Saturday, August 1, 2009

Channel Zero - Channel Zero (1992)

1. No Light (At the End of their Tunnel)
2. Tales of Worship
3. The Pioneer
4. Succeed or Bleed
5. Never Alone
6. Inspiration to Violence
7. Painful Jokes
8. Save me
9. Animation
10. Run With The Torch

Origin - Belgium
Style - Thrash Metal

" Cnannel Zero from Brussels, Belgium were considered by some to be the next Metallica when this album came out...Even though it was a few years late "

" This band started very strongly with their debut, summarizing all that was good from the 80's thrash scene. The style is probably closer to the Bay Area acts: Metallica,Exodus,Testament. the opener "No Light" thrashes without mercy, fast and aggressive, and this is the predominant tone of the album. The guitar work is really good, with very sharp riffs, but without any technical pretensions. "Succeed Or Bleed" and "Inspiration to Violence" are detours into a heavier, slower song-writing, the latter coming with some cool stylish riffage. "Animation" introduces an angrier sound, which would later find its complete realisation on the band's later works, where the guys embraced the modern thrash idea, and their later efforts show no signs of any will to be something more than mere Pantera-clones "

I have to say....Personally...I think this is THE most underrated Thrash Album of all time....That's saying alot......Just get it...And let the 50+ min of Thrash Kick your ass !

How many out there..Ever heard of these guys?

Underworld Hall Of Fame !.........Believe It!

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  1. I agree, this is the most underrated thrash release of all time! It is perfect! Frank DSVD's voice is just amazing, truly one of the greatest voices for thrash ever! I own this CD and absolutely cherish it, and I am glad I got to see them tour Australia many years ago. I hope lots of people download this and learn just how great Channel Zero once were! Maybe their reunion might become permanent if more people learn about them!