Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slow Death Factory - From the Gutter to Your Ears (2008)

1. Small Men
2. Too Weird to Live, too Rare to Die
3. Enthusiasms Sneaking Decay
4. Desperate Attentionwhore
5. In Shambles
6. Underdog in Losertown
7. All Form, No Content
8. Behavioural Abnormalities
9. The Lowest Low
10. The Consolation Price

Origin - Denmark
Genre - Thrash/Death/Groove Metal

" Slow Death Factory is a five-piece metal act with roots in the Danish metal scene...Ex- Illdisposed,Panzerchrist, members make up this killing machine ! "

" The basic trademark is a thick, aggressive, blitzkrieg-of-the-senses, riff-based sound....fucking crushing ! absolutely !.....due to the massive riffs and the devastating production from Tue Madsen.......Think a more huge Pantera..."

" This shit is Heavy,Thick,Obnoxious,Catchy ! Ball Crushing !
Listen to "The Consolation Price","Small Men",Enthusiasms Sneaking Decay and break your fucking necks !

All Hail the Evil Riff !....................Get It!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apathy - A Silent Nowhere (2008)

1. The Mist And The Ocean
2. Bitter Roots
3. To End The Misery
4. Come Sweet Death
5. Into The Pale
6. The Man Who Swallowed The Sun
7. One With The Shadows
8. Slumber
9. Constance Willow

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Progressive/Doom Metal

" I first heard a sample of this one man project (and session musicians) in 2006 and quickly ordered the demo....."Cold Endless Winter" arrived and led me to believe this project could be something special......Now skip ahead 2 years and we have their debut full length"

" Musically this is not a far cry from Opeth,Early Katatonia....mixed with some of the newer Death/Doom greats like Swallow The Sun,Rapture etc. With heavy riffing surrounded by lush acoustic guitars and piano, and loaded with the deathly vocals of Mattias Wetterhall this album does not bore and is quite varied in its length "

" A convincing production from the Man(Viktor Jonas )songwriting of the melancholic variety,and top notch musicians make this record easily one of the best of 2008 in this genre !

A Silent Nowhere" is highly recommended to all the people who dig on the more melancholic side of music...as this record has has it in spades !....Brilliant !

The Ghost of Me!........Says!..........Get It!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Omnium Gatherum - Spirits And August Light (2003)

1. Writhen
2. Deathwhite
3. The Perfumed Garden
4. Amor Tonight
5. Cure a Wound
6. The Emptiness of Spirit
7. Wastrel
8. Son's Thoughts
9. It Shines

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" This is the debut full-length from this Finnish act who plays your general melodic Swedish death metal, adding in their own flare with a few keyboard textures and some blazing classic metal solos. Expect lots of dual guitar harmonies, some tremolo picking, a few heavier power chord rhythms, midrange vocal snarls, a constant sense of melody, an occasional power metal vibe, etc "

" "The Perfumed Garden" starts out with a brief clean snippet before breaking into some excellent guitar harmonies and lead runs, and the layering of power chords with pristine acoustic guitars is really nice. Overall the writing for this track is more interesting and diverse than usual, definitely proving that the band has their own take on the style. Another standout is "The Emptiness of Spirit", which is definitely a lot more energetic than most of this stuff tends to be these days, and effectively combines most all of the band's influences into one concise track. "Son's Thoughts" has a huge Amorphis feel during the intro, very much akin to something that might have been on "Tuonela", and the rest of the piece sounds eerily similar to some of Dark Tranquillity's later work, but it's still a great song "

This is a fine debut....and fans of Insomnium,Dark Tranquillity and the like should check it out !
WhiteDeath !..........For You !

A Wasteland Of Mind !.........Get It!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gorement - Darkness Of The Dead (2004)

1. My Ending Quest
2. Vale Of Tears
3. Human Relic
4. The Memorial
5. The Lost Breed
6. Silent Hymn (For the Dead)
7. Sea Of Silence
8. Obsequies Of Mankind
9. Darkness Of The Dead
10. Into Shadows

11. Intro/Darkness Of The Dead
12. Human Relic
13. Moulder Within

14. Intro/Process Of Cent
15. Gruesome Modification Of Form
16. Obsequies Of Mankind

17. The Memorial
18. Into Shadows

19. Profound Harmony

Tracks 1-10 Ending Quest CD
Tracks 11-13 Human Relic demo
Tracks 14-16 Obsequies 7 EP"/Demo
Tracks 17-18 Into Shadows 7"EP
Track 19 Unreleased Bonus track from promo 95 tape

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" The Swedish deathgrinders Gorement existed in the beginning of the 90s when the Swedish Death Metal scene was producing shitloads of international names to a more extreme Metal scene – such bands as Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, Grave, Afflicted, Edge of Sanity, Tiamat, Merciless, etc. etc. and just tons of other acts opening the doors for the rest of the Swedish Death Metal bands back then. One of the most underrated and unknown Swedish Death Metal acts simply must have been Gorement. They actually started out as a Thrash Metal act called Sanguinary. "

" This Folk's...is the entire Gorement History on 1 cd.....I mean, you get Gorement´s rare 10-track first & last album The Ending Quest in ´94, limited to 1000 copies only), a 3-song HUMAN RELIC demo (released in ´91 as limited 300 copies only), a 3-track OBSEQUIES... demo (´91) / 7” E.P. (on Afterworld Records in ´92), a 2-song INTO SHADOWS 7” E.P. (on Poserslaughter Records in ´92, limited to 1000 copies) and finally an unreleased song called “Profound Harmony” which was the last recording they ever made under the Gorement name. So quite a damn cool package all in all !..........That sounds Like an infomercial!....And in the next 10 minutes..ill double your order....Huh?.....Back to the music "

" Gorement sort of morphed from a Thrash band to a Death/Doom band at the end....So If you want to hear how it was ..start from tracks 11-18 then Move to track 1 and you will hear the movement. By the time they recorded the Full length..I think They sounded like Amorphis(The Karelian Isthmus) era....chocked full of downtuned guitars and deep vocals. The album is full of changes from one particular style to the other varying from early death metal to doom/death "

Classic Swedish Death Metal !.........Buy This now !

Schmit93.......Get This Brother !

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soulfly - Conquer (2008) (Bonus Tracks)

1. MyPath
2. Sailing On
3. The Beautiful People

Bonus Tracks from the new record..........yes including a Marilyn Manson cover (kickass thrash version)

I have also upped the new "Unleash" Video !........

Go Ahead !..........Get It!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Benediction - Killing Music (2008)

1. Intro
2. The Grey Man
3. Controlopolis (Rats in the Mask)
4. Killing Music
5. They Must Die Screaming
6. Dripping With Disgust
7. Wrath and Regret
8. As Her Skin Weeps
9. Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant
10. Immaculate Facade
11. Burying the Hatchet
12. Beg, You Dogs
13. Seeing Through My Eyes [Broken Bones cover]
14. Largactyl [Amebix cover]

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Death Metal

" 7th full length.....and first since 2001 "

" Scene veterans return with new album of pure Death Metal...nothing more...Nothing Less "

" These guys are always consistent with putting out a great record with crushing breakdowns and pummeling riffery....and this one is no different....Yessir, this is 100% Death fucking Metal, the way it was and should be !

Spit Forth The Dead !......Then...........Get It!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Omnium Gatherum - The Redshift (2008)

1. Nail
2. A Shadowkey
3. Chameleon Skin
4. No Breaking Point
5. The Return
6. Shapes And Shades
7. The Redshifter
8. Greeneyes
9. The Second Flame
10. Song For December
11. Distant Light Highway

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" Brand new 4th full length album "

" Honestly....This is better than I expected.....Some killer twin guitars and mostly growling vocals....heavier than the last record"

" Some Dark Tranquillity influence?...........Terrific Dan Swano production........One of the better MDM albums this year !

The Emptiness of Spirit !.............Erhalten Sie es !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slugathor - Circle of Death (2006)

1. Cycle of Destruction
2. Slow and Painful Death
3. Bestial Chaos
4. Crypt of the Dead
5. Journey Into Oblivion
6. Final Ceremony
7. Temple Of Shadows (Apocalyptic Visions)
8. Legions of the Undead

Origin - Finland
Genre - Death Metal

" This particular force of imminent devastation: Slugathor; is like listening to Bolt Thrower on the wrong RPM, just as deadly-but slower.....Slugathor play old school death metal and this album does sound like it was recorded in the early nineties indeed. The music is strongly inspired by old school Scandinavian death metal bands like Nihilist, Demigod, Grave or Belial, but also Bolt Thrower and Asphyx influences can be heard"

" The eerie, weeping guitar solos of Immolation, thundering, heavily rollin´ riff walls of Bolt Thrower, catchy, easily clicking rhythm changes of Demigod are those musical bits that make this album so awesome sounding, yet so ear-friendly experience to listen to. Each of these three guys in Slugathor have really outdone themselves on CIRCLE OF DEATH !

In need of some classic, utterly HEAVY, catchy old school sounding Death Metal?Then look no further.......Slugathor is indeed a force to be reckoned with !!

Delicacies Of The Cadaver !...........Get It!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Purgatory - Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour of Chaos (2008)

1. Realm of the Vortex
2. Chaos Aeon
3. Ruler of the East
4. Forbidden Wisdom
5. Red Prison
6. Hammering The Nails - Vengeance of the Damned
7. Pits Of Utumno (Morgoth Cover)
8. Burial of a Plague
9. The Enemy Within

Origin - Germany
Genre - Death Metal

" 5th and latest from these german veterans "

" Heavy Death Metal in the Vader,Behemoth,Belphegor vein.....These guys know how to get it done ! "

Orgy Of Sickening Dreams !......Get It!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Soulfly - Conquer (2008)

1. Blood Fire War Hate
2. Unleash
3. Paranoia
4. Warmageddon
5. Enemy Ghost
6. Rough
7. Fall Of The Sycophants
8. Doom
9. For Those About To Rot
10. Touching The Void
11. Soulfly VI

Origin - Brazil
Genre - Thrash/Groove Metal

" The Soulfly tribe is once again on the warpath ! "

" And I will be goddamned if Max and the boys haven't made their finest record yet. Channelling raw, unbridled rage through thrash guitars and Max Cavalera’s unmistakable, thunderous roar, Soulfly’s sixth album Conquer shifts from unrelenting precise thrash metal to slow brooding doom, offering more light and shade where previous albums have remained full steam ahead and a little more quirky."

" There will of course be a lot of comparisons between this and the recent Cavalera Conspiracy outing, but really it's very simple – 'Conquer' kills 'Inflikted' in every respect. On 'Conquer' the music is tighter, heavier, more diverse, more original, and far more engaging than 'Inflikted' ever managed. The world music influences again come shining through, although this time around they are a lot more focused, being Middle Eastern, specifically Egyptian, in flavour – a branch that fits in very nicely with metal. The ending of 'Fall Of The Sycophants' was recorded on the banks of the Nile and transports you there instantaneously, you can almost see the sun setting and smell the incense burning. The stand out track is the doom-laden 'Touching The Void' and its mammoth, crawling riffs weighing down on the ears – Max's ode to Black Sabbath is a worthy tribute, and just so fucking heavy!.......Fucking Heavy !

" This one has taken me by surprise...I did not expect this crushing of a record so soon after The Cavalera Conspiracy........Produced by Max and mixed by Andy Sneap.

Take No Prisoners.!.....Get It!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Excretion - Voice of Harmony (1995)

1. Forever Closed Eyes
2. I Am
3. Darkness Falls
4. That Once Been Given
5. Life Passion Ends
6. Those Silent Days
7. Suicide Silence
8. The Final Part of Sleep
9. Voice of Harmony

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" Rare and only release on Wrong Again Records (W.A.R.)....same label as In Flames,Arch Enemy,Naglfar,Eucharist etc..."

" The music contained is twin guitar MDM but still heavy...not unlike early In Flames. The vocalist has a desperate sounding growl in the Tompa mold. The production is solid for this era...the tracks are quite varied with tempo changes "

" This is another in a long list of great bands that never got off the ground....but you should look for this one...as it will fit nicely in your Collection of Swedish Death Metal !

Behold the light !...........Get It!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Merciless - Unbound (1994)

1. Unbound
2. The Land I Used to Walk
3. Feebleminded
4. Back to North
5. Silent Truth
6. Lost Eternally
7. Nuclear Attack
8. Forbidden Pleasure

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

" Merciless were considered one of the first Death/Thrash bands signed in the early 90s and even had Peter Stjärnvind - Drums (Entombed)in its ranks"

" While most people remember Merciless as an old school death/thrash band in the vein of Sodom, Destruction and old Kreator they did release an album which sounded different than most of their releases.....This was "unbound" a bit of a move from Old-School thrash to more of a Death/Thrash direction "

" The title track opens with a cool acoustic intro before exploding into a fast thrash song. However, the melodic undertone of the guitar riffs definitely set Merciless apart from the typical old school thrash. The exquisite middle section of the song reminds of Dissection due to the use of semi-acoustic guitar riffs and melodic solos. Add to this the splendid production by Dan Swano and excellent artwork by Kristian Wahlin (aka Necrolord). Sure this album includes some pure thrash bombs in the likes of "The land I used to walk", "Feebleminded", "Silent truth" and the old demo classic "Nuclear attack". Yet songs like the epic "Back to north", "Lost eternity" and "Forbidden pleasure" contain the same melodic feel as the title track. Needless to say that the balance between the old school thrash tunes and the epic/melodic songs is perfect.Anyone remotely interested in Bathory, Dissection or old school thrash would do himself a favour by trying to find this classic album!

Total Destruction !..........Get It!

The Rotted - Get Dead or Die Trying (2008)

1. Nothin' but a Nosebleed
2. The Howling
3. A Return to Insolence
4. Kissing You With My Fists
5. Angel of Meth
6. A Brief Moment of Regret
7. The Body Tree
8. Get Dead or Die Trying
9. It's Like There's a Party in My Mouth (and Everyone's Being Sick)
10. Fear and Loathing in Old London Town
11. 28 Days Later

Origin - United Kingdom
Genre - Death Metal

" The Rotted (formerly known as Gorerotted) put out their debut under a new name and direction.......Having 3 destructive albums before left me wondering what this is all about?...Any Good? "

" The answer? Sweet fucking Christ, yes. Opening with the caustic 'Nothin' But A Nosebleed', a malicious whirlwind of concussive grind and sludgy riffage, that sends the listener head first into a nausea-inducing, downward spiral before the flatteningly face-smashing aggression of 'The Howling' and the strangely progressive 'Kissing You With My Fists', tracks that see the band taking notes from fellow London mentalists Akercocke, with the inclusion of more melodic moments, whilst still keeping things incomprehensibly volatile "

" The fact is, that regardless of the name, the newly christened The Rotted have crafted a genuinely excellent and totally impenetrable album. And while in their previous incarnation they left a mass trail of bloodied and mutilated carcasses in their wake with their last three albums, the band have proven that if this is the first offering from The Rotted, then what's to come in the future should be greatly anticipated "

Can't Fit Her Limbs in the Fridge !............Get It!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Capharnaum - Fractured (2004)

1. Ingrained
2. Fractured
3. Perpetuate Catatonia
4. Machines
5. Icon of Malice
6. Reins of Humanity
7. The Scourge Trial
8. Refusal

Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Death Metal

" Technical grinding death metal is what Capharnaum plays best on their 2nd full-length album, "Fractured". This CD features some of the most amazing guitar work I've heard since Martyr's "Hopeless Hopes"...wait a second, Daniel Mongrain from Martyr plays on this CD! (So does mastermind Jason Suecof as well!) Tracks like "Fractured", "Perpetual Catatonia", "Ingrained", and the epic "Refusal" include amazing riffs, time signature changes, fascinating drumming by Jordan Suecof, and will please the ears "

" Without a doubt, Fractured is a complex listen, but the memorable riffage and rhythms give it an accessible quality not often found in such challenging music. Whether your tastes lean towards technical ability, epic riffage, brutal force, or complex rhythms, Fractured is the album for you !

Delusional Imprisonment !...............Get It!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mortal Sin - Face of Despair (1989)

1. I Am Immortal
2. Voyage Of The Disturbed
3. The Infantry Corps
4. For Richer For Poorer
5. Martyrs Of Eternity
6. Innocent Torture
7. Suspended Animation
8. H
9. Terminal Reward
10. Robbie Soles

Origin - Austrailia
Genre - Thrash Metal

" Only a select few outside of Australia will remember Mortal Sin and their glory days brought about by their crunching debut 'Mayhemic Destruction' (1986) and their similarly heavy 'Face of Despair'. The Mortals succesfully toured Europe, then unfortunately folded, eventually reformed sans-all but one original member.
These guys were signed and thought to be the next"Metallica" as they were surely in the same vein...."

" Those who do remember the Mortals in their prime will remember the sheer thrash intensity of 'Face of Despair' as these boys from the Sydney suburb of Parramatta unleashed such ball-tearing thrash anthems as 'Voyage of the Disturbed', 'I Am Immortal', 'The Infantry Corps' and 'Martyrs of Eternity' and the catchy "Innocent Torture"......anthrax,metallica etc would be the closest comparison. Thrashing riffs with catchy choruses...(some corny lyrics)but who didnt in that era"

" If you love classic thrash metal, you can do far worse than hunting down 'Face of Despair'; or indeed 'Mayhemic Destruction !

Classic Aussie Thrash !..........Get It!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Abused Majesty - ...so Man Created God in His Own Image (2008)

1. Immortality Crusade part 1
2. Immortality Crusade part 2
3. Death of a Blind Guide
4. The Ruins
5. I am Destroyer of Gods
6. Immortality Crusade part 3
7. Birth of God
8. Soul of the Beast
9. Omnivorous Sonatina
10. Serpenthrone
11. Immortality Crusade part 4

Origin - Poland
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" Crushing new album of Symphonic blackened Death Metal from poland"

" This has an awesome hertz production.....Fans of Zyklon,Behemoth and the like check this out!

I Am The Judge !............Get It!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cemetary - An Evil Shade Of Grey (1992)

1. Dead Red
2. Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream
3. Dark Illusions
4. An Evil Shade Of Grey
5. Sidereal Passing
6. Scars
7. Nightmare Lake
8. Souldrain

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Here is another beauty from the swedish death metal glory years !

" Of course recorded at sunlight studios with skogsberg.....Dark,Eerie,monsterous swedish death with the Thick, evil guitar sound, and the traditional rawness that was trademark for that studio in the late 80s/early 90s. Vocally Mathias Lodmalm was quite different than most at the time with a higher pitch and just an overall evil sounding voice (very underrated)"

" A Swedish Death Metal Masterpiece through and through.....and easily one of my personal favorites from that era !

Darkened Are The Doors Of Death!........Get It!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sorcery - Bloodchilling Tales (1991)

1. Intro - Bloodchilling Tales
2. Legacy of Blood
3. The Rite of Sacrifice
4. Death
5. Dragons of the Burning Twilight
6. Rivers of the Dead
7. Immortality Given
8. Descend to the Ashes
9. Lucifer's Legions
10. By These Words
11. Ancient Creation (Demo)
12. In The Sign Of Evil (Demo)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Here's a long forgotten Gem of the olden times.....originally released only on vinyl......later re-issued on cd "

" Do you remember the days of early Entombed....Dismember...this was spawned at the same time.....same sunlight production...same producer Tomas Skogsberg ...same basic style. Sorcery present ten chunky slabs of raw heaviness and disharmony of the sort long buried with the death bands of the late '80s..early 90s. What these boys lack in melody, they fully make up for in atmosphere and sincerity "

" To conclude, "Bloodchilling Tales" is a must-have for anybody seriously into late 80's/early 90's death metal and death/thrash. Fans of Entombed, Merciless,Dismember etc.....Watcha waitin for !

Lucifer's Legions !...........Get It!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Deviant - Ravenous Deathworship (2005)

1. Merciless
2. Genocide
3. Serpent
4. Intimate Skinning
5. Venom of Mankind
6. Purity of Hate
7. Sadosadistic
8. Perfect State of Death
9. Resurrection of Hate

Origin - Norway
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" The Deviant which was spawned out of the ashes of 122-Stabwounds and features members of the before mentioned band, Forlorn and Gehenna. The style is blackened death metal and I am sure that the band will carve their name in the foreheads of those who lend their ears to the pummelling music "

" The compositions posses a majestic almost epic feel most of the time, when not the music is straight forward and brutal, I can't help to think of newer Immortal material when I listen to this album. Cold melodic riffs, great bridges, thundering drum work and the raw rasp delivered from Dolgar, a unique voice in the mold of abbath himself "

" The music is raw and the raw and slightly chaotic edge the production has fits and brings it out. A fierce and heavy blend of death metal and black metal atmosphere, is what we get on this bastard of a record. Watch out Immortal these guys are coming for your crown !

Fans of Immortal,Zyklon,Dark Funeral...lend an ear.

The Deity of Perversion !...........Get It!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Route Nine - The Works (2001) E.P.

1. Griefcase
2. Lifewish
3. Before I Close My Eyes Part 1
4. Before I Close My Eyes Part 2
5. Disruption
6. The Vacancy

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Progressive Metal

" Here is a very "rare" ep.....Another of the million projects of Dan Swano "

" This is basically a compilation of the 2 early 90s demos...with swano playing all instuments except drums handled by Anders Jacobsson of Nasum,Coldworker fame."

This is listed as progressive metal....I hear alot of Swano's other bands including his monster solo record "Moontower" on this ep......"

Alvaro.....reminded me of this one ! Thanx

Good To Be Back !..........Get It!


I am back from my vacation into the wilderness.....no phones,electricity,video games,internet,Tv,or any other luxuries of home...alright !...I did have my ipod with a massive collection of Swedish Death Metal on it.........Anyway......Thanx for the greetings everyone sent..............I hope you dug on the albums I scheduled while I was gone.......Now!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wombbath - Internal Caustic Torments (1993)

1. Prevent Anemia
2. Intestinal Bleeding
3. As Silent As The Grave
4. Corporal Punishment
5. Performed In Depth
6. Conceal Interior Torments
7. Beyond The Gloomy
8. Abandon
9. Several Shapes

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" An old rather unknown?.... Swedish Death Metal Classic ! The bands only full-length "

" This is early brutal death...done the swedish way....The dynamics of the riffs are heavily fragmented, resulting in a dense, brutal display of chuggish riffs that pummel with brute force, adorned with deeply guttural grunts which are delicuously old school. The Swedish ancestry shows however through the instrumentation mostly in the way the more flowing structures are arranged, purely in the "Into the Grave" or evolved Massacre fashion, with some extra grinding attempts.....Huge chunky breakdowns and some damn catchy songs"

" This is no average Stockholm Death Metal, this stuff is blunt, deep and bludgeoning, full of primitive brutality and somewhat simplified guitar riffs....

I can never get enough of this record !...as it stands up with a shitload of other records that were more popular......

Old-School Fans.......What are you waiting for ?
Get It!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Myopia - Enter Insect Masterplan (2007)

1. Planet Groth
2. The Colony
3. Factor X
4. Project Insect
5. Clones...........
6. Masterplan
7. Planet Earth
8. Forgotten race
Origin - Poland
Genre - Technical Thrash Metal

" Having seen the classic Canadian band Voivod many times...I wondered if there would ever be a band that had that same vibe,technique...out there approach "

" Low and behold.. Myopia has got what Im looking for....The major influence is obviously Voivod, although I would say that Myopia's music is more technical and overtly progressive than anything Voivod ever did. Occasionally a bit of Meshuggah's stoccatto-style riffing also appears. They inject a lot of challenging and obscure chords into their riffs. There are probably a lot of other progressive influences in there that I can't quite pinpoint. This record has nothing to do with the typical Death Metal scene in poland...instead a very challenging listen that will take you a few listens to get into......But it is worth it !!

Fans of Voivod and obscure progressive metal...Try this !

Abstract Imprisonment !...........Get iT!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vomitory - Blood Rapture (2002)

1. Chaos Fury
2. Hollow Retribution
3. Blessed and Forsaken
4. Madness Prevails
5. Redeemed in Flames
6. Nailed, Quartered, Consumed
7. Eternity Appears
8. Rotting Hill
9. Blood Rapture

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Decapitated bodies, spilled intestines and lots of blood gushing from everywhere…this is the picture that comes to mind when listening to the “Blood Rapture” of Vomitory.
Extreme, perverse, Swedish death-grind metal, Vomitory’ s fourth release has the sign “For Adults Only” and comes to mark with its bloody stain every “blood-craving” disciple of this kind of music.
Heavy, grinding guitars, brutal vocals, almost “bullet-fast” speeding drums, and a rough bass, create cadences of extreme ferocity, as well as a rapturous environment of obscene atrocity.The sound and production are crushing "

Anyhow, this album is certainly fast, raw, violent and BLOODY!!!

Death, Gore, War, Violence, Anti-Religion!.......Get It!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes (1992)

1. Apocryphal (Intro)
2. As I Behold I Despise
3. Dead Soul
4. The Forlorn
5. Tears of God
6. Slumber of Sullen Eyes
7. Embrace the Darkness/Blood of the Perished
8. Fear Obscures From Within
9. Transmigration Beyond Eternities
10. Towards the Shrouded Infinity
11. Perpetual Ascent
12. Darkened

Origin - Finland
Genre - Death Metal

" Well, what more can be said about one of the LANDMARKS of transcendental death metal, a cornerstone record that lies beyond disputation or disrespect?"

" Describing the sonic slant of this recording is not entirely difficult- take five parts bludgeoning early Dismember/mid-period Bolt Thrower-esque piledriving bludgeon, three parts Depravity/Cemetary-ish morbid melody, an esoteric, horror-based concept not altogether removed from the likes of Gorement, Sorcery, God Macabre and Darkthrone, as well as an ethereal, indescribable atmosphere that brings Therion to mind. In a scene littered with assertively individual bands (Adramelech, Cartilage, Xysma, Funebre, Belial and DEMILICH!), Demigod come across as both predictable and utterly unique "

" Yet, for all the album's apparent viciousness and lead-footed HEFT, the record has a mystical weightlessness and meditative quality that is really quite beautiful to behold. Indeed, this is death metal as mind-expanding experience- somehow, the band manages to make dense, destructive death metal sound vast and atmospheric. The entire record is an expansive, dreamlike plateau, each song marking a new monument on the unearthly landscape. Such engrossing journeys are few and far between in death metal, and the cosmic drift of the album can in part be attributed to the production, which transforms the guitar sound into a spiraling, absorbing vacuum that envelopes the listener, and emanates a fantastic, organic warmth that eludes many of Demigod's harsher-than-thou colleagues. Add to this the bewitching, contemplative lead melodies that adorn each and every song, as well as the EXCEPTIONALLY tasteful keys that reinforce the enveloping aura of the record, and you have a fantastic excursion that you will not soon forget. .........

There you have it, then, a masterpiece in every bloody sense of the word.

Death Hall Of Fame !........Got It?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Warbringer - War Without End (2008)

1. Total War
2. Systematic Genocide
3. Dread Command
4. Hell On Earth
5. At The Crack Of Doom
6. Beneath The Waves
7. Instruments Of Torture
8. Shoot To Kill
9. Born Of The Ruins
10. Combat Shock
11. A Dead Current

Origin - USA
Genre - Thrash Metal

" If at any point the thought had crossed your mind that the tsunami of thrash releases that swept 2007/08 was over and done with....forget about it!

" Los Angeles-based upstarts, Warbringer, certainly have the act nailed, right down to the Cold War-inspired obsession that their predecessors had with the many nasty faces of armed global conflict. Musically there's little separating them from the list of usual suspects either; "Total War" kicks off with duelling solos that aren't a million miles away from those you may recall drunkenly air-guitaring to on _Darkness Descends_. "Systematic Genocide" meanwhile lures us in with a hulking groove that actively recalls any of Exodus' vintage material, and on "At the Crack of Doom" we're treated to what used to be an almost obligatory piece of acoustic noodling "

" John Kevill sounds like a mix between a young Tom Araya and a young Mille Petrozza. His scream in “Born of the Ranks” made me immediately think of Hell Awaits. Adam Carroll and John Laux make a hell of a guitar duo. They have great chemistry as they play off each other, throwing riffs and solos at each other with reckless abandonment....the production is a bit of a throwback..but if you are looking for a new band playing the old way....Look no further !

The Old Code !.........United!..........Get It!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale (2006)

1. The Light That Would Fade
2. Empire of the Fallen
3. The Faded Earth
4. Oblivion Upon Us
5. The Crawling Insects
6. Aeternus

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Doom Metal

" Doom:VS is the one-man project of Johan Ericson, one of the starting members of Draconian, playing the drums for them during the 1994-2002 era, while afterwards he switched to the guitars leaving the drumming to Jerry Torstensson. Having formed Doom:VS, he started moving towards his very own path, a path that could lead only to one dirrection, the dark side of doom metal, proving that he's really gifted and has a lot to offer to the scene. Something that proves me correct is the fact that he dealt with everything having to do with the debut album of this fabulous project, from the cover to the production and all the instrumentation "

" This multitalented Swede has conjured up something truly dark, dank and sobering. Aeternum Vale, which means “Farewell Forever”, is an album asking the question “what is the reason for all this?” in a depressing lovelorn way. Doom:vs has been done solely by Johan with even the cover and layout handled by the man himself. At times Aeternum Vale takes its toll on the listener and just when you think its all getting to much Johan breaks out with soul lifting guitar leads that make the hard journey though the bleak landscapes that Doom:vs create all worth it "

Aeternum Vale" is a quality release for the funeral-driven doom/death metal scene that all 90s doom metal adorers should purchase, simply because not only early Anathema/Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride or Shape Of Despair know how to play doom/death or funeral doom..............

Oblivion Upon Us!.............G....e......t......I...T.!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Evocation - Evocation (2004)

1. A Wind Has Risen
2. Through the Darkened Peril
3. The Ancient Gate
4. Desolated Spirits
5. On a Journey to Heaven
6. Where the Headstones Shine
7. Veils Were Blown
8. Spiritual Affinity

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" A compilation of the band's two demo releases from the early 90's "

" Formed in 1991 Evocation are like Gorement,God Macabre in that they were overlooked by the likes of Entombed, Grave and Dismember despite the fact they played the same style of haunting, midrange, mid tempo death metal that those bands made famous. Also, members of Evocation were in Cemetery whose Evil Shade of Grey is also considered one of the genres' second tier classics. As a result, Evocation has a pretty tangible early Cemetery feel and sound, especially the Tomas Skogsberg produced guitar tone "

" These guys were there in the middle of it all and dis-banded at the wrong time.
But this a chance to get two classic demos in good quality......Historical stuff indeed!

The Ancient Gate Opens !..............Get It!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I will be gone 10 days........But the Metal will not Stop !

There will be a new post every day........

Keep Checking Back !.......I appreciate all the Support !

Stay Heavy!........Stay True!

Death Dealer

Dead Congregation - Graves of the Archangels (2008)

1. Martyrdoom
2. Hostis Humani Generis
3. Morbid Paroxysm
4. Vanishing Faith
5. Voices
6. Graves Of The Archangels
7. Subjugation
8. Source Of Fire
9. Teeth Into Red

Origin - Greece
Genre - Death Metal

" Since I got my copy of the LP in the mail, I've been listening to it non-stop. This is death metal in the truest sense of the term: no useless tech bullshit, no ham-handed progressive influences, no over-reliance on blastbeats, no dipshit pig squeals or vomitvocals, no weak melodies, just pure unrelenting evil-as-Satan-himself heaviness. More than any other band, I hear tons of early Incantation, this sounds like a companion album to Onward to Golgotha , I also hear a little Altars of Madness-era Morbid Angel as some of the solos are fairly Azagthoth-esque. I don't think this is quite as rhythmically complex as most Immolation, but there are some amazing off-time grinding interludes that are just fucking amazing (Source of Fire, Hostis Humani Generis).The production here is something that modern death metal bands should try to aspire too (like everything else on this album). The drums aren't triggered. The guitars have a tone that's not overkill, giving the riffs clarity. The bass is audible and fills out the space between the drums and guitar extremely well. The vocals are in a nice spot in the mix, not being over the top, being a bit buried but exposed enough in a happy-medium sense "

This is easily one of the best death metal albums of the last few years, If you consider yourself a death metal fan, you need to buy this album (or just trade in what's left of your balls and start listening to deathcore)"

Downward Spiral Of Morbidity!..........Get It!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hanging Garden - Inherit The Eden (2007)

1. Sleep Of Ages
2. As The Circle Fades
3. Ethereal Passing
4. Shards Of Life
5. Paper Doves
6. Stillborn
7. The Mourners Plain
8. Fall Into Tehom

Origin - Finland
Genre - Doom/Death Metal

" As a doom fan it is a true pleasure to listen to 'Inherit The Eden'. The music is fluent, relaxing and melodious, but on the other hand surprises with brutal eruptions and raucous vocals. Ari Nieminen has a gruff growl/grunt sometimes passing into a scream-like timbre. It perfectly fits the music of Hanging Garden. These are long songs, mostly rather slow, but injected with necessary accelerations to keep it engrossing. Keyboards are important as soaring, atmospheric factor and together with the melodic, meandering guitars, they give the music an ethereal beauty. 'Ethereal Passing' and 'Stillborn' are two shorter instrumental songs that are very beautiful and calm. The compositions are graced with acoustic interludes on guitars"

" The album is one huge doom manifest, a bit along the lines of their fellow countrymen Swallow The Sun, although there are no clean vocals here. It is preferable to listen to it as a whole, but if I have to pick out one song, I go for 'Shards Of Life' that combines surprisingly up tempo gothic guitars with chopping riffs, slower passages and a fast and furious outburst including a ferocious scream. This album has the saturnine beauty of Finnish nature and is highly recommended to all aficionados of melodic doom/death metal"

If you love bands like Swallow The Sun, Saturnus or Doom:vs you will want this album.

Death Is All Around Us !.................Get It!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Adramelech - Pure Blood Doom (1999)

1. Centuries of Murder
2. Thule
3. Abomination 459
4. Season of the Predator
5. Thingstead
6. Lord of the Red Land
7. Evercursed
8. The Book of the Black Earth
9. Spawn of the Suffering

Origin - Finland
Genre - Death Metal

" 2nd release from these ex-Demigod Death metalers"

" Pure Blood Doom is well written, performed and produced. Adramelech generally keep the songs varied in pace and approach, with good riffs and rhythms
and the drumming is actually quite technical. This music is very similar to early Swedish death metal such as Entombed or Carnage yet bears the unique style of its origin which creates a broader, spacier, transient mood with more destructive conclusions. Like fellow countrymen Demilich and Demigod...the more times you listen to this the more you get out of it "

" The metal of Adramelech sets a different line of heaviness as rhythmic and not as much harmonic, letting the tones serve the violent rhythmic structures set forth. From the European tradition are the fast and grating blast beats, which resemble more musically literate Hypocrisy, but the meat of this music - the blasting and interacting structures that are set up for self destruction - comes from a lineage of downstroke brutalizers such as Massacre,Early Death etc "

Every once in a while theres a record that just clicks with you and you dont know exactly why?......This is one of those for me..........I just like the overall vibe!

Ah.....Thats Enough !..........Get It!