Friday, June 5, 2009

Miasma - Changes (1992)

1. Baphomet
2. Ancient Rhymes
3. Melting of Imagining Existence
4. Schizophrenia?
5. Drowning In Blood
6. The Prayer
7. Morbid Knocking
8. Stillbirth

Origin - Austria
Style - Death Metal

" Miasma from (Vienna) Austria formed in 1990 with intentions of playing dark Deathly Metal "

" Changes is their only full length...And remains today on my playlist of my favorite 100 or so all time Death Metal Records. Possibly one of the most fitting names ever picked out for a band, because that's exactly what this record sounds like, a miasma. The guitar tone is so heavy and so thick..... you could cut the damn thing with a knife and it would still envelop your eardrums. The Miasma dudes didn't rest on such a great guitar tone though. What you get here is some really jagged song structures and really deep, brutal vocals "

Fans of the more eccentric styles of death metal will eat this up and with damn good reason.....Classic shit in my opinion !

Go Ahead !.......Find Out Why?

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