Friday, March 19, 2010

Dipshits of the highest order !

It makes me laugh to see the take down notices...From blogger...I understand that they dont want to get sued.....The latest is Unleashed being removed...Basically The record company has complained and had it removed from any blog that had it on their site. Now it is their right to complain...They do hold the copyright...As I do for all of my music....But if they think this stops it from being sent over the web..They are severely mistaken....Their are sites in other countries where these are still available and dont have the same restrictions. All this being said: I personally own most of the Unleashed catalogue...So I do not feel bad about putting up a link..That I didnt start for a album. But I do want to keep the site going for a while...So.......

New Rule: On new releases (Bigger ones) I will NOT be putting links to download...They are just going to be removed anyway...And then the site taken down...I will let you know about the release and review it.....And you all can e-mail me about further information....(know what I mean?)

I dont want to do this...I have no choice as they will kill the site again !

As I saw Classic site was dead as of this morning....I want to stay open a while longer....Or get the forum going in full.

They Can't keep us down !......They can only hope to contain us....



  1. Respect DD, totally understandable. You do what you need to do brother.

    Pretty fucking pathetic on the labels end though. After I downloaded the Unleashed, I went and pre-ordered it. I feel like canceling my order and just sending the band some cash.


  2. Hey, DD

    Thanks for all the info you provided us with, so far, you introduced me to a lot of bands that I currently worship, and I doubt I would have come across them anytime soon.

    I'd like to see this site up and running for as long as it's possible. On the other hand, I like the forum idea too, it would surely be more interactive than the blog, so please keep us updated if you're going to put one up.


  3. Hey Man! I Burnt My "Unleashed T-shirt" & Sent It To Hell.....
    Master Do "Underground Job" .... Give Away Bands That Are Record Companies Tail

    Thank U.....So Much

  4. @DD; total crap, man! Still, good to see the spirit unbroken!! We'll be in touch!

    @death worshiper: pathetic action indeed... What's the use? As if it were Unleashed who instigated this kinda bullshit. Go out and buy a new shirt. On the double!!

  5. A review from you is more than enough for me DD, I'd take your reviews any day to those crappy metal-archives.com reviews. So keep them coming, even if they are without D/L links, which is not at all a problem, since i have an internet connection.