Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eroded - Eroded (2009)

1. Inceptive Point of Vengeance
2. Sunless Jubilation
3. The Harmful Order
4. Vertex On Siege Divine
5. Reduced To One
6. Symmetric Killing Synthesis
7. Arise Through Katalepsy
8. The Ultraidol Sycophants
9. Unbounded Soulless Scene

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" Eroded isn't exactly a new band, but you might not have heard about them yet. Their classic sound and dark Death metal could be defined as strongly influenced by the Scandinavian scene from the 90's; It takes both from the Swedish and Finnish styles, but doesn't count the aggression and HC/ Punk influences of the first while it's not as bizarre as the second....This is a compilation of both of their demos "

" If you just listened to this and knew nothing of the band..You would surely assume they are from Sweden....Crushing riffs come forth in the tried and true Swedish tradition...Buzzsaw style guitars,Deep Vocals,Powerfully obscure production. Musically: Think Nominon,Necrovation...With obvious nods to Grave,Entombed,Cemetary "

" The first four tracks are from the 'Test The Grace Infliction' demo (2007) and have a bit better production than the last 5 from the 'Banner of the Unrest Exile' Demo (2005)...These tracks sound muddier production wise...Bassier...But some may prefer this sound.....I like both "

2 Days...2 Devastating releases.......Fans of the old style.....You will not do much better than this record in 2009......Count on it !

No D-Beats?..........Ahh Whatever!

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