Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anesthesy - Exaltation of the Eclipse (1994)

1. Primal Exaltation
2. Beyond Sadness
3. The Defector
4. Guardian
5. Survival Of The Fittest
6. Intestinal Haemorrhage
7. The Change 
8. The Ultimate Reincarnator 
9. Enstrangled Minds
10. The Sun, The Red, The Blood
11. Eclipticus Finale Exclinatum

Origin - Belgium
Style - Thrash/Death Metal

" Anesthesy formed in 1988 near (Kortrijk, West Flanders) Belgium and were a pure thrash band at first.....They released a demo & a Ep before this first full length in 94"

" On the Ep Anesthesy started as a good mixture of death and thrash metal, calling to mind Protector and mid-period Messiah ....But on this Full-Length..We have a totally different animal.
Exaltation of the Eclipse" speeds up a bit, and adds more intense riffs ala Benediction and Bolt Thrower, as well as more technical ones, but preserves the doomy moments from the EP. Death metal has taken over, as evident from the heavy opener "Beyond Sadness", which nicely mixes fast furious riffs with ponderous doomy ones. Later on both styles alternate, seldom blended together in one track, as more room has been given to the slower dark riffage, although all hell breaks loose on blitzkrieg thrashers like "Enstrangled Minds". The singer now sounds even scarier and lower, a really brutal growler not far from Karl Willets "

This was a Quality,Obscure act that has gone unnoticed and really should have not been...If you can dig a strong mixture of Slayer,Bolt Thrower with shitloads of time changes etc......Then I highly recommend you check this long forgotten gem !

An Overdose !.........Of Killing !
Here....          There.....


  1. 1 of the songs is corrupt it seems

  2. Very good thrash death with good sound! 7 of 10 for me. good blog!