Friday, October 31, 2008

E-Force - Modified Poison (2008)

01. Deviation
02. Modified Poison
03. Lobotomized
04. Agent 99
05. Malpractice
06. Revolution Riot Act
07. La Vie Cest Precieux
08. Disillutioned
09. Exterminator
10. Perfexionist
11. Wired
12. Victory (VOIVOD cover)

Origin - France
Style - Thrash Metal

" E-Force was the moniker used by Eric Forrest during his time in the mighty Voivod. Basically he appeared on Negatron, Phobos and Kronik albums as well as the self explanatory Voivod Lives between 1994 and 2001 "

" Modified Poison deserves to be heard, it’s a cracking album with 12 excellent cuts of thrashing cyber metal that bring to mind the excellent Negatron period of Voivod. I can tell you now that "Modified Poison" will prove that it's still possible to do original Thrash with a old school spirit...this band plays classic Thrash Metal but Eric Forest has a lot of musical different influences and in the end his music is original. So yes on a side the fast tempos and the really aggressive riffs are classic when it comes to talk about Thrash but here the guitar solo's are extremely impressive, the Black/Death Metal voice of Eric is not common in Thrash Metal and the general ambiance of the album is so dark that it's really disturbing "

" "Modified Poison" is a great album....If you thrash...Dont miss this one !

Request by Goatilocks !

Cosmic Conspiracy !.........Get It!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dismember - Like an Ever Flowing Stream (1991)

1. Override of the Overture
2. Soon to Be Dead
3. Bleed for Me
4. And So Is Life
5. Dismembered
6. Skin Her Alive
7. Sickening Art
8. In Death's Sleep
9. Deathevocation
10. Defective Decay

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Swedish death metal became famous for its phrases of destruction interrupted by thunderous recursion, ripping themselves apart in unfolding conclusion, alternated with racing formations of fast-strummed chords flowing liquid and rhythmic like the energies that replenish life and bring the sudden violence of death.....Huh?...What the hell was all that about....Anyway, this is the classic debut from the mighty Dismember and an absolute all-time classic it is.....

" As one of the godfathers of Swedish metal in general and Swedish deathmetal in specific Dismember was one of the first bands to put out an album which really crushed the scene of that day. A groundbreaking sound, production, image and a complete new style was presented with the first generation of bands hailing from Sweden. A raw way of playing deathmetal completely different from the American way (which already reached the metalheads through bands like Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel and Deicide for instance) or the more primitive deathmetal like Possessed and Master (US) played. A true harsh and raw sound was reached by both new ways of 'tuning' guitars and producing (Sunlight Studios). Besides this a typical game was played between the more up-tempo way of playing and the more dominating mid-paced speed. The band caused a true following and influenced metalhead for generations to come. An unbelievable debut that crushed the scene and shook it on its foundation. A debut with songs like "Dismembered" and "Skin Her Alive" (the last one was also released on a now long cult 7" picture disc) is just insane and the - than young - band continued their immense deathmetal crusade throughout the years. So, Dismember has been a constant factor in the metalscene that never let their fans down and never betrayed their roots. A true classick!

Underworld Hall Of Fame !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Insurrection - Prologue (2008)

1. Festin d'entrailles
2. Entretien avec la bête
3. Four More Years
4. Blackened Pages
5. Méphisto
6. Fear Tomorrow
7. Prologue to Our Demise

Origin - Canada
Style - Death Metal

" Debut full-length from Insurrection out of (Gatineau, Québec) "

Let me know what you people think ! As I have not heard it......

Check It Out!

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet - Grim Tales (2008)

1. Black clouds
2. Misfit with a machinegun
3. Saint lucifer
4. Cursed by the knife
5. A date with suicide
6. Death makes it all go away
7. Dominator of the flesh
8. Bonebreaker propaganda
9. Make them die slowly
10. The frisco reaper
11. Bastards of monstrosity

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Who doesn’t remember the ass kicking melodic Death Metal act THE CROWN? After gathering some talented musicians, Vocalist - Johan Lindstrand has decided to prove that Death Metal is not something you forget. Thus, the third album by the Swedish metallers is here "

" This kind of music is mostly based on the guitar riffing, which is sharp as a knife in this album! The guitars spit their poison in every song, bleeding the filth of Death/Thrash Metal during every second! The good thing is that OMAATUQ have avoided the classic NWOSDM forms creating a weapon that balances between the Swedish melodic Death Metal scene and the Thrash Metal genre "

" Overall I think this is the best album from One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. The bands sound has gotten better and the added melodic touch is something that really makes Grim Tales shine....

This record combines catchiness with brutallity and makes for an entertaining listen......Buy It!

NFVOV ! (cryptic message.....Anyone Figure it out?)

Its A Massacre !........Go Ahead!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Katatonia - Jhva Elohim Meth... the Revival (1993) ep

1. Midwinter Gates (Prologue)
2. Without God
3. Palace Of Frost
4. The Northern Silence
5. Crimson Tears (Epilogue)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Legendary E.P. on vic records...Featuring Blackheim , Jonas Renkse (Lord Seth)& Day Disyhrah (Dan Swanö) "

" A rather impressive debut.not quite as 'doom' as the follow up (Dance of December Souls), but offers quite a bit dark atmosphere with a heavy sound. 'Without God' is an awsome song, also found on Dance of.. but in a different version "

Black/Doom at its finest !

Black Mass !...........Get It!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amorphis - Privilege of Evil (1993) ep

1. Pilgrimage from Darkness
2. Black Embrace
3. Privilege of Evil
4. Misery Path
5. Vulgar Necrolatry (Abhorrence cover)
6. Excursing From Existence

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" A collection of demo material from Amorphis' early career, Privilege of Evil is a surprisingly good collection of first-wave Euro death metal. All the patented genre stylings are present, most importantly the extra-low aggro grunting and the shifting double-kick arrangements. The tempos and guitar riffs mutate appropriately, as this 1993 Relapse offering plays out like a death metal tutorial "

" When a formula is followed so closely, it is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what (if anything) makes a record unique or even interesting. With music like this, the riffs are what matters, and guitarist/vocalist Tomi Koivusaari and fellow axeman Esa Holopainen came up with some excellent progressions that they both execute with abandon on Privilege of Evil. Highlights include the opening track, "Pilgrimage From Darkness," and "Misery Path "

" This EP is a rare example of a real “pilgrimage [to] darkness.”....Death Metal...Period !

Tales From The Black !.........Get It!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Darkane - Demonic Art (2008)

01 - Variations Of An Eye Crush
02 - Leaving Existence
03 - Demonic Art
04 - Absolution
05 - Execution 44
06 - Impetious Constant Chaos
07 - Demigod
08 - Soul Survivor
09 - The Killing Of I
10 - Wrong Grave
11 - Still In Progress
12 - Wrath Connection

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" ’Layer of Lies’ (2005) was a turning point for me when it comes to the Swedish thrashers DARKANE. It’s a fucking great album. Now they are back with another hammer, namely their brand new release ‘Demonic Art’. Their fifth, by the way "

" ‘Demonic Art’ is... as written above... a hammer album. DARKANE are still pure thrash metal. They are aggressive, brutal, fierce, fast, technical, modern and even melodic. Melodic? Yes, Sir! When they reach the choruses they go all melodic-thrash on you, and it gives ‘Demonic Art’ a huge memorable effect......"

This is one of the best of 2008 !

No Fucking Voice-Over Version !

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Outcast - Self-Injected Reality (2008)

01. Autonomy In Progress
02. Denial Of Elapsed Time
03. Reversal
04. Fragmented Memories
05. Allegiance
06. Collapsed Into Oblivion
07. Materia Prima (Instrumental)
08. Hysteria
09. Feelings Transgression
10. Deviance

Origin - France
Style - Progressive Thrash/Death Metal

" 2nd full length from France's Outcast...And If you like technical Thrash/Death Metal, Then you must check these guys out ! "

" Outcast brings a awesome mixture of Brutality,Technicality...Technical modern Thrash Metal mixed with Death Metal elements and above all really complex deep parts which come from the lands of Progressive music. To my ears fellow countrymen Gojira and Gorod are influences along with the Meshuggah type stops and starts "

" This is excellent really and the songs are so complex and go in a ton of different directions that it's really addictive...As an example, the great third track, "Reversal", starts with a slow riffs and a really dark and dirty melody which becomes fast a la Brutal Death and then turns into Jazz for some seconds before that it turns back again to Death Metal… It maybe looks chaotic but believe me this is so well-done that it's finally easy to understand the music of the band "

" So you're looking for technical but brutal music? You want Progressive Metal but don't want something that sounds like Dream Theater? Then Outcast has brought the goods ! Believe me.. This is a sleeper in a year of outstanding records !

Highly Recommended!

Avancez….Obtenez-le !

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hypnosia - Violent Intensity (1999) E.P.

1. Funeral Cross
2. Haunting Death
3. Undead
4. Perpetual Dormancy
5. Mental Terror
6. The Storms

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" After two successful demos...Hypnosia put out this little ep via Iron Fist productions....And introduced everyone to their brand of thrashing mayhem"

" For all you thrashers who like to bang their head without mercy and still worship albums from Merciless, Sadus or Kreator...Hypnosia will take you back to the glory days. This album combines very successfully a lethal 'Pleasure To Kill' style of riffing and vokills that are identical to Mille from Kreator "

" These guys would go on to make the devastating 'Extreme Hatred" Lp and then break up.....No Bueno !

Recorded at Studio Fredman....unusual for thrash metal to be done at the famous melodic death metal studio...but turns out surprisingly raw and very late 80s sounding "

Riot of Violence!........Fuckers !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Edge of Sanity - Purgatory Afterglow (1994)

1. Twilight
2. Of Darksome Origin
3. Blood-Colored
4. Silent
5. Black Tears
6. Elegy
7. Velvet Dreams
8. Enter Chaos
9. The Sinner and the Sadness
10. Song of Sirens

Origin - Sweden

Style - Progressive Death Metal

" Unlike the Gothenburg scene dominated by bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, Edge of Sanity led by Dan Swano was a band that stuck more to the roots of American death metal combining it with Swano's musical vision, which is putting as much emphasis on melody as possible. Furthermore his songwriting refuses to compromise stylistically as he was deeply influenced by 70's and 80's prog rock (speaking of which, his solo album Moontower is possibly his greatest work to date). Dan's indepedent-minded approach to creating original compositions along with cerebral lyrics suggest that Edge of Sanity was definitely a much better band compared to their contemporaries. It's a shame they went unnoticed by many death metal fans until their masterpiece Crimson which unfortunately was written when the band members were on bad terms with each other. This eventually would led to Dan's departure in 1997 and we wouldn't hear another EOS album featuring him on vocals for more than five years "

" Back to Purgatory Afterglow... I consider this one a perfect transition album from the band's older American death metal style to their more prog-driven motives. Musically this album shows a lot of potential growth and maturity in the way that it balances power, anger, lyrical depth, and musical complexity almost perfectly. Considering that Dan was only 21 when he wrote this album, this is a great piece of work. The sharp intelligence, clear vision, and genuine warmth in every song on this album proves that Purgatory Afterglow is a sadly overlooked offering from one of the most underrated (yet amazing) death metal bands ever "

Go Ahead !......Get It!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anata - Dreams Of Death And Dismay (2001)

1. Die Laughing
2. Faith, Hope, Self-Deception
3. God of Death
4. Metamorphosis by the Well of Truth
5. Dreamon
6. Can't Kill What's Already Dead
7. Insurrection
8. The Enigma of Number Three
9. Drain of Blood
10. The Temple / Erratic

Origin - Sweden
Style - Technical Death Metal

" ANATA's second attack on the scene is an utterly astounding piece of surgical, shredding, diabolical and merciless carnage. ANATA have really taken the scene by the neck and rung it something fierce as this album embodies the finest attributes of technical Death Metal and infuriated it with wrathful and homicidal brilliance "

" Blazing guitar work is highlighted by frenetic flurries of savage technical riffing, supported by punishing drum blasting. Weighing down this sonic butchery are the expected rasping death vocals executed by a guitarist who seems too impossibly busy with his amazing playing to have time to shout them. Dreams... is an album not easily ingested upon one or two listens. Its an incredibly complex clockwork opus of dizzy proportions and every listen seems to yield something new. This truly is some of the busiest Death Metal you are likely to hear this year or this decade for that matter "

This is a killer technical death metal album and should not be missed........

Upon The Throne !.........Got It?
Get It!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Desultory - From Beyond (1990) Demo

1. Eternal Darkness
2. The Awakening
3. Cease to Exist
4. Insanity

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 1st demo from this great early Swede band.....Recorded:June 3-4th 1990 at Sunlight Studio"

" This is where the band sounded more thrashy and technical than their later albums...But awesome none the less !

This demo sold 300 copies by word of mouth in the first two months of release....god damn cool if you ask me....

Rarity !.......Get It!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Evocation - Dead Calm Chaos (2008)

1. In the Reign of Chaos
2. Silence Sleep
3. Angel of Torment
4. Boundead
5. Dead Calm Chaos
6. Truth Will Come Clear
7. Dust
8. Protected by What Gods
9. Antidote
10. Tomorrow has no Sunrise
11. Astray Masquerade
12. Razored to the Bone

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Crushing new album from Swedish Godz...Evocation ! "

" Devastating Death Metal done the swedish way.....More Melodic than before..sounding a bit like Hypocrisy..with a clear,loud production...Evocation shows the youngsters how to do it right "

" Anders Björler is guest on "Angel of Torment" and "Razored to the Bone" ,Dan Swanö is guest on "Antidote"

You will be hard pressed to find a better Death Metal Album this year !......Hello end of year list !......Fuck we have some awesome releases lately....from Sweden...imagine that!

Old-Schoolers Rule !

The Law - Dudes of Darkness (2006) Demo

1. Can U Not Talk
2. Distort
3. Dude of Darkness
4. Lawman & the Law - Anthem

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" 1st demo from swedish new-comers The Law "

" “Dudes of Darkness” falls pretty much under the tag of straight-as-a-blade thrash metal, with occasional takes on different genres...melodic vocals etc.
This fine bunch of Swedes knows how to make groovy metal, the demo being excellent proof of them having great skills at transforming “retro” into something fresh "

" The Law have forsaken the Death metal urges of their native Sweden for the crushing thrash sounds of late-'80s Bay Area bands like Metallica and Death Angel. With a dash of Pantera's power grooves and a firm grasp of metal's history.
The band contributed to the documentary 'Get Thrashed' with the songs 'Lawman & The Law / Anthem' and 'Can U Not Talk' "

With their full-length due any second...these guys could be something special..lets hope so.....
Request by Alvaro !......Sorry it took so long.....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guillotine - Blood Money (2008)

1. Insane Oppression
2. Rebellion
3. Insanity
4. Liar
5. Die/Live
6. Skeleton City
7. Madness
8. Dying World
9. Welcome to Dying (Death, Destruction & Pain)
10. War
11. Our Darkest Day
12. Blood Money

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" Its been 11 years since the debut 'Under The Guillotine'.....But Guillotine is back with a new album "

" German sounding thrash is what you get here.....And this shit is good ! A crackling production,Tight playing,short but riff heavy songs....."
Best Thrash Album Of 2008 !

Thrashers Unite !

Go Ahead !.........Get This !

Tankard - Best Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beers (2007)

1. Zombie Attack
2. Maniac Forces
3. (Empty) Tankard
4. Don’t Panic
5. Chemical Invasion
6. The Morning After
7. Alien
8. 666 Packs
9. Beermuda
10. Space Beer
11. Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life)
12 - Freibier
13. Nation Over Nation
14. Two-Faced
15. Minds On The Moon

Origin - Germany
Style - Thrash Metal

" I have always had a soft spot for German Thrash metal dudes Tankard. They stood for everything that most of their fellow Europeans thought Germans were like. Of course they always had their collective tongues firmly in cheek and served up their music with a very healthy dose of humor. What they also had was a very dry liver and the band made sure whenever a photo opportunity was around the corner, they held cigars, naked chicks & a wide variety of booze close at hand. And that for the last 25 years, no less! "

" Which is the very reason for this collection of best known songs from this crazy bunch. The beer bellies on a couple of legs (aka the band members) had to do it with a twist of course, so in a random studio they went and re-recorded all the songs in this package . But the sound is of course, with modern technology an’all, a lot better... so the sound has definitely improved in a spectacular way "

" All well-known sing-a-longs are proudly present so this platter offers a genuine trip down all the subtle & classic pieces of Beer genius we all came to know & love of Tankard: “(Empty) Tankard”, “Chemical Invasion”, “Beermuda” & even a medley consisting of “Alcohol”, “Puke”, “Mon Cheri” & “Wonderful Life”.Thanks to Tankard I'm once again convinced that there still are certainties in life…Beer...More Beer....Well?......Fuck It!......BEER !

Request by Elmo

A Pint Or Two Perhaps?.......Get It!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wombbath - Brutal Mights (1991) Demo

1. Beyond the Gloomy
2. Brutal Mights
3. Tales from the Darkside
4. Unholy Madness

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 1st demo from the bruising Wombbath..."

" Starting under the name Seizure in 1990...quickly changed their name to Wombbath after finding many bands named Seizure....Playing what could be regarded now as proto- brutal death in that they borrowed heavily from the NY scene (a few Suffo - style rhythm patterns raise their heads here and there) with that muffly, thick as tar guitar sound "

" You will have to crank this up all the way.....its an old tape and has lost some of its luster......OK

Satanklaassen Requested this !

Erhalten Sie Diesem Meinen Bruder !

Artillery - By Inheritance (1990)

1. 7:00 From Tashkent
2. Khomaniac
3. Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.)
4. By Inheritance
5. Bombfood
6. Don't Believe
7. Life In Bondage
8. Equal At First
9. Razamanaz (Nazareth cover)
10. Back In The Trash

Origin - Denmark
Style - Thrash Metal

" From the 54 second intro track, through the final lulling riff of the closer, 'By Inheritance' is one of most successfully distinct Thrash records of its time. Thick middle-eastern overtones, melody, technicality, unique vocals... its all here "

" Its the strikingly distinct vocals of frontman Flemming Rönsdorf that get you right away ( I always thought he was brilliant)some did not...Unique they were.
Razor-sharp production, fantastic songwriting and a nigh-limitless supply of shit-hot riffs to engage and entertain. Personal highlights include 'Khomanic', the title track, and 'Back In The Trash'...but as a whole the album really doesn't have a weak moment "

" Shred, thrash, destroy, repeat. Simple as that. If you're fond of the technical melody of bands such as Annihilator, and/or unique Thrash vocals (think Overkill's Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth, but even further away from the norm), or even just have an open mind to something different, do yourself a favor and track this down !................Tragically overlooked classic.

Deadly Relics!.........Here !

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Abhoth - Forever to be Vanished There In (1991) Demo

1. Recantation of the Forsaken
2. Forever to be Vanished There In
3. Darkness Greets

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Abhoth were one of the first death metal bands in Sweden and formed in the town of Västerås in 1988 under the name Morbid Salvation Army. The original line-up included vocalist Joakim Bröms who left in 1990 to join Afflicted (ex-Afflicted Convulsion)"

" This is actually their 3rd demo not including a rehearsal demo...and truly one of my all-time favorites....Abhoth played almost a grind,death style early and recorded at Sunlight studios...the sound on this original demo is crushing !

Enjoy this Rare Tape...........

Reduced to a Pulp!.......Get It!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pitiful Reign - Visual Violence (2008)

1. Visual Violence
2. Human Coleslaw
3. D.I.V.E.
4. Fatality
5. Malevolence of the Butcher
6. Rapid Deployment
7. Pushed to Prime
8. Thrash, Boobs, and Zombies

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Thrash Metal

" Debut for "Punishment 18 Records" but 2nd full length from these 80s styled thrashers "

" With thrash being so popular again we are going to see new bands popping up everyday.....some good....some not so....Pitiful Reign is one of the good ones...influenced by Testament,Exodus,Anthrax but with the cross-over beer fueled style of early german thrash"

" “Visual Violence” was produced by Steve DiGiorgio ( Sadus, ex-Death, ex-Testament, ex-Iced Earth) and is very solid with a very clear sound....So if you cant get enough thrash metal...buy this and knock your head off !

And check the cool Ed Repka artwork.......

You Need This !.....Get It!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Burial - Relinquished Souls (1993)

1. The Second Coming
2. Failure of Technology
3. Traumatized
4. No Existence
5. Abhorence Within
6. Frigid Cold
7. Inner Hostility
8. Untimely Demise
9. Pitiful God

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Burial's one and only full-length record....Killer death metal in the Massacre(USA) Mold "

" Death was also a big influence and Burial wore their influences on their shirtsleeve, Nasty guitars,Kam Lee like vocals,powerful production "

Another in a long line of unknown or under - appreciated Death Metal bands from the early 90s.........

Killer Stuff !

Monday, October 13, 2008

Empty Shell - Soul Surgery (2008)

1.Pathology № 4
2.Execute Program
3.Slave Of The Grave
4.Empty Shell
7.Eyes of Doom
8.So Close
9.Cutting Eyelids
Origin - Russia
Style - Death Metal

" An unknown band to me?.....I just recieved this and it is quite good...Heavy grinding Death Metal played tight and produced well "

Dont you dig when you get to hear a new band and it kicks ass !


Well?.....Go Ahead !

Get It!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cancer - To The Gory End (1990)

1. Bloodbath
2. C.F.C. (Cancer Fucking Cancer)
3. Witch Hunt
4. Into The Acid
5. Imminent Catastrophy
6. To The Gory End
7. Body Count
8. Sentenced To The Gallows
9. Die Die

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" Cancer was formed in 1988 and To The Glory End is their debut "

" These guys while being from the U.K could have been from florida when this album came out...produced at Morris sound in Tampa..You got simplistic yet brutal death metal played the old way...not too fast..not many blasts...just pure Death Metal. This cd is excellent from start to finish, reeking of old-school death metal throughout. This is just a very memorable and catchy album and sadly underrated.....In My Opinion !

Old-School Death Metal Classic....And can you believe this cover was banned in alot of places back in 1990....whew we have come along way...Thankfully.

No Fuckin Cover !.......Get It!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Captor - Memento Mori (1992) Demo

1. Possessed
2. Vision of fear
3. Metamorphosis
4. Fundamental influence
5. Memento Mori

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" 2nd demo from these (Katrineholm) Sweden Death/Thrashers "

" Captor is another of the underground bands that never got big....nonetheless...Their material was excellent and they went on to do a full length before turning to a more groovy style later-on"

Rare Demo !...........

Hear It!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Voivod - Dimension Hatröss (1988)

1. Experiment
2. Tribal Convictions
3. Chaosmöngers
4. Technocratic Manipulators
5. Macrosolutions to Megaproblems
6. Brain Scan
7. Psychic Vacuum
8. Cosmic Drama
9. Batman

Origin - Canada
Style - Progressive Thrash Metal

" 4th full length from the visionary Voivod...Released nearly two years after the transitional Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross is the first album where Voivod's experimental metal is explored from beginning to end "

" Shedding the cliched lyrics that the band relied on for their first two releases, they're thankfully replaced by much more thought-provoking lyrics. The group has also grown as musicians -- guitarist Denis d'Amour is one of metal's finest, the rhythm section of Michel Langevin on drums and Jean-Yves Theriault on bass is tighter than ever, and vocalist Denis Belanger sings more conventionally (no more shrieking). The band's sudden songwriting maturity becomes evident from the opening track, "Experiment," when futuristic imagery collides head on with heavy sounds. "Macrosolutions to Megaproblems" contains impressive, busy interplay between the bandmembers, while "Tribal Convictions"is simply one of my favorite thrash tracks of all time....Classic ! "

Dimension Hatross is perplexing and unique enough that even if you were initially put off by the unusual riffing, nonlinear song structures and Snake's nasal vocals, you'll eventually find yourself humming the chorus from "Tribal Convictions" or "Cosmic Drama" one day, and feel the irrepressible need to listen to the album... and then you'll be hooked for life.......

Original,Heavy,Punkish,Spacey,......Can only begin to describe this record....On a post note: I was fortunate to be in the audience in 1988 after this came out...Seeing Voivod live was amazing...like being caught in a tornado....Snake spinning around while singing..like a fucking airplane ! Truly Memorable !

Weird !.......So What?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weakaside - Fire at Will (2007)

1. Intro
2. Bloodstorm
3. Calls for Fire
4. Fire at Will
5. Saved from Execution
6. Beyond the Fields
7. Poison Gas
8. Observation
9. Death Waits
10. Escape from Interment

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" This band was formed from the ashes of Fearer....but mainman Tom Zorn (guitar / vocals) has already assembled a new line-up (partly of the disbanded BK49) and returns to the scene as Weakaside now "

" So, what we've got here is Weakside's 9 song (plus intro) debut full length...In direct comparison to Fearer the music of Weakaside is a lot more catchy and less blasting, yet still totally rooted in brutal Death Metal the oldschool way. Bolt Thrower -esque heaviness and grooves go hand in hand with a doublebass driven ("Leprosy"-era) Death type, simple songwriting, while lots of killer riffs and deep growled vocals in the vein of Kam Lee (Massacre) "

" This cd comes in a cool dvd box and is very limited 200 copies or so......

Blot Thrower Fans....check this out !

Go Ahead !........Get It!

Expulsion - A Bitter Twist of Fate (1993) ep

1. With Aged Hands
2. Lain Hidden
3. In Whirling Dust

Origin - Sweden
Style - Doom/Death Metal

" A Classic 7" from 1993 featuring members of Tiamat,Treblinka,Absurd !"

" Crushing heavy doom/death with a great production....This is a clearly underrated band at the time with outstanding demos leading up to this little ep "

How long can it take ?.......Get It!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chaosbreed - Brutal (2004)

1. Wretched Life
2. Casket Ride
3. Faces Of Death
4. Moralized
5. Rotting Alive
6. Demon Skunk
7. Shitgrinder
8. Symptoms of the Flesh
9. F/C/D/C
10. An Evil Eye

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Chaosbreed is formed by members of Sentenced, The Black League, Amorphis, Moonsorrow and Gandalf..."

" These guys got together with the intent on doing some old-school death meatl with no frills....no gothenburg melodies.
And if you dig on the old sound...then you have come to the right place. Raw... well produced death metal in the old Grave,Entombed vein with semi-growling vocals "

" This record contains a lot of fun and heart blood. He who expects something new or innovating, will be disappointed, but He who digs on Death Metal of the early 90s will like “Brutal” "

Request by Metal....

Master Of Pain !.........Get It!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Massacre - Tyrants Of Death (2006)

1. Chamber Of Ages
2. Clangor Of War
3. From Beyond
4. Symbolic Immortality
5. Cryptic Realms
6. Aggressive Tyrant
7. Death In Hell
8. Mutilated
9. Infestation Of Death
10. Clangor Of War
11. Aggressive Tyrant
12. Cryptic Realm
13. Perpetual Domination
14. The Traitor
15. Corpse Grinder

1-4: Demo 2 (''Chamber Of Ages'' demo)
5: unreleased instrumental version (recorded during the ''Chamber ofAges'' session)
6-8: Demo 1 (''Aggressive Tyrant'' demo)
9-15: live 25/5/1986 Rock City, Tampa

Origin - USA

Style - Death Metal

" TYRANTS OF DEATH basically offers a nostalgic trip through the band´s early days - and those of you who have been digging Massacre since those old days when the first chords of such songs as "Aggressive Tyrant" and "Mutilated" were catapulted through loudspeakers back in 1986, surely understand immediately why this release was worth releasing and owning..."

" Kam Lee and co. in Massacre were one of the heaviest bands that were out there back then, creating some infamous noises in the underground metal scene - and spreading like a vicious plague amongst a cultivated metal population. Massacre was also that band where such bands legendary Death Metal acts as Death and Obituary spawned from later on, and we all know already where those two bands´ paths led to, right folks?......"

" This is their early demo material and rare live stuff...so check it out and dig on the raw sound...and hear the historical value that lies within !

Serbian Warrior.....Get This Now !


Candlemass - Lucifer Rising (2008) ep

1. Lucifer Rising
2. The White God
3. Demons Gate (re-recorded)
4. At The Gallows End
5. Solitude
6. Emperor Of The Void
7. Devil Seed
8. Mirror Mirror
9. Under The Oak
10. Of Stars And Smoke
11. Black Dwarf
12. Samarithan

Origin - Sweden
Style - Doom Metal

" New E.P. with 2 new tracks, 1 re-recorded(demons gate) and 9 tracks from a live show in athens,Greece 2007 "

" new tracks are cool, re-recorded version...ahh I will take the original...Live tracks are very good..with Robert Lowe (solitude Aeturnus) in fine form "

I Still See The Black !.......Get...
IT !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Xentrix - Shattered Existence (1989)

1. No Compromise
2. Balance of Power
3. Crimes
4. Back in the Real World
5. Dark Enemy
6. Bad Blood
7. Reasons for Destruction
8. Position of Security
9. Heaven Cent
10. Ghostbusters
11. Nobody's Perfect
12. Interrogate

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Thrash Metal

" Here is a flashback of the highest order.....Those who were into late 80's/early 90's thrash will probably remember Xentrix, a terrific band from the UK who signed with Roadrunner Records in 1989 and released three albums for the up and coming metal label "

" Now we find all their stuff re-issued and re-mastered...with bonus tracks...Fucking cool !....These guys kicked ass !

" Shattered Existence is their debut, and it's a solid thrash affair with more than a fair reminder of classic Testament, as well as a little Iron Maiden, Exodus, and Metallica thrown in as well. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Chris Astley sounds very much like Testament's Chuck Billy, especially on tracks like "Dark Enemy", "Balance of Power", and the churning "Reasons for Destruction". Musically, these guys were pretty tight, lashing out plenty of intricate thrash riffs and tasty solos from Kristian Havard, and the rhythm section of drummer Dennis Gasser and bassist Paul MacKensie really knew how to blast away "

" Xentrix go on to crack out a fantastic display of Bay area sounding thrash like they were actually based there (although, coming from Leyland, UK – that couldn't have been further from the truth in more ways than one!). Excellent rhythmic open E string palm muted driven thrash-o-rama is mixed up with jagged chord and tempo changes, squealing guitar solos and solid drum work making this a white hot and totally unmissable thrash album not only for fans of the genre, but for fans of metal in general........This is a must.. Thrash Fans....Period !

Request By John...sorta....you said more thrash !...You get it!

Ghostbusters?.......Thats funny shit there !

The Hunger For Thrash !........Get To It!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sinners Burn - Pre-Mortal Autopsy (2008)

1. Pre Mortal Autopsy
2. Totally Repulsed
3. Necromaniac
4. Dismembered Alive
5. Zombified Rebirth
6. Massacre In The First Degree
7. Sinners Burn
8. Hosed With Blood
9. Forneverending Lobotomy
10. Woke Up Dead

Origin - Sweden
Style - Old School Death Metal

" Killer Old School Death Metal with members from Paganizer and Those Who Bring The Torture! "

God Damn Right !..................Swedish Death Metal !

You Should Know By Now !

Doom:VS - Dead Words Speak (2008)

1. Half Light
2. Dead Words Speak
3. The Lachymal Sleep
4. Upon The Cataract
5. Leaden Winged Burden
6. Threnode

Origin - Sweden
Style - Doom Metal

" 2nd full length from Johan Ericson - Vocals & instruments (Draconian,Shadowgarden)....This guy does it all and puts most doom outfits to shame "

" I think this record sounds like a cross between Mourning Beloveth + Shape Of Despair...This one-man project encompasses various sullen musical styles, ranging from gloomy Gothic/Doom melodies, to a powerful doom/death style crawling, sometimes funeral speed "

The man knows how to write evocative music... gloomy..but somehow up-lifting..

Recommended to fans of Mourning Beloveth,Shape Of Despair etc.or anyone wanting to look into their darker side !

Oblivion Upon Us!.........Get It!
Down Here

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Invocator - Through The Flesh To The Soul (2003)

1. Intro
2. Through the Flesh to the Soul
3. Writhe in Spit
4. On My Knees
5. Flick it On
6. Infatuated I Am (Speak to Me)
7. There is No Savior
8. The Chemistry of Restlessness
9. Under the Skin
10. Fire Cleanses All
11. Sand Between the Teeth
12. Abstract War (assassin cover)

Origin - Denmark
Style - Thrash Metal

" On "Through The Flesh To The Soul"Invocator deliver fast, but also modern Thrash Metal. Songs such as the title track or "Infatuated I Am (Speak To Me)" go into the ear right away and take you with them through their cool riffs. Understand..it had been 8 years between records so I remember wondering what they would sound like? "

" As you might have guessed, killer riffs sure mean a lot for these guys, because every song is very varied, and the diversity of the guitar lines and riffs are awesome, with songs of approximately 5 minutes, you have to have some special quality to maintain your listeners interested. Influences are clear, old school thrash, but with a modern touch, take Testament, add Nevermore, and mix it with a pinch of Corrosion Of Conformity, there you have it: Invocator "

With a huge production from Jacob Hansen again...as always...this one turns out a winner !.....Now..If they can just get another record out before 2011...

Request by Alex

Go Ahead !......Get It!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Invocator - Weave The Apocalypse (1993)

1. Through The Nether To The Sun
2. From My Skull It Rains
3. Desert Sands
4. Condition Critical
5. Breed Of Sin
6. Doomed To Be
7. Lost At Birth
8. Land Of Misery
9. The Afterbirth
10. Weave The Apocalypse

Origin - Denmark
Style - Technical Thrash Metal

" I'm not sure what exactly to define this album as, because Invocator doesn't sound like any other band on this record. Mid-paced tech thrash?......heavy bone-crushing riffs with a stout production by jacob Hansen(guitars,Vocals), Per M. Jensen (the Haunted,Artillery) on drums....these guys created what I consider a masterpiece of metal "

" The vocals are sort of shouted, but very clear and not deathly. The riffs are really cool; they weave around each other and pull the listener into the songs, as the drummer, Per M. Jensen hammers out really strong beats. In fact, the drumming is some of the best that I've ever heard, probably due to the fact that Per is fond of jazz drumming. Overall, the music is very catchy, very heavy, sometimes technical (but not too much), but always fascinating....A true gem and one of the finest metal albums of the 90s, no doubt "

One of the most underated albums of all time !!!

Good call bro..........

The Scars Remain !..........Forever !
Get It!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Deathchain - Death Eternal (2008)

1. Titans of Black Earth
2. Sworn Beneath
3. Awaken Horrors of This Earth
4. Plaguethrone
5. Song of Chaos and the Void
6. The Ancient and the Vile
7. Monolith of Death
8. Spheres of Blasphemy
9. Incantations of Shub-Niggurath

Origin - Finland
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" 4th full length from the (Kuopio) Finland death/thrash machine"

" Nine tracks of fast,aggresive,blasphemous death/thrash....with a top notch production "

Members of The Duskfall,Demilich and Drummer Kassara lay down the gauntlet !............

Unseen Evil!.........Got It!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beneath the Massacre - Dystopia (2008)

1. Condemned
2. Reign of Terror
3. Our Common Grave
4. Harvest of Hate
5. The Wasteland
6. Bitter
7. No Future
8. Lithium Overdose
9. Tharsis
10. Never More
11. Procreating the Infection

Origin - Canada
Style - Technical Death Metal

" 3rd full length from the canadian outfit"

" Over the top technical death metal with no emotion....just blasting,riffery all over the place.......Is this your cup of Tea?

Born Dead!............Get It!

Disgrace - Inside the Labyrinth of Depression (1990) Demo

1. The Chasm
2. Unity's Interlude Dies Blind Tomorrow
3. Transcendental Dimension
4. Waves of Hypocrisy Seas

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" 2nd crushing demo from Disgrace......In my opinion, the best recording that they put-out....Down-tuned, Not of this world vocals(demilich),doom-riden riffs and a production from hell "

" This one is one of the top 25 demo's from the golden age of Finnish Death metal !

Request By Mikko......

Absurd Acension !..........Check It!