Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nominon - Monumentomb (2010)

1. Mantra Reverse
2. Archfiend 
3. Undead Beast
4. Kevorkian Exit
5. Omen 
6. Mountain Of Hate
7. Worm
8. Worship
9. Wrath Of Shiva

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Album # 4 from (Jönköping) Sweden's Death Metal Bruisers "

" Nominon has been doing their thing for some 17+ years...So this is no up and coming act here..Nope...This is a well oiled Death Metal machine slapping you up side the head with the grooving sounds of Swedish Death Metal "

" Top notch production and 9 tracksof catchy,Modern meets Old style Death Metal..Plain and simple...Not re-invention of the wheel.....Influences: Dismember,Entombed,Some Thrash touches...Its fucking Nice "

And dig that Chris Moyen artwork...Killer !

Get It While You Can !........Ya Hear ?
Right...   Left.....

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