Monday, August 31, 2009

Megadeth - Endgame (2009)

1. Dialectic Chaos
2. This Day We Fight!
3. 44 Minutes
4. 1,320
5. Bite The Hand That Feeds
6. Bodies Left Behind
7. Endgame
8. The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss
9. Headcrusher
10. How The Story Ends
11. The Right To Go Insane

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" Album #12 for Dave and the boys "

" The record starts off with 'Dialectic Chaos' and now you see what mustaine has been telling anyone who will listen..Chris Broderick rips with the best out there...The tradeoffs between he and Dave are nothing short of mind-boggling....Hangar 18 all over again ! "

" You will get a hand full of tracks that should kill live...And the rest are very good. The songs are catchy,Perfectly produced(Andy Sneap) and the solo's are relentless..Bordering on over done"

" This Lp is a step up from 'United Abominations'....There's no doubt....Better than 'Rust In Peace'?........Nah....This one falls somewhere between Rust and Countdown....But it will be one of 2009s best records !

Slayer better bring it.....To beat this!

Wheres Vic?.........OOOh!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Claws - Absorbed in the Nethervoid (2009)

1. Absorbed in the Nethervoid
2. Bloodsucking Sorcery
3. Cacophonous Carrion
4. Casket Contagion
5. Cloak of the Sacrificial
6. Macabre Manifestations
7. Lurking in the Catacombs
8. Skeletal Reincarnation
9. Abominations That Crawl Forth

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Finnish madman Lasse Pyykko offers yet another amazing band for those who were devoured by his other stuff (Hooded Menace, Vacant Coffin, Phlegethon). Claws is total old-school sickness, influenced primarily by Crematory(swe).... so you know what you are getting here..darker-than-dark, heavier-than-hell death metal "

" This guy continually writes and plays awesome Death Metal that's raw,eerie,and definetly underground !......He plays all the instruments and does all voices...Again this fucker is prolific....And I dig all of it "

Fans of the bands above or the ols stuff...This is mandatory !

Dont even try!..........Just Buy It!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Illdisposed - To Those Who Walk Behind Us (2009)

1. Blood On Your Parade
2. For The Record
3. Just Come And Get Me
4. Seeking Truth - Telling Lies
5. Sale At The Misery Factory
6. To Those Who Walk Behind Me
7. If All The World
8. My Number Is Expired
9. Johnny
10. This Unscheduled Moment
11. Nu Gik Det Lige Så Godt

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Brand new Full length from the Danish Death Machine "

I am out of town for a few days.....So I did not get the chance to listen yet........

Let me know what you think?....Put in in the comments....

Be Back soon !.......Late

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blood Mortized - Blood Mortized (2009)

1. Suicide Escape Plan
2. Devil's Vengeange
3. Wishing Hell
4. Slay Me Down To Rest
5. To Advance Is To Die
6. Cannibal Object
7. Funeral Ride
8. Autumn Whisper
9. Blackbird Blues
10. A Winter Tale
11. A Rope For Your Health
12. Mortized Of Blood

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" A new old style Swedish death metal act featuring members from Excruciate,Crypt Of Kerboros,Embryo "

" Blood Mortized was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by vocalist Mattias Parkkila and guitarist Benny Moberg in late 2007. The music is heavily influenced by old school death metal from the the early 90‘s, mainly from the golden "Studio Sunlight era“ . In April 2008 guitarist Anders Hansson joined the band, followed by drummer Mattias Borgh in late August 2008. After having inked a deal with Vrykoblast Productions, Blood Mortized recorded their self-titled debut album which was unleashed upon the world in April 2009"

About a hours worth of Swedish Death metal done by guys that know how to do it....What more do you need to know?

El Diablo Blanco !..........Says:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorrow - Hatred and Disgust (1992)

1. Insatiable
2. Forced Repression
3. Illusion of Freedom
4. Human Error
5. Separative Adjectives
6. Unjustified Reluctance

Origin - USA
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Sorrow formed in 1991 in Ney York city and quickly were signed by Roadrunner records...They released an Ep and this their only full length "

" The quartet was extremely unique amongst their 90s Death Metal peers, in that they had a strong political message to much of their lyrical content, rather than growling about the typical hacking people up and molesting corpses. Musically, Hatred and Disgust is an interesting mixture of crawling doom and what could be considered slowwwwwed down Death Metal"

" Sorrow play Winter-like ultra oppressive Death/Doom-metal. Sorrow's music is filled with a thick and oppressive guitar sound and gut wrenching grunts. Musically, they come very close to Winter and were probably the second band after Winter to dare and play such oppressive, unnerving style of Death/Doom-metal. A very bleak, emotionless oppression runs throughout their songs "

If you have heard Winter...You will dig this !.....If Not?.....Listen and learn....Music does not have to be fast to be good.....This is a pre-cursor to todays Death/Doom bands coming out of Finland mostly.....Crushing..Indeed !

Eternally Forgotten!.....Missed By Most !
Get It......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suicide Legacy - Demo (2007)

1. I Reign
2. Exit
3. Lead Brings You Down
4. Virus
5. (R)evolver
6. Crosshaired

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Suicide Legacy formed in 2006 in Savonlinna,Finland and released this demo in 2007 "

" Featuring the vocalist and drummer from Antarctis Utopia.....These guys have put out a good demo here....Maybe Blood Red Throne meets Legion Of The Damned would be a fair comparison..As far as style goes "

" Well produced with some nice time changes and heavy riffing in here...A definite up and comer for sure .Will be interesting to see what they can improve in the future"

Check Em Out!.........Get It!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Toxaemia - Buried to Rot - Demo (1991)

1. World graveyard
2. Tragedies through centuries
3. Hate within
4. The beginning of the end
5. Buried to rot

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Toxaemia formed in Motala,Sweden in 1989....Firstly they were called O.S.S. (Organized Suicide System) Then Mutilator and Anguish before finally settling on Toxaemia "

" This is the 2nd and last demo that was released by the band....Although...A un-released Ep does exist (I will get to that one some other time)Anyway...These guys played Brutal Death Metal...Their style lies somewhere between The American and Swedish scene's "

" They sadly disbanded after losing interest in 1992....When acts from all of Sweden were exploding everywhere.....Another of the lost jewels in a scene that ruled the world at the time !

Heavy production on this one....And crushing style makes this demo one of the best from the era......

The Aquisition !.......Of Death !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exhumed - Obscurity - Demo (1990)

1. Obscure Desolation
2. Satanic Verses
3. What Life Has Brought

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in Stockholm,Sweden in 1989.....Exhumed sported some big names in Swedish Death Metal history...."

David Brink - Vocals (Morpheus,Excruciate)
Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar (Morpheus,Necrophobic,Nifelheim)
Johan Bergebäck - Bass (Dismember,Morpheus, Necrophobic, Nifelheim)
Janne Rudberg - Drums (Mastication,Morpheus)

" On October 23rd,1990 they got together with Tomas Skogsberg at his Studio Sunlight and bashed out this one and only demo.....This 3 tracker is of course crushing with the usual Sunlight production from the era...Obscure Vocals,Downtuned guitars and plenty of that buzz-saw sound "

Mandatory listening for the Sunlight freaks out there !

Exhumed would later on morph into Morpheus and put out a awesome 12" and a Cd..........

Cult Stuff Here !......Crank It!

It's Here..............

Torture Division - Evighetens Dårar I - Demo (2009)

1. Traumatic Inhuman Severance
2. Heretics! Now!
3. Eld Och Plågor

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Jörgen,Lord K,Tobben......Better known as Torture Division release their new Demo...The first of a trilogy yet to come "

" Mixed by Dan Swanö....So you know you are getting high quality stuff here "

" These guys still put out all of their music for free !.......So support them by purchasing a t-shirt or hoodie..So they will keep churning out free tunes of death"

Go Ahead!.......Get It!
Share it everywhere.......

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hatespawn - Ascent from the Kingdom below - Demo (2007)

1. Exterminate the Altar of Lies
2. Death Cult
3. Abyssic Conquerors
4. Prayers of Hell (Acheron Cover)
5. Visions - Ascent from the Kingdom Below
6. Alliance of the Unholy Trinity

Origin - Germany

Style - Death Metal

" Hatespawn consist of Ex-Impending Doom Members: A. Deathmonger (Andreas Kaufmann) - Vocals/Bass,Angel of Disease (Patrick W. Engel) - Guitar, And Necros Christos Drummer Raelin (Markus Peez)....These unholy masters have released splits in 2005,2008...and this their only demo "

" If this is not the evilest demo I have heard in years!...I dont remember what is....Simply take a listen to 'Death Cult' and you hear Crushing riffs and a sinister vibe that reminds to the old days. These guys have it all.....Atmosphere,Ancient Spirit...And all the downtuned madness to boot "

" They are planning the full-length for a late 09-10 release...And I see no reason why it wouldnt kill !

This Demo?......100 pieces only.......But well worth the hunt.....


Faithful follower Gorth gets this.....

Murder In Mind?........Get It!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vader - Necropolis (2009)

1. Devilized
2. Rise Of The Undead
3. Never Say My Name
4. Blast
5. The Seal
6. Dark Heart
7. Impure
8. Summoning The Futura
9. Anger
10. We Are Horde
11. When The Sun Drowns In Dark
12. Black Metal (Venom Cover)
13. Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica Cover)

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" One of the longest running and most consistent Death Metal acts around, Poland's Vader formed in 1986 and can now look back on a wealthy share of studio albums and countless tours throughout the whole world - some even call them the hardest touring band in the Death Metal scene!....Now we get the release of their latest 'Necropolis' "

" Main man and vocalist / guitarist Peter is back with a completely renewed Vader line up (including Vogg from Decapitated) and a true monster of an album entitled "Necropolis"! This devilish masterpiece embraces all of the Vader trademarks fans have grown to love over the years: mid tempo neck breaker riff madness ('Devilizer', 'When the sun drowns in darkness'), sheer blast beating fury ('Rise of the undead'), sombre and eerie incantations and intros ('The seal', 'Summoning the futura')...it's all here! Rounding off this inferno are two highly classic cover versions ('Black Metal' by Venom and 'Fight fire with fire' by Metallica), showing the roots and reverence of Vader "

" Nothing on this album overstays its welcome, including the record itself. Clocking in at about 33 minutes long, Necropolis shows up, kicks your ass and then is done before you have time to get bored or sick of it. Every riff is timed to stay just as long as it needs to. And the production by Tue Madsen is stellar...Not sounding too processed but definitely powerful and clear "

" It must be stated that Vogg did not do any of the guitars for this record...Which if anything lacks here it is the solo's....But live they should be crushing. "

This is a very good record that is just the right length....And has shitloads of great riffery !.....Not to be missed !

Dark Vader !..........Returns!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Megadeth - 1,320 - Single (2009)

1. 1,320

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" Another new track from the up-coming album..."

" If all the tracks are like these so far....You will have a combination of 'Rust In Peace' and 'Countdown To Extinction'...Brave words.....But this has smokin solo,s like Hangar 18 "

" The new guy..Chris Broderick Rips !

Countdown to the endgame......

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hackneyed - Burn After Reaping (2009)

1. Burn...
2. Finger On The Trigger
3. Deatholution
4. Weed Flavoured Meat
5. March Of The Worms
6. Bloodshed
7. Redying
8. Kingdom of Thoughts
9. Home Meat Home
10. Putrid
11. Last Man On Earth
12. Mental Mastication
13. Guantanamo Bay Holiday
14. After Reaping

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" Nuclear Blast records hyped this young band (averaging 16 years old..14 year old guitarist) to be the next big thing last year with their debut ‘Death Prevails’...A solid if fairly un-interesting output"

" Now skip a year and here we are with their second release...This time N.B. has layed off a bit and let the band breathe a little. The basis is death metal from the nineties with the modern touch of course....Think Decapitated,Cannibal Corpse with the style of riffing...Top notch production.....Good if not standard deep vocals...And some reasonable lyrics for such young guys "

" Now I think this record is Good....Solid..And all the usual lines...But not-Mind blowing....But these youngsters(You cant use this line forever)are off to a good start..And I'm sure we will see them grow into a Major force in the years to come "

But no doubt they still put down some controlled venomous music here.....

After the last couple days releases..Its not even fair....Oh well..Fuck it !

P.S. - What the hell is up with the artwork?....Looks like the doctor from the movie 'Event Horizon' trying to take a massive dump....Wouldnt be my choice for art...Anyway..

Check It Out!.........Down!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eroded - Eroded (2009)

1. Inceptive Point of Vengeance
2. Sunless Jubilation
3. The Harmful Order
4. Vertex On Siege Divine
5. Reduced To One
6. Symmetric Killing Synthesis
7. Arise Through Katalepsy
8. The Ultraidol Sycophants
9. Unbounded Soulless Scene

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" Eroded isn't exactly a new band, but you might not have heard about them yet. Their classic sound and dark Death metal could be defined as strongly influenced by the Scandinavian scene from the 90's; It takes both from the Swedish and Finnish styles, but doesn't count the aggression and HC/ Punk influences of the first while it's not as bizarre as the second....This is a compilation of both of their demos "

" If you just listened to this and knew nothing of the band..You would surely assume they are from Sweden....Crushing riffs come forth in the tried and true Swedish tradition...Buzzsaw style guitars,Deep Vocals,Powerfully obscure production. Musically: Think Nominon,Necrovation...With obvious nods to Grave,Entombed,Cemetary "

" The first four tracks are from the 'Test The Grace Infliction' demo (2007) and have a bit better production than the last 5 from the 'Banner of the Unrest Exile' Demo (2005)...These tracks sound muddier production wise...Bassier...But some may prefer this sound.....I like both "

2 Days...2 Devastating releases.......Fans of the old style.....You will not do much better than this record in 2009......Count on it !

No D-Beats?..........Ahh Whatever!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ravens Creed - Albion Thunder (2009)

1. Peace Through Superior Firepower
2. Pear Of Anguish
3. Insignia
4. Butcher Of The Whore
5. Pox Mortis
6. The Power Of Spite
7. Hail The Warbeast
8. Stand Up And Be Cunted
9. Bloodbath
10. Spy On Your Swine
11. Storm The Gates
12. Unholy Force Of Extraordinary Magnitude

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Ravens Creed are a supergroup of sorts.. formed with the members of British groups Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey and Sabbat, all big names in the UK metal scene....This is their debut Full-length "

" At barely 30 minutes long for a whole dozen tracks, it’s an album that has stripped away any unnecessary padding and pretensions to deliver some of the most energetic and neck wrenching British metal imaginable.......Crushing stuff here folks ! "

" Pummeling riffs, battering bass lines and a carpet bombing of intense drums, the skillfully played instruments perfectly backing angry shouted vocals over of the twelve superlative tracks on this album, eleven of which barely hit the two minute mark, giving a powerful, punk like delivery "

" I cant help but think of Wargasm,Unleashed,Venom when I hear the tunes on this bastard of an album.....Everything in this package is superior Metal played with gusto....Without studio trickery....Down to the bone..Death/Thrash/Doom Metal ! "

Overall: A Grinding Record full of crushing riffs..Catchy Tunes...Great vocals...A grimy production.....Best British Lp of 2009...Period......Cant imagine this not being there on my end of year list....

Youngsters....Get on board and witness some of the finest music this year !.....An Absolute Monster !

Highest Recommendation !

Panzer Maniac !........Believe It!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ghost - The Lost of Mercy (1994)

1. Alien
2. King of Darkness
3. Bestial Rites
4. Cross of Stone
5. Extreme Reality
6. Flag of Shadow Master
7. Morbid Game
8. Anthem of Vengeance
9. The Day After
10. Fight for Your World

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" One of the earliest Polish death metal bands, and one of the few that doesn't owe its sound directly to Vader in one way or another. Ghost formed in 1988 and has managed to put out 3 demos and this..Their only Full-Length "

" What we have is a solid slab of European death metal that can most directly be compared to Iniquity's classic 'Serenadium', with thick, abrasive, and often sludgy riffs, and vocals reminiscent of Grave's Jörgen Sandstrom. More surprisingly, this album actually has stellar production - especially for something so obscure "

Yet another obscure Death Metal album you need to hear...But probably haven't...

Cult Of Death !.........Here!
Or There...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Benediction - Transcend the Rubicon (1993)

1. Unfound mortality
2. Nightfear
3. Paradox alley
4. I bow to none
5. Painted skulls
6. Violation domain
7. Face without soul
8. Bleakhouse
9. Blood from stone
10. Wrong side of the graves
11. Artefacted/Spit forth
12. Saneless Theory (live)

13. Deadfall (live)

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" The 3rd full-length from the mighty Benediction "

" Benediction's finest hour is entitled "Transcend the Rubicon", period.There's only killer songs to be found on this magnificent album. There's fast stuff like "Unfound mortality", "Nightfear" (still a fan's favorite!), "Paradox alley", "Violation domain", "Bleakhouse" or "Blood from stone" to be found, as well as mid-paced smashers like the groovy "I bow to none", "Painted skulls" or "Face without soul""

" The 2 extra songs are a cool studio jam of The Accused song "Wrong side of the graves (guest vocals by Jan-Chris de Koeijer, Karl Willets and Macka), and a brutal medley of "Artefacted irreligion"and "Spit forth the dead". Whereas many death metal bands nowadays don't manage to give each individual song it's unique hooks and marks, "Transcend the Rubicon" is filled with unique songs "

" Benediction are as purist and stripped down as Death Metal can possibly be, and Transcend the Rubicon is the perfect example: no pompous keyboards, no sappy pseudo-romantic female vocals, no pretentious pseudo-epic song structures – just raw guttural vocals, simple yet very effective drum patterns, and razor-sharp guitar riffs. In other words, old-school Death Metal down your throat!...."

Classic stuff here folks !.......Dont miss it !

And by the way: One of Seagraves finest album covers too !

Go Ahead !....Get It!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Razormaze - The True Speed of Steel (2009)

1. Dawn of the Shred
2. Annihilator
3. Slaughterotica
4. Desperado
5. Bleed on Command
6. Lobotomized
7. Dipsomaniac
8. Slave to the Maze

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" Debut from this thrashing crew "

" Boston thrash outfit Razormaze, which achieved cult status through its relentless touring and widely traded demos, unleashes its debut full-length upon the masses and ravage a town near you. The band, which has been melting faces since late 2007, quickly gained in popularity and was signed to Hold True Recordings in early 2009 "

" Razormaze draws from the tried and true influences of the glory days of thrash, bonding together technical, yet melodic riffing and leads, lightning fast drumming and vocals that sound like a dive-bomber coming in for a kill!! Razormaze and their brand of unwavering metal will surely appeal to fans of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Testament and Municipal Waste."

I definitely felt the Megadeth vibe for sure...Some damn ripping leads...And catchy riffs....A band that doesn't take itself too seriously...And just sounds like they are having one hell of a good time !

Check It Out!.......Then Buy It!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Centinex - Subconscious Lobotomy (1992)

1. Blood On My Skin
2. Shadows Are Astray
3. Dreams Of Death
4. Orgy In Flesh
5. End Of Life
6. Bells Of Misery
7. Inhuman Dissections Of Souls
8. The Aspiration
9. Until Death Tear Us Apart

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" This is Centinex's debut...Recorded at Studio Sunlight July 1992 Produced and mixed by Tomas Skogsberg and Centinex Co-produced by Fred Estby(Dismember) Engineered by Tomas Skogsberg "

" Centinex never got to be big like other Swedish bands...Entombed,Dismember etc. But it wasnt for lack of trying..On this their first record...You will get lots of mid tempo thrash beats...throaty vocals that are between a growl and a hoarse shout, grinding guitars, and some doomy sections with pounding double bass for flavor...The only thing lacking was the inaudible bass "

" This might not have been in the league with "Like An Ever-Flowing Stream" and "Clandestine "....But it easily fits in with the Second Tier of great acts such as Desultory,Goddefied, etc. "

Another piece of Swedish History !

Thorns of Desolation !..........Heard It ?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cromlech - The Vulture Tones - Ep (2000)

1. A Clarity Denied
2. The Bleeding
3. The Vulture Tones
4. Garden of Sin

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Cromlech formed in Varberg,Sweden in 1994....Made up of members of such Swedish luminaries as Eucharist,Ablaze My Sorrow,Meshuggah. They delivered 2 demos and this Ep..Before splitting in 2001 "

" "A Clarity Denied" hits quick with scathing, inherently Swedish-sounding riffs, but injected with a healthy dose of melody as one would expect. The melodies, however, are not the standard 3rds and 5ths used by many of their peers, Cromlech have found some very unorthodox, tension-building harmonies to paint their palettes with. Shifting rhythms and meters are plentiful as well, along with large amounts of hyperspeed blast beats and tremolo-picked riffs, again highlighting that very "Swedish" quality to their sound "

" There are also some superbly skilled guitar-solos on display, with his command of sweep-picked arpeggios. The vocals are strongly rooted in the Black-vein, shrieking cries of agony, emanating the vibe of the bleak lyrics very effectively. All these elements make this album a breath of fresh air amidst the countless forgettable bands coming from Sweden, using the "Melodic Death Metal"-tag to sell their names..."

" I wish this would have been the pre-cursor to a full-length...Because this stuff strikes me as very unique...Almost blackish sounding Melodic Death Metal.

All 4 tracks are equally superb....And fans of At The Gates & Eucharist should get this !

True Melodic Death !.........Get It!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hyades - The Roots Of Trash (2009)

1. Long Way Back Home
2. I Belong To One
3. A.F.M.S.
4. United In The Struggle
5. The Problem Is You
6. The Great Deceit
7. Still In The Trash
8. Alive But Dead
9. Worse Than The Silence
10. The Moshing Reel

Origin - Italy
Style - Thrash Metal

" 3rd full-length from these Italian moshoholics...Did I just say that?....Next thing you know I will be calling everyone Dog..."

" Now look: Here is another by the book...Thrash Revival band doing the EvilDead,Exodus,Testament...Partly Destruction thing.
Its produced by Andy Classen and sounds nice and snappy if not a little too produced. But to me this sounds like a new Exodus record...Its got some cool tracks and all the instruments are played well...The singer does a good job too...And the songs are catchy "

"Im just wondering if everyone will get tired of the same ol thing or what.....This record is solid in every way..Even down to the Repka artwork (Man it looks like a Evildead cover to me)....I guess in the end you will have to make that decision....

Me...I think its good.....By the numbers.....Thrash....
This version does not have the horrible choice of a cover tune by The Offspring?

Do you think the title is a spelling error?......Nah!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creepmime - Chiaroscuro (1995)

1. The Colour Still Unwinds
2. Scarlet Man
3. In The Flesh
4. Clarity
5. Diced
6. Chiaroscuro
7. Black Widower
8. Fools Paradise
9. King of Misrule
10. God's Thoughts

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" After nailing down a great doom/death opus with their debut full-length, these talented Dutchmen decided to try other fields, and here comes "Chiaroscuro"with its sophisticated technical thrash/death, mostly following the style established with the last two Coroner albums...'Mental Vortex' & 'Grin'(tho not as annoying)"

" There is nothing too fast and brutal here, and their doom metal roots can clearly be felt on a few moments. The music is mid-tempo, with wonderful surreal guitar play ("Scarlet Man", "The Colour Still Unwinds"), seldom speeding up ("In The Flesh"), without losing its genuine technical edge, even increasing it. "Chiaroscuro", which well deservedly carries the album-title, is a fine mix between the newly-epitomized technical style and their morose doom sound of old"

Sadly....this effort was a very worthy finish of the band's very short career....

Some of the members are now in Cypher and Constant Paranoia....

An Anthem For Doomed Youth!.........You Know !

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vader - We Are The Horde - Single (2009)

1. We Are The Horde

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

New track off the oncoming 'Necropolis' LP...Their 9th full-length in their storied career "....And 1st album with Vogg (Decapitated) on guitar !

Check It !

Hetsheads - Remonstrating the Preserver - Demo (1991)

1. Intro
2. Dissolution by Catatonia
3. Remonstrating the Preserver
4. Paganization
5. Brutal Exhortation

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 1st demo released by Johanneshov,Swedens Hetsheads"

" When this demo was released by the band in 1991..You could still hear the hardcore roots in the music..After all they were a hardcore band when they first got together under the name of "Hetsheads With Hetsfaces and the Fuckfaces of Death"(fucking awesome moniker)

" Hetsheads bash out high speed simple tunes with catchy choruses and medieval interludes between blast beats...might not be for those who value complexity, harmony, melody or tastefulness"

If you value the Unabashed raw style of the early 90s....Its a must!

Recorded May 1991 at Studio Dalen, Stockholm ,Sweden

Suffocate The Mind !.......Get !


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carcariass - E-xtinction (2009)

1. Chaos And Decay
2. In Cold Blood
3. Domination
4. Exulting Pain
5. Revenger
6. Threshold To Madness
7. Dying Today
8. E-xtinction
9. Chaos And Decay (Instrumental)
10. Domination (Instrumental)
11. Revenger (Instrumental)
12. Dying Today (Instrumental)

Origin - France
Style - Technical Death Metal

" This is Carcariass's 4th full length and 7 years since the last one"

" What we have here is a rather unique band...Not in the sense of...Unique as in they are doing something no one else is...But unique in the way they write and release their music. Instrumentals have always been a big part of their repertoire..And this album is no different. They even give you the tracks with vocals...Without vocals and have added more guitars to change it up a bit...That's definitely unique "

" Technical Death Metal is what they call themselves...I'm not so sure I wouldn't just call them Melodic Death Metal...As in most of the tracks are mid-paced,Very Melodic and easy on the ears. However..These guys can play their instruments...Guitar wise you wont find much better...Even the Bass player does tapping exercises.....But its the layers of guitars that are over-whelming...Sometimes tapping all the way behind the whole track...While crunching rhythms get your head nodding. Solo's..Yeah this album has them..And in spades....That's your technical shit here...Blistering fretwork all over the place "

" All in all however, from start to finish, this is a fantastic album that sadly, I'm sure, has gone overlooked by many prog-death, tech-death fans....But believe me this one is up there with the Obscura's of the world !

Hell On This Earth !........Get It!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ravage - Violent Offense (2008)

01. Violent Offense
02. Beyond Morality
03. Systematic Anguish
04. Marooned
05. Involuntary Resurrection
06. Disposer Of Cruelty
07. Apocalyptic Raid
08. Drop-Blad Execution
09. Sadistic Termination
10. Christian Deception
11. Dead Cravings

Origin - Germany

Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" 3rd full-length from the Unsigned!....Ravage "

" How these guys are not signed..Has to be one of the biggest mysteries to me in Metal. They are every bit as Deadly and potent as the top Death/Thrash acts in metal today "

" The last album ‘Get Fucking Slaughtered’ by these young dudes from Germany was already very powerful and enjoyable, and with this new one they have created again a Death/Thrash monster. Again the mixture of tight thrash with the crushing Death metal coupled with the duo-Vocals is something to behold...And these guys produce their own records too "

" If I would of had this in 2008...It would have made my top 20 for sure! "

Buy this record from this band and support the underground....This is quite deserving of the praise !

To Kill And Destroy !.........Uh..Huh !

Its Here....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum (1993)

1. Pleasure of Molestation
2. Exclamation of a Necrofag
3. Osculum Obscenum
4. Necronomicon
5. Black Metal (Venom cover)
6. Inferior Devoties
7. Infant Sacrifices
8. Attachment to the Ancestor
9. Althotas
10. Symbol of Baphomet
11. Mental Emotions
12. God Is a Lie
13. Black Magic (Slayer cover)
14. Pleasure of Molestation (EP version)
15. Exclamation of a Necrofag (EP version)
16. Necronomicon (EP version)
17. Attachment to the Ancestor (EP version)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Osculum Obscenum is Hypocrisy's second album, released in 1993. The cover artwork was created by Wes Benscoter. Osculum Obscenum was re-released in 1996 as a digipak with bonus tracks....That is this version "

" Alot of fans out there don't realize that when Hypocrisy first started they were a Death Metal Band...Not the more Melodic side we now know. Nope..This was evil,harsh,bass heavy, crushing Death Metal with a tinge of Blackness"

" Peter was for sure influenced by the American scene..And on this record you can tell. Plenty of Deicide worship to go along with the Scandinavian sound.Heavy downtuned guitars...Ripping drums and ghastly vocals from one Magnus "Masse" Bromberg (Dark Funeral,Demonoid)"

In a year that produced some of the finest Death Metal records ever...Demilich(Nespithe),Morbid Angel(Covenant),Gorguts(The erosion of sanity).....This album stands proudly among these other historic Lps !

To Escape Is To Die!.........Alone!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Channel Zero - Channel Zero (1992)

1. No Light (At the End of their Tunnel)
2. Tales of Worship
3. The Pioneer
4. Succeed or Bleed
5. Never Alone
6. Inspiration to Violence
7. Painful Jokes
8. Save me
9. Animation
10. Run With The Torch

Origin - Belgium
Style - Thrash Metal

" Cnannel Zero from Brussels, Belgium were considered by some to be the next Metallica when this album came out...Even though it was a few years late "

" This band started very strongly with their debut, summarizing all that was good from the 80's thrash scene. The style is probably closer to the Bay Area acts: Metallica,Exodus,Testament. the opener "No Light" thrashes without mercy, fast and aggressive, and this is the predominant tone of the album. The guitar work is really good, with very sharp riffs, but without any technical pretensions. "Succeed Or Bleed" and "Inspiration to Violence" are detours into a heavier, slower song-writing, the latter coming with some cool stylish riffage. "Animation" introduces an angrier sound, which would later find its complete realisation on the band's later works, where the guys embraced the modern thrash idea, and their later efforts show no signs of any will to be something more than mere Pantera-clones "

I have to say....Personally...I think this is THE most underrated Thrash Album of all time....That's saying alot......Just get it...And let the 50+ min of Thrash Kick your ass !

How many out there..Ever heard of these guys?

Underworld Hall Of Fame !.........Believe It!