Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Viogression - Expound & Exhort (1991)

1. Maggot Synod
2. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity)
3. Puritan Flames
4. Wind of Death
5. Fragmented Carcass
6. Cross Spells
7. As You Die
8. Limb From Limb
9. Transmigration
10. Choir of Loudin
11. Circle of the Divine
12. Choir of Loudin - The Chanting

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Jef Jaeger, Leon Schendel, and Bryan Jaeger started the band - first named 'Apocalypse' in 1988. Added Bryan DeNeffe and became Viogression in 1989 "

" Although it would be pretty easy to pass this off as a poor man's Obituary, it still has it's moments and is better then plenty of albums released in 1991 "

" This album, considering its release date, is powerful and dare I say, unique. Viogression lay down eleven tracks of monster death metal, in that slow, prodding way like old Obituary, with Tardy-esque raspy vocals. I cannot speak enough about the slower riffs on this album and how they continue on endlessly and crushingly"

If Mid to slow Death Metal is your thing....Check this out !
It Is unique....And they stay on the same riff forever...Which can be cool...

For Fans of Obituary,Morgoth

Nick From Wraithian asked for this old gem !

Go Ahead !.......Bro !
Get It!...

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  1. If you dig doom/death metal...this is essential!