Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morta Skuld - As Humanity Fades (1994)

1. Unknown Emotions
2. A Century Of Ruins
3. Humanity's Lost
4. Awakening Destiny
5. Paradise Of The Masses
6. No World Escapes
7. Different Breeds
8. Sanctuary Denied
9. Relics
10. The Sorrow Fields
11. Through Obscurity
12. In The Shadows

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Morta Skuld formed in 1990 in (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) ....This is their second full length album "

" Morta Skuld played the traditional U.S. form of Death Metal...Slow to mid-paced tunes with low vocals,Steady Double bass and controlled solo's....Nothing mind-blowing..But certainly heavy stuff here "

" This is my favorite of their records..As it has the best overall feel and production..along with some cool riffs that are well thought out and composed "

Great U.S. Death Metal from long ago........

Preacher of Lies!.........Get It!
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Damnation Army - Circle Of The Brave (2009)

1. Resurrect My Demon
2. 999 Devils Descent
3. Last Breath
4. Angels Of The Underworld
5. Dark Ones Misery
6. Manipulated Dream Design
7. Upon The Bleeding Horns
8. I
9. Pha-Luteria

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Black/Death Metal

" Thomas Nyholm is the man behind Damnation Army..As he plays all the instruments,Music,Lyrics,artwork...A one man band of sorts "

" Now I'm not usually a fan of these one man projects..Because they always sound incomplete...After all to play all the instruments oneself is challenging indeed. Having heard his previous work..I was less than impressed..So not expecting much from this one...But low and behold...This album is top notch ! A huge improvement in every way "

" When Dissection came back with the Reinkaos album..Most people cried that it didn't sound like the old Dissection at all...And while it didn't..I for one really liked that record and still listen to it alot these days..Contrary to most fans. If you did like Reinkaos..You will definitely dig this LP....Its got all the same elements..The guitars are full of Melodic Riffs and twin leads,Vocally: A nice mix of Gruff growls and blackened yells "

" The production is superb,The songwriting is strong,The musicianship is terrific!

If you enjoy intelligent, Melodic metal produced by someone who can clearly play brilliantly, and write catchy death metal, look no further. Damnation Army has it all....A sleeper hit of 2009 so far......

Age Of Punishment!.........Get It?


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tormented - Rotten Death (2009)

1. Rotten Death
2. Vengeance From Beyond The Grave
3. Blood Of The Undead
4. Burning Torment
5. Death Owns The Night
6. Come Back From The Dead
7. Drowning In Decaying Flesh
8. Tomb Of Corpses
9. Reversed Funeral

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Tormented are yet another fine addition to the Swedish death metal scene, kicking out fat, distorted, ultra-sick riffs and bludgeoning rhythms in the tradition of their many like-minded countrymen "

" Trust me when I say that these guys know what they are doing...This shit definitely reminds me of Dismember,Nihilist,Repugnant etc.....Nasty,Ugly buzz saw Death Metal of the highest order ! "

How Sweden keeps churning them out is beyond me....Just keep it coming !

Put this one up there with Maim,Tribulation on the continuing domination of Sweden and True Death Metal !

Except No Imitations !........Believe It!

Moribund - Into Depths of Illusion - Demo (1991)

1. Abominable Sickness
2. Into Depths of Illusion
3. Dance Macabre
4. Lord of a Thousand Years
5. Armageddon (From the Armageddon Demo 1990)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Early 90's Death Metal from (Söderhamn) Sweden....This is all the recordings they made...Sadly.."

" Heavy,Grinding Death Metal...Competent,Tight and original...Done in the old vein....These guys grew up in the same town as Authorize..Another fairly unknown band "

Supposedly reformed now....Lets see if they get it together..I hope so...

Lost Gems of Death.......Get It!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dismember - Massive Killing Capacity (1995)

1. I Saw Them Die
2. Massive Killing Capacity
3. On Frozen Fields
4. Crime Divine
5. To the Bone
6. Wardead
7. Hallucigenia
8. Collection by Blood
9. Casket Garden
10. Nenia
11. Life - Another Shape of Sorrow
12. Justifiable Homicide (Bonus Track)
13. Collection by Blood (Demo)(Bonus Track)
14. Life - Another Shape of Sorrow (Demo)(Bonus Track)
15. On Frozen Fields / Shadowlands (Demo)(Bonus Track)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Dismember’s catalogue, apart from the indisputably classic “Like an Everflowing Stream”, is completely disregarded, and in some cases almost entirely unknown.I think it has been a great injustice to call them Entombed Clones as well..."

" In my book...MKC is a close second to the glorious debut...Pulling out a more rocking album here. Essentially, Dismember take rock’s sense of groove and apply it to the crushing sound they perfected on “Like an Everflowing Stream”. Use of melodic lead guitar is far more abundant here than it was on the previous two records..And while the classic guitar sound of sunlight studios is not quite there...Its still pretty god damn heavy ! "

" While Dismember may have slowed down a bit, Massive Killing Capacity is still very much a death metal album...Matti Karki's strep-throat vocals and blender-pureed guitars keep the record sounding authentic. This is the Re-Mastered version with 4 bonus tracks...The first, “Justifiable Homicide,” is a b-side, yet is remarkably strong. The remaining tracks are of varying sound quality ranging from bad to worse. And no vocals on the final three...But Whatever...."

Overall, Massive Killing Capacity is an important album in that it represents the direction of Swedish death metal in the mid '90s. Now 14 years old(Damn..That much?) it still shows that Dismember were and still are one of the greatest Swedish Bands Ever !

Self Dissection !........Do It!
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Victims of Internal Decay - Victims of Internal Decay (1993)

1. Absolute Worship
2. Bathed in Sickness
3. Bleed
4. One More Stitch (Green River cover)
5. Jim's Lament
6. Consummation
7. Under the Sun (Black Sabbath cover)
8. In Extremis
9. False Hate
10. Sterile Nature

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Here is an interesting remnant of old...V.O.I.D. formed in 1988 in oregon...Not exactly a hotbed for Death Metal...This is their debut self titled album "

" Void used many styles and were influenced by many different bands such as Voivid,Napalm Death,Celtic Frost....One could say that this album has bits of Grind,Doom,Death,Thrash metal all in one package. The aural assault begins with "Absolute Worship," a track with growling vocals and rhythms that range from double-bass attack to slow-mosh breakdowns to grinding moments to thrashing moments to slow (almost doom-like) reflections. Vocally: A twin attack..Very grind like in the sense of almost a battle between the vocalists "

The record was produced by a grunge dude..So the production is not that great..However this is a unique record..By a very unique band...

Considered a forgotten gem by many.....

Written In Blood !.......Check It Out!
Get It......

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells (1991)

1. Where No Life Dwells
2. Dead Forever
3. Before the Creation of Time
4. For They Shall Be Slain
5. If They Had Eyes
6. The Dark One
7. Into Glory Ride
8. ...and the Laughter Has Died
9. Unleashed
10. Violent Ecstasy
11. Where Life Ends
12. The Dark One ( Taken from ..And The Laughter Has Died - Demo)
13. If They Had Eyes (Taken From "In the eyes of death" compilation)
14. Dead Forever (Taken From "In the eyes of death" compilation)
15. Unleashed ( Taken From "In the eyes of death" compilation)
16. Where Life Ends (Taken From ..And The Laughter Has Died - Demo)
17. The Utter Dark Revenge (Unmixed-Unreleased Version)
18. Violent Ecstasy ( Unmixed-Unreleased Version)

Re-Mastered Version with Bonus Tracks

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Unleashed was formed in 1989 when Johnny Hedlund split with the rest of Nihilist and hooked up with former Dismember vocalist Robert Senneback "

" The debut of Unleashed had been and still is a true work of art. With their crystal-clear sound they nicely differed from the "crunchy" sound of the Sunlight-productions. They wanted to sound different than Entombed,Dismember or Grave so they recorded at woodhouse studios in Germany. Unleashed had a more basic approach than most Swedish bands. The riffs being simple and catchy,The arrangements straight forward and the breaks fairly plain "

" In my opinion this is Unleashed finest hour...Not that they haven't been very consistent...I just think they never quite captured this sound again...

And this re-mastered version sounds extra killer !

You should own one of the true classics from Swedish Death Metal History.....

The Longships Are Coming !........Get It!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Belial - Never Again (1993)

01. Firestorm
02. The Red One
03. Dragons Kiss/Swan Song
04. As Above So Below
05. The Sun
06. About Love
07. Pain-Flood
08. Clouds
09. Desires
10. On You

Origin - Finland
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Featuring members of Impaled Nazarene...Belial was aroung in the ealy 90s when Finland had some of the best Death Metal bands on earth "

" Never Again was the bands debut..And on this Lp they played a brand of black and death metal, spicing it up with some tiny elements from NWOBHM. This was also the only album of this style as they would go on in a different direction later "

" The eerie and evil atmosphere that dominated the songs throughout the Never Again album, was one of Belial´s trademarks...They also used keyboards in their sound...only for creating a more crushing atmosphere behind their hell of catchy black/death metal assaults. Vocally: Satanic yelling would be the order of the day..and worked well "

This record is hard to come by....Hopefully iy will be re-issued at some point.
But for now...Enjoy a rotten piece of the early Finnish scene !

Voices Beyond !.........The Damned !

Monday, June 22, 2009

Torchure - Beyond the Veil (1992)

1. The Veil Of Sanity
2. In His Grip
3. Abysmal Malevolence
4. Mortal At Last (instrumental)
5. Resort To Mortality
6. Genocidal Confessions
7. Apathetic
8. Depressions
9. A Vortex Of Thoughts (instrumental)
10. Beyond The Veil

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" German band caught between doom metal, speed metal and the early strains of death metal that despite its silly name made two quality albums before disappearing in tragedy "

" On their debut 'Beyond The Veil'....Torchure made an album that bordered Death Metal with Doom Metal....palm-muted riffs, sudden stops and starts, a melding of dynamic intensity to balance melodic playing with guttural blasts of rhythm riffing -- with distinctive central melodies that kept the tracks memorable. Songs often begin with a keyboard or lead-picked melodic foreshadowing, and then dive into slamming violent decomposition riffs that would be equally at home in Malevolent Creation or Asphyx "

" Heavy, brutal, Death Metal. Check out "The Veil of Sanity" and "Mortal at Last." Both are hauntingly ominous. The rest of the tracks are more Death, yet all are memorable and the vocals are bestial and raw, but also show a range of emotion similar to Barney (Napalm Death) combined with Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost). I can find no real flaws with the production or in the songs.

This is a must for everyone into the old way...

The Essence Of Death !.......Get It!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Artillery - When Death Comes (2009)

1. When Death Comes
2. Upon My Cross I Crawl
3. 10.000 Devils
4. Rise Above It All
5. Sandbox Philosophy
6. Delusions Of Grandeur
7. Not A Nightmare
8. Damned Religion
9. Uniform
10. The End

Origin - Denmark
Style - Thrash Metal

" Artillery was a favorite of mine in the late 80s and early 90s..With 3 great releases that all sounded a bit different than each other...They always seemed to be expanding their sound. "

" Now The original band reformed in 2007 minus Fleming Ronsdorf..Who I thought was brilliant (Unique Voice)...And brought in Power Metal singer Søren Nico Adamsen...So How is this new record going to be? "

" Its actually very well done...Alot of the old sounding thrash riffing remains with some great guitar playing and wild solos.

Now heres the snag: Im not a big power metal fan...So it is hard for me to hear this high clear voice....But actually he does a decent job at what he does...Even an occasion when he sounds like Ronsdorf "

" Its a good come-back record made by a legendary band...That should have been bigger in the days of old....Hopefully they will get out and tour places they never did and play the old stuff !

Great riffing....Vocals: Hehhh whatever..

Back In The Thrash !.........Get It!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goatwhore - Carving Out the Eyes of God (2009)

1. Apocalyptic Havoc
2. The All-Destroying
3. Carving Out the Eyes of God
4. Shadow of a Rising Knife
5. Provoking the Ritual of Death
6. In Legions, I Am Wars of Wrath
7. Reckoning of the Soul Made Godless
8. This Passing into the Power of Demons
9. Razor Flesh Devoured
10. To Mourn and Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways

Origin - USA
Style - Black/Death Metal

" New Orleans own Goatwhore return with their 4th album of madness "

" There’s still speed on Carving out the Eyes of God, but it isn’t the main factor. The songs on Carving out the Eyes of God are more traditional and not so much just random riffing or seeing how many parts they can put into one song. Simple and to the point, it's dark, corrosive and loud. This album is definitely more concentrated in ferocity and its intent is to destroy "

" 10 tracks of almost punkish/Black/Death Metal.... This new material is heavier, very brutal and easily digestible....A great Roadrage Lp ! "

Goatwhore have produced a record which will satisfy the most hardened death-metal lovers, the most nekro black metal lovers, and the most drunken swamp things. And a record that can transcend all those genres should be in your collection. Along with an extra bottle of Jagermeister for the road.....Jagr Bombers away !!

A Lycanthropic Moon !......Rises!

Bone Gnawer - Feast of Flesh (2009)

1. Feast of Flesh
2. Sliced And Diced
3. Cannibal Cookout
4. Make You Die Slow
5. Hammer to the Skull
6. The Saw is Family
7. Hatchet Face
8. Defleshed and Skinned
9. Anthropophagus Beast
10. The Lucky Ones Die First

Origin - Sweden,USA
Style - Death Metal

" Bone Gnawer, featuring some of the most elite musicians in the industry. With Death Metal icon Kam Lee (Massacre / ex-Denial Fiend / ex-Mantas/Death) serving up some of his trademark growls and along with his cannibal-comrades Rogga Johansson (Paganizer / Demiurg / Ribspreader, etc), Morgan Lie from Swedish Black Metal act Naglfar and Ronnie Bjornstrom (Ribspreader, Hate Ammo, etc), This superbly stunning debut album “Feast Of Flesh” captures all the vital ingredients of the catchy Floridian-styled (meat)hooks and yet possessing all the 90’s Swedish Death Metal groove and flair! "

" Considering the pedigree of this project....It has to be good !.....Right?
Goddamn right its good....Crushing ,Catchy,Groove filled Swedish/Floridian Death Metal at its finest...Awesome Kam Vocals and a powerful production top off one of the best Death Metal releases this year ! "

Fucking Butchery !

Before The Gore !........Get It!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Accidental Suicide - Deceased (1992)

1. Misery Hunt
2. The Life I Hate
3. Morbid Indulgence
4. Flesh Parade
5. Unknown
6. Method Of Murder
7. Agony Of Rebirth
8. Homicidal Entrails
9. My Dangling Corpse
10. To Eat The Heart

Origin - USA

Style - Death Metal

" Accidental Suicide was formed in 1989 by some friends in Milwaukee,Wisconsin..And released a couple of demo's before their only full-length 'Deceased' in 1992"

" Accidental Suicide is a blend of dark death metal with a mildly gory edge to them. They sound a lot like Incantation, with a hint of Suffocation, but a lot slower, more brutal approach.....A solid slice of the genre at the time "

" Bands like this came and went....But their legacy lives on through their recordings....Fans of the old sound should check it out !

Sadistic Intentions!.......Get It!

Left There....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lie in Ruins - Architecture of the Dead - Ep (2008)

1. Intro
2. Autopsychopath
3. Crawling Towards the End
4. Chambers of Hatred
5. End of Human Era
6. Monument of Revenge
7. Pathways of the Dead

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Lie in Ruins was initially formed in 1993. Roni S.(Vokills/Drums) & Tuomas K. (Guitar/Bass/Backing Vokills) shared a common interest in Death Metal bands from that era, especially the swedish ones like Entombed,Dismember and Grave.
Years passed on and Lie in Ruins was put in the background for several years,until in 2002, time was ready for rehearsals and composing new material..In 2005 the demo entitled '...Monuments' was finally released....Followed by ...'Statues' in 2006 "

" This Ep is a Collection of remixed and remastered songs from "...Monuments" and "...Statues"demos "

" As you can imagine by the bands influences above...Exactly what you are in for is the old sound from Sweden. Nihilist comes to mind when hearing the first 3 tracks...The production on this Ep is dense and bottom heavy..Making it sound like an old demo..(Im sure thats what they were shooting for) "

Since this Ep and a split with Deathevokation (Fucking Killers!)...Lie In Ruins has been signed by Spikefarm records and is in the studio recording their debut full-length...Due in the fall.....

If you dig the sound of the old demo's.....Kinda murky and fuzzy....Then give this a shot !

Temple of Darkness !............Go Ahead !

Monday, June 15, 2009

Krypts - Open the Crypt - Demo (2009)

1. Day of Reckoning
2. Dormant of the Ancients
3. Summoned from the Abyss
4. Open the Crypt

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Krypts from (Helsinki, Uusimaa) Finland are a young band playing the old style music from the early 90s "

" This demo...Released by the band (100 copies) contains Slow,Brooding,Evil Death Metal in the vein of the old godz. This shit is heavy !.....Doom influenced Tracks like the crushing title track move like a monster crawling from the depths...Twisting and turning "

" Its bands like these that give me hope for Death Metal in general....In a world where there's more gore than substance...It is refreshing to see a young band re-living the old days....And I hope someone signs these guys and gets a full-length out soon ! "

Go get one of these from the band....They wont last....

Creature Feature !.........Go !
Get It!......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Augury - Fragmentary Evidence (2009)

1. Aetheral
2. Simian Cattle
3. Orphans of Living
4. Jupiter to Ignite
5. Sovereigns Unknown
6. Skyless
7. Faith Puppeteers
8. Brimstone Landscapes
9. Oversee the Rebirth

Origin - Canada
Style - Progressive/Technical Death Metal

" 5 years after the great debut 'Concealed'...Montreal's Augury return with their sophomore release " Fragmentary Evidence "

" Augury is a stellar example of how metal can be progressive, epic, technical, brutal, and original all at once. This is very tough to do....And not sound like a million styles thrown in one. The way they manage it is....Musicianship of the highest order (Listen to the bass playing of Dominic "Forest" Lapointe(Quo Vadis) or the technical drumming of Antoine Baril...And you will see what I mean "

" But its the guitarists Patrick Loisel & Mathieu Marcotte that experiment and intertwine different musical styles that keeps the ball rolling. Easily switching from brutal passages to finely crafted 12 string acoustic interludes. Vocally: This runs the gamut....Death growls,Screams and everything in-between...Now 55 minutes is a lot of music to digest and some will lose patience....But those with an open mind and an hour of your time..Will find some treasures in the 9 tracks here "

Fans of the progressive,technical side of metal...You will have no problem with this....Others?.....Need not apply !

Go Ahead !........Get It!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Verminous - Impious Sacrilege (2003)

1. Intro
2. Spawn of Satan`s Curse
3. Impious Genocide
4. Malevolent Effacement
5. Chanting of Ghouls
6. Salvation by Extermination
7. Of Evil Blood
8. Grotesque Visions
9. Rapt in Malignity
10. Verminous Fluids

Origin - Sweden

Style - Death Metal

" Pure fucking filthy Death Metal invades your ears on this album...Verminous only full-length "

" Imagine a good mix of Repugnant , Kaamos and other morbidly reincarnating early Death-thrashing metal entities such as early Merciless, Nihilist/ Entombed, old Unleashed and you have the right fatal portrait of the way this "Impious sacrilege" hatefully devours your flesh! "

" 9 fast as fuck tracks and 9 bloody chances to kick the shit out of old school Death metal fanatics who like it fast as fuck and undergroundly necro-perverted! This might not be a long-time standing classic album since there are no real Death metal hymns, and there's surely nothing thats new, but Verminous does kick ass and takes no prisoners on this wretched LP "

Also comes on vinyl...500 pieces by the awesome Blood Harvest Records...Who Else?....Contains a cool Autopsy cover 'Charred Remains'

Smell the flesh?........Get It!

They Have it....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sinister - Cross the Styx (1992)

1. Carnificina Scelesta
2. Perennial Mourning
3. Sacramental Carnage
4. Doomed
5. Spiritual Immolation
6. Cross the Styx
7. Compulsory Resignation
8. Corridors to the Abyss
9. Putrefying Remains
10. Epoch of Denial
11. Perpetual Damnation
12. Outro

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Sinisters debut full length "

" Consisting of 10 crushing songs (plus an intro and outro with guest performance by producer Alex Krull(Atrocity), who also laid some backing vocals on the title track), the album combined all the finest ingredients to form a brutal masterpiece "

" The music was clearly inspired by Possessed (especially the choppy and thrash-like riffs) but it also featured a lot of other influences, ranging from old-school death metal to grindcore (that’s why contemporary reviewers often called the album a mixture of Suffocation and Vomitory). The true highlight of the LP, however, was Mike van Mastrigt and his extremely deep and brutal growling, which, combined with diabolical lyrics about the occult, turned tracks such as “Putrefying Remains”, “Spiritual Immolation” and “Compulsory Resignation” into instant classics "

Sinister have had a fine career....And this was the start of it all...

Dutch Masters !........Get It!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deströyer 666 - Defiance (2009)

1. Weapons of Conquest
2. I Am Not Deceived
3. Blood For Blood
4.The Barricades Are Breaking
5. Stand Defiant
6. A Path to Conflict
7. A Thousand Plagues
8. Human All Too Human
9. A Sermon To The Dead

Origin - Australia
Style - Blackened Thrash/Death metal

" Its been 7 years since 'Cold Steel'........And all I can say is....The Destroyers are Baaack ! "

" 666 have always been a deadly combination of Black/Thrash/Death metal and have put out 3 terrific albums and a slew of Eps,7",splits....And here we are with their new one 'Defiance'. This one is no different...Crazed Vocals and blackened thrash riffing to go along with a evil atmosphere...And maniacal solo's "

" This shit is catchy.....That's the point...They don't have to be technical or ultra fast to get their vision across. Opening track 'weapons of Conquest' immediately jumps out and starts the onslaught...This is easily one of my favorite 666 tracks yet ! "

This one will make many a end of year list....If it doesn't.....Piss on those who defy the Destroyer's !

Look The Fuck Out!..........Get It!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Krabathor - Only Our Death Is Welcome...(1992)

1. Royal Crown
2. Psychodelic
3. Eternal
4. Convict to Contempt
5. Before the Carnage
6. Pacifistic Death
7. Preparing Your End
8. Killing My Wrath
9. Worried Childhood
10. Madness of the Dark Shadows

Origin - Czech Republic
Style - Death Metal

" Krabathor is a death metal band from Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic that was founded by Petr "Christopher" Krystof in 1984. In 1991, a demo was recorded resulting in a deal for two albums with Monitor Productions. The first album was released in 1992 as Only Our Death Is Welcome... "

" Only Our Death starts out with a dark sinister opener...Then your hit with a Death/Thrash bomb... Basically this album is technical Death metal with a touch of thrash...A damn heavy production and equally heavy songs "

" Voice comes at you in deep growls and hellish shouts....Musically: Technical and melodic solo's and a diversity in the tracks makes for an entertaining listen...And while Krabathor would go on to make many terrific records...Its cool to see where they came from at the start..."

History Of Death !........Continues!..
Over There....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Electrocution - Inside The Unreal (1993)

1. Premature Burial
2. Rising of Infection
3. They Died without Crosses
4. Growing Into the Flesh (Bleed to Death)
5. Body's Decay
6. Ghost of the Past
7. Under the Wings Only Remains
8. Back to the Leprosy Death
9. Behind the Truth
10. Bells to the End

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" Electrocution formed in 1990 in (Bologna, Emilia-Romagna) Italy....Later split up in 1996 after 3-Demo's,2-Ep's,1-split and this their only full length "

" Electrocution is one of many hardly known quality bands outside of their homeland...But anyone that did hear them knew this album was a lost gem !
The band's superlative songwriting skills shine in every track and keep you interested throughout the entire 37 minutes "

" More of a Death/Thrash album to me...Highly technical and strong song writing make this album fly by before you know it...Then press play again. A clear heavy production from the era makes for a great listening experience. One of Italy's finest bands....Its a shame these guys didnt make anymore tha they did.."

Mandatory Stuff Here !

Contract in Blood!..........Sign It!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gorefest - False (1992)

1. The Glorious Dead
2. State of Mind
3. Reality - When You Die
4. Get-a-Life
5. False
6. Second Face
7. Infamous Existence
8. From Ignorance to Oblivion
9. The Mass Insanity
10. Tired Moon (Bonus)
11. Reality - When You Die / Forty Shades (live)(Bonus)
12. Demon Seed (live)(Bonus)
13. Erase (live)(Bonus)
14. Goddess In Black (live)(Bonus)

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in 1989, Dutch band Gorefest managed to carve a niche for themselves in an increasingly overcrowded death metal genre, making their debut on the underground demo scene with two tapes, Tangled In Gore and Horrors In A Retarded Mind. After Mindloss(Classic), they secured a contract with Nuclear Blast Records and released False. Gorefest's material was morbidly metaphysical, and at their best they managed to combine melodic and inventive riffs with an abrasive edge "

" While Gorefest already showed their potential on "Mindloss", they were able to blossom to a magnificently unique band on 2nd album "False".The brutality combined with clever song writing and exquisite musical skills culminated in a true classic album! "

Yes, there is truly nothing negative to say about this absolute classic album, even 17 years after it's release! ......Crushing Death Metal !

Underworld Classic !..........Get It!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brutality - Screams Of Anguish (1993)

1. These Walls Shall Be Your Grave
2. Ceremonial Unearthing
3. Sympathy
4. Septicemic Plague
5. Crushed
6. Spirit World
7. Exposed to the Elements
8. Cries of the Forsaken
9. Cryptorium
10. Spawned Illusion
11. Sadistic - Bonus Track

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Brutality was part of the famous Floridian Death Metal Scene...Formed in 1986 and split up and reformed a few times "

" This album is one of the many classic, yet unknown albums of the stream of early 90's death metal and it is one that absolutely deserves to be known. There are many things that can be said about it but the best thing to call it is a 100%, scary, evil, pulverizing, apocalyptic, devastating, earth-rumbling, heavy, brutal death metal masterpiece but with other awesome elements making it the masterpiece that it is. "

" First, you have death metal songs that almost create the feeling of almost being caught up in Armageddon !.... because everything sounds so catastrophic, eerie and doomy but the songs also have solos..Badass twin guitars, melodies, awesome technicality as well as the incredible death metal musicianship which puts this band up there along with the other elite bands of death metal "

I could listen to 'Cries Of The Forsaken' all day long...A truly classic track in every sense of the word....As is this magnificent album !

One of my all-Time favorite Death Metal albums from the U.S.....

People: If you have not heard this...Get It!.....And then buy the re-issued version...It is so worth it !

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Suffocation - Blood Oath (2009)

1. Blood Oath
2. Dismal Dream
3. Pray for Forgivness
4. Images of Purgatory
5. Cataclysmic Purification
6. Mental Hemorrhage
7. Come Hell or High Priest
8. Undeserving
9. Provoking the Disturbed
10. Marital Decimation
11. Pray For Forgiveness (Instrumental version) Bonus Track
12. Dismal Dream (Rough mix un-mastered) Bonus Track

Origin - USA
Style - Brutal Technical Death Metal

" 6th full length from the (Long Island, New York) Killers "

" Ok...After 7 or 8 spins..Im thinkin this album lands somewhere between Really Really good....And Really good..(did that help?) I do think its far superior to the S.T. record and Better than 'Souls To Deny' by not as much "

" Production wise.....Best Suffocation record yet !.....You can hear all the instruments clearly..without one thing totally dominating. Musically: The first two tracks ...'Blood Oath' & ' Dismal Dream' are easily the best on this album...Spacious technical songs with a bit of extra originallity and melody..And some awesome vocals from Frank Mullen "

" The rest of the tracks:.... while solid, Are pretty much vintage Suffocation with no real surprises. A few more tracks like the first 2 and you would of had a true classic...Instead you have a damn strong LP from a Goddamn strong band !

And nice fucking artwork also.....

Involuntary Slaughter!..........Get It!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Miasma - Changes (1992)

1. Baphomet
2. Ancient Rhymes
3. Melting of Imagining Existence
4. Schizophrenia?
5. Drowning In Blood
6. The Prayer
7. Morbid Knocking
8. Stillbirth

Origin - Austria
Style - Death Metal

" Miasma from (Vienna) Austria formed in 1990 with intentions of playing dark Deathly Metal "

" Changes is their only full length...And remains today on my playlist of my favorite 100 or so all time Death Metal Records. Possibly one of the most fitting names ever picked out for a band, because that's exactly what this record sounds like, a miasma. The guitar tone is so heavy and so thick..... you could cut the damn thing with a knife and it would still envelop your eardrums. The Miasma dudes didn't rest on such a great guitar tone though. What you get here is some really jagged song structures and really deep, brutal vocals "

Fans of the more eccentric styles of death metal will eat this up and with damn good reason.....Classic shit in my opinion !

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stench of Decay - Where Death and Decay Reign - Demo (2009)

1. Creation of Carnal Lust
2. Into the Depths of Madness
3. Where Death and Decay Reign
4. Vulgar Necrolatry (Abhorrence cover)

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Stench Of Decay comes from Finland. This is the band's second Demo....."

" Stench of Decay was spawned in the autumn 2004. The idea in its simplicity was to create pure death metal in the vein of old gods Like Abhorrence,Demigod,Demilich,Convulse "

" Musically....This is amazingly close to the old godz....Brutal..Crushing buzz-saw riffery with some super Gutteral vokills and a production to die for "

There has been some fine Demo's that I have heard lately....This one is right up there with any of them.....

250 of these exist.....Im telling you !......Find one and keep it....
These guys will make a full-length and you will wish you had the demo....

Mandatory !.........Crushing !......Finnish !....Metal Of Death !

Detest Is Best !...........Get It!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Viogression - Expound & Exhort (1991)

1. Maggot Synod
2. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity)
3. Puritan Flames
4. Wind of Death
5. Fragmented Carcass
6. Cross Spells
7. As You Die
8. Limb From Limb
9. Transmigration
10. Choir of Loudin
11. Circle of the Divine
12. Choir of Loudin - The Chanting

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Jef Jaeger, Leon Schendel, and Bryan Jaeger started the band - first named 'Apocalypse' in 1988. Added Bryan DeNeffe and became Viogression in 1989 "

" Although it would be pretty easy to pass this off as a poor man's Obituary, it still has it's moments and is better then plenty of albums released in 1991 "

" This album, considering its release date, is powerful and dare I say, unique. Viogression lay down eleven tracks of monster death metal, in that slow, prodding way like old Obituary, with Tardy-esque raspy vocals. I cannot speak enough about the slower riffs on this album and how they continue on endlessly and crushingly"

If Mid to slow Death Metal is your thing....Check this out !
It Is unique....And they stay on the same riff forever...Which can be cool...

For Fans of Obituary,Morgoth

Nick From Wraithian asked for this old gem !

Go Ahead !.......Bro !
Get It!...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Casket - Demos 2007- 2009

1. Bow to the Victorious One
2. Carcass
3. Corpses Crushed Under A Tank
4. Leave The Line
5. Witching Hour
6. State Of Denial
7. Decade Of Decapitation
8. I Was Born To Eat Human Flesh
9. Reborn As Carnage
10. Shotgun Diplomacy

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Cool find out of (Lammi) Finland......Grinding Death Metal ala Crocell (Denmark) "

This is made up of their 3 demos all put out independently by the band...Well produced,Catchy,Crunching tracks "

Check these guys out......Some fucking good stuff !

Go Ahead !.......Support The Underground !

Monday, June 1, 2009

At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease (1994)

1 - The Swarm
2 - Terminal Spirit Disease
3 - And the World Returned
4 - Forever Blind
5 - The Fevered Circle
6 - The Beautiful Wound
7 - All Life Ends (live)
8 - The Burning Darkness (live)
9 - Kingdom Gone (live)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Death Metal

" With their third album, 1994's highly accomplished Terminal Spirit Disease, Sweden's At the Gates raised their creative stakes beyond most everyone's original expectations, and with a better production..Started to fulfill the promise heard on earlier records "

" Right from the get-go, highlights like "The Swarm," "Forever Blind," and the title track venture into melodic territory like never before. Yet they never waver from the band's predetermined path of virulent aggression, and, best of all, keep it all short and sweet for maximum effect. And more… with extreme (or nonextreme, as it were) experiments like the all-acoustic and cello-laced "And the World Returned," At the Gates showed a willingness to diversify "

" Being the pre-cursor to 'Slaughter Of The Soul'....I always liked T.S.D. more......Minus the live tracks....This Ep(6 tracks) was and has always been my favorite At The Gates release.....

Liers In Wait !..........Huh?