Monday, June 29, 2009

Damnation Army - Circle Of The Brave (2009)

1. Resurrect My Demon
2. 999 Devils Descent
3. Last Breath
4. Angels Of The Underworld
5. Dark Ones Misery
6. Manipulated Dream Design
7. Upon The Bleeding Horns
8. I
9. Pha-Luteria

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Black/Death Metal

" Thomas Nyholm is the man behind Damnation Army..As he plays all the instruments,Music,Lyrics,artwork...A one man band of sorts "

" Now I'm not usually a fan of these one man projects..Because they always sound incomplete...After all to play all the instruments oneself is challenging indeed. Having heard his previous work..I was less than impressed..So not expecting much from this one...But low and behold...This album is top notch ! A huge improvement in every way "

" When Dissection came back with the Reinkaos album..Most people cried that it didn't sound like the old Dissection at all...And while it didn't..I for one really liked that record and still listen to it alot these days..Contrary to most fans. If you did like Reinkaos..You will definitely dig this LP....Its got all the same elements..The guitars are full of Melodic Riffs and twin leads,Vocally: A nice mix of Gruff growls and blackened yells "

" The production is superb,The songwriting is strong,The musicianship is terrific!

If you enjoy intelligent, Melodic metal produced by someone who can clearly play brilliantly, and write catchy death metal, look no further. Damnation Army has it all....A sleeper hit of 2009 so far......

Age Of Punishment!.........Get It?



  1. Follower of the BlogJuly 1, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    I really liked Reinkaos and Damnation Army gets thumbs up from me. Great melodies! Makes me wonder, is Jon really dead? Diss-resurr-ection!

    Death Dealer, you are running Class A blog. Great tunes, new and forgotten ones.

  2. this is really heavy on the Reinkaos sound and i for one, LOVE it. thanx for posting this.

    and like the above poster said, thanx for running one of the best blogs out there. i've found so many bands via this site it's unreal.