Monday, March 29, 2010

Overoth - Death Personified - Ep (2007)

1. Overoth 01:09
2. Suffering of the Detained
3. Death Personified
4. Oath of the Flesh
5. Thanatos Rise
6. Lord of Desolation

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" Well it seems that Overoth is getting some big hype with their new full-length....And not for no reason....They play sledgehammer heavy Death Metal with catchy riffs and cool solo's "

" They have followed the true course of history..With a demo first..Then an Ep..Then the full length. This is the Ep here...And while not as well produced as the new one...It still reigns supreme in the old style meets new Death Metal scene. Think Bolt Thrower meets any number of Swedish acts "

These guys get it right...Straight ahead riffing, Short songs, powerfull growls,Psychedelic solo's....It aint original....But its damn tasty !

What the hell is an Overoth?
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Abscession - Death Incarnate - Demo (2010)

1. Land of the Damned
2. Haunted from within
3. Litany of the Serpent God

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Sweden is a neverending supplier of killer Death Metal bands.....And with Abscession...We have another winner ! "

" Grooving,Catchy,Well produced Death Metal is what you will get on this debut 3 track demo...Limited to 100 black tapes...& 66 red ones....You better get ahold of Suffer Productions pronto ! "

In the running for Best Demo of 2010 I should think !

The band has asked me to remove the links.......But I still highly recommend you seek this out !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dawn - Apparition - Demo (1992)

1. In the Depths of My Soul 
2. Incantation of Unholyness 
3. Spawn of Evil
4. Thirst of the Dead

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Here's an old one.....Yes I know Dawn later were a Melodic Black Metal band in the vein of Dissection....But dont forget even Jon was in Thrash then Death metal bands first. This is actually their second demo..But first produced by the legend Dan Swano "

" This has to be one of the better produced demo's of the day....With a clear sound and Henke Forss(In Flames,Funeral Feast) using a much lower growl than his later records. These 4 tracks are similar blasting Death Metal with some melodic elements..But much more evil riffing than the majority of most demo's....Check out 'Thirst For The Dead' to see what I mean....Cult shit here !"

Get This rare demo...

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Soreption - Deterioration of Minds (2010)

1. Suppressing the Mute
2. The Hypocrite, Undying
3. Breeding Exile
4. ...to Dim the Aching
5. A Wolf Among Men
6. Deterioration of Minds
7. By Venom Entitled
8. March of the Tyrants

Origin - Sweden
Style - Technical Death Metal

" I absolutely dug Soreption's Ep a couple years back.....Start and stop Technical Death of the highest order !.......Finally here we are with their full-length debut "

" First of all...Theirs no denying the supreme musicianship of these fellows...They can play as good as anyone...But ability does not always make a album great. In this case it does....These guys are as close to Decapitated as any band Ive heard...Maybe not as quite catchy..But for sure in the same vein "

" 8 blasts of technical riffery and solo's coming in at a crisp 30 minutes...Backed by the typical sterile machine gun production and gruff vocals......Double bass all over the place and serpentine riffs blazing a trail to the end of every track "

On first listen...I think I like the Ep a bit better...But there's no denying this band's technical prowess and abilitys.....Fans of Decapitated,The Faceless Etc. Should get it !

# 1.............#2...........Now They Have Names !
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anesthesy - Exaltation of the Eclipse (1994)

1. Primal Exaltation
2. Beyond Sadness
3. The Defector
4. Guardian
5. Survival Of The Fittest
6. Intestinal Haemorrhage
7. The Change 
8. The Ultimate Reincarnator 
9. Enstrangled Minds
10. The Sun, The Red, The Blood
11. Eclipticus Finale Exclinatum

Origin - Belgium
Style - Thrash/Death Metal

" Anesthesy formed in 1988 near (Kortrijk, West Flanders) Belgium and were a pure thrash band at first.....They released a demo & a Ep before this first full length in 94"

" On the Ep Anesthesy started as a good mixture of death and thrash metal, calling to mind Protector and mid-period Messiah ....But on this Full-Length..We have a totally different animal.
Exaltation of the Eclipse" speeds up a bit, and adds more intense riffs ala Benediction and Bolt Thrower, as well as more technical ones, but preserves the doomy moments from the EP. Death metal has taken over, as evident from the heavy opener "Beyond Sadness", which nicely mixes fast furious riffs with ponderous doomy ones. Later on both styles alternate, seldom blended together in one track, as more room has been given to the slower dark riffage, although all hell breaks loose on blitzkrieg thrashers like "Enstrangled Minds". The singer now sounds even scarier and lower, a really brutal growler not far from Karl Willets "

This was a Quality,Obscure act that has gone unnoticed and really should have not been...If you can dig a strong mixture of Slayer,Bolt Thrower with shitloads of time changes etc......Then I highly recommend you check this long forgotten gem !

An Overdose !.........Of Killing !
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dipshits of the highest order !

It makes me laugh to see the take down notices...From blogger...I understand that they dont want to get sued.....The latest is Unleashed being removed...Basically The record company has complained and had it removed from any blog that had it on their site. Now it is their right to complain...They do hold the copyright...As I do for all of my music....But if they think this stops it from being sent over the web..They are severely mistaken....Their are sites in other countries where these are still available and dont have the same restrictions. All this being said: I personally own most of the Unleashed catalogue...So I do not feel bad about putting up a link..That I didnt start for a album. But I do want to keep the site going for a while...So.......

New Rule: On new releases (Bigger ones) I will NOT be putting links to download...They are just going to be removed anyway...And then the site taken down...I will let you know about the release and review it.....And you all can e-mail me about further information....(know what I mean?)

I dont want to do this...I have no choice as they will kill the site again !

As I saw Classic site was dead as of this morning....I want to stay open a while longer....Or get the forum going in full.

They Can't keep us down !......They can only hope to contain us....


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Innumerable Forms - Dark Worship - Ep (2010)

1. Illusory
2. Life Beyond Life
3. Contaminated

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Here's a nasty little ditty from Boston.....Innumerable Forms is a mysterious act..As not much is known about them...But after hearing this 11 minute E.P....I want to hear more ! "

" Like the more suffocating side of the new>old Death Metal movement?....As in Vasaeleth,Hatespawn etc.....Then this 3 tracker is right up your alley. Very bass heavy production..Bordering on muffling guitars,Deep vocal's, giving all of it a claustrophobic aura to it "

This is a vinyl release 7" out on Hell Massacre records?.....If you seek the feeling of being trapped in a small cave with no room to move...Turn the light out and put this on !....

An Abhorrence !.......Of Disgrace !
Down...       Below...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Interment - Where Death Will Increase (2010)

1. Intro 
2. Morbid Death
3. Infestering Flesh
4. Cranial Putrefaction
5. Intro
6. Where Death Will Increase
7. Human Dissection
8. A Waste Of Good Suffering
9. Forward To The Unknown
10. The Final Chapter
11. Shall Evil Unfold
12. Enchanting The Weeper
13. In Silent Darkness

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Compilation of all Demo's from this legendary band "

" Kudo's to Morbid Wrath/Necroharmonic records for putting this together !....You get all the demo's remastered and liner notes,photos, all kinds of cool shit "

I don't need to describe this anymore....As all the demo's have appeared on this site anyway.....You know what to do.....GET IT!

Hatred Of The Damned !.......Dont even try !
Death....    Life....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Diskord - Doomscapes (2007)

1. An Architectonic Manifestation of Death
2. Public Static Void 
3. Harbinger 
4. Absurreality
5. Cosmic Collapse
6. The Ubiquitous Transience
7. Inane Existence
8. Pervasive Discreteness 
9. Overstrain 
10. Heritage 
11. Reptilian Ancestry
12. Instauration

Origin - Norway
Style - Progressive Death Metal

" Diskord is a progressive death metal band who were formed in Oslo,Norway in 2001 by Chris "Channard" Myhre (guitar),Kvile (guitar),Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen (bass) and Hans Jørgen Ersvik (drums,vocals).In 2001 they self-released their first demo,a 5 song ep simply titled "Demo 1".Guitarist Kvile left the band and instead of replacing him DISKORD continued on with a three piece line-up. In 2003 Diskord again self-released a second demo,titled "Aural Objection".The band signed to Vendius Records and in 2005 released the ep "hdfh".2007 saw Diskord sign to the larger Edgerunner label and release their first full-length album....Doomscapes "

" Get ready for this.....This is some crazy shit here.... These guys play progressive death metal while still retaining the primal agression and discordant sounds of old-school death metal mixed with jazz,punk,Doom, psychedelic guitar and everything in-between. I feel like Im trippin on shrooms or should be! "

" I cannot say anything more..Or tell you that they sound like another band..Cause they dont...For those into wacky,Lunatic inspired Death Metal....Maybe Some Disharmonic Orchestra....Drink up,Smoke up,Shoot up...Do whatever it is you do....And crank this up ! "

Dalen gets this !

Go Ahead !..........Get It!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nominon - Monumentomb (2010)

1. Mantra Reverse
2. Archfiend 
3. Undead Beast
4. Kevorkian Exit
5. Omen 
6. Mountain Of Hate
7. Worm
8. Worship
9. Wrath Of Shiva

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Album # 4 from (Jönköping) Sweden's Death Metal Bruisers "

" Nominon has been doing their thing for some 17+ years...So this is no up and coming act here..Nope...This is a well oiled Death Metal machine slapping you up side the head with the grooving sounds of Swedish Death Metal "

" Top notch production and 9 tracksof catchy,Modern meets Old style Death Metal..Plain and simple...Not re-invention of the wheel.....Influences: Dismember,Entombed,Some Thrash touches...Its fucking Nice "

And dig that Chris Moyen artwork...Killer !

Get It While You Can !........Ya Hear ?
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Xysma - Above the Mind of Morbidity - Ep (1990)

1. Foetal Mush
2. Paradise of Steaming Cadavers 
3. Entangled in Shreds
4. Mild Stench of Rot 
5. Dismemberment in Trance
6. Cranial Cradle

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal/Grindcore

" Xysma is a Finnish cult band that was actually started as a grindcore band pretty much cloning the style that early Carcass and Napalm Death were playing. This resulted in being the first grindcore band ever to emerge from Finland. But soon they got fed-up with this style and changed into something that"s more death metal with the first two albums. Evolving further they adopted a Black Sabbath kind of vibe which they draw further throughout their career, ending up as a psychedelic kind of 70"s rock band "

" This is the 12" Mini-Lp...on Comeback records.....Where as the first demo was all Carcass worship....This first Ep see's the band moving in a more Death Metal zone....Still grinding,putrid,unhuman vocals(reminding of Demilich),dominant low production value and increased audio filth, with raging low tuned guitars, mid-fast hardcore pace to blast-beat drums "

This stuff is pure filth and sick to the bone !......Fans of Old Carcass,Impetigo,Exhumed etc...Get this shit !

Phrenetic Chainsaw Suicide!.......Ohh Yeahh !
Hear....     Or     Here.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phlegethon - Drifting in the Crypt - Compilation (2010)

Disc 1
1. Female Sabbath 
2. During my Hollow Trinity 
3. Into the Halls of Theory
4. Ornaments
5. Intro - Endless Horse
6. The Brethren in Provenance
7. Sunset Of Golgotha 
8. Those That Are Sent Forth 
9. Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant
10. Acrimonious Elysium
11. Karma Vest
12. Teaser's Whine
13. Crystal Limbs

Disc 2
1. 0-520
2. Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant

3. Ornaments
4. The Golden Face
5. Stone Me
6. Without Tea Waters
7. To Decorate the Skies
8. For Lunar Reasons 
9. In Harmony with Penance.
10. Encrypt the Earth
11. Petrified Hermits
12. The Unreal Locations of the Period of Stones
13. Circle of the Hybrid Statues

Origin - Finland
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

Compilation of All Phlegethon material ever released !
Broken down into 2cds and by release with all covers and bonus stuff !

" Complete Discography of this Mystic Death/Thrash legend from Finland....With remastered sound and bonus material "

" For those interested in Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace,Claws,Vacant Coffin etc) This is your chance to hear what he and some friends were doing in the early days "

" You get to hear everything from the early demo's that were influenced by Sepultura,Slayer to the later material more in the vein of Lasse's later bands.....Some truly twisted and unique stuff here ! "

Quite a package that Extreem Music put together...Compiling the history of Phlegethon
Watch for the new DVD out later this year !

Glorious Bastards !.........They are !
CD1     Cd2  Or   This That

At least say thanx !.....This shit took me forever and a day !


Monday, March 8, 2010

Interment - Forward to the Unknown - Demo (1992)

1. Where Death Will Increase
2. Human Dissection
3. A Waste Of Good Suffering
4. Forward To The Unknown

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

'Intro' is seperate in rip

" The year...1992....Interment contact Tomas Skogsberg and book Sunlight Studios for a new demo...But it turns out Skogsberg has booked too many bands at the same time so the band moves to Gorysound Studios and work with Dan Swanö instead...Not a bad idea in my book "

" This is the bands 2nd demo and there are differences from the first...This time the songs were  much faster and the guitars more downtuned..And like the first demo..Interment sends this to many labels..And no one signs them (Idiot labels) "

" Enough of a history lesson...What we have here is another classic Swedish Death Metal demo from the day....Heavy and brutal..Just the way we like it !.....Interesting note: All the demo's are now found in one compilation on Morbid Wrath/Necroharmonic records...I suggest you get out there and get yourself one of these...Comes with cool liner notes and a video too "

Dont forget the new FULL LENGTH coming in april !...One of my most anticipated releases this year for sure !...Should be devastating !

Classic Shit here !.......Get It!
One - http://rapidshare.com/files/360933586/Interment92.rare...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cannibal Corpse - Bloodthirst (1999)

1. Pounded Into Dust
2. Dead Human Collection
3. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
4. The Spine Splitter 

5. Ecstasy in Decay 
6. Raped by the Beast
7. Coffinfeeder 

8. Hacksaw Decapitation
9. Blowtorch Slaughter
10. Sickening Metamorphosis

11. Condemned to Agony

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Well after a weekend of being couped up doing buisness stuff....I needed to get some aggression out....What better way than putting on some Cannibal and popping a vicodin and pouring a glass of Grand Marnier and putting on a hockey game muted of course "

" For those who have forgot...This is Cannibal Corpse's best album...Period..End of discussion.
Bloodthirst is 35 minutes of pure, gut wrenching,ear bleeding death metal. Corpsegrinder's voice is stonger than ever. Paul's drumming totally shreds most drummers in the genre, and while Alex and Jack are still writing the bulk of the music, Pat O'Brien has added three outstanding tracks to Cannibal's long list of horrifying, blood soaked music "

" This is C.C. at their most consistent and most deadly....I cannot for the life of me still believe they censored this artwork?...Nowadays comic books are more graphic. Alot of fans liked Chris barnes earlier work with C.C.....Nahh fuck that...Corpse is more powerful and I dont have to hear barnes whine off key....Anyway...This is a classic in the American Death Metal scene and a classic chunk of ear-deafening music supreme ! "

For those new to Cannibal Corpse...Is there anyone?....Start here and move forward....Look the early albums had their moments but this album brought it all together....

Butchered at work !........****
Eat this...       Eat that.....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Torture Division - Evighetens Dårar II - Demo (2010)

1. Total Death Punishment 
2. Overtorture (Bound to Be Dead)
3. Righteous Fore Ensemble

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Death 'Fucken' Metal is what they call it !....And that is all you need to know ! "

Support Torture Division.....Buy a t-shirt..Make a donation.....They give this demo away for free !

Grave Hate Among !......Vicious Dark God !
Here goddammit     There goldarnit

Devoid of Grace - Psychotic Journey (2010)

1. Killing For Salvation 
2. Distorted Perspective
3. Chaos - New God 
4. Demonosphere
5. Blind Mirror 
6. Virtual Addiction 
7. Refactoring Noise
8. Prodigy

Origin - Russia
Style - Death Metal

" Debut from the (Lipetsk) Russia based Death Metal Machine "

" I dug on their first E.P. and the split also last year...Finally we have the full length. You will get blistering precise Death Metal in the vein of Trauma,Vader, and Decapitated....This shit is loud...Produced well and the playing is solid with some nice solo's "

" Russia is producing some fine Death Metal these days and Devoid Of Grace has to be one of the leaders of the pack ! "

Good Stuff here....Recommended !

Get Up !.......Get Out !
Over here.....     Over There....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall of Icons (2010)

1. Indoctrination of the Lost
2. Statues
3. In Ruins 
4. Condemned
5. Apart

Origin - Finland
Style - Progressive Death/Black Metal

" Ikuinen Kaamos roughly translates as 'Eternal Polar Night' a name that suggests black metal origins, which Ikuinen Kaamos certainly were in their demo days...But this is their second full-length we are speaking of here "

" Incorporating elements from Doom, Death, Black and progressive metal to create a Dark,Melancholic, Epic album spiralling the listener to a timeless sphere of emotions...Ikuinen Kaamos are possibly the answer to Sweden's Opeth ? "

" The tracks are lengthy and full of twists and turns..One minute Opethian heavy handed vibe..The next acoustic interludes with layers of  guitars throughout. The vocals vary between black metal screams, death metal gutturals and clean singing (A bit different to M.Akerfeldt I might add). The production is spotless and quite clear...Allowing all the instruments their own space (except the bass) to maneuver around in the long drawn out tracks "

I personnaly do not hear much Black Metal here..Other than the voice sometimes.....But if you are into the melancholic...progressive..metal such as Opeth or In Mourning...This is highly recommended !

On The Wings Of Your Hatred !........Go Ahead !
Get It....      Got It......