Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jungle Rot - What Horrrors Await (2009)

1. Worst Case Scenario
2. The Unstoppable
3. Straitjacket Life
4. State of War
5. Two Faced Disgrace
6. End of an Age
7. Speak the Truth
8. What Horrors Await
9. Nerve Gas Catastrophe
10. Braindead
11. Atrocity
12. Exit Wounds
13. Invincible Force (Destruction cover)
14. Black Candle Mass

Origin - USA

Style - Death Metal

" 6Th full length from the (Kenosha, Wisconsin) War Machine known as Jungle Rot "

" J.R. play exactly the same music on every release.....Mid-paced Heavy Death Metal.....But it is always refreshing to hear...Amongst all the pig squeals,Tech wankery,speed for sake of speed metal & core nonsense....These guys just continue to punish the listener with Old-School Death Metal with Touches of Thrash "

" This album is no different....This album is laced with groove-laden riffs and a clear...Heavy production, That makes you break your neck when cranking it "

This album grinds and churns on with great lyrics, aggression, growling vocals and grinding riffs to rival those who feel the need to beat each other in the race to go faster… long live mid-paced, old school death metal !!

Support bands such as this!.....Go buy this record when it comes out...Keep the underground alive !

War Is Hell !.......Get It!

They have it there....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Armagedon - Death Then Nothing (2009)

1. Death Then Nothing
2. Dead Code
3. Enemy
4. Blanket of Silence
5. Seeing is Believing
6. Bed of Thorns
7. Father of Oblivion
8. Emptiness Beyond Believe
9. Betrayed
10. F... End

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" Only their second record and it took 16 years !....."

" The wait was worth it !........Devastating album from Armagedon...Chocked full of crushing riffs,Harsh vocals and a killer production.....Think Vader,Decapitated etc."

Fans of Polish Death Metal can not go wrong here !....Mandatory !

Przebudzenie!..........GEt........iT !

Lay Down Rotten - Gospel Of The Wretched (2009)

01. Hours Of Infinity
02. Thy Won´t Be Done
03. Where Spirits Lie Dead
04. Altering The Whore
05. Conditioning The Weak
06. He Who Sows Hate
07. Beyond Damnation
08. When All Becomes Nothing
09. Gospel Of The Wretched

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" 5Th full length from Germany's Lay Down Rotten....With guest vocal appearances by mixmaster Dan Swanö himself, Martin van Drunen(Pestilence,Hail Of Bullets) and Marc Grewe of Morgoth "

" Lay Down Rotten have really mixed all the popular types of Death Metal into one album. Be it Mdm(Hypocrisy,At The Gates) to the mid-tempo crush of (Bolt Thrower) and more "

" The mix by Dan Swano is really fat and impressive and he even does some vocals on the record. LDR has succeeded in putting out a varied effort..But Consistent all the way through...."

Recommended for fans of the bands above !

Sirens Of Hell!.........Get It!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exempt - Ill Health (Demo) 1992

1. Missguided Child
2. Labratory Sickness
3. Morbidity
4. Cadaverious
5. Surrounded By Scorn
6. F.V.T.

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 3rd demo from this Death Metal squad from Gothenburg "

" Formed in Angered,Sweden in october 1990, Exempt played thrashy Death Metal . Members went on in bands such as Immersed In Blood,Inverted,Nominon Etc........Rare demo Recorded;May 1992 and mixed August1992 at Lane Studio "

Walking in Endless Time !.....Get It!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blood Tsunami - Grand Feast For Vultures (2009)

1. Castle of Skulls
2. Grand Feast for Vultures
3. Personal Exorcism
4. Nothing but Contempt
5. Laid to Waste
6. Eceladus Rising
7. One Step Closer to the Grave

Origin - Norway
Style - Thrash Metal

" Following up their debut album 'Thrash Metal'.....This is the sophmore release from the oslo thrashers "

" First off...You can tell these guys believe in what they are doing !....This album is relentless in its thrashing brutality. From neck-snapping opener "Castle of Skulls" to the the bludgeoning, nearly ponderous attack of stunning album finale "One Step Closer to the Grave" this is completely uncompromised thrash music "

" Owing a huge debt to Slayer and the "big 3" of German thrash, there's little time for melody...Just riff after riff....Some tracks may seem a bit long winded...In Older Metallica tradition...Even an instrumental that sounds right out of the late 80s...With twin guitars straight out ofthe Maiden camp "

All in All....A good record and one that should be checked out.....If you dont like it ?......Go Kill em all.

Killing Spree !....Get It?
GoT It!.....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abhorrence - Abhorrence (Ep) (1990)

1. Intro + Pestilential Mists
2. Holy Laws of Pain
3. Caught in a Vortex
4. Disintegration of Flesh

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" The band was formed in Finland in early 1989 and after playing some time under several different names the name Abhorrence stuck. After recording one demo tape and this 7" EP they broke up....Later members were in such bands as Amorphis,Impaled Nazarene etc. "

" Legendary 7" on Seraphic Decay records......Downtuned... sludgy...Filthy...Finnish Death Metal with that just right recording....One of the best 7" of the era "

By the way.....The band is planning to put out all of their material on CD in the near future....

Until Then !..........Grab It!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Desaster - Angelwhore (2005)

1. The Arrival (Intro)
2. The Blessed Pestilence
3. Angelwhore
4. Conqueror´s Supremacy
5. Ghouls To Strike
6. Nihilistic Overture
7. Havoc
8. Downfall Be Thy Blade
9. Revelation Genocide
10. Mourning Path (Outro)

Origin - Germany
Style - Black/Thrash Metal

" The German cult band Desaster has been around since 1988 and this is their 5th full-length "

" "Angelwhore" is an album in good Desaster tradition - raw, diverse, heavy, ripping black/thrash metal in old school style! Killer riffs, pounding drums, lots of time changes, great production etc etc. Deeply rooted in the 80s with influences from bands like Venom, Kreator, Destruction, Possessed and Hellhammer "

" The vocals....of Sataniac are very raw and convincing and suit the band well.After an atmospheric intro all hell breaks loose - it grabs you by the throat and won't let you go for the rest of the 52 or so minutes! The level is constantly high and there are a lot of great parts and ideas in the songs, but my very favorite part must be that killer intro riff of "Conqueror's Supremacy" - awesome!! Or the dragging parts in "Nihilistic Overture", not bad either! The outro "Mourning Path" is again very epic, extremely well done "

If you like your metal still raw, fresh and aggressive, but with a good sound, then this is a must for you!!

Hordelc: This ones for you !

A Symphony Of Vengeance !..........Get It!
Down Here.......

Friday, April 24, 2009

Maim - From the Womb to the Tomb (2009)

1. Maimed
2. Smouldering Ashes
3. Ascending From The Grave
4. Dawn of Blood
5. Drop Dead
6. Carnal Feast
7. From the Womb to the Tomb
8. Envy The Dead
9. Ridden With Disease
10.The Beyond

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" This is the debut album by this eerie death metal band from Sweden. With the death of The mighty Repugnant a new force has risen! TOTAL DEATH METAL! "

" Maim was formed in the small town of Åtvidaberg, sweden early 2006. Maim are Krille (guitar) Scott (guitar) Rikard (bass, vocals) and Otto (drums). Pure old school death metal sound with influences from mainly the american scene: Autopsy, Repulsion, early Cannibal corpse and Death to name a few. Of course also influenced by Repugnant, Kaamos, Entombed and the swedish underground "

This shit KILLS !...........Dont fuck around...Buy This !

Sell Your Soul !..........Check It!

Hetsheads - We Hail The Possessed...(1994)

1. Intro / Dissolution By Catatonia
2. Remonstrating The Preserver
3. Paganization
4. Brutal Exhordation
5. Cast In Silver
6. Phlebotomize (Fade Away In Silence)
7. When The Time Has Come
8. For His Sake

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Hetsheads a cult classic! Swedish death at its best! Features the vocalist that appears on the first Necrophobic album "

" 2 Demos/Promos from 1991 finally pressed onto CD format in 1994....In the vein of the early gods Entombed,Unleashed,Dismember etc.....heavy beat patterns and gutteral vocals, destructive structures banging the frustration of a suffocating world into the skulls of the unwise "

Not Man..........mentioned this.....Good Call my Friend !

Repulsed !..........gEt.......iT !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carbonized - For the Security (1991)

1. Recarbonized
2. Hypnotic Aim
3. Euthanasia
4. Blinded Of The Veil
5. Syndrome
6. Reflections Of The Dark
7. Third Eye
8. Purified (From The Sulfer)
9. For The Security
10. Monument

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Ist full-length from Carbonized...featuring members of Therion,Entombed,Excruciate......Awesome Death/Grind here "

" Recorded:January 1991 (in three days)at Sunlight Studio !......Starting deliberately with one of the most basic riffs in the underground, this album struts into existence by blasting out a declaration of simple rigid conflict, then breaks it to divide its more boisterous complementary half into a series of high-speed riffs backed by a simple melody; this archetype repeats through exuberant rhythm riffs like those favored by the more aggressive moments of Discharge or Repulsion contrasted with striking melodies "

" Thick but sharp production more in the style of an American death metal band, or English grind act. People: This band sounded like no other at the time..An amalgam of many different genre's and played in a very original way "

Aldragon gets the kudo's for asking....

Just !.......G(e)T....It !
Over There....

Armagedon - Invisible Circle (1993)

1. Death Liberates
2. In The Land Of Uncertainty
3. To The End Of My Life
4. The Circle Of False Truths
5. Get To The Limits
6. Two Faces
7. From Beyond Oneself
8. Pictures Of Reality
9. Obsessed By The Past
10. ...Instead Of Epilogue

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" One of Poland's under-rated bands here.....This is Armagedon's debut "

" Musically you have a Heavy Death Metal sound in the vein of other more popular Polish band's such as Vader,Trauma etc. "

" This album is criminally over-looked..Probably because it was supposed to be released on cd by Peaceville Records..But actually was only released on Cassette only...So not heard by many fans outside of poland. Skip to 2009 and Armagedon will release a new LP this year...Hopefully soon...I look forward to hearing it "

In the meanwhile...Pick this up and enjoy some Rare stuff from a country that has brought the world many great Death Metal acts !

Bollocks requested this one....

Twoja NiezniszczalnoϾ !...........Get It!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abhoth - The Tide - 7" Single (1992)

1. The Tide
2. Configuration

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Crushing 2 track 7" from one of my favorite Swedish Bands "

" This is the goods !.....And that is all you need to know !

Reduced to a Pulp !..........Get It!
Right Now....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Demonical - Hellsworn (2009)

1. Baptized In Fire
2. World Serpent
3. Infernal Void
4. Bloodridden
5. Götter Des Nordens
6. Children Of Sin
7. Death Metal Darkness
8. Bow To The Monolith
9. Hellsworn

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

"Demonical, the Swedish death metal band featuring past and present members from Centinex, Grave, Regurgitate, Interment unleash their 2nd full-length record "

" The follow-up to 2007's "Servants of the Unlight" was recorded at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Setherial) and was mastered at Black Lounge Studios in late January. What you get here is 35 minutes of death metal attack. If you’re looking for a new sound... This isn’t what you need but if you’re looking for a good Death Metal record to keep you busy for the next week, you’ve come to the right place. Aggressive vocals, powerful drumming and skull crushing riffs have been put together to create a powerful record"

I hear alot of that old Dismember guitar buzz in this one......Fucking Cool....

Unholy Desecration !...........Get I.T.!
Over here....

Gory Blister - Graveyard Of Angels (2009)

1. The Hatch Opens
2. Void Made Flesh
3. Vanishing Ruins
4. The Descent
5. Emit Despale
6. The Slum Of The Wretched Creatures
7. The Shining Hades
8. Graveyard Of Angels
9. Emit Despale (Remix)

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" This new record is the natural prosecution of Gory Blister project mixing old school aggression with the technical and progressive music into classic death metal. Moreover, from the initial comparison with masters Death, the band has acquired more and more personality, so that you will always experience originality both in riffs and lyrics....So says the record company "

" I think this 3rd record is solid...not groundbreaking death metal.....Technical?....Not that much. Some old-school leanings..That I wish they would have done more. Low-pitched and high screechy black metal vocals. A very good production coupled with some damn catchy riffs make this a good pick-up "

Go Ahead !......Buy It!
Or Check it!...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wombbath - Several Shapes - Ep (1992)

1. Intro
2. Several Shapes
3. Corporal Punishment

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 7" black vinyl released by Thrash Records in 92 "

" Wombbath's first actual release..And a fine example of Bruising Death Metal "

Intro is combined with 'Several Shapes' to form 1 track... Enjoy !

Infest !......Is Best !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Arsis - A Celebration of Guilt (2004)

1. The Face of My Innocence
2. Maddening Disdain
3. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
4. Return
5. Worship Depraved
6. Carnal Ways to Recreate the Heart
7. Dust and Guilt
8. Elegant and Perverse
9. The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
10. Looking to Nothing
11. Wholly Night

Origin - USA

Style - Technical Melodic Death Metal

" The minute this album kicks in gear with "The Face Of My Innocence" it’s just a whirlwind of sheer melodic chaos. The guitar playing is tight, the solos are good, and the vocals have this high pitch shrill that sound like what would happen if you genetically spliced together a Norwegian black metal lunatic and Jeff Walker "

" There are no filler songs. Every song here is jammed and crammed with so many changes and intricasies. However the music is also different than most out there so it is hard to provide comparisons. Caustic, abrasive and vitriolic yet still capturing a melancholy level of melody in their music Arsis has obviously spent a large amount of their time polishing, sharpening and perfecting every composition and it shows "

One of the best releases of 2004 period !

Go Ahead !........G.E.T. It !

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sathanas - Nightrealm Apocalypse (2009)

1. Ever Falling Darkness
2. Prayers Of Armageddon
3. Cult Of Blood
4. Night Realm Apocalypse
5. Black Witching Millennium
6. One With Satan
7. DemonHellStorm
8. Kingdom Of The Damned
9. Prophecies Of Evils To Come
10. Revel In Death

Origin - USA

Style - Blackened Death Metal

" Sathanas emerges from the filthy vaults of Pennsylvania and offers 10 tracks of blackened satanic Black/Death Metal. Founded back in 1988 the band released numerous demos, EP's and full length albums "

" "Nightrealm Apocalypse" has a constant slower tempo with dirty old school riffs as well as this unique raw vocal style. But don't reduce Sathanas to just another retro-sounding act, because this band has simply more to offer than just stolen riffs or a wannabe dark image. Seems like these 3 guys have sold their soul to the devil and totally worship the horned dude with every single tune. The lyrics deal with blasphemic stuff and the general impression is rather dark and evil. The production is good for the genre..nothing too clean or bright...Just evil sounding atmosphere "

Fans of black, death and thrash must definitely give this album a listen !

Blood Sacrifice !..........Aquire It!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dawn - Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy) (1998)

1. The Knell and the World
2. Falcula
3. To Achieve the Ancestral Powers
4. Ride the Wings of Pestilence
5. The Aphelion Deserts
6. Stalker's Blessing
7. Malediction Murder

Origin - Sweden
Style - Black/Death Metal

" 2nd and last full length from Dawn...(They have reformed... supposedly)"

" Sweden’s Dawn were formed Autumn/Winter Anno 1991. They recorded their first demo, Demo 1, in the Winter of 1992. That cold December spawned the first official Dawn demo entitled Apparition. At this point, Dawn had more of a straightforward Death Metal approach to their music, which is reflected in this first release. The Apparition Demo went on to sell over 200 copies and was re-released as a 7" EP, The Eternal Forest by the small label, Bellphegot Records. During the summer of 1993, Dawn entered Unisound Studios (Dan Swano) to record a promotional tape. The result, Promo ‘93, found its way to the Necropolis Records Hordes where the label signed Dawn immediately "

" Blastbeats, tremolo riffs, requisite apocalyptic lyrical themes. All of these elements drive the black/death genre, and in the right hands yield good results. Dawn is a first tier band in the genre, marrying blasting tempos with positively sinister tremolo melodies with the intention of pulverizing the listener and drawing them into a world of misanthropy and depression "

" The production is a wall of ambience and white noise, remarkable for its mixture of clarity and power. Unlike many other bands in the death/black genre (e.g. Dissection and Necrophobic) Dawn thrives on repetition. Each riff is repeated over and over, creating a trance-like listening experience. Songs are fairly long and usually built around three or four riffs. Surprisingly...This works and makes the tracks quite hypnotic in nature "

Simply Put....A Tremendous Effort !......A must for fans of the Black/Death Genre...

Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh !..........Get It!
In Here.........

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anasarca - Godmachine (1998)

1. The Way Into The Light (Intro)
2. Godmachine
3. The Beast (Perverse Penetration)
4. The Weird Ways
5. Drowned And Rotten
6. Like Thorns In My Head
7. Loss Of Time
8. Scorn
9. Corrosive Eclipse
10. Condemned Truth
11. Whispers And Cries

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" This is Germany's Anasarca with their debut album "

" Describing Anasarca as a mixture of the grinding US and "melodical" European style" of death metal is pretty accurate, and over 'Godmachine's 40 odd minute expanse.... one is treated to doses of each. Low-powerchord, bass-heavy chuggings and their double bass backing in the Cannibal Corpse-style is melded with, for example, Centinex-esque melodic manipulations "

" Anasarca play highly disciplined death metal incorporating all the elements that make it so technically satisfying: melody, plenty of blast beats and triggered drumming, a versatile approach to rhythm and of course vocals straight from the school of the great growlers "

A solid Death Metal record here !

Go Ahead !....Get It!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vorum - Grim Death Awaits (Ep) (2009)

1. They Are The Dead
2. Grim Death Awaits
3. Carved In Dead Flesh
4. Through The Throats Of Liars
5. Ritual Desecration
6. Obscure Rites
7. Cthonic
8. Eyes Burning Red

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Vorum is a death metal band hailing from Ahvenanmaa Finland and came to existence in the winter of 2006 "

" One of the new crop of Death Metal bands from Finland playing in the style of old. This little Ep is crushing stuff indeed....Evil...Downtuned Death Metal with gruff vocals. Shitloads of time changes and a burly production "

" These guys were recently signed....And I for one hope to see their debut full-length in the near future.......By the sound of this ep...We could have another winner on our hands "

Excellent Debut.....Fans of Repugnant, Bastard Priest Etc.....Check This Out!

Best Ep This Year....So Far.....Get It!

Monday, April 13, 2009

God Dethroned - Passiondale (2009)

01. The Cross of Sacrifice
02. Under a Darkening Sky
03. No Man's Land
04. Poison Fog
05. Drowning in Mud
06. Passiondale
07. No Survivors
08. Behind Enemy Lines
09. Fallen Empires
10. Artifacts of the Great War

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Blackened Death Metal

" 8th full length from these dutch warriors of Metal "

" 'Passiondale' sees God Dethroned delve into the historical battle of Passchendaele...A Epic battle that saw both sides lose nearly a million men in total "

" This band has endured some line-up changes for this record but has pulled through with flying colors ! Musically, Passiondale is heavy as all hell with a lot of melody, a touch of clean singing (very well done I might add) every once in awhile and though the growls are brutally heavy they are also very audible. There is also a lot of tremolo picking, which really gives it that whole Blackened feel to it. "

" People ....This is not your ordinary black/Death metal record all about anti-Religious beliefs.....This is a true historical account of a bloody battle......And the record is the same....Bloody....Fucking.....Great !

A catchy, brutal, interesting and well put together concept album with the savage intensity to match.....

Dogs Of War !...........Get It!

Ghoul - Splatterthrash (2006)

1. Into the Catacombs
2. As Your Casket Closes
3. Bury the Hatchet
4. Merde!
5. Cult of the Hunter
6. Mutant Mutilator
7. Psychoplasm
8. Splatterthrash
9. Gutbucket Blues
10. Rise, Killbot, Rise!
11. Life of the Living Dead
12. Baron Samedi

Origin - USA

Style - Death/Thrash/Grind Metal

" What should one expect from SPLATTERTHRASH? Well, actually, the title defines it perfectly. It's a combination of blood splattering, gut stomping atmospheres intertwined with saw to the bone thrash. Don't let that fool you though, as Ghoul can change it up as quickly as blood spilling out of a gutted pig. While songs like "As Your Casket Closes" and "Gutbucket Blues" have more of a traditional thrash sound, songs like "Bury the Hatchet" and "Cult of the Hunter" often cross into death metal territory and while there is a good deal of treading the thrash and death metal line on this album, the band trade off between the two flawlessly. If you dig on thrash and death metal but want something a little extra, Ghoul provide it courtesy of the ghastly surfabilly/rockabilly instrumental "Psychoplasm".

" Ghoul will appeal to not only the fans of horror themed music (horror punk, horror rock, horror THRASH!) but to fans of straightforward thrash and death metal as well. The band is a great combination of imagery (check out some videos of these guys) and top-notch musicianship.

I highly suggest checking these guys out if you haven't already.

Gore Now !.......Get It!

Right There.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Exanthema / Chronic Decay - Split (1993)

1. Memories
2. In My Dreams

Chronic Decay
3. Return To Heaven
4. Silent Prayer
5. Visions Of A Madman

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Classic split from two of Sweden's finest Death Metal Bands "

" Chronic Decay being more of a Death/Thrash sound and Exanthema being the "classic" Death Metal variety. Both bands kick ass...And so does this rare Split "

History Of Death!.........Get It!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Purtenance - Member of Immortal Damnation (1992)

1. Intro
2. Black Vision
3. Deep Blue Darkness
4. Lacus Somniorum
5. The Lost Memories
6. A Dark Cloud Arises
7. In the Misty Morning
8. Reality isn't Disappeared
9. Misery of the Rebirth
10. Crown Waits the Immortal
11. John.3.16

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Purtenance released one EP and then one full length before splitting up in 1992 "

" This release shows a lot of musical maturation form the Purtenance Avulsion (Earlier) days, but it still shows a lot of energy. They developed a style of mixing heavy sludgy doom sections with faster death thrash sections. Purtenance also managed to incorporate some melodic elements lacking from their early days. This release rips just as much as the Purtenance Avulsion demo and the mix of Doom/Thrash/Death gives it a unique character "

" The slow murky parts of this album are everything that I look for in death metal, dark brooding, and filthy....Almost bordering on doom metal "

Classic Finnish Death Metal Right Here !

Why Don't You Get It !
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Darkified - A Dance On The Grave (1995)

1. Intro
2. Howlings From The Darkness
3. A Summond For The Nameless Horrors
4. The Forgotten City
5. Outro - Out From The Darkness
6. Sleep Forever...
7. The Forgotten City (1992 Version)
8. The Whisperer In The Darkness

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Black Metal

" A compilation of both demos of Darkified "

" Dark (Demo#1) was recorded on May 11th, 1991.Sleep Forever...(Demo#2) was recorded on January 18th, 1992. Darkified featured Roberth Karlsson (Edge Of Sanity) & Jocke Göthberg (Dimension Zero,Marduk) "

" Darkified was a death metal band from Sweden that existed between 1990 and 1992. After a couple of releases they broke up. Their members have since been part of many other bands. Their demo and the EP were both produced by Dan Swanö at his Gorysound Studios and he also played guitar and keyboard on some of the songs. Other session musicians were guitarist Jonas "Sabri" Amundin and vocalist Alex Bathory "

Early under produced Death metal with black undertones and One of the first Swedish bands to use keyboards for ambiance.......Great Stuff Here !

Light Unto Dark !.........Get It !

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hour of Penance - The Vile Conception (2008)

1. Misconception
2. Liturgy of Deceivers
3. Hideously Conceived
4. Drowned in the Abyss of Ignorance
5. Absence of Truth
6. Slavery in a Deaf Decay
7. The Holy Betrayal
8. From Hate to Suffering
9. Conjuration Sworn
10. Hierarchy of the Fools

Origin - Italy
Style - Brutal Death Metal

" Two words sum up Hour of Penance's third album perfectly: Fucking Relentless!

" This shit is not for pussy's here.....One would call this a proper blastfest..The drums are all over the place, doing their best to pummel you into submission, but are at all times backed up by a vigorous and creative guitarist throwing riffs, harmonies and solos around as if his life depends on it..And dont forget the vocals spewing forth at high speed and low pitch "

" When listening to Brootal stuff like this...It reminds me how boring such bands as Hate Eternal are...Just a bunch of technical stuff..No cohesion....H.O.P. brings it in spades and writes good songs also...Not for everyone...But if you need fast,faster,super fucking fast music about 36 min or so...Look no further ! "

Chaos All Around !......Get It!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alter/Cartilage - Ex Oblivione / The Fragile Concept of Affection - Split (1992)

Altar (Swe)

1. Nothing Human
2. Lifeless Passion
3. Decapitated (New Version)
4. Daymare/A Message from the Grave
5. Ex Oblivione
6. Severed on the Attic (Bonus Track)
7. No Flesh Shall Be Spared (Bonus Track)

Cartilage (Fin)

8. The Underworld
9. Afterlife Sorrow (Infernal Paradise II)
10. Why Do I Watch the Dawn?
11. Consanguine to Understanding
12. Blessing in Depth
13. Intro/The Altar (Bonus Track)
14. Ether Depression (Bonus Track)

Origin - Sweden/Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Legendary Split on Drowned Productions "

" Featuring Alter from sweden and Cartilage From Finland......The Cartilage side being my favorite !......Heavy old-school Death Metal done right....Nuff said "

Holy gets the props for mentioning this one !....Hailz !

Go Ahead !........Get It!...Or Die !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles (2009)

1. In Honour of Reason
2. Post-Enlightenment Executor
3. As Tyrants Fall
4. Sophistic Demise
5. Requiem in SI Minore
6. At The Guillotine
7. Embodied Deception
8. Infection Of The White Throne
9. Retrieving My Carcass
10. Oracles

Origin - Italy
Style - Brutal Death Metal

" Fleshgod Apocalypse features members from bands like Hour Of Penance and Promaetheus Unbound. "Oracles", which is the band’s first full-length album is a high class technical album brimming with savage riffing and classical overtones"

" Amongst the furious neo-classical guitar work on par with bands such as Necrophagist are small interludes. These classical breaks in the album create a strange sense of anticipation for certain songs to kick in and start the brutal stuff all over again. Truly an inventive record in my opinion and one every Death Metal fan should at least check out...."

A Massacre !.......get It!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Paganizer - Scandinavian warmachine (2009)

1. Forever scorned
2. Scandinavian warmachine
3. The flesh
4. Colder
5. Thule in flames
6. Distracting the Gods to enable the slaughter of millions
7. An icon for the damned
8. Crusader
9. Bonesaw bonanza
10. Cold seed burning the world
11. Morbid panzer battalion
12. Onward to die
13. Punishment through defeat
14. The skies bleed napalm
15. Undead warhead
16. World of smoking ruins

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" In the world of music...Some bands take 5 years in between records...Rogga Johansson takes 3 months ! Here the 7Th full length already "

" Now anyone that knows Rogga's music...Knows what to expect..Crushing ..Simple old-school sounding Metal Of Death...Whether or not 55 minutes exceeds one's limits ?..Well..I still say I would rather hear 55 min of this record than 95% of all the other releases nowadays "

" Besides there are enough killer riffs contained here to bother the fucking neighbors !...That's for sure. I think I would condense some tracks together and make a more compressed outing next time around....But none the less..Another hammer of Death From Paganizer "

And any record with a song called "Bonesaw Bonanza" is a plus in my book !

Death Till The End !..........Get It!
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unanimated - In The Light Of Darkness (2009)

1. Ascend With The Stench Of Death
2. Retribution In Blood
3. The Endless Beyond
4. Diabolic Voices
5. In The Light Of Darkness
6. The Unconquered One
7. Enemy Of The Sun
8. Serpent's Curse
9. Death To Life
10. Strategia Luciferi

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Black/Death Metal

" 2009 finally see's the return of the under appreciated Unanimated !........"

" 14 years ago came the release ' Ancient God Of Evil ' one of the best releases of its kind..In my opinion...And never recieved the notice it deserved. Here we are in 2009 and the gods make a return...And what a return it is ! "

" Spectacular Blackened Death metal in the Dissection vein...'In the Light of Darkness' sounds devastating, a crushing effort which offers both melodies and pure Swedish death metal...wrapped in a more modern production "

" I could write about every track...But I will tell you this "Death To Life" is one of the best Black/Death tracks I have heard in a while...A mid-paced effort that just reeks of evilness and a Necrophobic atmosphere to it. The vocals of Micke Jansson are properly scathing and fit well and the songs are well written...Very Impressive stuff indeed ! "

Unanimated prove once more that they're worth your time, and this album is a no-brainer for fans of Swedish black/death metal ala Dissection, Sacramentum, etc.

Through the Gates !........Get It!
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swedish Death Metal - Compilation (2009)


1. Mefisto: Missing in Action (from the demo tape “Megalomania”, 1986)
2. Obscurity: Demented (from the demo tape “Damnations Pride”, 1987)
3. Corpse: Rise Again (from the demo tape “Black Dawn”, 1987)
4. Merciless: Souls of the Dead (from the demo tape “Realm of the Dark”, 1988)
5. Morbid: Wings of Funeral (from the demo tape “December Moon”, 1987)
6. Nihilist: Abnormally Deceased (from the demo tape “Only Shreds Remain”, 1988)
7. Putrefaction: Putrefaction Remains (from the demo tape “Painful Death”, 1989)
8. Carnage: Torn Apart (from the demo tape “Infestation of Evil”, 1989)
9. Therion: Megalomania (from the demo tape “Beyond the Darkest Veils of Inner Wickedness”, 1989)
10. Carbonized: Final Chapter (from the demo tape “Au-To-Dafe“, 1989)
11. Expulsion: Darkside (from the demo tape “Veiled in the Mists of Mystery”, 1989)
12. Grave: Brutally Deceased (from the demo tape “Anatomia Corporis Humani”, 1989)
13. Sorcery: Descend to the Ashes (from the demo tape “Unholy Crusade”, 1989)
14. Tribulation: Irrevocable Act (from the demo tape “Void of Compassion”, 1990)
15. Afflicted Convulsion: Consumed In Flames (from the demo tape “Beyond Redemption”, 1990)
16. Dismember: Dismembered (from the demo tape “Reborn in Blasphemy”, 1990)
17. Desultory: The Chill Within (from the demo tape “Death Unfolds”, 1990)
18. Grotesque: Submit to Death (from the 12” EP “Incantation”, 1990)


1. Entombed: But Life Goes On (from the demo tape “But Life Goes On”, 1989)
2. Nirvana 2002: Mourning (from the compilation “Projections of a Stained Mind”, 1991)
3. General Surgery: Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (from the 7” EP “Necrology”, 1991)
4. Dismember: Override of the Overture (from the album “Like an Ever Flowing Stream”, 1991)
5. Grave: Into the Grave (from the album “Into the Grave”, 1991)
6. Unleashed: Before the Creation (from the album “Where No Life Dwells”, 1991)
7. Tiamat: Ancient Entity (from the album “The Astral Sleep”, 1991)
8. Carbonized: Recarbonized (from the album “For the Security”, 1991)
9. At The Gates: City of Screaming Statues (from the EP “Gardens of Grief”, 1991)
10. Liers In Wait: Bleeding Shrines of Stone (from the EP “Spiritually Uncontrolled Art”, 1992)
11. Edge Of Sanity: Enigma (from the album “Unorthodox”, 1992)
12. Cemetary: Nightmare Lake (from the album “An Evil Shade of Grey”, 1992)
13. Therion: Symphony of the Dead (from the album “Beyond Sanctorum”, 1992)
14. Afflicted: Tidings from the Blue Sphere (from the album “Prodigal Sun”, 1992)
15. Marduk: Still Fucking Dead (Here’s No Peace) (from the album “Dark Endless”, 1992)
16. Dissection: Black Horizons (from the album “The Somberlain”, 1993)


1. Evocation: Through the Darkened Peril (from the demo tape “The Ancient Gate”, 1992)
2. Séance: Reincarnage (from the demo tape “Levitised Spirit”, 1991)
3. Toxaemia: Beyond The Realm (from the 7” EP “Toxaemia”, 1990)
4. Furbowl: Shark Heaven (from the demo tape “The Nightfall of Your Heart”, 1991)
5. Suffer: Human Flesh (from the demo tape “Manifestation of God”, 1991)
6. Traumatic: A Perfect Night to Masturbate (from the demo tape “A Perfect Night to Masturbate”, 1991)
7. Macrodex: Necrophilicide (from the demo tape “Remains of a Lost Life”, 1990)
8. House Of Usher: Rather Black (from the 7” EP “On the Very Verge”, 1991)
9. Crypt Of Kerberos: The Ancient War (from the 7” EP “Cyclone of Insanity”, 1992)
10. Eternal Darkness: Psychopath (from the 7” EP “Doomed”, 1992)
11. Interment: Morbid Death (from the demo tape “Where Death Will Increase”, 1991)
12. Uncanny: Transportation to the Uncanny (from the demo tape “Transportation to the Uncanny”, 1991)
13. S. G. R.: Die in Agony (from the demo tape “Massdevastation”, 1992)
14. Sarcasm: In Hate … (from the demo tape “In Hate …”, 1992)
15. Crematory: Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity) (from the demo tape “Netherworlds of the Mind”, 1992)
16. Necrony: Under the Black Soil (from the “Promo-Tape 93–94”, 1994)
17. Repugnant: Spawn of Pure Malevolence (from the demo tape “Spawn of Pure Malevolence”, 1998)
18. Katalysator: Mass Genocide Ritual (from the demo tape “Mass Genocide Ritual”, 2007)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" With a total playing time of over 200 minutes, "Swedish Death Metal" compilation is more than just a various artist cd(3)....Its the history of Swedish Death Metal...My personal favorite style..."

" From the rotten early works of acts like Nihilist, Nivana 2000, Grave, to the "Classic" sounds of Sunlight studios bands like Entombed,Dismember to the modern return bands such as Repugnant,Katalysator....Their is something for every fan of the death metal scene....And if you are new to this stuff...You could do no worse than to get this to hear the ancient history of the art "

Fans: Their are a ton of rarities on these CDs.....7" vinyl,12" vinyl...And of course all of the demo's !......On one set of Cds....!......I am just a little pissed off tho......

Because I didnt do this years ago...But seriously this is “A killer compilation which you dont wanna live without, it may take some time before you see something as awesome as this!”

Or at least till I make the next one.......Someday.....

Sorry I had to split this into 3 links....But the Cds are quite long and this way someone can get one at a time if they choose....Trust Me...Get All three !

Alright Fuckers !..........Get This !

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Axis Powers - Marching Towards Destruction (2009)

1. Marching Towards Destruction
2. War Of Attrition
3. Brutal War
4. Outbreak Of The Blitz
5. Mankind Dead And Raped
6. Slowly To Decay
7. Another Onslaught
8. Forward March
9. Artillery Pointing West

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Battalion warcommanders AXIS POWERS charges forth with a brand new full-length “Marching Towards Destruction”. Taking real-life adaptations of the horrific incidents of the cruel war and militaristic concepts throughout the whole album, this is an excellent marriage between the chainsaw-grind harshness of the old Swedish Death Metal sound gelling perfectly with the vile environment of war!"

" “Marching Towards Destruction” is a simple yet effective approach and totally reminiscent of the early Swedish bands that conquered the Extreme Metal scene in the early nineties. "

Fans of Grave,Entombed etc....Dont hesitate.....Just buy it !

Pulverising !............Get It!
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Pitch Black - Hate Division (2009)

1. Unleash the Hate
2. Hunted
3. Change Nothing
4. Enemy Siege
5. Over The Deadline
6. One Of Them
7. Thrash Metal Elite!
8. And the Killing Ends

Origin - Portugal

Style - Thrash Metal

" Back with their 2nd lp is portugal's Pitch Black "

" These guys play old-school Bay-Area influenced thrash metal...Chocked full of killer riffs....High speed solos and vocals not that far removed from Phil from pantera "

Fans of Exodus,Testament, Etc. should check this 'thrash Killing Machine' out !

No Justice... No Peace..........Get It!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funebrarum - The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams (2009)

1. Perish Beneath
2. Grave Reaper
3. Beyond Recognition
4. Cursed Eternity
5. Incineration of Mortal Flesh
6. Nex Monumentum
7. Among the Exiled

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Its been 8 long years since 'Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods'...Funebrarum's Debut album...But here it finally is...2nd full length...And a fucking Hammer it is ! "

" Brutal old school 90s death metal with both Swedish and Floridian influence. Crushing massive grooves with low gut wrenching vocals and doomy,creepy atmosphere. This is no tech fest here folks....Only Death Metal played with the old influence......"

Absolutely Mandatory !

True Metal Of Death Here !
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