Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hatespawn - Ascent from the Kingdom below - Demo (2007)

1. Exterminate the Altar of Lies
2. Death Cult
3. Abyssic Conquerors
4. Prayers of Hell (Acheron Cover)
5. Visions - Ascent from the Kingdom Below
6. Alliance of the Unholy Trinity

Origin - Germany

Style - Death Metal

" Hatespawn consist of Ex-Impending Doom Members: A. Deathmonger (Andreas Kaufmann) - Vocals/Bass,Angel of Disease (Patrick W. Engel) - Guitar, And Necros Christos Drummer Raelin (Markus Peez)....These unholy masters have released splits in 2005,2008...and this their only demo "

" If this is not the evilest demo I have heard in years!...I dont remember what is....Simply take a listen to 'Death Cult' and you hear Crushing riffs and a sinister vibe that reminds to the old days. These guys have it all.....Atmosphere,Ancient Spirit...And all the downtuned madness to boot "

" They are planning the full-length for a late 09-10 release...And I see no reason why it wouldnt kill !

This Demo?......100 pieces only.......But well worth the hunt.....


Faithful follower Gorth gets this.....

Murder In Mind?........Get It!


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