her Alive (from '7" Picture Disc')
9. Therion - Asphyxiate With Fear (from 'Time Shall Tell' 7" )
10. Morpheus - The Third Reich 3797 A.C. (from 'In The Arms Of...' 7")
11. Grotesque - Blood Runs From The Altar (from 'Incantation 7")
12. Merciless - Branded By Sunlight (from 'Merciless/Comecon split 7")
13. Belsebub - Chemical Warfare (from 'Elohim' 7" )
14. Dawn Of Decay - Into The Realm Of Dreams (from 'Into the Realm of Dreams' 7" )
15. Pan.Thy.Monium. - III (from 'Dream II' 7")

Ok People....Finally got this done..Took me 3 fucking days to put this together.....But I think you will agree it was worth it ! 
I basically put all my favorite tracks from my favorite 7" from the day and a couple cassettes into what was supposed to be one Cd....Got so many tracks I had to make two Cds....Sure you wont mind.....Anyways....Tons of rare and awesome stuff here....Not going to go into each track..Just know these bands:Well known and some unknown ALL KICK ASS !

If someone wants to create some artwork for this...Send it to me via email and I will post it...Be Creative

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