Friday, April 17, 2009

Sathanas - Nightrealm Apocalypse (2009)

1. Ever Falling Darkness
2. Prayers Of Armageddon
3. Cult Of Blood
4. Night Realm Apocalypse
5. Black Witching Millennium
6. One With Satan
7. DemonHellStorm
8. Kingdom Of The Damned
9. Prophecies Of Evils To Come
10. Revel In Death

Origin - USA

Style - Blackened Death Metal

" Sathanas emerges from the filthy vaults of Pennsylvania and offers 10 tracks of blackened satanic Black/Death Metal. Founded back in 1988 the band released numerous demos, EP's and full length albums "

" "Nightrealm Apocalypse" has a constant slower tempo with dirty old school riffs as well as this unique raw vocal style. But don't reduce Sathanas to just another retro-sounding act, because this band has simply more to offer than just stolen riffs or a wannabe dark image. Seems like these 3 guys have sold their soul to the devil and totally worship the horned dude with every single tune. The lyrics deal with blasphemic stuff and the general impression is rather dark and evil. The production is good for the genre..nothing too clean or bright...Just evil sounding atmosphere "

Fans of black, death and thrash must definitely give this album a listen !

Blood Sacrifice !..........Aquire It!

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