Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Belial - Never Again (1993)

01. Firestorm
02. The Red One
03. Dragons Kiss/Swan Song
04. As Above So Below
05. The Sun
06. About Love
07. Pain-Flood
08. Clouds
09. Desires
10. On You

Origin - Finland
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Featuring members of Impaled Nazarene...Belial was aroung in the ealy 90s when Finland had some of the best Death Metal bands on earth "

" Never Again was the bands debut..And on this Lp they played a brand of black and death metal, spicing it up with some tiny elements from NWOBHM. This was also the only album of this style as they would go on in a different direction later "

" The eerie and evil atmosphere that dominated the songs throughout the Never Again album, was one of Belial´s trademarks...They also used keyboards in their sound...only for creating a more crushing atmosphere behind their hell of catchy black/death metal assaults. Vocally: Satanic yelling would be the order of the day..and worked well "

This record is hard to come by....Hopefully iy will be re-issued at some point.
But for now...Enjoy a rotten piece of the early Finnish scene !

Voices Beyond !.........The Damned !

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  1. Killer album, but I still think the "Wisdom of Darkness" ep is better!