Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dawn - Apparition - Demo (1992)

1. In the Depths of My Soul 
2. Incantation of Unholyness 
3. Spawn of Evil
4. Thirst of the Dead

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Here's an old one.....Yes I know Dawn later were a Melodic Black Metal band in the vein of Dissection....But dont forget even Jon was in Thrash then Death metal bands first. This is actually their second demo..But first produced by the legend Dan Swano "

" This has to be one of the better produced demo's of the day....With a clear sound and Henke Forss(In Flames,Funeral Feast) using a much lower growl than his later records. These 4 tracks are similar blasting Death Metal with some melodic elements..But much more evil riffing than the majority of most demo's....Check out 'Thirst For The Dead' to see what I mean....Cult shit here !"

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