Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vorum - Grim Death Awaits (Ep) (2009)

1. They Are The Dead
2. Grim Death Awaits
3. Carved In Dead Flesh
4. Through The Throats Of Liars
5. Ritual Desecration
6. Obscure Rites
7. Cthonic
8. Eyes Burning Red

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Vorum is a death metal band hailing from Ahvenanmaa Finland and came to existence in the winter of 2006 "

" One of the new crop of Death Metal bands from Finland playing in the style of old. This little Ep is crushing stuff indeed....Evil...Downtuned Death Metal with gruff vocals. Shitloads of time changes and a burly production "

" These guys were recently signed....And I for one hope to see their debut full-length in the near future.......By the sound of this ep...We could have another winner on our hands "

Excellent Debut.....Fans of Repugnant, Bastard Priest Etc.....Check This Out!

Best Ep This Year....So Far.....Get It!

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