Monday, March 31, 2008

Rapture - Silent Stage (2005)

1. Misery 24/7
2. The Past Nightmares
3. I am Complete
4. For the Ghosts of Our Time
5. Silent Chrysalis Stage
6. Dreaming of Oblivion
7. The Times We Bled (Closure)
8. Cold on My Side
9. Completion

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death/Doom Metal

" Here's another fine release by the very talented Rapture; without a doubt their most mature release to date. What's great about this album is that it is still catchy like the bands previous works, but w/ just enough nuance to make the music fresh & not the same straight forward formula the band had before.Musically you still have the melodic,catchy guitar hooks but...with more emphasis on the clean vocals which sound alot like katatonia"

" This band is about melody, depression, and harmony......
And if that is your thing....this is very good !

For Fan's of Katatonia(early),Swallow The Sun,Daylight Dies

Atmospheric!....Somber!.....Get It!

Dark Tranquillity - The Mind's I (1997)

1. Dreamlore Degenerate
2. Zodijackyl Light
3. Hedon
4. Scythe, Rage and Roses
5. Constant
6. Dissolution Factor Red
7. Insanity's Crescendo
8. Still Moving Sinews
9. Atom Heart 243.5
10. Tidal Tantrum
11. Tongues
12. The Mind's Eye

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" If Dark tranquillity have an album in their regular discography that has been overlooked, it's for sure 'The mind's I'...many fans considered their previous album(The Gallery) the top of the heap. To me this record just refined and progressed on what they had done before. Make no mistake, 'The mind's I' is undoubtedly a Dark tranquillity album, sporting the same level of technical finesse of the rest of their works, both in lyrics and music, and all of it finished with an exceptional production. 'The mind's I' is still in the pre-electronica age of the band, which means that we don't have keyboards, and instead there are acoustic guitars and female voices at some points..but we still get the twin guitars and the terrific voice of Mikael Stanne"

" Epic songs often with movement-like structures, mad driving speed, graceful riffing that is ambiguously dripping with prog-like AND gothenburg-like attributes"

Gothenburg/Melodeath classic!........Get It!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) (2002)

1. Horns ov Baphomet
2. Modern Iconoclasts
3. Here and Beyond (Titanic Turn of Time)
4. As Above So Below
5. Blackest ov the Black
6. Hekau 718
7. The Harlot ov the Saints
8. No Sympathy for Fools
9. Zos Kia Cultus
10. Fornicatus Benefictus
11. Typhonian Soul Zodiack
12. Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might

Origin - Poland
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" 6th full length...By these polish bulldozers !"

"One of things that I particularly enjoy about BEHEMOTH and their current direction is that unlike many a brutal band these days, not everything is hyperspeed blasting and riffing. In fact, quite the contrary. Nergal knows when to turn the speed dial to 11 - listen to the not-so-subtle riff intro to "Blackest Ov The Black" or the speedfest that is "No Sympathy For Fools" for good examples - but other times the band is complacent and happy (well, alright, I'm not sure if they're ever happy) enough ripping mid-paced technical death metal designed to pulverize your skull as opposed to exploding your heart. Listen to the outro riff of "As Above So Below" for some serious neck-snapping fun. Now if only they had extended that riff and expanded upon it for a few more moments...And then there's always the absolutely punishing riff monster Nergal unleashes on his unsuspecting fans in the middle of "The Harlot Ov The Saints," helping transform this mid-album gem into one of the strongest BEHEMOTH tracks I've ever heard. Special kudos needs to go out to the drummer, Inferno. After his performance on this record, death metal fans will be hard-pressed to find a more technically proficient or skilled drummer "

Wickedly evil & brutal death metal!

Blackvisions of the Almighty!........Get It!

Pestilence - Consuming Impulse (1989)

1. Dehydrated
2. The Process Of Suffocation
3. Suspended Animation
4. The Trauma
5. Chronic Infection
6. Out Of The Body
7. Echoes Of Death
8. Deify Thy Master
9. Proliferous Souls
10. Reduced To Ashes

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Thrash Metal/Death Metal

"In 'Consuming Impulse', Pestilence created their, most complete album, successfully marrying the primitive brutality of their previous effort 'Maleus Maleficarum' with the technicality of their later releases. Other than Death and Obituary, there weren't very many vocalists quite like Martin. His voice was that of a rabid grizzly bear, bellowing and quite nerve wracking, but at the same time his phrasing was excellent and the lyrics (which were way ahead of their time) quite clear. And the songs! "Deify Thy Master", "Chronic Infection", and "Out Of the Body" are tremendous, straight ahead death metal classics, with a dose of technicality and wild, improvisational/jazz-like soloing. Each song hit you like a slab of concrete; hard, fast and with deadly intentions"

Simply one of the most underrated bands and albums ever. This is a great mix of death/thrash metal and I love the anguished, hoarse vocals. I highly recommend this for anyone who calls themselves a fan of metal. Why are you still reading this? Go on now, buy it!

Death/Thrash Hall Of Fame !........Get It!

Swallow the Sun - The Morning Never Came (2003)

1. Through Her Silvery Body
2. Deadly Nightshade
3. Out of This Gloomy Light
4. Swallow (Horror Pt.1)
5. Silence of the Womb
6. Hold This Woe
7. Under the Waves
8. The Morning Never Came

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Doom/Death Metal

" Depressing, bleak, disheartening, dismal, sombre, dreary, and dispiriting, are some of the words that can attempt to describe the mood set on The Mourning Never Came. Firstly, the production and instrumentation is top notch....The second thing that deserves mention, is that all the band members can be heard, nothing seems to outweigh anything else."

" A combination of melody over crushing doom riffs makes this debut album the absolute best of 2003. Most of the vocals delivered are deep and guttural, although there are some nicely written clean vocals lines in some songs, and sometimes they even delve into more mid-ranged vocals and even higher, pain-filled screams.The music and texture of this album is one of absolute darkness and beauty, oftentimes existing simultaneously"

A Must Buy !.........Thats Simple..

Close the windows, pull down the curtains !.............Get It!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Criterion - The Dominant (2005)

1. Demoniac Replacement
2. The Slayer
3. Obliteration
4. Last Breath
5. Blackened Memories
6. Denial
7. Awaken
8. Suffocation
9. The Dominant

Origin - Norway
Genre - Death Metal

" Norwegian Death Metal patrol Criterion have been around for many years releasing some demo's.....but this is their only full length release. And It is absolutely brilliant ....in my opinion.
Criterion moves somewhere near by the territories of Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Death; also spicing their stuff up with some nearly invisible hints from the Norwegian masters of black arts Emperor - added with a quite modern yet still classic kinda ´90s-tinged Death Metal sound.......Are you with me?

" I gotta admit, this is a throughly kick-ass Death Metal release from the Criterion -bunch; their songs reach almost all of the elements of an undying catchiness somewhat even too easily as far as the song structures are concerned. The band has very well proved on this album that they have an ability to write strong songs that capture ears of listeners easily and effortlessly. And that´s how it should be in the first place....one more thing to mention: Guitar solos are as good as you will hear in death metal ....ultra melodic and well placed"

Death Metal Fans: Just check it out and support a fine band thats hardly known.

Bone-crushing !..............Believe It!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sanctus Infernum - Sanctus Infernum (2008)

1. Flesh Without Sin
2. God Unto Myself
3. The Journey Back
4. Facing The Black
5. Suffer
6. Waking The Dead
7. What Calm Is Without Storm
8. Let It Be So

Origin - USA
Genre - Black/Death/Doom Metal

" When I see a mixed genre listing on a band site..I always take a listen and usually rule out some influences.In this case,This band from kansas fits the genre listing to the tee...And its fucking cool!"

" I hear alot of Candlemass in the heavy riffing and song structure's. A little classic Tiamat also...Toss in the cool Blackish/Death vocals and this one is one of the best debut's of 2008 so far"

The riffage is supremely powerful here!

Death Means Just Life!........Get It!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prostitute Disfigurement - Descendants Of Depravity (2008)

1. Torn In Bloated Form
2. The Sadist King And The Generallissimo Of Pain
3. In Sanity Concealed
4. Killing For Company
5. Storm Of The Fiend
6. Life Depraved
7. Carnal Rapture
8. Fatal Fornication
9. Sworn To Degeneracy

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Brutal Death Metal

" Holy Shiiit!....2 murderous albums in 2 days!"

" This record see's P.D. and their 4th full length.....a punishing brand of brutal death, with a definate old-school flavor.

I for one think this is their best yet!.......A terrific mixture of catchy?..yet powerful tracks..Crushing guitars,blast beat maniac drums, a varied vocal approach...what more do you need!

This will be one of the best this year.....Period!

Shotgun Horror!.............Get It!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Origin - Antithesis (2008)

1. The Aftermath
2. Algorithm
3. Consuming Misery
4. Wrath of Vishnu
5. Finite
6. The Appalling
7. Void
8. Ubiquitous
9. The Beyond Within
10. Antithesis

Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Brutal Death Metal

" 4th full length from these kansas blasters!"

" For any newbies to Origin, keep in mind this album requires a few spins to really grasp what this album is about. For old-school fans of Origin, you will thoroughly enjoy this "Blasterpeice" and put it proudly beside your other Origin albums. Support this killer band (and all Death metal) by seeing them live, and you will come out feeling like you've had the shit beat out of you !

Pummel your ears !.............Get It!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Arsis - United in Regret (2006)

1. Oh, the Humanity
2. ...and the Blind One Came
3. United in Regret
4. I Speak Through Shadows
5. Lust Before the Maggots Conquest
6. The Marriage Bed
7. The Cold Resistance
8. The Things You Said
9. Hopeless Truth
Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Melodic Death Metal

"A quick description for the unaware – think of highly technical and rapid-fire melodic death metal"

"The songwriting tandem of James Malone (guitars, vocals) and Michael Van Dyne (drums) resides up there with some of the giants in today's world of metal composers.Malone has hands down become one of the masters at writing two different guitar parts that, as singular as they are, mesh together with pristine and immaculate precision. His use of both staccato picked runs and fluid legato licks simply amaze me, while his lead work is arguably some of the best to be heard .Van Dyne’s performance is simply ablaze with cunning chops as he’ll go from a solid thrash beat one moment to a half-time beat bringing out some groove within the riffs through the next turn. Then he’ll pummel you with some furious kicks and stunning blasts and throttle you with his ability to rip across the toms with some luminous fills......in the end this record needs your immediate attention...spin it a few times to fully get the complete feel.

Request by Geetard

Go Ahead!..........Get It!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Illdisposed - Retro (2000)

1. Cromlech (DARKTHRONE Cover)
2. None Shall Defy (INFERNAL MAJESTY Cover)
3. Reek of Putrefaction (CARCASS Cover)
4. Rapture (PARADISE LOST Cover)
5. Nightmare (VENOM Cover)
6. Gasping for Air (AUTOPSY Cover)
7. Open Casket (DEATH Cover)
8. Killed by Death (MOTÖRHEAD Cover)
9. Out of the Body (PESTILENCE Cover)
10. Intoxicated (OBITUARY Cover)
11. Beating Around the Bush (AC/DC Cover)

Origin - Denmark
Genre - Death Metal

" This album represents a grind/death metal jukebox.Illdisposed decided to make the tribute to their all-time-favorite bands. And This album does have some crushing covers and some interesting choices...ac/dc,motorhead etc.

It is cool to hear Illdisposed do their take on most of these tracks..in a very Death metal way.

Requested by Machine

Música Para Los Muertos!...........Get It!

Illdisposed - Kokaiinum (2001)

1. A Warm Welcome
2. Just Like A Clockwork
3. Richard Scarry
4. Illdisposed
5. Forever Young 2001
6. Intellargent
7. Kokaiinum
8. A Girl And Her Boss
9. Fear Bill Gates

Origin - Denmark
Genre - Death Metal

Meaning Cocaine....what you get with this record is....

"Groovy death metal, very heavy sounding and on the catchy side. The first couple of songs are played in a speed that reminds you of more modern metal and so do certain riffs. Illdisposed throws in a lot of old school death metal influences (and also some rock 'n roll influences)...This being one of their least popular records....even listed on their own website as (this album sucks)....I think its a very cool album and if you want to check out what these danish hooligans were doing a few years ago.......

By All Means!...........Get It!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Duskfall - Frailty (2002)

1. The Light
2. Age of Errors
3. Agoraphobic
4. Poison the Waters
5. None
6. Farewell Song
7. Frailty
8. Tune of Slaughtered Hearts
9. Just Follow
10. Deliverance

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"Founded as a solo project of Mikael Sandorf after the ill-fated Gates of Ishtar broke up....This is their debut on the now defunct Black Lotus records. And what a fine debut it is...in my opinion their best overall.The Duskfall have delivered 10 tracks of just awesome melodic death in the swedish tradition.

They specialise in belting out huge, fast, fat riffs, intertwined with infectious, soaring melodies guaranteed to get you on your feet and air guitaring. This album really has anything a metalhead could ask for; melody and death metal grooves in equal measures, emotion and fury packed into every note. But its the solo's ....oh the solo's from guest guitarist Magnus Olsson that put it over the top...His solos are played without distortion, just simple clear overdrive guitar, and give a progressive feeling to the songs "

Well executed melodic death from sweden!......Where else?

There is something in the water in sweden!........Get It!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

GodHateCode - Aeons (2008)

1. Crawl Down To Zero
2. Deathlike God Complex
3. Slumbering Sickness
4. Seelenkalt
5. The Odium Inside
6. Hypnagogic State
7. Survive Pain To Survive Hate
8. Incinerated
9. Torrent Of Hatred
10. Narcoleptic Wrath

Origin - Austria,Sweden,Spain
Genre - Death Metal

" New act created from ex-Coercion,In Slumber,Avulsed members"

"Quite heavy,grinding death metal here...Well produced and pretty GodDamnCatchy ! I like the mixture of styles as it keeps the album interesting. Check out "Deathlike God Complex" this shit is heavy and sticks in your head !

Recommended !!

Give It A Try!........Got It!

Illdisposed - There's Something Rotten In The State of Denmark (1997)

1. Psychic Cyclus I-III
2. Near The Gates
3. We Lie In The Snow
4. Wake Up Dead (Megadeth cover)
5. Life: An Evaluation
6. There's Something Rotten...
7. Pimp
8. Days On The Floor
9. Not A Vision - 1991
10. Instrumentally Illdisposed
11. Horsens Highway

Origin - Denmark
Genre - Death Metal

" 'There's Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark' is forty minutes of chugging and grooving and melodic riffs plus a bunch of fantastic solo's. Melodic Death with punch, play it loud and you'll understand what I mean.The riffs remind me of Bolt Thrower and Obituary, but with more of a groovy element. The disc has a nice old school sound, but with excellent production"

Quite a bit different than their latest stuff....but brilliant anyway!

For those who like their Death Metal free from blast beats and bursting corpses........Get It!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In-Quest - Epileptic (2004)

1. Neurofractal Bypass
2. The Imminence Of Disposition
3. Reverberating Human Callousness
4. Deprivation Synapse
5. Retrospective Void
6. In For The Kill
7. Epileptic
8. Scorched
9. Placid Vortex

Origin - Belgium
Genre - Death Metal

" These freaks from Belgium churn out some of the most dense riffs one could imagine. On top of that, they add synths to create the cold, evil background. The solos are played, not with speed, but with passion. Every note was selected carefully, as you can hear on the solo on the title track. Sven from Aborted does vocals for this album, which makes the vocals sick"

" In-Quest manages to toss together a foreboding mixture of crushing death, a tad of melody, a shit load of tasty riffs, a dash of epic, a bit of groove, and a touch of mechanized electronic madness. Add another devastating production from Tue Madsen and this makes for a Crushing Package!

Very Under-Rated !........Zyklon,Meshuggah,Aborted fans...This is a must have.

Also check out their latest..."The Comatose Quandaries"..on this site.

Fucking Monster !...........Get It!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daylight Dies - No Reply (2002)

1. The Line That Divides
2. I Wait
3. Hollow Hands
4. Four Corners
5. Unending Waves
6. In the Silence
7. Minutes Pass
8. Back In the World
9. Everything That Belongs

Origin - USA
Genre - Melodic Death/Doom Metal

" Much like Rapture before them, Daylight Dies harvest inspiration from mid-era Katatonia, with the likes of Brave Murder Day and the Sounds of Decay EP clearly having had considerable influence on the making of No Reply . Armed with strong production, some really good riffs and emotional melodies, and competent raspy vocals, Daylight Dies show enough songwriting skill to make this hour long record very enjoyable"

These guys are one of the top Death/Doom bands in the U.S. and I for one.... am looking forward to their upcoming record!

Requested by Elmo

Sombre and atmospheric !......Get It!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Arsis - We Are The Nightmare (2008)

1. We are the Nightmare
2. Shattering the Spell
3. Sightless Wisdom
4. Servants to the Night
5. Falling Winds of Hopeless Greed
6. Overthrown
7. Progressive Entrapment
8. A Feast for the Liar's Tongue
9. My Oath to Madness
10. Failure's Conquest

Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Melodic Death Metal

" 3rd full-length Lp from the Virginia crew........"

New Release Monday !.............Get It!

Belphegor - Bondage Goat Zombie (2008)

1. Bondage Goat Zombie
2. Stigma Diabolicum
3. Armageddon's Raid
4. Justine: Soaked In Blood
5. Sexdictator Lucifer
6. Shred For Sathan
7. Chronicles Of Crime
8. The Sukkubus Lustrate
9. Der Rutenmarsch

Origin - Austria
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" New opus of hate from the austrian satan worshipers"

" What a fuckin' masterpiece this is! After two spins i can say that this is their Magnum Opus! Great songs, no weak spots on Bondage. Despite the fact that i hear some Rammstein&Behemoth influences here and there, it's still distinctivly Belphegor. Check the guitarwork on Armageddons Raid and Shred for Sathan for instance. Imagine Sexdictator Lucifer live on stage: A Killer! Feel the shivers down your spine with the oriëntal riffs in Chronicles of Crime, the crushing rhythm of The Sukkubus Lustrate. And to top it all off a majestic, atmospheric closer, almost ballad-like; a monster called Der Rutenmarsch. Yes. This is one of the highlights of my metal-year so far!!...

Review By Heathen ! (and a fine -fucking review..I might add)

A Bloodbath In Paradise!..............Get It!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In Flames - A Sense of Purpose (2008)

1. The Mirror's Truth
2. Disconnected
3. Sleepless Again
4. Alias
5. I'm the Highway
6. Delight and Angers
7. Move Through Me
8. The Chosen Pessimist
9. Sober and Irrelevant
10. Condemned
11. Drenched In Fear
12. March To The Shore

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Metal

" 9th studio release from In Flames"

Love em......or Hate em.......Here You Go !

Jesterheads!...........Get It!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Forsaken - Arts Of Desolation (2002)

1. Incubator
2. The Hatebreed
3. Cold Flesh Colony
4. Dethroned
5. Embedded Insanity
6. The Second Manifest
7. Injected Terror
8. Human Chapter X
9. Scars
10. Mental Degeneration

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

"Fullfilling the promise of 2001's "Manifest Of Hate"...The Forsaken have managed to up the ante on their second release.
This swede crew have managed to seamlessly blend some of the best elements of what has come before them: the intricate songwriting approach that characterized the '90's output of Death, the crushing heaviness of Florida death metal pioneers like Deicide and Morbid Angel, and the catchy guitar work of "Swe-death" predecessors like At The Gates and In Flames"

"This album is absolutely fucking powerful, with so many intricate attacks throughout, absorbing it completely will take several listens. While there are straight-up riffs of crunch the majority of Arts of Desolation moves by incredibly fast therefore missing killer subtleties is bound to happen"

Incredible music,crushing and catchy, very much worth a purchase. A supremely crafted piece of Death Metal !

Bring the pain!......Get It!

At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul (1995)

1. Blinded by Fear
2. Slaughter of the Soul
3. Cold
4. Under a Serpent Sun
5. Into the Dead Sky
6. Suicide Nation
7. World of Lies
8. Unto Others
9. Nausea
10. Need
11. The Flames of the End
12. Legion (Slaughterlord Cover)
13. The Dying (Unreleased Track)
14. Captor of Sin (Slayer Cover)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" I wanted to put this up as a tribute ...to celebrate that tickets for the now reformed ATG are on sale in the USA!....

"If you consider yourself a melodeath metal fan, or if you're a newcomer, it is absolutely mandatory that you're familiar with the following four words: "Slaughter Of The Soul." If there ever was a classic in this genre, this album, the fifth studio release and fourth full length from At The Gates, is it. It's often thought of as being the epitome of the genre, because of its importance. It almost single handedly created and established the Gothenburg metal sound. It has influenced almost everybody-from In Flames (who are also a highly influential melodeath group), to nine-out-of-ten modern American metalcore bands (Shadows Fall, for example)"

" While I never thought this was the "be all end all"of swedish metal...It is a classic album that holds its place in history...

But...You can judge for your self "

Jaws locked around your spine!.......Get It!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)

1. Solitude
2. Demons Gate
3. Crystal Ball
4. Black Stone Wielder
5. Under the Oak
6. A Sorcerer's Pledge

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Epic Doom Metal

" Epicus doomicus metallicus is the debut of this Swedish band around big composing talent and bassist Leif Edling. The title of this work most probably led to the use of the term "Doom-metal" to describe this musical genre. Unlike doom death, classical doom metal bands like Candlemass don't use any death grunts, only clean, traditional heavy metal vocals"

"Candlemass take what Black Sabbath were doing circa Heaven and Hell to the next logical step. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe what these Swedes were conducting on this album. Take the opening intro to the song “Solitude” It begins with a deceptive acoustic guitar fiddling away as a voice akin to a lost soul calls out for his own death, immediately following this come the guitars crashing down. A truly monstrous riff is unleashed and they have reached limits previous unheard of in levels of heaviness.....This is a Absolute Classic !

Doom Hall Of Fame!..........Get It!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Altered Aeon - Dispiritism (2004)

1. Dispirited Chambers
2. The Resonance of Form in Transition
3. Desensitizer
4. Behind the Lodge Door
5. Patriots of Sin (Aeternum Essentia)
6. Carpe Noctem
7. Dreamscape Domain
8. Oath to Endure
9. Light Creates Shadows
10. Transcendence Duology
11. Cellular Disorganization (Instrumental)
12. Welcome Home (King Diamond cover)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Thrash Metal

" Formed in 2001 with members from Theory In Practice, Mutant and Scar Symmetry...This album is a full-on thrash metal blast. It sometimes reminds me of Grip Inc. and Testament, while the vocals sometimes remind of Nevermore"

" Stunning Guitar solos, brilliant riffs and the varied voice made this one of the best so far in the 21 century thrash stakes"

Dont waste time!........Get It!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Carnal Grief - Nine Shades of Pain (2006)

1. Information Feed
2. Epitaph
3. Catatonic
4. Elsewhere
5. The Perpetual Grey
6. Chronolies
7. Tin Winged Angel
8. A passion for Hate
9. Crown of Might
10. Charts of Temporal Diversity

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

"Playing melodic Death Metal isn't very original to begin with, and even more so when you're coming from Sweden! Nevertheless Carnal Grief manages to impress with "Nine Shades Of Pain". The main reason is the high level of playing. Á la Arch Enemy the guitarsolos are abundant and because of the splendid structure of the songs you would sometimes think you're dealing with a progressive metal band"

"Vocalist Jonas Carlsson possesses a vicious and sometimes even wicked sounding voice and he leaves no room whatsoever for clean vocals.The song structures remind me of Carcass.."heartwork" era...that same sort of groove.The production is awesome...add a little At The Gates worship..and it makes for a fine album"

For fans of Arch Enemy,Carcass,In Flames,At the Gates.....

Swedish Craftmanship!..........Get It!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crionics - Armageddon's Evolution (2004)

1. Arrival of Non-parallel Aeons
2. Final Inversion
3. Armageddon's Evolution
4. Chant of Rebel Angels (intro)
5. FFF (Freezing Fields of InFinity)
6. Xenomorphized Soul Devoured
7. Disconnected Minds
8. Celestial Interference
9. Black Manifest (The Sermon to the Masses)
10. Dept.666
11. Total Blasphemy

Origin - Poland
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" On Armageddon’s Evolution, their second full-length release,
Crionics comes nearer to striking a balance between the evil melodic ambiance of black metal and the sheer brutality of death metal... A journey through the entire “Armageddon’s Evolution” goes way beyond the usual black metal paths into glittering and mysterious caves to where only a small number of human beings have marched. A perfect hybrid of black and death metal, in which all ingredients seem to be recorded suitably to their destination points"

"This album is chock full of song upon song of blast beat driven ferocity with intriguingly complex yet subtle guitar work,Black metalish vocals,keyboards for ambiance(not overly done),The production is balanced and clear with a crisp sound...

Fans of Behemoth,Zyklon,Emperor should take a Listen!

Anno Satanae !.........Get It!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bloodbath - Unblessing the Purity (2008)

1. Blasting the Virginborn
2. Weak Aside
3. Sick Salvation
4. Mouth of Empty Praise

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Here It Is !..........New crushing E.P. from this all-star outfit playing Old-School styled death metal. Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) is back on vocals...and they are sick as usual !

Death, gore, violence, supernatural, hate........Get It!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris (2000)

1. Land Where Sympathy Is Air
2. To Become Shelter And Salvation
3. Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame
4. Flowering Entities
5. To Give
6. On The Way Home
7. Shine Of Consolation
8. Sadness And Strength
9. A Step Closer
10. An Old Man And A Child
11. Walking In The Garden Of Ma'at

Origin - Czech Republic
Genre - Progressive/Brutal Death Metal

"Technical and occasionally Progressive Death Metal with light Grind touches" is what you'd have to call this music, but you know what? Fuck such labels; what's in a name after all?

""Elvenefris" is one of these albums of which I can in good conscience say that there probably hasn't been anything like this, and neither will there be anytime soon. Of course there have been albums that made the listener's jaw drop due to their sheer brutality and the musicians' technical skill. Of course there have been albums that enchant you with magical melodies and turn minutes into seconds. However, I can't remember any album that combined these two elements as seamlessly as "Elvenefris" does. Not only that, but the Egyptian overtones along with some of The greatest fucking drumming I've ever heard.

If you havent heard this guys, I highly recommend everyone to give them a try. They will amaze you....Take your time and absorb all of it.......

Amazing Piece Of Work Here!..........Get It!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Septic Flesh - Communion (2008)

  1. Lovecraft's Death
  2. Anubis
  3. Communion
  4. Babel's Gate
  5. We The Gods
  6. Sunlight Moonlight
  7. Persepolis
  8. Sangreal
  9. Narcissus

Origin - Greece

Genre - Atmospheric Death Metal

"Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!These greek veterans have been in hibernation for 5 years...but you cannot tell on this new masterpiece of Brooding,Evil"

"You see, Septic Flesh have made good with an album that is as surprisingly fresh-sounding as it is a work of sheer musical genius.Deep guttural Vocals surrounded by Massive heavy guitars and a crushing Studio Fredman(sweden) Production"

"This album is like a soundtrack to a Dark,occult Movie.The classical arrangements were performed by The 80 Part Full Orchestra, 32 Part Choir Of Prague.Simply put.... this is a record of mind-blowing proportions!

Watch for this one on end of the year lists !

Enough...Already.....Get It!


Friday, March 7, 2008

New Testament & Belphegor tracks (2008)

1. More Than Meets the Eye

From upcoming album "The Formation of Damnation"

Crushing track from the new record......if the rest is as good as this...we are in for a Thrash fest!
1. Bondage Goat Zombie
From the upcoming album "Bondage Goat Zombie"
Black/Deathsters from austria return to slaughter all with new album.......2008 looking like a banner year for Metal !

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sotajumala - Death Metal Finland (2004)

1. Intro
2. Meidän Maa
3. Elämän Vihollinen
4. Syyttömien Veri
5. Kuolleet
6. Rakkaudesta Sotaan
7. Panssarikolonna
8. Sisu Sinivalkoinen
9. Sotajumala
10. Vanki
11. Pommitus

Origin - Finland

Genre - Death Metal

"This is extremely fast. This is brutal and sinister. This is snarling hatred in music form. This is fucking WAR.

"The music could best be described as a tank rolling onwards to battle and therefore I think the cover picture is very fitting as well, as it shows a tank rolling down whatever stands in its way.Blasting riffs from start to finish....there are no slow songs just crushing death,war,bombs,artillery......

Wargods!...........Get It!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dominion Caligula - A New Era Rises (2000)

1. A New Era Rises
2. Dominion
3. Praise thy Victorious
4. In Love With the Gods
5. Let Them Hate Me
6. Drink the Royal Seed (Fellatio Me Scrotum)
7. Let Me Become
8. Cold Black

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" When I first heard of the band, I thought it was going to be alot like Dark Funeral(Dominion and Caligula are members of Dark Funeral). Well, I was quite wrong. While Dark Funeral's material is fast and hateful, Dominion Caligula's material is mid paced and more atmospheric.These guys are also in one of my favorites Vicious Art...The vocals on this album are amazing as always with Caligula. Top Notch production too"

"This album is based on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, with some decadence of the said empire thrown in too. The lyrics are diverse enough to make them interesting. The material presented to us is some powerful, melodic, mid-paced death/doom metal that is fucking powerful"

Dark Funeral fans may or may not like it.....but any death/black metal fan should check this out!.....Its that good...

Cruelty, Depravity............Get It!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In Flames - The Mirror's Truth (2008) e.p.

1. The Mirror's Truth
2. Eraser
3. Tilt
4. Abnegation

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Metal?

"New Ep from Gothenburg's Heroes.........

#1 is from upcoming album (A Sense of Purpose )due in april
#2&3 are unreleased non-album tracks
#4 is a different version than previously released

Modern Rock?...........Get It!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Urkraft - Eternal Cosmic Slaughter (2004)

1. Blessed Be The Human Beast
2. Paint The City Black
3. Soulless
4. Unleash The Will
5. Eternal Cosmic Slaughter
6. At The Border Of The Known World
7. Cannibal Melancholy
8. Through Your Senses
9. The Scarlet Burning

Origin - Denmark
Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

"This isn't an upbeat or happy sounding album at all. It's undeviatingly heavy, and a lot darker than most other melodic death metal"

"The songs are memorable, headbangable, and full of great riffs. What more could someone ask for?......The guitars will overwhelm you with constant riffiage. Stemming from an aggressive Swedish thrash/death style of riffing, Urkraft also include some depressive moments and of course, showcase a superb melodic side....vocally a sort of hybrid of Tompa(At The Gates)& and a lower range gutteral grunt"

The Haunted,Hatesphere,...Fans Take Notice !

Hellride............Get It!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Devilish Impressions - Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon (2008)

1. T.H.O.R.N.S
2 Rex Inferni
3. The Word Was Made Flesh Turned Into Chaos Again
4. I Am The Son Of God

5. Tales Of Babylon’s Whore
6. Diabolicanos

7. Natas Ro Dog On Si Ereht (Of Plagues And Blasphemy)
8. Har-Magedon
9. Mass For The Dead

Origin - Poland
Genre - Black/Death Metal

"What we now have here is a follow-up, a band’s second full-length titled Diabolicanos – Act III: Armageddon. The band is still on this 9-tracker playing modern black/death metal. The music is therefore also still brutal at times, but it is also catchy and somehow appealing to me. The album, as just mentioned, consists of nine well written songs with epic yet extravagant vocals of Quazarre (known from another Polish band Asgaard)"

"You will get a large dose of Behemoth as well as influences from newer Emperor...D.I. songs are mostly mid-tempo crushers and suit them very well.There's bite aplenty to the guitar, the predominantly progressive Death Metal riffs alternate between punch and puncture whilst frosted Blackened sheet metal sections slice away during more frantic sections. "Tales Of Babylon's Whore" has a very menacing feel to it and yet it still retains the melodies that have come across as an incredibly important element of this album"

For fans of Behemoth,Emperor,Vader !

Devilish indeed!..........Get It!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Daylight Dies - Dismantling Devotion (2006)

1. A Life Less Lived
2. Dead Air
3. A Dream Resigned
4. All We Had
5. Solitary Refinement
6. Strive to See
7. Lies That Bind
8. Dismantling Devotion

Origin - USA
Genre - Melodic Death/Doom Metal

"One of the best American death/doom metal bands out there, these guys came out of nowhere and have become one of my favorite bands....playing a very dense, melodic, and melancholy brand of metal similiar in style to Opeth or Katatonia, Daylight Dies nonetheless inject a fresh and hypnotic density to their material that manages to make them sound like something new altogether"

"Dismantling Devotion" is a dense, layered, and superbly produced epic of an album. The band alternates heavy, throbbing repetitive riffs and death metal grunts against beautiful ethereal classically-influenced clean tone guitar arrangements and guitar-driven harmonies and soft, lush clean vocals to great effect. Dark, foreboding and mournful lyrics accompany the music perfectly. Very compelling, mesmerizing and addictive stuff. I can't recommend this enough for fans of the genre, and can't wait to hear their new album in 2008"

Compelling,Atmospheric Metal!.......Get It!