Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exempt - Ill Health (Demo) 1992

1. Missguided Child
2. Labratory Sickness
3. Morbidity
4. Cadaverious
5. Surrounded By Scorn
6. F.V.T.

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 3rd demo from this Death Metal squad from Gothenburg "

" Formed in Angered,Sweden in october 1990, Exempt played thrashy Death Metal . Members went on in bands such as Immersed In Blood,Inverted,Nominon Etc........Rare demo Recorded;May 1992 and mixed August1992 at Lane Studio "

Walking in Endless Time !.....Get It!

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  1. One of he first death metal demos i ever heard was Exempts"Wake up" and i actually heard it the same year it was recorded in 1991. I was only 12 years old so thats one of the demos that pushed me more towards the extreme music.

    I still have that demo laying around but from what i remember someone taped over a great del on that demo so thats a little boring but i stil have som great memories.