Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evile - Infected Nations (2009)

1. Infected Nation
2. Now Demolition
3. Nosophoros
4. Genocide
5. Plague To End All Plagues
6. Devoid Of Thought
7. Time No More
8. Metamorphosis
9. Hundred Wrathful Deities

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Thrash Metal

" When I go back and listen to Evile's debut 'Enter The Grave'...I hear a young band copying their heroes..Exodus,Metallica etc....Fast bursts of all out thrash played in a convincing fashion...Even if their wasn't a ton of originality...Now forward two years and the band has signed to a bigger label and is being touted as the next great band "

" Now I have heard conflicting reports about this record...Some really into it ...Others hating on it pretty heavily !....Let Me lay it out for you: In the past 2 years this band has changed dramatically....Music,Vocals,Structure...Gone are the high speed songs..In favor of a more controlled selection of tracks..Mid-Paced Thrash if you will..Overall, the album has a very “...And Justice for All” Metallica feel to it.Now there are some tracks that are still fast..But only sections...I don't want you to think that this is not aggressive..It is!....Just in a very different way "

" Vocally Matt Drake (Guitars,Vocals) has changed too...I personally think he sounds just like Andreas Sydow..Ex-Darkane vocalist...That sort of monotone gruff shout...To me it works well with these tracks and gives the songs sort of a mechanical feel. Guitar wise..This absolutely rips...Riffs are stout and crunchy..and Oliver "Ol" Drake's solos are simply stunning..These are top notch musicians here...They are not fucking around ! "

" Out of all the Thrash revival bands...This is the first to break the typical mold and start to find its own self....Is it a bit long winded?...Probably..11 minute instumentals will do that. But pound for pound...You would have to look long and hard to find a better produced album in 2009..."

With such astonishing progress displayed between only two full-lengths, it will be interesting to see what advancements Evile will make on their next album. They have the potential to deliver a timeless thrash classic and while this album arguably isn’t quite it, it’s a Quantum step in the right direction.

For fans of Metallica,Sepultura(Arise,Chaos era).....

How bout 3 killer albums in 3 days...More comin...Stay tuned !

Just Evil !...Saw it right off !

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  1. The link is down dude.

    Normally i wouldn't be worried. But it seems like your the only guy with this album up right now.

    Cheers for the fucking awesome site anyways man.