Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Chasm - Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm (2009)

1. Entering a Superior Dimension
2. Callous Spectre/Vehement Opposition
3. Fiery Rebirth
4. Farseeing...
5. Structure of the Seance
6. Vault to the Voyage
7. The Promised Ravage
8. The Mission/Arrival to Hopeless Shores (Calling The Paranormal Abysm)

Origin - Mexico
Style - Progressive Death Metal

" It's been 5 long years since The Spell of Retribution......The Chasm are back to put their stamp on metal in 2009 "

" This is an album that you cannot take in in one sitting.....It must be digested slowly and thoroughly to get all the little nuances. The Chasm play epic Death Metal..Long drawn out tracks with mostly instrumental sections. Some cool low vocals and plenty of heavy..Doomish atmosphere "

" Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm is one of those records that you need to turn out the lights..Put your headphones on..And trip out on the sounds.....Truly Epic stuff here !

One of the years best !

Catacomb of the damned !........Get It!
Over There......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Immortal - All Shall Fall (2009)

1. All Shall Fall
2. The Rise of Darkness
3. Hordes of War
4. Norden on Fire
5. Arctic Swarm
6. Mount North
7. Unearthly Kingdom

Origin - Norway
Style - Black Metal

" Wow I have not not anything Black metal related in a while..And while Immortal is no longer underground Black Metal...I have personally always enjoyed their records....So here is their 8th full-length...And first since 2002 "

" All Shall Fall is basically a unique combination of thrash metal of the German variety, black metal (obviously) and viking metal, all delivered in quite an epic manner.....Led by the snarling vocals of Abbath and the cold epic riffing one would expect from Immortal..Its all here....I just need a few more spins to decide if its good,great,or just ok...."

Winter Warriors !.....Are Back !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Graveyard - One With The Dead (2009)

1. Prologue: The Reaping
2. Pantheon Vulture
3. The Burning Gate
4. Riding A Pale Horse
5. Necrology
6. Carven Epitaph
7. One With The Dead
8. Walking Horrors of the Undead
9. Abandoned Churches (Instrumental)
10. Caro Data Vermibus
11. The Skull
12. A Tale of Creation (Candlemass Version)

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" Finally !......The long awaited debut full length of Spain's own Graveyard !
Pure timeless classic Metal Of Death Masterpiece!Mastered by Dan Swäno at Unisound Studios! "

" Now this has been a great week so far !....Many gigantic releases....None more gargantuan than this record !......Crushing Death Metal grooves done the old way....Think Asphyx,Grave...Heavily influenced by the Swedish scene....Extra Heavy,Dark,Morbid...Just the way we like it ! "

" This will fit in with this years best Pure Death Metal albums...Easily.....I just hope bands such as these will get out and tour...Big packages of these types of bands would suit me fine "

Graveyard Fuckers !........Get It!

Evile - Infected Nations (2009)

1. Infected Nation
2. Now Demolition
3. Nosophoros
4. Genocide
5. Plague To End All Plagues
6. Devoid Of Thought
7. Time No More
8. Metamorphosis
9. Hundred Wrathful Deities

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Thrash Metal

" When I go back and listen to Evile's debut 'Enter The Grave'...I hear a young band copying their heroes..Exodus,Metallica etc....Fast bursts of all out thrash played in a convincing fashion...Even if their wasn't a ton of originality...Now forward two years and the band has signed to a bigger label and is being touted as the next great band "

" Now I have heard conflicting reports about this record...Some really into it ...Others hating on it pretty heavily !....Let Me lay it out for you: In the past 2 years this band has changed dramatically....Music,Vocals,Structure...Gone are the high speed songs..In favor of a more controlled selection of tracks..Mid-Paced Thrash if you will..Overall, the album has a very “...And Justice for All” Metallica feel to it.Now there are some tracks that are still fast..But only sections...I don't want you to think that this is not aggressive..It is!....Just in a very different way "

" Vocally Matt Drake (Guitars,Vocals) has changed too...I personally think he sounds just like Andreas Sydow..Ex-Darkane vocalist...That sort of monotone gruff shout...To me it works well with these tracks and gives the songs sort of a mechanical feel. Guitar wise..This absolutely rips...Riffs are stout and crunchy..and Oliver "Ol" Drake's solos are simply stunning..These are top notch musicians here...They are not fucking around ! "

" Out of all the Thrash revival bands...This is the first to break the typical mold and start to find its own self....Is it a bit long winded?...Probably..11 minute instumentals will do that. But pound for pound...You would have to look long and hard to find a better produced album in 2009..."

With such astonishing progress displayed between only two full-lengths, it will be interesting to see what advancements Evile will make on their next album. They have the potential to deliver a timeless thrash classic and while this album arguably isn’t quite it, it’s a Quantum step in the right direction.

For fans of Metallica,Sepultura(Arise,Chaos era).....

How bout 3 killer albums in 3 days...More comin...Stay tuned !

Just Evil !...Saw it right off !

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hypocrisy - A Taste of Extreme Divinity (2009)

1. Valley Of The Damned
2. Hang Him High
3. Solar Empire
4. Weed Out The Weak
5. No Tomorrow
6. Global Domination
7. Taste The Extreme Divinity
8. Alive
9. The Quest
10. Tamed (Filled With Fear)
11. Sky Is Falling Down

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Death Metal

" A Taste Of Extreme Divinity is the eleventh studio album that will be released on October 23rd in Europe and November 3rd in the U.S, 2009 "

" Got this one a little earlier than expected....Have only heard a few tracks........Its Hypocrisy !...And that is all you need to know "

Hurry Up !.......Get It!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Revocation - Existence is Futile (2009)

1. Enter The Hall
2. Pestilence Reigns
3. Deathonomics
4. Existence Is Futile
5. The Brain Scramblers
6. Across Forests And Fjords
7. Re-Animaniac
8. Dismantle The Dictator
9. Anthem Of The Betrayed
10. Leviathan Awaits
11. Tragedy Of Modern Ages

Origin - USA
Style - Technical Death/Thrash Metal

" Remember in 2008 when Revocation's debut topped my list?......Well now Boston's finest is back with their 2nd full length...Let's see if it makes it a second year in a row "

" Revocation draws from the best aspects of the metal world on their Relapse debut Existence Is Futile. The trio blends world class musicianship with a pronounced technical flair; songs twist, turn, and stop on a dime as dizzying solos dance with thrash metals razor-sharp precision to create an album greater than the sum of its parts. Existence is Futile transcends all of modern metals sub-genres and labels and firmly establishes Revocation as one of the finest new metal bands of the 21st century "

" “Existence is Futile” is filled to the brim with songs that flow exceptionally well (Deathonomics, Leviathan Awaits), showcase astoundingly memorable riffs (Pestilence Reigns, The Brain Scramblers), and even feature a few welcome surprises (Dismantle the Dictator). To top it all off, closing track The Tragedy of Modern Ages features an outro that comes dangerously close (in terms of sheer awesomeness) to Opeth’s Deliverance or Meshuggah’s Straws Pulled at Random "

" In addition to the fantastic riffs and songwriting, we’re treated to some formidable drumming, audible bass (hey… in metal that’s a definite plus!) and solos, Solos, SOLOS, SOLOS!!! (which of course, rule). The vocals are adequate, but for the most part, tend to be very well suited to the songs themselves (and the occasional gang vocals are a nice touch)....And they left out!...The only thing I did not like about the first record....The pig squeals !...None to be found here.....Good on the band for not bringing that back"

In closing: You will not find a better record this year that crosses so many genres...Is technical enough for the tech freaks...Is heavy enough for the Death Metal fan's and catchy enough for the casual listener.....I'm not saying its my album of the year!......But I'm not saying it isn't........

Back In Town !....Burn It Down !

Friday, September 18, 2009

Assorted Heap - The Experience of Horror (1991)

1. Unexpiated Bloodshed
2. Experience of Horror
3. Rememberance of Tomorrow
4. In Vain
5. Sold Out Soul
6. Trick to Your Mind
7. Terrorized Brains
8. Grave New World
9. Frisia non cantat

Origin - Germany
Style - Thrash Metal

" Although Assorted Heap were late starters in the original German thrash metal scene, their debut album is very faithful to the traditional high-speed antics "

" The Experience Of Horror is very fast and heavy, occasionally also delving into a death side... Except for a couple of short moments, there's not too much attempt at an original expression other than straightforward pounding which of course is fairly intense in itself. A special mention must be given for the raging title track which is lyrically a serious and dramatic take on real-life horror, not to forget a couple of other crushing pieces in the middle. Sometimes even a basic approach like this can work well enough when the band have the right attitude, and Assorted Heap were by no means weak in their delivery "

Great stuff here !........

Thrashers Unite !........Ahh Whatever...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Judgement Day - Pathology Of Crowding - Demo (1994)

1. Pathology Of Crowding
2. Penitential Sermon
3. Clouds Of Mordor
4. Daily Rituals... Until
5. F.O.D. (Slaughter cover)

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" 3rd demo from the crew from Gelderland,Holland "

" Underrated would be the word that describes Judgement Day....They just ever got the press that alot of other inferior acts got in the early to mid 90s.This demo brings more Death than thrash..But the thrash elements are still there..As in up-tempo beats and some blasting...But its the guitars that made this tape kill "

" "Clouds of Mordor"and the titletrack, are really like a kick in the face. Judgement day play at times at the speed of some newer Thrash metal bands, but still I would call them old style death metal. It's like if you take a few parts from Sadus, Kreator... and put in some really fast and angry Death Metal, then you get judgement day "

A band all you Death/Thrash fans should check out !......Great shit......

Smoke em..If You Got em !......GeT It!
Right there....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apokefale & Devoid Of Grace - Where Devil Will Seem Saintly - Split (2009)

1. Torrent Inside Me
2. Anaesthetized Morgueazm
3. Post Dictatorial Syndrome
4. K.C.O.D.S.

Devoid Of Grace
5. Blind Mirror II
6. Grinding For Glory
7. Distorted Perspective
8. Phobia (Kreator)

Origin - Russia
Style - Black/Death Metal, Death Metal

" Terrific split from these two bands from the Russian Federation"

" First up is Apokefale from Seversk,Siberia....I had not heard these guys and I can tell you..I was quite surprised at these tracks...Blackened/Death metal is what they do...With a experimental side also...Sorta industrial, They call their selves blackcore....Fuck that... this is an amalgam of Satyricon,Behemoth and Crionics styled Metal..And damn convincing !....Great production and Riffing with outstanding drumming....Very unique...Now I'm curious to hear the 2 full lengths "

" On to Lipetsk,Russia's Devoid Of Grace...Now I featured their Ep last year..And it was high class Death Metal all the way...And these tracks are no different...Powerful tracks full of riffing ala Decapitated,Vader.....Quality stuff here....They are currently in the studio working on their first full-length..I'm sure it will be deadly ! "

You dont get a quality Split often..Where both bands are unique from each other and also kick your teeth in....This one does!...And dont be put off by the experimental side of Apokefale...Give it a try...You might dig it !

From Russia with Death !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Therion - Beyond Sanctorum (1992)

1. Future Consciousness
2. Pandemonic Outbreak
3. Cthulhu
4. Symphony Of The Dead
5. Beyond Sanctorum
6. Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness
7. Illusions Of Life
8. The Way
9. Paths
10. Tyrants Of The Damned
11. Cthulhu (demo version)
12. Future Consciousness (demo version)
13. Symphony Of The Dead (demo version)
14. Beyond Sanctorum (demo version)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" ......Beyond Sanctorum, the bands second official release utilized the same basic formula that old school greats Nihilist employed. Buzz saw power chord riffing, muffled growling, a driving rhythm section, and the simplistic yet super effective hooks that would go on and influence many a young band are proudly executed here "

" This is where the band started to experiment with clean voice,symphonic elements etc...That would later become their calling card...But don't misunderstand !......This is Death Metal !.....And some of the best written in 1992"

" The eleven minute epic “The Way” is easily the highlight of the record with rumbling bass and guitar riffing complementing the textural dynamics of middle eastern flavored melodies....Truly awesome...."

And so Therion went on to make alot of crap records...But back in the day and still now...This one is great...Period.

Go Ahead !.......Get It!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Axis Powers - Born For War (2009)

1. Scream For Jesus
2. Born For War
3. Ashes
4. Trigger
5. Yellow Submarine (The Beatles cover)
6. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay (Autopsy cover)
7. Superior Stand
8. Land On Fire
9. Fresh Human Flesh
10. Back to the Front
11. Evil Warriors
12. Panzerblitz
13. Tanks of War
14. I Wanne Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)
15. Kill
16. Evil Warriors
17. Outbreak of the Blitz
18. War
19. Panzerblitz
20. I Wanne Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)
21. Evil Warriors
22. Sign of Destruction

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

1-5 is from the Unreleased EP ''Born for War'' (2001)
6 is from the ''Pure Slaughter'' recording session (2005)
7-8 from the ''Tribute to 17'' Split EP (2003)
9-10 from the ''Fresh Human Flesh'' Split EP (2003)
11-14 from the ''Evil Warriors'' EP (2000)
15 from Rehearsal 2001
16-20 from Rehearsal Oct 14th 1998
21-22 from Rehearsal Sep 17th 1997

"Born for war is a compilation of all the material the band did before their fulllengths....Including the un-released 'Born For War' Ep "

" I dig when bands do this kind of thing!......Put all the hard to find splits and Eps and rare shit on one Cd....You are getting the Rawest of Death Metal here...But thats what we are looking for !...Right? "

" Crushing death metal in the Swedish old-school tradition. Think Nihilist, Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Dismember, etc."

Go on ahead an get it!
They have it....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sarcasm - A Touch of the Burning Red Sunset (1998)

1. Dark
2. Upon the Mountains of Glory
3. Through Tears of Gold
4. Never After
5. You Bleed (I Enjoy)
6. Nail Her Up
7. Pile of Bodies
8. In Hate...
9. A Touch of the Burning Red Sunset

Origin - Sweden
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Formed in Uppsala,Sweden in 1990....Sarcasm released 5 demo's....This is a compilation of the 2nd,3rd and 5th demo's...The best ones.."

" What started out as a Death Metal band in the vein of Autopsy..Soon morphed into more atmospheric material in the vein of Dissection....Unstoppable drum beats and melodic guitar lines..Enriched by piano,female voice etc "

" This compilation puts all their best material on one disk...Mainly the fantastic 'A Touch of ' demo...Which saw them really get close to the Dissection sound...They were about to be signed on the strength of this demo..But instead guitarist Fredrik Wallenberg(Embalmed) left to form crust band Skit System with Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) and let Sarcasm die "

This is some cool Blackened/Death metal from the day.......

Dark Wings Of Eternity!.....Get It!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Massacra - Enjoy the Violence (1991)

1. Enjoy the Violence
2. Ultimate Antichrist
3. Gods of Hate
4. Atrocious Crimes
5. Revealing Cruelty
6. Full of Hatred
7. Seas of Blood
8. Near Death Experience
9. Sublime Extermination
10. Agonizing World

Origin - France
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Massacra formed in 1986..And spewed out 3 demos and a full length..Before this their second album "

" France's Massacra were one of my favorite bands of the early '90s who were equal parts death and thrash metal. "Enjoy the Violence" was recorded in January of 1991, so while I can hear contemporary influences of that time of the likes of Entombed in the mix here, the sound of the old guard of speed/thrash metal from the late '80s (think the fastest work of bands like Kreator) is present as well. Not surprising, as Massacra had already been around for a number of years by this point. There are your typical death growls here and there, but overall the band present a very tasteful form of death/thrash that is very brutal but retains the class that is a trademark of European extreme metal "

" This is high quality music here....And has been reissued in 2005 with some bonus tracks....

Slayer,Kreator,Entombed fans...Give this a try if you have never heard these guys.....

Legion Of Torture !.........Get It?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sickening Horror - The Dead End Experiment (2009)

1. Dusk
2. The Universe Within
3. 24 Januaries
4. The Dead End Experiment
5. Mirrors Reflect Only Dead Bodies
6. Noise Dreaming
7. Lay Rotten, Never Forgotten
8. Children Of The Swamp
9. Murdered Silence
10. Dressed In Madness

Origin - Greece

Style - Technical Death Metal

" Time for some technical death metal....Via Sickening Horror !.....This is their sophomore full length "

" Well this new record brings more catchy riffs and not much noodling...(thank goodness)....Some serious technicality and some fucking uber fast drumming. Vocally..A nice gruff growl "

" I think S.H. riffing has gotten tighter and catchier....There's definitely some industrial undertones...Bordering on some fairly experimental stuff going on....But its the crushing riffs that propel this album "

Can this keep up with Obscura?.......Its for you to judge....Me?..I take the fifth...

Through Blackness It Crawls!........Uh huh!

They have it....^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Corpse Molester Cult - Demo (2008)

1. Born from the Whore
2. The Divine Art of Amputation
3. Sadistik
4. Nefastus Inanis

Origin - Finland

Style - Death Metal

" Recorded and released on the web in early 2008, released on pro-printed digipakCD-R limited to 100 handnumbered copies in December 08 "

" CMC are from Lohja,Finland and feature members of Amorphis,Catamenia etc."

" This is their only output so far...And a damn fine demo it is !.....Listing Entombed,Dismember and Cannibal Corpse as their main influences...I can hear the later Entombed sound...That catchy....Heavy handed style fits well here and the vocals are nice and low growls "

" Not sure how much time these guys have to put into a project like this..With all their work in their main bands.....But I would gladly take this over that anyday !

More Please !.....

Check It!.......Out!

Left there.....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Undergang - Indhentet af Døden - Demo (2009)

1. Englemagersken
2. Dødshymne
3. Opslugt Af Mørket
4. Evigt Lidende
5. Tvangstanker
6. Forkullede Rester
7. De Dødes Passage (acoustic)
8. Indhentet Af Døden

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Undergang from Copenhagen,Denmark...Unleashes their debut Demo....Limited to 100 copies "

" Undergang plays a brand of Raw....Nasty Death Metal in the Autopsy,Crematory vein. Heavy sludgy guitar riffing...Below gutteral vocals...Awesome bass guitar sound...And an overall Doomy atmosphere..wrapped in a clear but grimy production "

" Just in case you missed this fantastic demo....It will be released on vinyl in the near future on 'Me Saco UnOjo' Records...400-500 copies strictly. I suggest you get out there and find this demo or the vinyl..As this will be a collectors item by this time next year "

Sick...Shit here....Im not kiddin !..One of the best demo's of 2009.....

Caught By Death !.....I Know !

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Belsebub - Elohim - Single (1992)

1. Chemical Warfare
2. Infected Organs
3. Masses to Reveal

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Some serious Death/Thrash from early pioneers Belsebub "

" What set this group apart from the rest of the bands at the time...Was the use of Dual Vocals....One low growl mixed with a higher scream...We can only wish these guys would have went on and put out a full length "

" One of the best single's of the day...On black vinyl....500 copies only !....You can still catch one on the bay every once in a while "

In The Mercy Of Satan !........Call It!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Depravity - Remasquerade - Ep (1992)

1. Remasquerade
2. The Better Be Descended
3. In Death`s Embrace
4. Undone

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" 7" Ep released by Adipocere Records in 1992"

" Of course...Depravity is one of the most classic bands from the Finnish scene..And this record was a small portion of their greatness "

" Suffocating...Atmospheric Death Metal done the old way......200 pieces only ! "

Sceptre of Oppression !...........Get It!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Interment - Where Death Will Increase - Demo (1991)

1. Intro
2. Morbid Death
3. Infestering Flesh
4. Cranial Putrefaction

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Recorded in Sunlight Studio by Thomas Skogsberg, February 09-10 1991. "

" 1st demo from the former "Beyond" members.....Absolutely crushing Swedish Death Metal in its purest form !....Why these guys didnt get huge is beyond me "

" Members went on in such great Swedish bands as Centinex,Uncanny etc.....Hey they are back together and rehearsing again.....A full length is on tap in the next year or so ! "

Avesta Killers !........Oh Yeahhh!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Living With Disfigurement - Thrill To The Terror Of Death - Ep (2009)

1. The Dissemination of Human Suffering
2. Better Living Through Surgery
3. Grotesque Side Effects
4. Preserving The Guinea Worm

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" I have to admit...I receive many demo's from all over the world...But I don't put many up on the blog....Just don't have the time and or I'm fairly picky when it comes to music "

" Every once in a while I will get one that begs for listening by all of you...This is the case here !..Ed (Vocals,Guitars) from LWD sent me this ..their first Ep and its fucking cool "

" We are talking Gore soaked Death Metal done in the old tradition...Think Autopsy,Carcass,Exhumed,Death. Dual Vocals....Meaty down tuned riffing...Production that lets everything to be heard ..I even hear a bit of the Swedish way in there also"

Check this out....Visit their Myspace....Buy the Ep......

Thanx to Ed and the boys for this fine Ep.....Keep it comin !

Support The Underground !.......Just Do It!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deströyer 666 - Cold Steel... For an Iron Age (2002)

1. Black City - Black Fire
2. Clenched Fist
3. Cold Steel...
4. Sons Of Perdition
5. Raped
6. The Calling
7. Savage Pitch
8. Witch Hunter
9. Shadow

Origin - Australia
Style - Blackened Thrash/Death metal

" Destroyer 666 was always good.......This album made them Great !........Their finest hour in my opinion "

" What these guys always had was a shitload of attitude that stood defiantly against any modern trends. Instead 666 took their own route by crossing the urgency of great Thrash Metal and tossing in the spitefulness of Black Metal...And the catchiness of Old Death Metal to boot "

" Every single riff on this album is as fast as lightning. That's where the thrash side of the band really shines. The guitar on this album just never lets up and its just pure aggression for the whole duration of this album"
Fans of old school German thrash such as Sodom or Destruction or the first wave of blackened metal bands such as early Bathory, Celtic Frost, or Mercyful Fate should seek this out now ! "

Underworld Hall Of Fame !.......No Question !