Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carcariass - E-xtinction (2009)

1. Chaos And Decay
2. In Cold Blood
3. Domination
4. Exulting Pain
5. Revenger
6. Threshold To Madness
7. Dying Today
8. E-xtinction
9. Chaos And Decay (Instrumental)
10. Domination (Instrumental)
11. Revenger (Instrumental)
12. Dying Today (Instrumental)

Origin - France
Style - Technical Death Metal

" This is Carcariass's 4th full length and 7 years since the last one"

" What we have here is a rather unique band...Not in the sense of...Unique as in they are doing something no one else is...But unique in the way they write and release their music. Instrumentals have always been a big part of their repertoire..And this album is no different. They even give you the tracks with vocals...Without vocals and have added more guitars to change it up a bit...That's definitely unique "

" Technical Death Metal is what they call themselves...I'm not so sure I wouldn't just call them Melodic Death Metal...As in most of the tracks are mid-paced,Very Melodic and easy on the ears. However..These guys can play their instruments...Guitar wise you wont find much better...Even the Bass player does tapping exercises.....But its the layers of guitars that are over-whelming...Sometimes tapping all the way behind the whole track...While crunching rhythms get your head nodding. Solo's..Yeah this album has them..And in spades....That's your technical shit here...Blistering fretwork all over the place "

" All in all however, from start to finish, this is a fantastic album that sadly, I'm sure, has gone overlooked by many prog-death, tech-death fans....But believe me this one is up there with the Obscura's of the world !

Hell On This Earth !........Get It!

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