Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Graveyard - One With The Dead (2009)

1. Prologue: The Reaping
2. Pantheon Vulture
3. The Burning Gate
4. Riding A Pale Horse
5. Necrology
6. Carven Epitaph
7. One With The Dead
8. Walking Horrors of the Undead
9. Abandoned Churches (Instrumental)
10. Caro Data Vermibus
11. The Skull
12. A Tale of Creation (Candlemass Version)

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" Finally !......The long awaited debut full length of Spain's own Graveyard !
Pure timeless classic Metal Of Death Masterpiece!Mastered by Dan Swäno at Unisound Studios! "

" Now this has been a great week so far !....Many gigantic releases....None more gargantuan than this record !......Crushing Death Metal grooves done the old way....Think Asphyx,Grave...Heavily influenced by the Swedish scene....Extra Heavy,Dark,Morbid...Just the way we like it ! "

" This will fit in with this years best Pure Death Metal albums...Easily.....I just hope bands such as these will get out and tour...Big packages of these types of bands would suit me fine "

Graveyard Fuckers !........Get It!

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  1. true death metal, old school death metal in the veins, killer. Thanks.