Friday, October 31, 2008

E-Force - Modified Poison (2008)

01. Deviation
02. Modified Poison
03. Lobotomized
04. Agent 99
05. Malpractice
06. Revolution Riot Act
07. La Vie Cest Precieux
08. Disillutioned
09. Exterminator
10. Perfexionist
11. Wired
12. Victory (VOIVOD cover)

Origin - France
Style - Thrash Metal

" E-Force was the moniker used by Eric Forrest during his time in the mighty Voivod. Basically he appeared on Negatron, Phobos and Kronik albums as well as the self explanatory Voivod Lives between 1994 and 2001 "

" Modified Poison deserves to be heard, it’s a cracking album with 12 excellent cuts of thrashing cyber metal that bring to mind the excellent Negatron period of Voivod. I can tell you now that "Modified Poison" will prove that it's still possible to do original Thrash with a old school spirit...this band plays classic Thrash Metal but Eric Forest has a lot of musical different influences and in the end his music is original. So yes on a side the fast tempos and the really aggressive riffs are classic when it comes to talk about Thrash but here the guitar solo's are extremely impressive, the Black/Death Metal voice of Eric is not common in Thrash Metal and the general ambiance of the album is so dark that it's really disturbing "

" "Modified Poison" is a great album....If you thrash...Dont miss this one !

Request by Goatilocks !

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