Monday, June 8, 2009

Gorefest - False (1992)

1. The Glorious Dead
2. State of Mind
3. Reality - When You Die
4. Get-a-Life
5. False
6. Second Face
7. Infamous Existence
8. From Ignorance to Oblivion
9. The Mass Insanity
10. Tired Moon (Bonus)
11. Reality - When You Die / Forty Shades (live)(Bonus)
12. Demon Seed (live)(Bonus)
13. Erase (live)(Bonus)
14. Goddess In Black (live)(Bonus)

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in 1989, Dutch band Gorefest managed to carve a niche for themselves in an increasingly overcrowded death metal genre, making their debut on the underground demo scene with two tapes, Tangled In Gore and Horrors In A Retarded Mind. After Mindloss(Classic), they secured a contract with Nuclear Blast Records and released False. Gorefest's material was morbidly metaphysical, and at their best they managed to combine melodic and inventive riffs with an abrasive edge "

" While Gorefest already showed their potential on "Mindloss", they were able to blossom to a magnificently unique band on 2nd album "False".The brutality combined with clever song writing and exquisite musical skills culminated in a true classic album! "

Yes, there is truly nothing negative to say about this absolute classic album, even 17 years after it's release! ......Crushing Death Metal !

Underworld Classic !..........Get It!

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  1. One of the best Death Metal albums for ever.. I love it!!!! Thanks!