Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deströyer 666 - Defiance (2009)

1. Weapons of Conquest
2. I Am Not Deceived
3. Blood For Blood
4.The Barricades Are Breaking
5. Stand Defiant
6. A Path to Conflict
7. A Thousand Plagues
8. Human All Too Human
9. A Sermon To The Dead

Origin - Australia
Style - Blackened Thrash/Death metal

" Its been 7 years since 'Cold Steel'........And all I can say is....The Destroyers are Baaack ! "

" 666 have always been a deadly combination of Black/Thrash/Death metal and have put out 3 terrific albums and a slew of Eps,7",splits....And here we are with their new one 'Defiance'. This one is no different...Crazed Vocals and blackened thrash riffing to go along with a evil atmosphere...And maniacal solo's "

" This shit is catchy.....That's the point...They don't have to be technical or ultra fast to get their vision across. Opening track 'weapons of Conquest' immediately jumps out and starts the onslaught...This is easily one of my favorite 666 tracks yet ! "

This one will make many a end of year list....If it doesn't.....Piss on those who defy the Destroyer's !

Look The Fuck Out!..........Get It!


  1. seeing them at Maryland Deathfest this year was amaing.

  2. i'll see them at Satans Convention Lengerich (Germany) in December... Hope they play the good old songs, defiance is very good, but not the same hot stuff they made before...