Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casketgarden - This Corroded Soul of Mine (2003)

1. Human Corrosive Disease
2. I Witness
3. Grief 100%
4. Song of Tears (Ashes)
5. The Day When Silence Died
6. Immortality Inc.
7. Non-existent
8. 7th Scar
9. Widow Mother Earth
10. Across the Vast Oceans of Time

Origin - Hungary
Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

" The clones of AT THE GATES (and their continuation of them, THE HAUNTED) are here! They come from Hungary and they are fucking killers. “This Corroded Soul of Mine” could easily be the following album of The “Slaughter of The Soul”. There’s nothing inferior to the last one of A.T.G.. Supreme production, excellent musical skills and a frontman that is really close to what Mr. Tomas Lindberg has done for A.T.G. in the past"

" These fuckers here could be natives of none else but Sweden. Ten songs that are created to bring forth what others have left incomplete. They are just gonna blow your head off, reminding you at the same time of what the already mentioned bands have given to the metal world......."

At The Gates,Haunted,DeathThrash fans Hear It!

This is no bad replica of anyone!......Killers They Are!

Grotesque Soul Embodied!......Get It!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kataklysm - Prevail (2008)

1. Prevail
2. Taking the World by Storm
3. The Chains of Power
4. As Death Lingers
5. Blood in Heaven
6. To the Throne of Sorrow
7. Breathe to Dominate
8. Tear Down the Kingdom
9. The Vultures Are Watching
10. The Last Effort (Renaissance II)

Origin - Canada
Genre - Death Metal

" Back with their ninth full length Lp...these guys have been around 16 years putting out quality death metal albums"

Feeling the Neverworld!........Get It!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Unleashed - Hammer Battalion (2008)

1. The Greatest Of All Lies
2. Long Before Winter's Call
3. Your Children Will Burn
4. Hammer Battalion
5. This Day Belongs To Me
6. Marching Off To War
7. Entering The Hall Of The Slain
8. Black Horizon
9. Carved In Stone
10. Warriors Of Midgard
11. Midsummer Solstice
12. Home Of The Brave
13. I Want You Dead

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" 9th full length from Johnny Hedlund and crew "

" Unleashed have been around since the beginning of Death Metal and have pretty much stayed the course over the years.
They write some seriously anthemic tunes and have a very keen sense of songcraft and structure.And this record is no different....Combining rock heavy riffs with some excellent melodic solos and Johnnys usual great vocals."

" The production here is also worth mentioning which gives the album a powerful punch,and crushing atmosphere"

Unleashed are consistent and never tread new ground....they just make Heavy Fuckin Death Metal !

Hail Odin !............Get It!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Battalion - Welcome To The Warzone (2008)

1. Mechanize Blitzkrieg
2. Cracks Of My Coffin
3. Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch
4. Throne Of Lies
5. Blunt Force Trauma
6. Curb Stomp
7. Verdun Meat Grinder
8. Radiation Holocaust
9. Opening The Blastdoors To Hell
10. Mass Incinerator

Origin - Belgium
Genre - Death Metal

" Did you like "Nightmares Made Flesh" by Bloodbath?"

" If yes...you will have no problem getting into this death killing machine known as Battalion. These guys bring the old sound of Grave,Dismember,Autopsy back to the forefront. Grinding,god damn catchy death metal is whats on the menu.
Punnishing riffs,Vocals in the Peter Tagtgren mold(spot on if you ask me),pounding drums...And a heavy as fuck production make this record one of the biggest surprises yet in ...2008!

Highest Recommendation !

Right to the morgue!.....Get It!

Melechesh - Emissaries (2006)

1. Rebirth of the Nemesis
2. Ladders to Sumeria
3. Deluge of Delusional Dreams
4. Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth
5. Gyroscope (The Tea Party cover)
6. Double Helixed Sceptre
7. The Scribes of Kur
8. Leper Jerusalem
9. Sand Grain Universe
10. Emissaries and the Mysterium Magnum
11. Extemporized Ophtalmic Release

Origin - Israel
Genre - Black/Death/Middle-Eastern Folk Metal

" Melechesh is a band that perfectly combines elements of Black/Death/Thrash metal with ethnic influences. The fact that they declare themselves as Sumerian Metal alone shows that they are shooting for a unique sound. They do achieve a unique sound, trust me..."

" Melechesh have honed their uncanny ability to write "catchy" music which also retains intense fury, relentless pace and an indescribable, twisted menace. This is one of those rare releases that is capable of transcending the bounds of typical genre preferences of listeners"
Once again well inspired, Melechesh is bringing you one of the most original sounds in Metal today. Their unique take on Melodic extreme music is sure to grab your attention, highly recommended to all of you who aren't afraid of the dark side of themselves......

As Jerusalem Burns!.......Get It!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Opeth - Watershed (2008)

1. Coil
2. Heir Apparent
3. The Lotus Eater
4. Burden
5. Porcelain Heart
6. Hessian Peel
7. Hex Omega

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Extreme Progressive Metal

" Massive new record from the masters of prog/death metal"

This one is huge......get it now!

Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part (2008)

1. The Beginning of the End
2. Till Death Do Us Part
3. Hate of All Hatreds
4. In the Eyes of God
5. Worthless Misery
6. Severed Ties
7. Not As Long As We Both Shall Live
8. Angel of Agony
9. Horror in the Halls of Stone
10. The End of the Beginning

Origin - USA
Genre - Death Metal

" 9th full length from Glen Benton and the boys"

Blame It on God!............Get It!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moonspell - Night Eternal (2008)

1. At Tragic Heights
2. Night Eternal
3. Shadow Sun
4. Scorpion Flower
5. Moon in Mercury
6. Hers is the Twilight
7. Dreamer (Lucifer and Lilith)
8. Spring of Rage
9. First Light

Origin - Portugal
Genre - Gothic / Black Metal

" 9th full length from these scene veterans"

" Another quality release...chocked full of killer melodies and the always varied and terrific performance by Fernando Ribeiro!...one of the best vocalists in metal...from his black metal shrieks to the doom metal crooning...this guy gets it done!"

" All the musicianship is top quality, production nearly perfect,what more do you want?

Opus Diabolicum!.......Get It!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mutala - Cloning Wicked Minds (2008)

1. Intro
2. Small Corpse Unit
3. Flavour of the Deads
4. Bleeding Turning Around
5. Suffering from the Innocence
6. In my Temple (instrumental)
7. Useless Heart-Searching
8. Daseim Ohne Leben
9. My Sarcastic Point of View
10. Psychoinfibulation
11. Cloning Wicked Minds
12. My End (Outro)

Origin - Italy
Genre - Death Metal

" Mediterranean death metal?......got me....but these italians kick some ass with their brand of pummeling,melodic death metal. Quite the catchy mix of brutal riffing with cool solos and vocals ranging from low growls to blackish shrieks"

" I am listening to this and thinking "this is better than 90% of all the bands out there right now". Do yourself a favor and check these guys out..they are deserving of your interest."

What Hates Will Kill!..........Get It!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disloyal - Prophecy (2008)

1. No Mercy
2. Carrying Death
3. And it`ll Speak Evil
4. Against Life
5. Suicide
6. Prophecy
7. The Breath Of Death
8. In The Dark
9. Reborn In Sin

Origin - Poland
Genre - Death Metal

" 3rd full length from this polish death metal machine"

" These guys killed on their last record(search blog) & this one is no different....Morbid Angel like riffing meets the long list of greats from poland !.......Absolutely Crushing !

I can't Lie......I dig polish death metal....some of the best bands ever!

The Pain of Existence !..............Get It!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Degradead - Til Death Do Us Apart (2008)

1. Genetic Waste
2. Take Control
3. Burned
4. Pass Away
5. Relations To The Humanity
6. The Bloodchain
7. The Fallen
8. Day Of The Dead
9. Resemblance Of The Past
10. Reborn
11. Til Death Do Us Apart

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

" New Melo-deth upstarts Degradead debut is well played...well produced....well written....Trying to be original in melodic death metal? Not likely...its just all been done before and here it is no different. Recorded at In Flames studios there are hints of I.F. as well as D.T. & A.T.G. with some Scar Symmetry thrown in for good measure.These youngsters have the talent...they just need some time to get their own identity!"

" Degradead proves with songs such as "The Bloodchain", "Day of the Dead" and "Reborn" that they can write some very good songs. Now get away from In Flames and you'll do better"

For Fans of Dark Tranquillity,In Flames,At The Gates etc.

What Do You Have To Lose?..........Get It!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Opeth - Porcelain Heart (single) 2008

1. Porcelain Heart
2. The Lotus Eater

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Extreme Progressive Metal

" New Single from the up-coming "Watershed" album"

It's Opeth!........Get It!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Visceral Bleeding - Transcend Into Ferocity (2004)

1. Merely Parts Remain
2. Fed To The Dogs
3. Indulge In Self Mutilation
4. Fury Unleashed
5. Trephine The Malformed
6. All Flesh...
7. Clenched Fist Obedience
8. Fire Took His Face
9. When Pain Came To Town

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Technical/Brutal Death Metal

" I felt the need for speed!....So 29 minutes of insane,technical,brutal ear bursting metal is what you get"

" Imagine a amalgamation of Cannibal Corpse and Spawn of Possession played with the energy of old Cryptopsy. It's ridiculous and incredible."

Technical Death Fans!.....Get It!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Total Devastation - Honour the Disorder (2008)

1. High on War
2. Nation of Rats
3. We Want to Believe
4. White Water
5. Denied
6. What Remains
7. Bend in Shape
8. Oblivion
9. Honour the Disorder

Origin - Finland
Genre - Industrial Death Metal

" 4th full length album.....These guys are quite a mixture of Death metal(hypocrisy,Entombed) + Industrial(Ministry,Strapping Young Lad) thrown into a blender to produce some rather Crushing Music!...Some deathnRoll moments in some of the catchy riffs and plenty of atmospheric moods with all of the samples. All in all... a terrific Lp!

Left Hand of the Devil!........Get It!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unanimated - Ancient God of Evil (1995)

1. Life Demise
2. Eye of the Greyhound
3. Oceans of Time
4. Dead Calm
5. Mireille
6. The Depths of a Black Sea
7. Ruins
8. Dying Emotions Domain
9. Die Alone

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" Unanimated were another one of those Swedish bands who were left by the wayside when it came to recognition in the oversaturated 90's Scandinavian melo-death movement. Featuring one time (or current in some cases) members of such luminaries as Entombed, Dismember and Therion, they released their first full length in 1993 with 'In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead' which didn't go down particularly well amongst hardened fans. However, they signed off their career with an album that any melodic death metal band would've been proud of two years later in the form of 'Ancient God of Evil'.

Sounding very much like a cross between classic Dissection and At the Gates, each song on the album has its own strong melodic emblem which resonates evil from every note. One trap that Unanimated never fell into was forgetting that they aren't merely playing regurgitated down tuned, galloping Maiden riffs like many of their neighboring bands in Gothenburg were already beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel for, managing to keep the darker deathly side firmly set in the foundations of the music with eerie acoustic passages and an excellent ear for catchy, yet entirely malevolent sounding melodies. The guitar tone is suitably acerbic, allowing the twin guitars to have an awesome cutting edge unheard in many melodic death albums, which when coupled with the throat tearing black metal styled vocals, makes for an enjoyable change from the In Flames-like style that so many bands felt the need to ape.

All in all, Unanimated wrote hugely engaging melody-filled songs which brim with an aura Lucifer himself would be proud of. When you take into consideration the people who created them, they certainly had a pedigree all of their own which was overlooked by most at the time of their creation"

Underworld Classic !

Unholy!........Get It!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mourning Beloveth - A Disease for the Ages (2008)

1. The Sickness
2. Trace Decay
3. Primeval Rush
4. The Burning Man
5. Poison Beyond All

Origin - Ireland
Genre - Doom/Death Metal

" Crushing new lp from these irish doomsters!"

" If you like your music slow and heavy & melodic...And I mean wall of sound Heavy...Then this is your ticket "

For Fan's of My Dying Bride,Solitude Aeturnus,mid period Anathema

Overwhelming anguish!...........Get It!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lost Soul - √úbermensch (Death of God) (2002)

1. The Dawn
2. No Salvation
3. Beast Rising
4. The Source of Thee
5. Incinerate
6. To The New Light!
7. Soul Hunger
8. Lords of Endeavours
9. Apeiron
10. Adoration of Violet
11. The One You Seek
12. The Crown

Origin - Poland
Genre - Death Metal

" 2nd album from these polish blaster's!...This record see's them expand on their sound from the Debut (Scream of the Mourning Star). This record is focused and cohesive. The keyboards take a higher seat in the mix - a bold and very effective feat. Yet Lost Soul remain brutal and blast beats rule this record all the way through. Vocals sound a bit like nergal of Behemoth. Its the machine gun drumming and the heavy guitars that carry this Lp. The guitars consist of 100mph riffage and short to the point solos...With a touch of melody thrown in also. The Drumming is nothing short of amazing!...Technical,fast,and in time with the guitars"

Morbid Angel,Vader,Decapitated fan's....Grab This!

A Beast Rising!.........Get It!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scenteria - Art of Aggression (2004)

1. Acts of Lunacy
2. Circle of Fear
3. Forever Lost
4. Infected War
5. Addicted
6. Dead Point of View
7. Blackend
8. Reign of Hate
9. The Abyss

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

" Swedish thrash metal outfit Scenteria sound a lot like much of the country’s fellow bands melded into one conglomerate, almost like an At the Haunted of Tranquillity. Layered with keyboards, furious guitar riffs, demonic vocals, unremitting drumming, and a patented metal seal of approval from the Swedish government, tracks like the merciless “Circle of Fear” and the Slayer-esque intro to “Dead Point of View” aren’t the most groundbreaking,.... but the production is top-notch and these guys are young and talented...Watch for them in the future!

Go Ahead!....Check It Out!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Artefact - Ruins (2008)

1. Their Cave
2. Gargoyles Unleashing
3. Medieval Ancestry
4. My Inner Sanctum
5. Catharian Ruins
6. Reverence
7. Fountain Of The Enchantress
8. Curse Of The Wizard
9. Stellar Winds
10. Finale
11. Gargoyles Rest

Origin - France
Genre - Melodic Black Metal

" Ruins is the third album of this really atypical combo and their best stuff so far.....Their bio says that Artefact is a Black Metal band, I think that I will have to give a better description to the music of the band if you really want to understand what Artefact is. Of course some rhythms and vocals are near of Black Metal but all in all, Ruins is definitely more like an Epic album of Progressive Folk / Death / Black Metal (a bit like with the last Primordial or also a bit like "Mabool" of Orphaned Land). The songs are all really long with great epic choruses and with a ton of different melodies break and complex guitars solo's"

" This album is an interesting and well-written effort that has the potential to appeal to a broad range of people on the strength of its boundary-spanning and yet classic-sounding style....Emperor to Dissection with some Symphonic elements and even some gregorian chants"

This will be one of the severely under-rated albums of 2008 !

It Is Long !........But Well Worth It!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grave - Dominion VIII (2008)

1. A World In Darkness
2. Fallen (Angel Son)
3. Deathstorm
4. Stained By Hate
5. Bloodpath
6. Annihilated Gods
7. Sinners Lust
8. Dark Signs
9. 8th Dominion

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" One of the Swedish Death Metal pioneers is back with another lp of true old-school groove and violence!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Devilish Distance - The Black Mountain Call (2005)

1. Gravelight
2. Immortal (Last)
3. The Black Mountain Call
4. Ways To Chaos
5. Devilish Distance
6. Evil Faith
7. Empty Soul

Origin - Russia
Genre - Death Metal

" Heavy death metal is what we have here.....kinda old Hypocrisy meets Vader.If you have never heard any of the russian death metal bands...start with this one.. as they are among the best!

Death Metal Vodka !........Get It!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arch Enemy - Black Earth (1996)

1. Bury Me an Angel
2. Dark Insanity
3. Eureka
4. Idolatress
5. Cosmic Retribution
6. Demoniality
7. Transmigration Macabre
8. Time Capsule
9. Fields of Desolation
10. Losing Faith (bonus track)
11. The Ides of March (Iron Maiden cover)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" Black Earth, the debut from Arch Enemy is a lesson in aggression and subtle melodies. Fresh from his stint in Carcass, Michael Amott joined with his brother Christopher to make a CD that took the sound of older Swedish Death, and mixed it with a touch of Heartwork era Carcass and added in more melody. The result is one of the best debuts from any Metal band in the mid 90’s"

" While Arch Enemy can correctly be termed as Melodic Death Metal, they have very little in common with bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames musically. Arch Enemy on Black Earth, are almost Thrashy in nature, being very riff heavy, with a lot of fast drumming and memorable leads. A lot of the riffs have that Carcass Death/Groove feel that was present on Heartwork as well and it mixes very well into the songs. Johan Liiva, who sang on the Carnage demos (Michael Amott’s first group, and one of the first Swedish Death bands), handles the vocals on Black Earth"

Classic Early Gothenburg!

No Love Lost!..........Get It!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Within Y - The Cult (2008)

1. Deathtrip
2. 21
3. The Cult
4. Bittersweet Suicide
5. The Predictable End
6. My Fall
7. King Of Flies
8. Self Refinement
9. Strive
10. Facing Reality

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death Metal

" 3rd full length From the gothenburg melo deth crew....."

Cmon All you Metal Mongers!.....Someone write a kick ass review and I will post it up for everyone to read....Put them in the comments section....dont forget your e-mail address !

Have fun.....people its a blog.....dont stress !

Hold On !.......Just Kidding !............Get It!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gorod - Neurotripsicks (2005)

1. Intro / Gorod Rises Up
2. Gutting Job
3. Smoked Skulls
4. Hunt To The Weaks
5. Beware Of Tramps
6. Pig's Bloated Face
7. Rusted Nails Attack
8. Harmony In Torture
9. Earth Pus
10. Neuronal Disorder State
11. Gorod (1999)
12. Submission Transfer (2005)

Origin - France
Genre - Technical Death Metal

" If you are a fan of technical riffage which still takes the time and care to caress those nerves that have not completely turned to the dark side with, not melodic, but catchy and discernible riffs that instigate the most enjoyable and frantic kind of headbanging, then you must give Gorod a try. To me they are one of the most original tech death bands"

"This album was originally put out as Gorgasm...but then re-issued under new name Gorod...This is the debut...Overall, you need this if you love technical death metal. It's not brutal, but it's excellent and memorable. Gorod, along with bands such as Gory Blister, Psycroptic, Martyr, Arsis, and much more, show us that technical death metal is not going to die off soon.
Highly recommended!

Awesome Intro !..........Get It!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mar de Grises - Draining The Waterheart (2008)

1. Sleep just one dawn
2. Kilometros de nada
3. Deep-seeded hope avant-garde
4. Fantasia
5. Wooden woodpecker conversion
6. One possessed
7. Summon me
8. Liturgia: Convite y prefiguracion

Origin - Chile
Genre - Melodic Doom/Death Metal

" Follow up to the awesome "The Tatterdemalion Express"..this band does not follow the normal root of doom metal or death metal..Their style is slow funereal doom with distant eerie and exhausted death metal vocals straining to be heard through a bleak, yet hauntingly beautiful sonicscape. It's never boring, with multiple layers of extended harmonies to hone in on, and the fleeting moments of drama"

" Above all Mar de Grises play dynamic music, which ranges from crushing heaviness to culminating emotion to delicate fragility. It is rich in tempo changes, solos, varied vocals and exciting through and through. The melody is a very important element, and it is borne by the guitar leads and the keyboards, of which the latter are exceptionally well suited to this type of music"

This is a must-have for anyone seriously into modern Doom/Death !

Unique, Ethereal Doom Metal !....Get It!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Textures - Silhouettes (2008)

1. Old Days Born Anew
2. The Sun's Architect
3. Awake
4. Laments of an Icarus
5. One Eye for a Thousand
6. State of Disobedience
7. Storm Warning
8. Messengers
9. To Erase a Lifetime

Origin - Netherlands
Genre - Progressive / Death / Thrash Metal

" Ok....Here is some Polyrhythmic Progressive Metal...and it is done with the highest amount of professionalism. Think Pantera meets Meshuggah with a modern touch. Harsh screaming vocals and clean choruses. This is their 3rd full length after the rather disappointing (drawing circles) They are back on track with this one. Cynic and Athiest are obviously influences also so you get the progressive thing.

All fans with open minds....Check this out!

Destroy!...Erase!......Get It!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Emeth - Telesis (2008)

1. Silence Goes Unheard
2. Anochi Kofer
3. Telesis
4. SoulStorming Echoes
5. Folly And Weakness
6. Monolith
7. Existence Beyond Being
8. The Doer Alone Learneth
9. Aquarian
10. Will To Power
11. Aum

Origin - Belgium
Genre - Death Metal

" This outfit from belgium used to play a brand of brutal death...
But on this their 3rd full length...you get a change in styles.

More Later.........

Manifestation of Death......Get It!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kalmah - For the Revolution (2008)

1. For the Revolution
2. Dead Man's Shadow
3. Holy Symphony of War
4. Wings of Blackening
5. Ready for Salvation
6. Towards the Sky
7. Outremer
8. Coward
9. Like a Slave

Origin - Finland
Genre - Melodic Death Metal?

" 5th full length from the swamplords.....nothing to do with swamps in the title...huh..must of run out of ideas.Melodic,folk,speed,...metal of some kind. Check It Out!

Fans of C.O.B and such!.............Get It!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aeon - Bleeding the False (2005)

1. Cenobites
2. Soulburner
3. Morbid Desire to Burn
4. Biblewhore
5. Forever Nailed
6. Satanic Victory
7. Enchanter
8. Bleeding the False
9. Doorknocker
10. Bow Your Head
11. I Hate Your Existence
12. God Gives Head in Heaven
13. Hell Unleashed
14. War Choirs
15. God Gives Head in Heaven(Country version)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Brutal Death Metal

" On their second full-length these swedish satan worshipers unleash a brutal barrage of death metal....worthy of Morbid Angel,cryptopsy,deicide comparisons. The shredding dual-guitar attacks retain constant attention to groove without sacrificing the bombastic.The majority of this album is played at breakneck speeds, with perfectly executed blasts and double bass providing the backbone. However, the band has no problem slowing things down every once and a while to keep the songs interesting"

" The vocalist is quite vicious...and the hatred of the lyrics can truly be sensed in every word. Now....speaking about the lyrics...they are fucking hilarious,over the top deicide worship.

Check out the acoustic song at the end...had me rolling and spittin up my beer the first time I heard it"

Worthy addition to any death metal collection!

Holy paradise!........Get It!