Monday, August 17, 2009

Hackneyed - Burn After Reaping (2009)

1. Burn...
2. Finger On The Trigger
3. Deatholution
4. Weed Flavoured Meat
5. March Of The Worms
6. Bloodshed
7. Redying
8. Kingdom of Thoughts
9. Home Meat Home
10. Putrid
11. Last Man On Earth
12. Mental Mastication
13. Guantanamo Bay Holiday
14. After Reaping

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" Nuclear Blast records hyped this young band (averaging 16 years old..14 year old guitarist) to be the next big thing last year with their debut ‘Death Prevails’...A solid if fairly un-interesting output"

" Now skip a year and here we are with their second release...This time N.B. has layed off a bit and let the band breathe a little. The basis is death metal from the nineties with the modern touch of course....Think Decapitated,Cannibal Corpse with the style of riffing...Top notch production.....Good if not standard deep vocals...And some reasonable lyrics for such young guys "

" Now I think this record is Good....Solid..And all the usual lines...But not-Mind blowing....But these youngsters(You cant use this line forever)are off to a good start..And I'm sure we will see them grow into a Major force in the years to come "

But no doubt they still put down some controlled venomous music here.....

After the last couple days releases..Its not even fair....Oh well..Fuck it !

P.S. - What the hell is up with the artwork?....Looks like the doctor from the movie 'Event Horizon' trying to take a massive dump....Wouldnt be my choice for art...Anyway..

Check It Out!.........Down!

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