Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorrow - Hatred and Disgust (1992)

1. Insatiable
2. Forced Repression
3. Illusion of Freedom
4. Human Error
5. Separative Adjectives
6. Unjustified Reluctance

Origin - USA
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Sorrow formed in 1991 in Ney York city and quickly were signed by Roadrunner records...They released an Ep and this their only full length "

" The quartet was extremely unique amongst their 90s Death Metal peers, in that they had a strong political message to much of their lyrical content, rather than growling about the typical hacking people up and molesting corpses. Musically, Hatred and Disgust is an interesting mixture of crawling doom and what could be considered slowwwwwed down Death Metal"

" Sorrow play Winter-like ultra oppressive Death/Doom-metal. Sorrow's music is filled with a thick and oppressive guitar sound and gut wrenching grunts. Musically, they come very close to Winter and were probably the second band after Winter to dare and play such oppressive, unnerving style of Death/Doom-metal. A very bleak, emotionless oppression runs throughout their songs "

If you have heard Winter...You will dig this !.....If Not?.....Listen and learn....Music does not have to be fast to be good.....This is a pre-cursor to todays Death/Doom bands coming out of Finland mostly.....Crushing..Indeed !

Eternally Forgotten!.....Missed By Most !
Get It......


  1. thanks for this, haven't heard it in years.defnitely a bit of a lost gem.

  2. Death/Doom Metal yeah, old skull, nice LP of Sorrow, thanks for this brother