Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Benediction - Transcend the Rubicon (1993)

1. Unfound mortality
2. Nightfear
3. Paradox alley
4. I bow to none
5. Painted skulls
6. Violation domain
7. Face without soul
8. Bleakhouse
9. Blood from stone
10. Wrong side of the graves
11. Artefacted/Spit forth
12. Saneless Theory (live)

13. Deadfall (live)

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" The 3rd full-length from the mighty Benediction "

" Benediction's finest hour is entitled "Transcend the Rubicon", period.There's only killer songs to be found on this magnificent album. There's fast stuff like "Unfound mortality", "Nightfear" (still a fan's favorite!), "Paradox alley", "Violation domain", "Bleakhouse" or "Blood from stone" to be found, as well as mid-paced smashers like the groovy "I bow to none", "Painted skulls" or "Face without soul""

" The 2 extra songs are a cool studio jam of The Accused song "Wrong side of the graves (guest vocals by Jan-Chris de Koeijer, Karl Willets and Macka), and a brutal medley of "Artefacted irreligion"and "Spit forth the dead". Whereas many death metal bands nowadays don't manage to give each individual song it's unique hooks and marks, "Transcend the Rubicon" is filled with unique songs "

" Benediction are as purist and stripped down as Death Metal can possibly be, and Transcend the Rubicon is the perfect example: no pompous keyboards, no sappy pseudo-romantic female vocals, no pretentious pseudo-epic song structures – just raw guttural vocals, simple yet very effective drum patterns, and razor-sharp guitar riffs. In other words, old-school Death Metal down your throat!...."

Classic stuff here folks !.......Dont miss it !

And by the way: One of Seagraves finest album covers too !

Go Ahead !....Get It!

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