Saturday, June 6, 2009

Suffocation - Blood Oath (2009)

1. Blood Oath
2. Dismal Dream
3. Pray for Forgivness
4. Images of Purgatory
5. Cataclysmic Purification
6. Mental Hemorrhage
7. Come Hell or High Priest
8. Undeserving
9. Provoking the Disturbed
10. Marital Decimation
11. Pray For Forgiveness (Instrumental version) Bonus Track
12. Dismal Dream (Rough mix un-mastered) Bonus Track

Origin - USA
Style - Brutal Technical Death Metal

" 6th full length from the (Long Island, New York) Killers "

" Ok...After 7 or 8 spins..Im thinkin this album lands somewhere between Really Really good....And Really good..(did that help?) I do think its far superior to the S.T. record and Better than 'Souls To Deny' by not as much "

" Production wise.....Best Suffocation record yet !.....You can hear all the instruments clearly..without one thing totally dominating. Musically: The first two tracks ...'Blood Oath' & ' Dismal Dream' are easily the best on this album...Spacious technical songs with a bit of extra originallity and melody..And some awesome vocals from Frank Mullen "

" The rest of the tracks:.... while solid, Are pretty much vintage Suffocation with no real surprises. A few more tracks like the first 2 and you would of had a true classic...Instead you have a damn strong LP from a Goddamn strong band !

And nice fucking artwork also.....

Involuntary Slaughter!..........Get It!

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