Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dark Fortress - Stab Wounds (2004)

1. Iconoclasm Omega
2. Self Mutilation
3. Stab Wounds
4. When 1000 Crypts Awake
5. Despise the "Living"
6. A Midnight Poem
7. Rest in Oblivion
8. Vanitas... No Horizons
9. Like a Somnambulist in Daylight's Fire
10. Sleep!
11. Endtime (Katatonia cover)

Origin - Germany
Genre - Melodic Black Metal

"This is chaotic, evil, and thoroughly insane black metal at its finest"

"Garnished with psycho-riffs a la Emperor,absolutely
ingenious guitar work per-Dissection"

"All that and a terrific cover of a classic Katatonia track"

"Powerfully produced and well written Black Metal"

Paint your Face..........Then.....Get It!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Memfis - The Wind-Up (2006)

1. Breathless
2. The Wind-Up
3. Forever Discounted
4. Eternal Failure
5. The Judgement
6. Cover It Up
7. Dead Ends
8. The Game
9. Stop those Waves
10. Save the Day
11. Breed the Disorder

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Progressive Metal

"In defining all the genres of metal nowadays...sometimes
I get tired of it and just listen to what the fuck I like! Who
Cares what you call it"

"Anyway...Memfis play a hybrid of Opethian Heaviness
with frantic time changes and progressive time signatures
but they also bear an icy Swedish metallic sheen and a sense of emotional build-and-climax that reminds me most of their countrymen Burst. "

If you dig anyone of Opeth,Burst,Mastodon,Dillinger Escape Plan.....Do yourself a favor and check this out!

Forward Thinking People.........Get It!

Rotten Sound - Cycles (2008)

1. The Effects
2. Prai$€ the £ord
3. Blind
4. Units
5. Corponation
6. Colonies
7. Poor
8. Days to Kill
9. Deceit
10. Caste System
11. Alternews
12. Simplicity
13. Enigma
14. Decimate
15. Victims
16. Sold Out
17. Feet First
18. Trust

Origin - Finland
Genre - Grindcore/Death Metal

"34 minutes of explosive,pulverizing grind,death"

"There are touches of classic Swedish death metal in such
songs as "Colonies" ala Dismember,Grave,Entombed"

"This is how a grind album should sound IMO: thick, agressive and powerful in every department."

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lost Soul - Chaostream (2005)

1. Word Of Sin
2. Godstate
3. Death Crowns All
4. Shameful Race
5. The Hidden Law
6. Mortal Cage
7. Christian Meat
8. Angel's Cry
9. The Birth Of Babalon

Origin - Poland
Genre - Death Metal

"Polish Death metal...Downtuned and tecknikill; just the way it should be!"

" Incorporating quickly-strummed parts which death/black crossover acts like Zyklon have become known for. The solo work is incredibly skillful, Drumming?...Otherworldly!"

"Fan's of Behemoth,Zyklon,Trauma,.....Must Have

No.7 is just sickeningly heavy!.........Get It!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mental Amputation - Utter Subordination (2007)

1. Slavish Obedience (Intro)
2. Biophobia
3. Scars Remain
4. Plaguebringer
5. Sterile Entity
6. Parasites Paradise
7. Paved With Guts
8. My Utopia
9. Exit ...To End (instrumental)
10. Messiah Of Nescience

Origin - Germany

Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"Absolutely Crushing Death/Thrash !!!"

"These guys are unsigned? again I cant figure out record companies who are releasing shit...when they could have a young band like this!"

Trust Me!.......Get This Now! Go to their site and buy!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Onslaught - Killing Peace (2007)

1. Burn
2. Killing Peace
3. Destroyer of Worlds
4. Pain
5. A Prayer for the Dead
6. Tested to Destruction
7. Twisted Jesus
8. Planting Seeds of Hate
9. Shock & Awe

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Thrash Metal

"I typically feel a bit uncertain about a band's decision to reunite after a long period of suspended activity......"
"But....Onslaught return with a serious barn-burner here"

"Modern sounding(production)+Retro Thrash riffs from their past make this comeback a success!"

If you dig the new Exodus etc.....This is right up your alley!

Old Code Lives!.......Get It!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Afflicted - Prodigal Sun (1992)

1. Prodigal Sun
2. Harbouring The Soul
3. In Years To Come
4. Tidings From The Blue Sphere
5. The Empty Word
6. Astray
7. Rising To The Sun
8. Spirit Spectrum
9. The Doomwatcher's Prediction
10. Consumed In Flames
11. Ivory Tower

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Technical Death Metal

Ripped @ 320 kbps from my personal collection

"This album has a few things going for it right off the bat, namely (a) they're Swedish, (b) they're a death metal band, and (c) they're from the early 90's."

"Prodigal Sun is a very thrash-influenced death metal album, fast paced and with harsh vocals.There's enough experimentation (i.e. instrumental passages, ethnic sounds) to keep things interesting"

"I think the closest points of comparison are fellow Swedes Ceremonial Oath and (Tales From A Thousand Lakes)-era Amorphis. "

By Request

Theory in Practice - Colonizing The Sun (2002)

1. Colonizing the Sun
2. Conspiracy in Cloning
3. The Psychomantum Litany
4. Shapeshifter
5. Ashen Apocrypha
6. The Clockwork That Counts Aeons
7. Illuminati
8. Replica Dawn
9. This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Technical Death Metal

"Hey......Guitar Freaks...ever heard Peter Lake?
"This guy is insane and his solo's are breathtaking!"

"Technical death metal at the core,there are more time
changes on this album that most bands would have in a career"
"But, T.I.P can write songs!...so its not all wankery"
"This album takes time to get into....but you will be rewarded in the end"

Whatever!.........Get It!

Officium Triste - Reason (2004)

1. In Pouring Rain
2. The Silent Witness
3. This Inner Twist
4. The Sun Doesn't Shine Anymore
5. A Flower In Decay

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Death/ Doom Metal

"One of my favorite death/doom releases in the last few years"
"Reason...is Slow,melancholic,intense,High class Stuff!"
"Literally.....sadness rains down in every song on this record"

Fan's of My Dying Bride to Swallow The Sun would dig this!

Dooooom And Gloooom!.......Get It!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yyrkoon - Unhealthy Opera (2006)

1. Something Breathes
2. Unhealthy Opera
3. From the Depths
4. Avatar Ceremony
5. Temple of Infinity
6. Abnormal Intrusion
7. Screaming Shores
8. The Book
9. Horror From the Sea
10. Lair...
11. ...of Madness
12. Injecting Dementia
13. Signs (bonus track)

Origin - France
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"Latest from the french Squadron..ala (heartwork) era

"These guys are criminally underrated....But Dominate!"

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal (2007)

1. Evil Unleashed
2. Let Blood Rain
3. Rampage Of Revenge
4. Infernal Final Carnage
5. Devoured By Flames
6. Torn Apart
7. Godbeater
8. Killing Spree

Origin - Norway
Genre - Thrash Metal

"Blood Tsunami are just what their name says... a tsunami of Thrash Metal ready to sweep its listener away in a hurricane of violence, guitar insanity, and a pure heart of Thrash"

"This is a very modern thrash metal sound, insanely influenced by Göthenburg death metal."

You Might Be Surprised!........Get It!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ribspreader - Bolted To The Cross (2004)

1. Dead Forever
2. Beneath the Cenotaph
3. Heavenless
4. Hollow Beliefs
5. As You Bleed
6. Sole Sufferer
7. The Unblessed
8. Morbidly Awoken

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" I can't say much else than Ribspreader is fucking sick, evil-sounding, disgusting, brutal, totally fucking great melodic death metal in the vein of the early '90s Swedish style (Carnage, early Entombed, Dismember, et cetera). "

This is the real deal!........Get It!

Sadistic Intent - Ancient Black Earth (1997)mcd

1. Untimely End
2. Ancient Black Earth
3. Funerals Obscure

Origin - USA
Genre - Death Metal

"Sadistic Intent offer us a mixture of old POSSESSED (atmosphere and passion) and MORBID ANGEL with their "Altars Of Madness"-times (in case of the songwriting)"

"The production is crushing and the performance is great"
"Old-School Death Metal At its finest!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Contradiction - The Warchitect (2006)

1. Your God
2. The Warchitect
3. The End of all things to come
4. Thunderstorm
5. Shadowsoul
6. Tunes of War
7. The Heritage
8. Thrash Metal
9. Peacemaker
10. Godsend
11. What am I
12. Rock n Roll

Origin - Germany
Genre - Thrash Metal

"CONTRADICTION is a relatively unheard of band playing relatively melodic Thrash Metal a la KREATOR and all I have to say is that it crushes everything in its path"

"It’s got wickedly catchy riffs, hateful vocals and an intensity that can make even the holy(est) of nuns throw up those horns and head-bang."

Fuck your pep pills and your caffeine......Get This!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Esqarial - Inheritance (2002)

1. Inheritance
2. Everlasting Wanderers
3. Broken Link
4. Flying over the Treetops
5. A Pure Formality
6. Catching the Falling Knife
7. The Source of Constraint
8. The Day When the Sun Went Out
9. Two Minutes to Full Moon
10. Killing for Killing Time
11. Fire (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Origin - Poland
Genre - Technical/Progressive Death Metal

"If you could imagine STEVE VAI playing Death Metal,
mixed with the technical riffing of latter day Death,
You will have an idea of what these guys sound like"

"If you are a drum aficionado, guitar lunatic, Proghead, Metalhead or whatever, you Must hear this!"

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

October Tide - Grey Dawn (1999)

1. Grey Dawn
2. October Insight
3. Sweetness Dies
4. Heart of the Dead
5. Floating
6. Lost in the Dark (And Then Gone)
7. Into Deep Sleep
8. Dear Sun

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Doom / Death Metal

"2nd and last album by October Tide saw Jonas Renske(katatonia)give up the vocal duties to Mårten Hansen(A Canorous Quintet)"

"Although the vocals changed...The riffs were still supreme
Doom/Death...Very melodic and Catchy"

"Doom Metal approach mixed with more complex melodies still empowered by that unique lead guitar sadness"

Cult Classic........Get It!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ordeal - Atrocities (2006)

1. Prelude To Madness
2. Rise From Ashes
3. Anxiety
4. Duel (Ares' Delight)
5. Craving For Glory
6. Gemini
7. Desolation
8. Reversal
9. Malicious Intent
10. Atrocities
11. Lament
12. Diabolic Ailings
13. Untitled

Origin - Belgium

Genre - Death Metal

" Ordeal Deliver a stout mix of classic early Floridian death metal (Death/ Obituary/Monstrosity) with a hint of Euro-girth and chunk (Benediction/Bolt Thrower/Asphyx/Pestilence/early Gorefest)"

"Very underrated release"

Go Ahead!........Get It!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Severe Torture - Sworn Vengeance (2007)Bonus tracks

11. It's The Limit (CRO-MAGS cover)
12. Eyemaster (ENTOMBED cover)

"For those that have this record already.....These are the
bonus tracks off the limited release"

"A cool Cro-Mags cover,And a Devastating cover from the
(Wolverine Blues)Lp from the mighty Entombed!"

Got A Minute?.....Get It!

Crematory - Denial (1992) ep

1. Into Celephais
2. Chunks Of Flesh
3. Denial
4. Unconsecrated Ground

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Containing members of Necrophobic,General Surgery,
Regurgitate etc"

"One of the original Death metal bands,This is how metal
should be played...Lots of riffs,Deep gruff voice,pounding
drums,cool solos "

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Duskfall - The Dying Wonders of the World (2007)

1. Paradises into Deserts
2. The Wheel and the Blacklight
3. Deep in Your World
4. Some More Sin on My Burden
5. Shadows and Cancer
6. Bring Us Your Infected
7. The Option and The Poison
8. Sealed with a Fist
9. I've Only Got Knives for You

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"New album from ex- Gates Of Ishtar members"
"For Fans Of At The Gates,Hatesphere etc......Great stuff!"

Hurry It Up!......Get It!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Evile - Enter the Grave (2007)

1. Enter the Grave
2. Thrasher
3. First Blood
4. Man Against Machine
5. Burned Alive
6. Killer from the Deep
7. We Who Are About to Die
8. Schizophrenia
9. Bathe in Blood
10. Armoured Assault

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Thrash Metal

"Look the Fuck out!......Thrash Is Back!"

"This little known young thrash outfit from Britain have delivered something that puts the rather uninspired retro
Thrash movement to shame"

"This is full throttle, bone crushing, no holds barred 80s thrash, Ripping solos,Araya like vocals,Killer Riffs !"

Nuff Said !...................Get It!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nirvana 2002 - Disembodied Spirits (1990) Demo

1. Slumber
2. Zombiefication
3. The Awakening Of...

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Almost universally recognised as one of the finest death metal bands never to produce an album. "

"This demo is a cross between the first Entombed and Dismember albums,The rampant, deranged approach of the latter collides with the grooving mid-paced riff-combinations of the former."

Do yourself a favor...Check out this piece of history and see why Swedish Death Metal will always be King!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vidres a la Sang - Endins (2006)

1. Amb Tota Rancúnia (With All Resentment)
2. Els Límits de la Creació (The Limits Of Creation)
3. Identitat (Identity)
4. Negre Destí, Roja Venjança (Red Destiny,Black Vengeance)
5. Torna al teu Clos (Back To Your Shell)
6. Tots els Paisatges són Iguals (All Landscapes Are The Same)

Origin - Spain
Genre - Black/Death Metal

"Literally meaning “Crystals in the Blood”,I had not heard this"

"Extremely impressive mix of progressive death metal and melodic black metal, perfectly mixed and balanced between sweeping blastbeats and off kilter, textural death metal complexity."

"Think latter era Death or Pestilence meets Naglfar"

Highly Recommended!........Get It!

Demise - Torture Garden (2005)

1. Torture Garden
2. Oath Of Chaos
3. Revelation
4. Termination Of Souls
5. Unjust
6. Ravaged
7. Evil Deeds
8. Grieve No Longer
9. Abandoned
10. Remains Of Yesterday
11. Deadly Embrace
12. Ecstacy And Rapture
13. Never Ending Pain

Origin - Poland
Genre - Death Metal

"Playing a brand of melodic death...Demise rolled out a few
albums, this being their last and best record"

"Mastered and produced by James Murphy of (Death,Testament)"

"Another of the overlooked bands from Poland.....

Go Ahead.........Get It!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Machete - Untrue (2007)

1. Human Being Human
2. Warmonger
3. Shatters
4. Blow By Blow
5. No Solace
6. Ready for Blood
7. Back for More
8. Ignorance
9. Craving
10. Life Sold
11. Lie Agreed Upon

Origin - Finland
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"Although a Thrash Metal band by heart The Machete does not shy away from influences of different musical origins."

"Their second album “Untrue” delivers eleven songs of aggression, diversity and quality."

For fans of The Haunted (newer stuff)

Ahhhh.......Just Get It!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Luciferion - The Apostate (2003)

1. Intro
2. The Apostate (I: Under the Eyes of Serpents, II: Transcendental Fusion, III: Gods Bring you Away from Yourself, IV: A Strain from Depths, V: The Force Dwells Within, VI: And all the Waste Will Fade)
3. Become or Be Gone
4. Destroying by Will
5. New World to See
6. Circle of the Tyrants [Celtic Frost cover]
7. Rebel Souls
8. Hymns of Immortals
9. Satans Gift (The Crown of Thorns)
10. Graced by Fire
11. The Voyager

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

"Combines the atmosphere of blackened death, the aggression and unrelenting fury of brutal death, the compositional skill and skillful performance of technical death ,all with a good sense of melody"

Go Ahead...............Get It!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dawn of Tears - Descent (2007)

1. Blaspheme Natured Messiah
2. The Pit and the Pendulum
3. Lost Verses
4. Poisoned Minds, Shattered Hearts
5. Echoes of Eternal Life
6. Invisible Worlds of Madmen
7. Bleeding Away
8. Uncertain Life
9. Blood on Verona

Origin - Spain
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"THE melodic death metal album of the year!"
"This Unsigned?..band delivers awe-inspiring melodies "
"Jaw dropping solos,Every possible vocal style,and great songs"

"You would think these guys are from Sweden or Finland"

"This is an ABSOLUTE MUST ! These Spaniards will be HUGE !

Hurry...Get Aboard!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Defleshed - Fast Forward (1999)

1. The Return of the Flesh
2. The Heat From Another Sun
3. Fast Forward
4. The Iron and the Maiden
5. Proud to Be Dead
6. Snowballing Blood
7. Wilder Than Fire
8. Feeding Fatal Fairies
9. Lightning Strikes Thrice
10. Domination of the Sub-Queen
11. Speeding the Ways

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Thrash/Death Metal

"Simply Face-Ripping Death/Thrash Metal!"

"You'll find no progressive nonsense here...just straight forward
Riff after Riff....30 minutes no-let up !"Raw..Heavy...Thrash"

Be Careful When Driving!........Get It!

Cardinal Sin - Spiteful Intents (1996)

1. Spiteful Intent
2. Probe With A Quest
3. The Cardinal Sin
4. Language Of Sorrow

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Black Metal

"This E.P. features ex-Dissection,Marduk,Dimension Zero Members keeping the flame alive that was "The Somberlain"
From the mighty Dissection"

"Musically its very much in the vain of said album"

"Rare cd on Wrong Again Records"

Classic Swedish !..........Get It!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Terror - Demo '94 (1994)

1. Radiation
2. Destruction
3. Terror

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Grind Metal

"The band only existed for a few weeks in the spring of 1994, recorded a three song demo and called it a day"

"But it is stuff that legends are made of !"

At a mere 5:16......I wonder how incredible a full Lp
would have been?

Vocals - Jon Nödtveidt (Dissection)
Guitars - Anders Björler (At The Gates,The Haunted)
Bass - Jonas Björler (The Haunted,At The Gates)
Drums - Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates,The Haunted)

This Is No History Lesson......Get It!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Slumber - Fallout (2004)

1. Rapture
2. Conflict
3. Where Nothing Was Left
4. Fallout
5. Distress
6. Dreamscape
7. A Wanderer's Star

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Doom Metal

"This album is something special!....Swirling melodies and a
ton of emotion in every song"

"Fan's of Rapture,Swallow The Sun,old Katatonia this is a must!"

Nothing Left!........Get It!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Deadborn - Stigma Eternal (2007)

1. Pain Is God
2. Coma Timecode
3. Malformed Magnificence
4. Progressive Paralyze
5. Negative Reinforcement
6. Back To The Blackness
7. Stigma Eternal
8. The Crack Of Doom

Origin - Germany
Genre - Technical Death Metal

"A brutal assault of precise, technical death metal with a melodic edge is supplied to Us on this debut from Ex- Necrophagist

"These guys get it done!In a most convincing fashion"

Serious Shit Here!.......Get It!

Carnal Forge - Testify for My Victims (2007)

1. Testify for My Victims
2. Burning Eden
3. Numb (The Dead)
4. Godsend God's End
5. End Game
6. Questions Pertaining the Ownership of My Mind
7. Freedom by Mutilation
8. Subhuman
9. No Longer Bleeding
10. Biological Waste Matter
11. Lost Legion
12. Ante Mori

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

"With the addition of vocalist Jens Mortensen,Carnal Forge are
a serious force to be reckoned with"

"This record manages to sound fresh and new, thanks in part to the mind-blowingly technical dual-guitar attack of the Kuusisto brothers."

Most Assuredly In My end of year Top 10 for 2007!

Quite A Surprise!.......Get It!

Dew-Scented - Impact (2003)

1. Acts of Rage
2. New Found Pain
3. Destination Hell
4. Soul Poison
5. Cities of the Dead
6. Down My Neck
7. One By One
8. Agony Designed
9. Slaughtervain
10. Flesh Reborn
11. 18 Hours

Origin - Germany
Genre - Thrash/Death Metal

"One word: aggressive !...These guys never let up for the entire

"Dew Scented take elements of Slayer, death metal, classic German thrash,and At The Gates style Swedish metal to create their own modern sound."

Get It!......Then.....Crank It!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Corpus Mortale - A New Species of Deviant (2007)

1. An Embrace to Wake the Dead
2. Dehumanized
3. Postmortem Rape
4. Scorched
5. Cold Earth
6. Erosion of the Flesh
7. Devoid in Compassion
8. Sustained Depressed Fractures
9. Descent into the Maelstrom
10. Shallow Graves

Origin - Denmark
Genre - Brutal Death Metal

"What we have here is a solid,mid-paced death metal juggernaut"
"A little flare for the old-school I detect....Crushing indeed! "

"For fans of Dismember,and any well written Death Metal"

Get Over It!........Get It!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis (2006)

1. A Poem About an Old Prison Man
2. Day 69
3. Revelation of Existence (The Trip)
4. Post(?) Organic
5. Visual Delusion
6. Flash-B(l)ack
7. Invisible Control

Origin - Poland
Genre - Technical Death Metal

"On October 29th 2007, whilst travelling to a show in Gomel, Belarus, the band were involved in an automobile accident. Their tour bus collided with a truck carrying wood, injuring Vitek and Covan seriously. They were put in intensive care at a local hospital in Novozybkov, Russia. The bus was said to be 'beyond repair' following the crash, an indication of the seriousness of the collision. On November 1, 2007, the family of Covan released a statement that said that Covan's condition was improving, but Vitek's condition was not. The following day, the Polish Internet Portal website Onet.pl released a statement that said Vitek underwent trepanation to try and relieve some of the pressure exerted on his brain. On November 2, 2007, Witold ``Vitek`` Kieltyka was declared dead due to injuries sustained from the bus accident"

" R.I.P....Witold Kieltyka (24th January 1984, Krosno - died 2nd November 2007, Moscow, Russia)"

"I decided to put this record up as a tribute to Vitek"
"For the drumming is truly something to behold!"
"And his last studio recording"

"Our Hearts and thoughts go out to Viteks and Covans Families"

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Impaled - The Last Gasp (2007)

1. G.O.R.E.
2. Sickness Is Health
3. The Visible Man
4. You are The Dead
5. All Gut, No Glory
6. Up The Dose
7. Torture of Duty
8. Masters of Ordure
9. Right To Die
10. Dawn of The Dread
11. The Last Gasp

Origin - USA
Genre - Death Metal

"Here Comes the gore masters ! Newest slab of Bloody Metal!"

"This Fucking Kills!"

Gore Ahead!.....Get It!