Thursday, June 25, 2009

Victims of Internal Decay - Victims of Internal Decay (1993)

1. Absolute Worship
2. Bathed in Sickness
3. Bleed
4. One More Stitch (Green River cover)
5. Jim's Lament
6. Consummation
7. Under the Sun (Black Sabbath cover)
8. In Extremis
9. False Hate
10. Sterile Nature

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Here is an interesting remnant of old...V.O.I.D. formed in 1988 in oregon...Not exactly a hotbed for Death Metal...This is their debut self titled album "

" Void used many styles and were influenced by many different bands such as Voivid,Napalm Death,Celtic Frost....One could say that this album has bits of Grind,Doom,Death,Thrash metal all in one package. The aural assault begins with "Absolute Worship," a track with growling vocals and rhythms that range from double-bass attack to slow-mosh breakdowns to grinding moments to thrashing moments to slow (almost doom-like) reflections. Vocally: A twin attack..Very grind like in the sense of almost a battle between the vocalists "

The record was produced by a grunge dude..So the production is not that great..However this is a unique record..By a very unique band...

Considered a forgotten gem by many.....

Written In Blood !.......Check It Out!
Get It......

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